Yamaha DC3M4PRO No Longer Available

C3 6' 1" Concert Grand Piano with Disklavier Mark IV PRO Digital Player Piano System Onboard, Polished Ebony

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Yamaha DC3M4PRO image 1
Yamaha DC3M4PRO image 1

Sorry, the Yamaha DC3M4PRO is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Yamaha DC3M4PRO

Yamaha Concert Grand with Disklavier PRO Technology!

Yamaha's DC3M4PRO 6' 1" Disklavier PRO series grand piano combines Yamaha's finest concert grand piano craftsmanship with cutting edge technology. First and foremost, the DC3M4PRO is a wonderful acoustic grand piano, but the onboard Disklavier PRO system transforms it into so much more. With the Disklavier PRO system, you get advanced components and technologies, including a Sound Muting System, XG instrument tone generation, and a SmartKey play-assist system. You also get the convenience of both the Disklavier PRO pocket remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you control your DC3M4PRO from your iOS device. Discover the amazing sound, feel, and versatility of the Yamaha DC3M4PRO Disklavier PRO grand piano for yourself!

Yamaha DC3M4PRO Disklavier Mark IV PRO Grand Piano at a Glance
  • The ultimate player piano
  • Discover the possibilities of Disklavier PRO
  • Yamaha's most impressive precision-crafted keybed
  • Vibrant soundboard made of the finest spruce available
  • World-famous acoustic grand piano sound lives in the details
The ultimate player piano

The Disklavier PRO digital player piano system onboard the Yamaha DC3M4PRO makes it one of the most versatile acoustic grand pianos in its class. Easily the most advanced integrated player-piano architecture on earth, the Disklavier PRO system onboard the DC3M4PRO utilizes Yamaha's advanced technological breakthroughs in fields such as computer science, optical sensor engineering, and electromagnetic engineering. Your DC3M4PRO can reproduce any performance, note for note, with the exact same touch and pressure used to record it. From the press of each key to the strike of each hammer, down to the physical depression of each pedal, the Disklavier PRO system provides you with absolute realism.

Discover the possibilities of Disklavier PRO

With the Disklavier PRO system aboard your DC3M4PRO, you can record a piece on the Disklavier PRO system, and play it back via Wi-Fi from your iOS device, experiencing your performance as a member of your audience would. Turn on Silent Mode, and use headphones to play your grand piano at night, without disturbing your neighbors. Use the Disklavier PRO's selection of Yamaha's finest accompanying instruments, and create entire compositions. Or stream entire performances via Yamaha's Disklavier Radio, including recorded vocals and other instruments through the Disklavier PRO's Hi-Fi speaker system, and enjoy as as your DC3M4PRO plays the accompaniment. It's all possible, thanks to your DC3M4PRO's Disklavier PRO system!

Yamaha's most impressive precision-crafted keybed

Beneath the impressive Disklavier PRO technology, the Yamaha DC3M4PRO is truly one of Yamaha's finest acoustic grand pianos. From the moment you touch the keys, you'll feel the quality under your fingertips. Every Yamaha piano uses spruce keys, chosen for its light weight and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. When you play a Yamaha DC3M4PRO, every nuance and detail of your playing is matters, every key responds effortlessly, every repetition is precise and natural, the way it should be.

Vibrant soundboard made of the finest spruce available

The heart and soul of every Yamaha DC3M4PRO grand piano is a soundboard made from only the finest quartersawn solid spruce. Put simply, 90% of the choice spruce that most instrument makers would consider themselves lucky to come by isn't good enough to meet Yamaha's standards. When you hear the DC3M4PRO in action, you'll know why it's the most sought-after piano sound on earth. Prepare to be absolutely captivated by the rich detail that rings through each and every note you play on the DC3M4PRO.

World-famous acoustic grand piano sound lives in the details

More than a mere sum of its parts, the Yamaha DC3M4PRO features precision craftsmanship that extends to every detail and creates an overall sound like no other. For example, the crown of the DC3M4PRO's soundboard is reinforced with full-length ribs, which continue to the edge of the soundboard and the notched liner of the frame. This allows for near perfect transfer of vibration of the DC3M4PRO's soundboard to the projection of its body, producing a full and harmonically complex sound like no other kind of grand piano. It's the sound that the world's greatest pianists demand, and you'll only find it in a quality Yamaha grand piano.

Yamaha DC3M4PRO Disklavier Mark IV PRO Grand Piano Features:
  • Yamaha's finest acoustic grand piano craftsmanship, plus cutting-edge Disklavier PRO technology
  • The amazing acoustic construction of Yamaha's C3 6' 1" acoustic concert grand piano
  • Precision spruce keybed built to Yamaha's most specific tolerances
  • Rich and vibrant soundboard made of top-10% solid quartersawn spruce
  • Full-length rib-reinforced soundboard crown provides maximum vibration transfer for the purest acoustic tone possible
  • Disklavier PRO digital player piano technology onboard
  • Yamaha's top-of-the line XG digital instrument technology with AWM2 and Articulation Element Modeling (AEM) sound engines lets you play with a wide selection of incredible instrument sounds
  • Sound Muting System lets you play your grand piano at night, without disturbing your neighbors
  • Playback performances from Standard MIDI Files (.SMF) or stream directly from Yamaha's Disklavier Radio via Wi-Fi
  • Non-contact optical fiber key, hammer, and pedal sensors record every detail of your performances
  • DSP servo controlled solenoids with supersensitive magnetic sensors reproduce your performances perfectly
  • Disklavier PRO Media Center provides storage, connectivity, Wi-Fi, and analog I/O, turning your piano into the ultimate media center
  • Control your Disklavier PRO from the included pocket remote or from your iOS device
More than an amazing acoustic grand piano, the Yamaha DC3M4PRO Disklavier IV PRO series grand piano is complete musical experience!

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