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Pro Tools Control Surface with Master Section and 8 Faders
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Avid ICON D-Command ES image 1

Sorry, the Avid ICON D-Command ES is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Avid ICON D-Command ES
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An Even Bolder, Sleek-styled D-Command!

The Digidesign D-Command ES tactile work surface is the newest member of the ICON family, packing amazing control and ICON-exclusive Pro Tools functionality into a medium-format console with a new, even sleeker look! As with the flagship large-format ICON D-Control console, D-Command ES utilizes Pro Tools|HDX as its DSP mix engine and Pro Tools|HD interfaces and peripherals for system I/O. With D-Command ES, operators have powerful hands-on command over every aspect of a Pro Tools project, including recording, editing, mixing, and processing - with integrated video and delivery - from a relatively small, but expandable, work surface.

Command Within Reach

Equipped with eight channel faders, the D-Command ES is expandable to 24 faders by adding a single 16-channel Fader Module. Each channel strip features a touch-sensitive motorized fader, two multi-purpose rotary encoders, and multiple push buttons for quick access to key session parameters.

The ergonomic design of the D-Command ES enables control through the channel strips and includes LCD display, LED ring, and bar-graph meters for visual feedback. D-Command ES's intuitive console layout includes a centralized Main Unit for fast access to essential functions. Dedicated EQ and dynamics editing panels, a monitoring section, and other commonly accessed controls are all within easy reach. Plus, the new D-Command ES boasts updated text graphics and switch colors, providing even better visibility in low-light environments.

XMON Monitoring

To monitor projects, the D-Command ES includes the XMON remote, rack-mounted, analog monitor and communications system. With XMON, operators can monitor separate, simultaneous 6-channel mixes (mono to 5.1 surround) as well as three external stereo sources.

Customizable Control

The D-Command ES is easily customized to cater to specific audio production needs. Operators can customize fader controls and create custom track groups independent of how tracks are set up within Pro Tools. A wide range of options for Digidesign I/O components, remote mic preamps, and plug-in effects extend D-Command ES's versatility.

Capitalizing on the power and flexibility of Pro Tools|HD systems' leading I/O components, abundant DSP resources, and powerful, industry-standard Pro Tools software, the D-Command ES provides a complete, integrated audio environment.

Who's It For?

With its compact size and powerful feature set - including dedicated EQ and dynamics editing sections, custom fader modes, and touch-sensitive rotary controls - ICON D-Command ES is a natural fit for facilities that want ICON's unique mixing capabilities at a more affordable price. D-Command ES combines all the benefits of a console with the power and flexibility of the industry's leading high-definition digital audio workstation. In addition to supporting mixes up to 24-bit/192kHz in up to 5.1 surround, ICON D-Command ES features direct integration with industry-standard Pro Tools recording and editing software. With non-destructive AFL/PFL solo functionality and brand-new automation capabilities, creating great mixes with Pro Tools and ICON is more intuitive, practical, and faster than ever.

ICON enables operators in a wide variety of fields - such as music, post, and broadcast - to customize their environments by choosing the right worksurface, effects plug-ins, I/O interfaces, and peripherals.

Digidesign ICON D-Command ES Features:

  • Darker, bolder color scheme

  • Updated text graphics and switch colors providing better visibility in low-light environments
  • Ergonomic worksurface expandable to 24 physical faders/channel strips
  • High-quality, touch-sensitive motorized faders
  • Two touch-sensitive, multi-purpose rotary encoders per channel strip with single-color LED rings that display encoder position or metering. Each rotary encoder includes a 6-character alphanumeric LCD display for function parameters in addition to one display for the channel scribble strip.
  • 17 illuminated pushbuttons per channel strip facilitate fast selection of channel modes and attributes
  • Two bar-graph meters per channel and eight Master section bar-graph meters
  • Comprehensive monitor/communications control section
  • Dedicated, center section control panels for EQ and dynamics plug-in editing
  • Includes XMON remote, rack-mounted analog I/O audio monitor and communications system capable of monitoring up to 5.1 surround
  • Patent-pending, high-speed Ethernet protocol connects console worksurface to Pro Tools|HDX DSP mix engine, providing 200x more bandwidth than MIDI-based controllers
D-Command ES Channel Strips

D-Command ES's channel strips allow operators control over processing and routing functions via the multi-purpose rotary encoders and touch-sensitive motorized fader located on each channel strip. These controls may be used to select plug-ins and adjust sends, panning, routing, mic preamps, and more.

Each channel strip features two multi-purpose, touch-sensitive rotary encoders with 15-segment LED indicator rings and 6-character alphanumeric displays, a touch-sensitive motorized fader with +12dB of gain above unity and a 6-character scribble strip, and attendant mode switches with LED status indicators.

When an encoder or a fader is touched on D-Command ES, the display immediately shows the parameter's value. Once the encoder is released, the display reverts to showing the name of the parameter to which it is currently assigned. The Page Up and Page Down buttons page the two encoders through more selections if available.

All D-Command ES channel strips are capable of functioning independently. For example, one channel strip can be adjusting sends while the next is adjusting pan controls or mic preamp settings. These modes can be set on the fly either locally or globally. Click to view

Channel Strip Master Section

Located in the center of the D-Command ES Main Unit is the Channel Strip Master section. This section enables operators to affect how channel strips behave globally across the D-Command ES worksurface. Pushing any of the two Flip buttons moves their corresponding rotary encoder controls down to the fader section. Dedicated buttons control input/output assignments, automation modes, and more. Click to view

Dedicated Control Panels

In addition to providing control over parameters from the channel strips, D-Command ES also features a center section with dedicated EQ, dynamics, and monitor control panels, providing operators quick access to common session parameters.

D-Command ES EQ Panel

The D-Command ES EQ panel is populated with 12 shared rotary controls, an alphanumeric display, 5.1 wide streaming selection, and output metering. Dedicated Save, Save As, and Master Bypass switches are also included.

D-Command ES Dynamics Panel

The D-Command ES Dynamics panel features six shared rotary controls, an alphanumeric display, 5.1 wide streaming selection, and output and gain reduction metering.

D-Control Dedicated Control Panels

In addition to providing full parameter control from the channel strips, D-Control also features dedicated EQ, dynamics, monitor, and surround control panels. Ideally located in the center of the console, the panels allow operators quick and thorough access to common session parameters.

D-Command ES Monitor Section

The Monitor panel on the D-Command ES worksurface allows operators to control two 5.1 surround inputs, three stereo inputs, two cue sends, and more.

Custom Faders

In addition to its comfortable console layout and wide range of controls for quickly adjusting common session parameters, ICON offers extended functionality via the Custom Faders modes. This functionality empowers operators with an unprecedented level of control and ability to customize ICON to best suit their workflow. The Channel Strip Master section on both D-Control and D-Command ES also provides access to Custom Faders mode controls. Custom Faders mode allows operators to designate channel strips (in groups of eight on D-Control; in groups of four on D-Command ES) to serve as separate, custom-configured control sections for Master Faders, Pro Tools Mix and Edit groups, Custom Groups, and plug-in parameter editing. Through Custom Faders mode, the D-Control and D-Command ES worksurfaces are able to provide mixing flexibilities that extend beyond those of the Pro Tools software interface, offering more than simple "one-to-one" control of on-screen parameters found on other control surfaces.

Using Custom Faders, operators can designate a section of D-Control or D-Command ES for specific tasks such as ordering a collection of tracks or assigning tracks for plug-in editing. In conjunction with ICON's complete recall capabilities, Custom Faders offer benefits that can profoundly affect workflow speed.

Plug-in Mode

In Plug-in mode, automatable control of the selected plug-in is placed on the touch-sensitive rotary encoders in the Custom Faders section. Switch parameters are indicated by the LEDs above all switches with active functions. Operators can then map control of any parameter from any encoder to any fader, enabling an unprecedented level of customization of plug-in control from motorized faders and touch-sensitive encoders. Creating and editing custom maps is as simple as selecting a fader and touching the encoder.

Once a map for a plug-in has been created, it can be reused for all instances of that plug-in in the session - operators only have to create their favorite setup once. Every time a plug-in is inserted on different channels in a session, its custom map is ready to use. Operators can also import and export plug-in maps to use with different ICON systems.

Custom Groups Mode

Custom Groups mode allows operators to build custom track layouts on the worksurface - including duplicates of the same track - in any order to create a collection referred to as a Custom Group. Custom Groups enable operators to instantly bring a desired set of tracks onto the worksurface in the Custom Faders section; tracks might be hidden from Pro Tools yet available on the worksurface as part of Custom Groups. D-Control supports up to 48 Custom Groups while D-Command ES supports up to eight.

Mix and Edit Groups and Master Fader

Accessing Mix and Edit Groups and Master Faders on D-Control and D-Command ES is also a simple task. The operator can create custom views of the entire console by creating Edit groups that contain the desired components of a mix. The remaining components can then be hidden without hiding the tracks on the Pro Tools user interface. Likewise, Mix Groups can be created to control components in a ganged fashion.

Flexible Design

Thanks to its modularity and simple interconnection scheme, the physical components of ICON can be located remotely, close to their connected audio devices. With such flexibility, a live room/control room/machine room arrangement offers ideal isolation and short analog cable runs.

To facilitate the transfer of data between I/O and DSP resources, Digidesign's proprietary DigiLink cables connect primary HD audio interfaces to one another as well as to the Pro Tools|HD and HDX PCI cards in the host computer. DigiLink cables enable both racked and remote placement of HD interfaces and/or the host system. The D-Control and D-Command ES worksurfaces can also be located remotely from the ICON system's DSP and I/O resources.

Outboard analog or digital signal sources, including those from remote-controllable PREs, are connected via DigiSnake cables. DigiSnakes are available with a number of connection options including the, XLR, balanced (TRS) and unbalanced (TS) 1/4", and in lengths from 4 to 25 feet. Each is custom-colored and labeled, and features a lifetime warranty.

Lastly, Digidesign's patent-pending Ethernet protocol is used to connect the host computer to the D-Control or D-Command ES tactile worksurface and any additional Fader Modules. This protocol provides 200x more bandwidth than MIDI-based controllers, enabling unparalleled console response time, super-accurate placement of automation data, and rich visual feedback. A single USB cable is also used to link D-Control's keyboard and trackball to the host computer. A single, proprietary 15-pin monitor cable connects the D-Control or D-Command ES tactile worksurface with the XMON monitoring breakout unit.

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