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Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit System Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit System?

Questions about the Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit System?

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  • Ted Hunter

    I've had a pair of Earthworks omnidirectional microphones over the top of my kit for the past eight years or so, and contrary to popular misconception you don't have to be in the ideal acoustic environment for them to sound great. The imaging and sonic quality they provide are astounding, and with the KickPad as part of this bundle you can easily get a huge bass drum sound as well. It works great both as a minimalist drum recording package or supplemented by close microphones (although people to often find themselves using less of the close microphones than they expected with this package).

  • Carson McClain

    Three mics on a kit!!?? That's right, three mics on a kit for the best sound you have ever heard. Perfect for music where the acoustic kit and room are critical to the mix. A lot of recordings go for a minimal approach and these are the mics to do that. You will be amazed with the detail, depth and quality of your recordings.

  • from Carlsbad, CA August 1, 2011Music Background:
    Jazz Fusion


    We had the pick of the litter to choose from when we were recording our Jazz Fusion album this spring. The engineer suggested we use the Earthworks Drum Kit system on our Top Kit. The detail was amazing and the bass drum sounded as big as a Nimitz Class submarine. We would never think of recording without it again.

  • from Charlotte, NC August 22, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Live Sound Engineer

    Clean, Clear, perfect.

    I have used Earthworks mic's on everything from strings to room for electric guitar. The DK25/R kit will definitely not let you down, some of the cleanest most beautiful acoustic guitar tones I've ever gotten where with the TC25s, and I dont mic drums with out a pair of earth works, my favorite set up right now is the tc25s in the room or high over head, and the sr25 for underhead snare! the kick pad is great too! try using it as a boost with the earth works for a super natural sound, or throw it on a RE 20 for some old school mids and extra punch in the lows! Spend some extra time squeeling these guys out, and even use them live!

  • from Roanoke, VA July 2, 2009Music Background:

    Great for certain situations

    1st thing 1st; if you don't have a booth for drums, and you'll be tracking bands together, this system might not see a lot of use. I have owned the DK25/R for a couple of years. It has been used as intended very little, but I use the mics on almost every session. Most of the time with the omnis as a spaced pair for drum room mics, and the cardioid on hi-hat. The TC25s' absolutely kill as room mics. I have also used a TC25 and SR25 as a M/S array for drum room sound, which works very, very well.

    The TC25s are pretty noisy. They work best for drums and percussion, which is no surprise. You won't be doing any critical, quiet sources with them, but they aren't intended for that.

    The SR25/kickpad for kick drum doesn't do a lot for me. It can work, but only here and there. You need a drummer who knows how to tune a kit, and has good control over tone and dynamics. Even then, it can be a little unruly. The isolation from the rest of the kit is terrible. Makes it hard to dial the kick drum in. I've used the SR25 for a ton of other things, though. Anything from acoustic guitar to percussion. It's a good mic. I'm just less that crazy about it on kick.

    All that said, the best drum sound I have *ever* captured was with a U47 type mic on kick, the SR25 on snare, and the TC25s as a Glen Johns setup in a huge room.

    These are great mics. Well worth the loot. Very versatile. I've just never used them like they are sold to be used.

Questions about the Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit System?

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