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Martin DCPA5K - Natural Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from St Petersburg FL January 11, 2016Music Background:
    Full time gigging solo act for 27 yrs

    Not as good as I expected

    I bought this about 6 months ago to replace my primariy gigging guitar, a Martin DX1E acoustic electric cutaway that I used for about 1000-1200 gigs over 8 years. ( i was disappointed early on with the DCP but figured I would learn to manipulate it successfully given some gigging time. I paid 699 for the DX1- same pricepoint as this new one... The DX1 was absolutely and unexpectedly flawless in natural sound, performance, and intonation. The 3 band EQ helped alot if feedback reared his head. Stayed in great tune when capo attached, which is a big deal for me. The DCPA5K, for me, does not come close to this predecessor of mine. Feedback is huge without having the EQ.. this fishman F1 must be much cheaper to produce than the 3 band. I use a feedback buster w low end on mixer turned down significantly but still proned to feedback much too often. The shaper and the phase reverse doesn't really help. Put a capo on this one ? Retune without even checking, because the B and especially the G will be too sharp in relation to the other strings. A bit strange since it does stay decently in tune when barring chords up to 5th fret or so.. Action is too high to be accurately in tune if barring up farther. The sound is ok and not nearly as natural as the DX1 ... I was figuring this was pretty much a duplicate replacement with what I hoped to be a satisfactory EQ.. I will be getting a new performance guitar soon.... This is not a knock on Swiftwater of course... I still will use for much of my gear.... but will have to buy next gigging guitar in person at local store to test it out thoroughly before purchase...

  • from Clinton, ME September 5, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, aspiring musician

    Very nice acoustic-electric for the money..it's a Martin!

    This is my 3rd Martin and my first Acoustic-electric as it's time to hit the stage with an acoustic that will work well with my Fishman 180 Amp.
    I gave my selection a lot of thought and have been so happy with my 2 American made Martins that I considered this one and called my rep. Ryan to get his opinion. I was going to buy the cheaper one, then he pointed out the differences in the electronics, which is why I was buying one.
    I'm glad I listened to him and spent a few Hundred dollars extra and got great electronics, it sounds perfect through my amp. I can't imagine a better sounding guitar at any price and I have played $4000 Gibsons...these Martins stand up to them.
    Honestly, this one was 500 less than my American Martin and sounds deeper and better. I did not think that was possible as I RAVE about my Martin D-15M. This sounds as good unplugged as it does plugged in. The action is low, plays like a dream and has a deep, rich sound.
    A nice loud acoustic for those mic nights, even unplugged. The neck is a bit fatter than my other 2 Martins but doesn't really matter to me as my hands are plenty big to make it work nicely. But, it is something to consider if you have small hands, it may not be a good fit for you.
    My ONLY issue with this guitar is the fit and finish. The front panel doesn't fit well and overlaps the sides. I may call Ryan if I can't live with it. I will call him anyway and get his advice. I am considering sanding it carefully myself to fix the problem. The top panel is natural with no finish on it so I don't think a little touch-up would be noticeable. Sweetwater stands behind their products and would substitute if I asked but I'm not sure yet if it's a big enough issue for me to bother with. The digital window for the electronics isn't working either.
    I would have given this 5 stars if it weren't for the fitment. 4.5 Stars and I love it. Never thought I'd find a guitar I would like as much as My Martin D-15M but I did...this one. Oh, one other thing....I like that there is a strap button on the front as I had to put one on my other Martin. It makes it so much easier to play.
    Once again, thank you Ryan Holdquist and Sweetwater for a "sweet" deal!!!! I ONLY purchase my guitars here

  • from Fort Wayne, IN April 22, 2014

    Best guitar I've ever played

    The sound is amazon. Very good construction. Best customer support I ever received.

  • from Tulsa, OK August 17, 2013Music Background:
    Former Rock drummer, guitar player, and currently Worship team leader, acoustic player.


    I just brought this guitar home. I like the price, and it is worth it from what I hear and have seen so far. Plugged in or unplugged, great rich sound, strings from factory sound great and play great. Light to Medium strings are recommended by Martin. I will use this guitar primarily in a worship team envrionment, but I am very happy with this guitar comapred to what I was going to pay for a higher end guitar, the price was just right for me on this one for the quality of this guitar. It is setup good with batter location and strap knobs in good location, as the straps seems to fit comfortably as well. Im thinking this is going to be a great guitar for me. Nice job Martin!

  • from Surprise, AZ March 30, 2013Music Background:
    Country, bluegrass, jazz band and solo work.

    Excellent guitar for the money!

    I own a Martin DCPA1 and and 000-18 GE. I use both for solo/band work. My adult son finally decided he wanted to learn to play so I got him this as his "entry level' guitar. We found the set up from Sweetwater to be excellent and I am blown away by the look and feel of this guitar. He loves it and is highly motivated to learn on it. Frankly, while my DCPA1 has a much nicer appearance, there just isn't that much difference in the overall acoustic sound between his and mine. The electronics of course are very different, but this one is worth every penny.

  • from Milwaukee, WI January 26, 2013Music Background:
    Aspiring Musician, Songwriter, Home Recorder

    Amazing Value

    Have, literally, owned 'em all, except Luthier super high-end guitars, but this is certainly among my favorites. I love the understated look, but don't let that fool you. This guitar has a tone that surpasses so many much more expensive Martin models and other brands, as well.

    I think it really shines when you change the strings, unless - of course - you like the Martin Phosphor Bronze that most of these come with direct from the factory. I prefer the 80/20 Plain Bronze Lights, and feel that any of the Martin strings work wonderfully, although I also like D'Addario EXP's and Elixir Nano's, as well. Martin Clear Tones also sound great. The guitar projects so much that the Phosphor Bronze seems a bit overkill on this one, but that's just my own opinion. The electronics are superb and this guitar can be shaped quite easily to coax out all of that big lush tone plugged in that you hear unplugged.

    I love how it sounds through my PA and also when recording 'direct in'. I also play it through my LR Baggs DI box, which takes it to another stratosphere. Upgraded the pick-guard with a Tortoloid beveled edge vintage replacement, which really tweaked it's visual appeal significantly. Don't undertake that task unless you know what you're doing or get someone who does to help out. Need to be careful with proper removal of the original pick-guard and adhesive residue, before replacing correctly with another one.

    Anyway, just an incredible guitar at any price. Great for both strumming (wow) and finger picking, as well. Very fast, warm neck and a most comfortable width and feel. You will never regret owning this one. This Martin is "The Real Deal"!

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