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Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000?

Questions about the Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000?

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  • from West Virginia February 27, 2017Music Background:

    Awesome Mixer!

    First let me say that I'm am relatively new to the "DJ" world, I've had a system that consisted mostly of Peavey equipment and don't get me wrong, Peavey has awesome stuff! However anyone that gets into this confusing and complex world of "mixing", "crossovers" and "looping" ect, finds themselves, or at least I have, found myself to be wanting newer and more advanced equipment.
    The Behringer DDM 4000 is simple enough for me to pick up yet does so many things I have yet to figure out.
    I went with this mixer after watching multiple videos and reading multiple reviews and seeing the high marks it received for the money!
    The guys at Sweetwater have been stellar! Thanks to Sean! I really appreciate all your help man!

  • from April 2, 2016

    Best and most versatile mixer for the money hands down.

    This is the best value in a mixer by a long shot. The positive aspects of this mixer are all true. Many of the effects are so good i wish that behringer would sell a vst version of the ddm 4000 effects unit. I recommend it whole heartedly with the following caveiots:

    1. They seem to eventually fail. I've owned 5 of these over the past 4 years. 2 of them flaked out eventually but I had bought them used. I recommend getting it new from Sweetwater. Their free 2 year warranty is worth it. Even with the eventual failure these mixers are the best value out there. I would gladly play double for a more durable version of this mixer. I am also quiet hard on my gear.

    2. The mic input is really really hot. You can work around this by turning all trim pots and eq pots way way down.

    3. Headphone jack placement is weird but I have worked around this with a right angle adapter.

    4. Sampler is a bit complicated to use but it is great that it has one at all in this price range.

    5. Crossfader is good not great. I think it's as good as my pioneer djm-2000. However, scratch DJs will likely need an upgraded fader. For heavy scratching I have installed an innofader in one of mine without issue.

  • from Walla Walla March 13, 2013Music Background:
    DJ, Promoter

    Fantastic Mixer

    Love this mixer. Feature rich and multiple outputs. It has XLR outs, RCA outs as well as a seperate sub woofer out. You can run 2 simultaneous outs with seperate volume control.
    2 Mic inputs (nice). MIDI. Great to have this. Some may prefer a usb midi interface but having the standard 5 pin allows you to connect other equipment up to it besides a computer.
    Kills kills kills. So many eq kills. On the channel, on the FX (not a true kill) and the cross fader.
    Faders are smooth and quick. Knobs and buttons are solid.
    Display is small but you get used to it. I find that I use it briefly to select something then don't have to look at it again for a while.
    Sampler works but I've stopped using it. I found the routing to be confusing, might have to look at the manual again.
    Bass or snare enhancer on the headphone, boost the highs or lows to better mix with. Nice feature. Headphone jack placement was odd at first but I'm starting to like it there. It means nothing on the front to get in the way.
    I know I'm missing some features and I won't go into detail about the effects, see youtube for that. This mixer has a lot to offer.
    Cons, Crossfader kills. If you are into scratching or other fader tricks, these may get in the way of your fingers. I have accidentally pressed them doing just this.
    Slope selector (for the crossfader) could be marked and/or made bigger. In dark settings it is hard to tell which direction the indicator is pointed.
    The sampler, while it works, it would be nice to have easier to read or understand routing directions. Maybe displayed in the screen. Again maybe I just need to go back to the manual.
    I recommend this mixer to just about everyone. Scratch DJs might want a cleaner surface though.
    I want to add that I have dropped this in a soft case from about 4 feet onto the ground. No problems.

Questions about the Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000?

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