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Jackson DK2MQ Pro Series Dinky - Chlorine Burst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from Nashville, Tn USA April 5, 2014Music Background:
    Performance, session player, writer


    Great instrument, killer neck improvements. This neck design is really great, it's extremely comfortable and fast! Pu's are killer, Floyd rose is great I haven't had any intonation issues or tuning difficulties. It's a beautiful guitar with great playability!

  • from August 31, 2013

    my review

    This is clearly the best looking, best sounding, and best playing guitar I have ever experienced. It sounds very clear and with the right tone. It sounds awesome even when I hear it played by others. It has all of the right hardware and shreds very easily with superior sound quality, and it is also very versatile with a range of different sounds.

  • from New Albany IN. USA October 25, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist for 30 years

    My over all review

    When i recieved the guitar i was very impressed with the beautiful mapel top. The hard rock mapel neck is very smooth and comfortabel. As far as the pickup configuration i was impressed with the seymour duncans, i have dimarzios in my other 3 guitars and thinking about switching out to seymour duncans.Now the the problems i have with this guitar is that the neck had a funky bow in it and when i adjusted it i got a bad fret buzz on high E string at the third fret , tried adjusting the tremolo but did not help. I dont want to send it back,so i am gonna have to pay to have to have this issue addressed. Over all i love the guitar.

  • from Saint Albans, VT July 18, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist for 25+ years

    Switching from Ibanez to Jackson

    For the last 15 years I've been playing Ibanez RG's. Anyway, after 300 gigs, the blood, the sweat, the 100 degree summer days, the 40 below zero winter hauls, it was time to retire the RG's. Now, I'd upgraded all of my RG's to have an H-S-H Dimarzio combo of the Air Norton - Blue Velvet - Steve Special or Evolution. So two major changes going on here. I've played Les Pauls with Duncans and didn't care for them, but took a chance on these feeling I may be a bit jaded in judging them due to my hostile dislike of anything Gibson. I figured I needed 3 of the DK2M's to provide me with the tuning options I need at each show(standard E, Eb, and Whole step down. As well as Drop D,Db, and C) The quilt top and maple neck on the Chlorine Burst guitar really caught my eye. So for $900, and another $120 on the case, and $50 on a Tremol-no, I figured I might make the jump back to Jackson(I never liked the old fashioned square heel at the neck joint, an that's why I stayed away from the Dinky's before). But, when I saw the new contoured neck joint, everything changed. Now my actual review, ha, Just a superb guitar! And the pro mod options that come standard, plus the alder body and 1/4' of actual maple(not laminate) make this guitar an amazing value. I'm sold on the Duncan JB in the bridge. It compares very well with my Steve Special loaded RG's for gain and responsiveness. The '59, well not as much sparkle as I'd like. I may swap these out and put in the SD Jazz. The Floyd is amazingly responsive. After using the Edge trems for so long, I forgot just how awesome the real deal was. I play a mix of everything, from 70's rock to modern metal. The SD JB gets a super sweet tone when you roll off about 15%. perfect for the rock stuff. And let me say that the neck position and fit is like putting your hand in warm butter. You melt into those high frets from E to E. I've already bought two of these, the Blue and the Red. Next up is the Black. Love em...

  • from utica, ny January 27, 2014Music Background:
    author, composer, semi pro musician

    Jackson DK2MQ

    Very versatile pickup configuration, they sound great. Very fast neck. I really like playing this guitar.

  • from Yorkville, IL January 6, 2014Music Background:

    Like it more than my Schecter Hellraiser FR

    It is a really nice looking guitar in person, better than any pic can show. It plays smooth, easy and fast. When it showed up the guitar wouldn't stay in tune. The 5th fret was high and had to be filed down, and still won't stay in tune with the B string. It cost me an additional $85 to get it fixed, and now I have to take it back to see if it's warped in any way. It is so nice I don't want to send it back and trying to get it taken care of on my own. I would not hesitate to get another one, it is my favorite guitar, just have to tune it every time I use the Floyd or play it for 1/2 hr . I would give it 5 stars if I didn't have to take care of this on my own and didn't have to pay to get it done and it actually fixed the problem. Over all nice guitar.

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