DiMarzio ClipLock Strap - Black Nylon

2"-wide Heavy-duty Lightweight Nylon Guitar Strap - Black
DiMarzio ClipLock Strap - Black Nylon image 1
DiMarzio ClipLock Strap - Black Nylon image 1
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DiMarzio ClipLock Strap - Black Nylon
In Stock!

A Lightweight, Strong, and Dependable Guitar Strap!

The DiMarzio ClipLock DD2200 Quick Release guitar strap offers superior strength, durability and comfort. Its smooth yet tough nylon construction allows the 2"-wide ClipLock DD2200 to slide freely, giving you a comfortable and natural playing experience. Although it's very light, this strap is made to handle up to 150 lbs.! DiMarzio Quick Release guitar straps come in several great colors and allow for adjustments from 43" to 63". Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, and a host of other guitar greats use DiMarzio ClipLock straps, so you know you can depend on the ClipLock DD2200!

DiMarzio ClipLock DD2200 Quick Release Nylon Guitar Strap Features:
  • Tough, lightweight nylon construction
  • Color: Black
  • Strong enough to hold up to 150 lbs.
  • Adjustable from 43" to 63"
  • Smooth feel
  • 2" width
The DiMarzio ClipLock DD2200 strap gives you comfort, reliability, and playing peace of mind!

Tech Specs

Material Woven
Width 2"
Min Length 43.5"
Max Length 63.5"
Color Black
Pattern Plain
Manufacturer Part Number DD2200BK

Customer Reviews

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If it doesn't work it must be Operator error.

Been playing guitar since 1984. Have used the Cliplock strap on and off since 1987. I have never and I repeat "NEVER!!" had a malfunction of any kind. To the review about the screws... you either didn't have them in all the way or the wood was already "screwed up". LOL. You need to be smarter than the screw, ie. get a longer one from the local hardware store. If this is too much trouble then use some epoxy in the hole and make the screw permanent. Just saying. This product is one of the most outstanding items on the market since the 80's. Like the review referencing Yngwie. everyone was throwing the guitars around their shoulders and bodies, no problems if the cliplock was being used. brings back memories.....
Music background: Guitarist/Musician

I've always used Ernie Ball with strap locks

But ill never go back after using these straps. The seat belt like fabric is nice on my arms and doesn't give me that rash from rocking out like some straps. It was really easy to set up and came with 2 types of screw sets for different guitar wood setups. Just don't be an idiot and read the instructions. Simple.
Music background: Musician


This is the only strap I've used on my guitars for the last 15yrs. All others are inferior to say the least.(and to be able to post this w/o using profanity)
Music background: Guitarist, Engineer

best bang for the buck

Back in my metal days (how I miss the 80s), I got this strap so I could sling my guitar around on stage ala Yngwie. Now that I've matured a bit, this is still my go-to strap for new guitars, and the one I put on my 80s axe back in the day is still going strong. Sure, there are strap locks, but they look like ugly pimples poking out of your guitar. And, personally I really like the nylon material that's used for this strap. It's smooth enough that adjusting the length of it is very easy, but the strap is also well designed enough that it stays in place. It's also very comfortable for me, whereas I dislike leather straps, both in terms of comfort and in terms of how much of a pain it is to adjust the length of leather straps. The concept of the clip buckle is sheer genius; the strap is 100% reliable and your guitar will never fall on the stage. I also kind of like this DiMarzio strap as a fashion statement of sorts; it's completely no-nonsense 100% functional, no glam aspect to it at all. It says that you are a serious player that focuses on playing, not how sexy your strap is.
Music background: 25 years playing experience

DeMarzio ClipLock

They are the only straps I use...on all four electrics, my bass and my Breedlove Acoustic. I have one more Breedlove I still need to purchase one for but it is alread on the list. Look at the folks who use these and then you'll understand.
Music background: Active Musician
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