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ddrum Pro Acoustic Trigger Kit Reviews

4.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the ddrum Pro Acoustic Trigger Kit?

Questions about the ddrum Pro Acoustic Trigger Kit?

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  • Paul Menard
    from New Bedford, MA March 9, 2009Music Background:
    Studio Engineer, Musician, Constant Student

    Trigger some happiness.

    I recently purchased these triggers from Sweetwater music and I am very happy with the results I've gotten from them.

    I recorded a band that basically wanted the whole kit triggered so I figured that I would give these a shot. The first thing I noticed about these triggers (compared to the other models I've seen and used) is that they look very durable. If you've ever worked with a drummer that might be less than accurate you might share in my concern with your triggers getting smacked by a rogue stick hit. These triggers really look like they could take a whack without any issues. (Luckily I haven't had to test this theory as of yet but, it's good to know).

    I used these Triggers to Trigger Superior Drummer v2.0 via the Alesis Trigger I/O and any double triggering that occurred was quite easily eliminated with very little tweaking on my part.

    For anyone curious on the connectors these Triggers will require, you will be looking for a Female XLR to 1/4 TRS cable. The snare trigger is dual zoned (which means the rim and the head are registered separately) but the other triggers are all single zoned. So don't expect to pick up much in the terms of Tom dynamics.

    For those drummers using a muffled bassdrum head (Like the Evans EMAD 2) you will find that it is going to be difficult to set this trigger up on the kickdrum without a little bit of surgery to the plastic holder for the dampening foam (if you know the head you'll understand what I'm saying here).

    All in all this product is very reliable and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of triggering a whole kit.

  • Sean Mou-Keefe
    from San Francisco, Ca. April 3, 2012Music Background:
    Producer, Recording Engineer, Studio musician versed in a wide range of instruments

    Takes some tweeking

    This is a dual review so take from it what you will. My triggers are attached to a Gretsch Catalina Club kit. My trigger brain is a Roland SPDX-SX. I'll go drum by drum. THE SNARE - my snare is a Pork Pie Little Squealer. Trigger works great. I don't know if its the dual sensors or what but it is very sensitive down to a light touch without re-triggers or cross talk. By the way, dual sensors don't mean that you will be getting rim shots out of the box. If you can set you brain up with velocity triggered sample levels then great, you can get rim shots, but your technique would have to be spot on and you would sacrifice your soft touch snare innuendos for them. Or even worse, you forget that one of you banks is set dual and your out on the stage in the middle of that touching ballad with the sensitive snare expression and then POP, POP, out come the side sticks. THE TOMS - before I go further, you're going to have to go a little out of your way and sacrifice the open acoustic tones of your tribal side drums in order to achieve any kind of accuracy. This has its pluses and minuses. Although the open sound can pleasing to many ears, it can be a real hassle to get that ring out of your tom trax in the studio. After EQing and gating your drum you can end up with a much flatter sound than you would have if you had just cut some of the sustain out in the beginning. The toms trigger with about 25% less definition than the snare, if you have them dialed into an acceptable dampen/sustain balance. This means you'll have to be a little heavy handed with them due to the higher crosstalk prevention setting and sensitivity levels you'll need to implement to prevent re-triggers on the brain side. I've never worked with any other trigger brain other than the SPD-SX so my knowledge is limited. The gripes I have may be due more to the sampler than the triggers. But Roland is reputable company and I see other glowing trigger reviews associated with the unit so I think I'm probably not that far off. THE KICK DRUM - the kick has been a real hassle. It doesn't fit the hoop well and its hard to get the sensor into a position and location that doesn't drift. And when it drifts, you'll know it. It's like a Gatling Gun mounted on a Harley stopped next to a guy on crack wielding a jackhammer. I've cranked the head down tight, I've loosened it by variable degrees. I've even tried attaching it to the front head of the kick, not a good idea. If you want through a large pillow in your kick drum then you'll probably have better luck, but I have my limits. I'm going to keep experimenting with this one for a few more days and then, unless fairies sprinkle magic trigger dust on it one night and every thing is turns out cake, I'll be buying the Roland RT-10K, which I hear is a word I can't include in a review, awesome trigger. Bottom line, if you have thumpy, sustain-less toms and don't use kick drum at all, these are for you! If you are a normal drummer who likes the sound of his instrument, you're going to have to sacrifice to get these little dudes to give you any satisfaction. Oh yeah, and you're going to have to dish out for a different kick trigger.

Questions about the ddrum Pro Acoustic Trigger Kit?

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