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Dangerous Music D-BOX Reviews

5.0 stars based on 51 customer reviews
Questions about the Dangerous Music D-BOX?

Questions about the Dangerous Music D-BOX?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Mike Conyers

    With world-class D/A conversion, gorgeous analog summing and intuitive monitor control, the Dangerous Music D-Box is a great all-in-one piece for every studio engineer!

  • Marcos Sanchez

    More headroom, a better collapsing mix, and the flexibility to make your mixes have the same kind of quality that you would expect through a high-end analog console's output bus, without adding any color to your already finished mix. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Chris McCown

    Listen to your stereo image spread! Step IN to your track as you hear the depth increase! Feel the warmth of a high quality analog signal path! Listen to the extra room each track has to breathe! D Box needs a cape with a large D on it, because it's one of the super heroes of audio as far as I'm concerned.

  • Robby Resnick

    The Dangerous Music D-Box is an amazing piece! I purchased it to go behind my 002R and it has been the best investment I've made for my system to date. Punchy drums!!! PUNCHY DRUMS. I got my snare sound in five minutes!

  • Josh Estock

    After hearing people rave about the Dangerous Music D-Box, I decided I had to try it out for myself. MY MIXES CAME ALIVE! This box kicks harsh digital summing to the curb and adds headroom and punch to your tracks. Not only does it bring the best out in your mixes, but it boasts a pristine 2-channel D/A converter, two super-clean headphone outputs, a talkback mic, and the ability to listen to four separate input sources. The D-Box now sits behind my Pro Tools|HD system and I couldn't be happier.

  • from Brooklyn May 3, 2017Music Background:

    Favorite Mix tool/Great Service/Greatest Hits

    I can hear a lot more frequencies clouding mixes that I otherwise would have overlooked. Previously I would go to at least 8 different listening sources to make sure mix translated properly upon print down. then I would go back to my studio and listen again trying to remember where I needed to make adjustments. Now I just need to switch through the sources in one room and mix away. It's saving time, a lot of time. Summing sounds great. Thanks to Brendan at Sweetwater for getting a great price. And I had an issue with the converter that happened in shipping and Dangerous took the time to trouble shoot and then service with minimal loss of time. I also work in installations and have seen worse and sometimes less worse issues that occur during shipping and these things happen from time to time. The way the manufacturers handle and resolve the issues under warranty shows the kind of business you're dealing with. Dangerous was excellent and I would consider buying more products from a trusted name in the business as a result. And as always I would look to Sweetwater for the best deals in the game.

  • from Chicago, IL March 10, 2017Music Background:
    Freeland Recording and Mix Engineer

    The hype is real

    Again the hype is real. I love overall quality of the product. Now that I started summing, I can never go back to mixing without. The D/A converters on this thing are beautiful. Great headphone amps. Best money I've spent. Thanks Dangerous Music. Great product

  • from Virginia December 2, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Engineer

    Holy Macaroni!!!!

    I guess everybody wrote what I think about this bad boy, yes your mixes will sound more deeper, 3d effect and wider, this guy will help you to listen everything more detail, remember you cannot mix what you cant hear.

  • from USA October 13, 2016

    Dbox is d'nice stuff!

    The previous reviews all say it: fantastic piece of gear! Set up is real easy with UAD interface. Kudos again to the Sweetwater team for awesome customer service, super quick shipping and a real nice packing job for the Dbox--definitely appreciate that!!

  • from Virginia July 23, 2016Music Background:
    Recording, mix engineer

    D-box rulz!

    My mixes sound more deep, is almost like 3D effect and is true guys you can't mix what you can't hear. This will help you a lot, this summing box will tell you the true.

  • from Somewhere between here and there July 20, 2016Music Background:
    Engineer, musician

    The hype is real!

    This dangerous d box hype is real, the mixes take on a whole new reality! Don't sleep!

  • from June 23, 2016

    deadle weapon

    IKE TAYLOR told me to get this thing over a yr ago i pondered read reviews and pondered and this thing is an ultimate beast i thought my mixes were good hahahaha after this ting i felt my stuff sounded like Junk you can hear things you probably didnt hear before and the spread and now when I master it sounds like I sent to get mastered without the cost. whatever u mix when u go to car or other equipment it has seased the guess work as always Ike Taylor has never steered me wrong on when buying equipment between this and the apollo I am in heaven. If you are still wondering should you or you see reviews that say you dont need summing etc there wrong. You need to buy ths piece of equipment as I have reserched for bad reviews and couldnt find any and there right this is my new go to.
    Thanks again IKE

  • from Nashville, TN June 4, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Producer

    High End Swiss Army Knife

    This thing is incredible. Everything it does it does insanely well. The monitoring DAC is top notch, I had just gotten a new pair of monitors for mastering and this guy completely opened them up. It might have made more of a difference than the monitors themselves! The summing in addition to the DAC makes an incredible front end to my mastering chain and/or mastering tape machine. I've said mastering a lot, but they aren't kidding when they say mastering grade. I've compared this guy to other summing mixers and DAC's since I've gotten it (normally costing at least as much for the one function), and the D-Box easily holds its own if not outshines many other models. I was originally solely looking for a summing mixer, till my Sales Engineer Geoff Allen pointed out I could make major upgrades all around with this. The headphone amps are crisp and loud as well. No complaints what so ever (besides maybe no on and off switch, but hey, that's what power conditioners are for).

  • from Shelton, CT April 7, 2016Music Background:
    40 years as professional amateur


    Purchased this product after consultation with my long-time Sweetwater sales associate, Mike Picotte. I love absolutely love it! It does everything as advertised and does does it exceptonally well. The price-point is terrific - thank you, Dangerous! - and Mike's excellent post-sales support has made for an easy transition to begin summing of mixes in Pro Tools. I suspect this product will be a mainstay in my home recording studio for many years to come. It is D-lightful!

  • from Kuwait April 7, 2016Music Background:
    Producer + Mixing Enginear

    Awsome Gear

    First Thing when i Pressed Play. i Heard My Mixes in a Whole New Dimension =i hear the Small Details
    And The Low End Bass is Punchy And Clear !!!! The High End Became More Accurate . And The Summing Its A Great Bonus and it made me a Better Mixer Hearing Things Accurately !!! and Thanks To Sweetwater for The Best Service in The Market ! and Thanks To Dangerous Music !!!!!

  • from December 24, 2015

    Dangerous D-Box is amazing, has flexible features, and built like a tank!

    I opted for the Dangerous D-Box over the Dangerous Monitor ST as I think for stereo monitoring it provides a lot more features and flexibility. The Monitor ST is a must if you need Surround monitoring. Watch Fab DuPont's free D-Box video on pureMIX to understand how to make the most of it in your DAW setup.

    I also own a Dangerous 2-Bus LT which provides 16:2 analog summing. Fortunately the 2-But LT also has an Expansion Input, so I can easily combine the D-Box's 8 analog summing channels with the 2-Bus LT for 24:2 analog summing, because the dedicate Sum Out on the D-Box connects to the Expansion Input on the 2-Bus LT. It's the perfect setup. I also own a Dangerous Compressor and Bax EQ. Like all Dangerous gear, the D-Box is extremely well constructed and built like a tank! Knobs are smooth as silk, buttons are fluid, easy to see, glow when engaged, and there are tons of little things that Dangerous thought where you can use the Setup function to dictate how certain features will work.

    This is a GREAT unit and I highly recommend it!

  • from November 17, 2015

    Dangerous DBox

    With the DBox, the monitoring features alone are worth the price.
    The analog summing feature is the extra cherry on top.

    Analog vs ITB summing can both yield great results.
    I've worked ITB since I stared mixing a few years ago.
    Now that I've worked with the DBox, I've realized that analog summing can make you slow down a bit.
    As a result, you may listen to your music a little differently. That mindset on its own can end up changing how you approach a mix, and all of a sudden…magic!

    Beyond that, yes, analog summing can create a sonic difference, especially when you use outboard EQs and compressors. When used properly, analog summing can add that punch and 3-dimenionallity that everyone talks about.

    You can utilize all 8 channels of summing in the DBox by relying on the DAW input of the Dbox.
    In some cases (depending on the audio interface), the S/PIDF-out of a given interface will need to be wired into the S/PIDF-in of the DBox. The DBox does the DA conversion at this point, but it's clear and concise, so you can trust what you are hearing. This approach allows you to allocate all of your interface's outputs towards the summing. With interfaces that have a dedicated monitor output, the ANALOG input of the DBox will work as your main

    Lastly, being able to easily toggle between two sets of speakers is a very valuable tool.
    The DBox, of course, gives you this ability.

    If you are looking at the DBox and reading this review, realize that all of the great possibilities are within your grasp ONLY if your mixing area is set up properly. If you are not working in a properly treated room with isolated speakers, talk to a Sweetwater rep and they'll help you find out if you are prepared to make the DBox leap, or you are in the need of some acoustic treatment first...

  • from October 2, 2015


    I've used multiple Presonus monitor management systems (monitor station, central station) as well as the monitor control on my UA Apollo MKII. this blows these out of the water. I honestly knew I was going to really enjoy this product but for something as boring as monitor management, I am absolutely thrilled. It is incredibly clear, frequency response is incredible, imaging, and depth are outstanding, low end response is incredibly accurate, and it's so clear you can literally hear the distortion iTunes generates. I kid you not im seriously blown away by this and I'm literally only talking about the monitor section. When it comes to summing it's fantastic as well. A lot of people disagree with summing, and in this day and age with how far along digital daws are, I can respect why people think it's nothing to get excited about. Realistically, if you gain stage properly in your daw, don't over do it with bussing, then you can get great results still. But imagine doing that in the box, then summing with the D Box. Rexording is an accumulation of subtlies, and though some consider summing a subtly, it sure is one Id love to take advantage of that truly shows. The lows clear up and focus, the highs polish and extend past the speakers, and the imaging and depth enhance significantly. Now to be honest, 8 channels (3 stereo, 2 mono/one stereo) isn't much, it still makes a difference. And if you want to really take advantage of it, sum your drums with all 8 channels, then take your drum print and sum the rest of your mix. It really makes a differences. It's no one trick pony but it does add a nice "like a record feel" to your final mix. Then you can even send to other out board gear before going back in to the D box for extra color, character, or compression. All in all I'm really glad I got this. I was going to invest in more preamps or this and I'm glad I got this first. You can't mix what you can't hear, and something like this lets me take advantage of what I already have. Some complain it doesn't have a dim switch or cue for headphones, and no third monitor selector for a subwoofer, but for me, I set up a cue mix in pro tools and then send to seperate outs, going to a crappy mixer in the live room that lets the artist dial in their own mix, so that doesn't bug me. And I don't use a sub. This thing also syncs perfectly with the apollo. All in all, well worth it.

  • from August 24, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Producer, Engineer & Mixer


    This Dbox is a GAME CHANGER! After becoming extremely familiar with what my room and mixes in that room sound like, I ran a song I had just tracked through the Dbox before printing a bounce for the client. The mix suddenly became huge! I started pushing everything harder: guitars, bass, kick, snare! Biggest, baddest sound I've ever had out of pro tools.

    Things that are hard-panned get wider. Midrange smooths out. Separation gets bigger. Low end gets focused! I could try and EQ/compress for hours to get that kind of low end ITB and never touch this. Transient density and weight!


  • from Charlotte June 13, 2015Music Background:
    Mixer, Tracking Engineer, Producer

    Buy it now!!!

    I've been an Apollo user for 3 years in my home and mobile setup, and though I love it for almost everything I always had to do a slight bit of guessing with the balance of my mixes. The DA always left me wanting a little more accuracy in the high mids and top end. The DBOX has it! The DA is top notch, and you will instantly hear the difference when you AB it against the Apollos output. For that one function it's worth the price tag.

    The summing is great as well. Beautiful stereo image. Went from an SPL Mixdream XP and the DBOX has way more vibe and spread but it's still super clean. Defined bottom end, lots of headroom. Looks pretty cool too.

    Buy it for the DA, seriously, everyone talks about the summing but that's just icing on the cake. Being able to accurately hear what you're mixing and tracking goes MUCH further than the subtle separation and headroom you'll get from analog summing. Lucky you won't have to choose with the DBOX......BUY IT!!!!

  • from Phoenix, AZ USA March 5, 2015Music Background:
    Electronic Music Producer


    I don't know if i could really compare this unit and my Mackie Big Knob, only because they are really far apart in quality, plus the summing obviously. I was going to give this rating a 4.5 because there is no main on/off switch and you can't run the alt and main outs simultaneously, but for me, it wasn't that important. I can't wait to pair this with the 2-Bus LT. Overall i am very happy about my buy and Jared is top notch with recommending me the right gear.

  • from MD December 26, 2014Music Background:
    Recording and Mix Engineer/Producer


    Exactly what I was missing. Accurate Monitoring and Summing

  • from san marcos, TX USA June 29, 2014

    Dangerous music D box ROCKS

    The D-box is a great investment. It took my studio to the next level.

  • from San Francisco June 20, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    This thing is like listening to the Grand Canyon... its deep, wide, and clear... your ears will thank you!

    I was skeptical at first about this little box because people said they couldn't really hear a difference. However, I came to the conclusion that most if not all of those reviews I read wear probably because of the listening environment the users were in.

    I recently summed some older mixes that were already pretty darn good and the D-Box added separation I had never hear before... L/R Pans just became 140% somehow...

    Everything about the Dbox is brilliant and will add much value to your studio... The D/A alone is the best I have heard...

    I would really recommend the Dbox to engineers that enjoy practicality, simplicity, and want big sound in a small studio

    Setup: Apollo Quad, Dbox, Burl B2 ADC, Mac Pro (Late 2013), Great River Preamps, KRK montiors.

  • from Tampa,Fl June 19, 2014Music Background:
    recording artist, mix engneer

    clean, clear ,and easy to use

    1st i wanna say shout out to my sales engineer Anthony longano for recommending this piece of gear
    Ok bought this like 3 weeks ago and i was testing it from the monitor function to the summing a very great tool to have for a complete home recording or a high end studio..... solid

  • from San Francisco, Ca June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter, Electronic Music Artist, Engineer

    Clarity you've never had before!

    All I have to say is wow!
    This is definitely one of the best gear investments I have ever made.
    It just brings out the clarity in each track and not only gives more headroom but each instrument has a lot more spread in the mix.
    The D-Box seems to give more spread if that makes sense.
    I would totally recommend this and buy it again if I lost it.
    Do yourself a favor and buy this it will definitely bring you closer to that "Sound" the radio ready sound. The D-Box plus some good hardware Compressors, EQ, and a Pre-Amp will surely get you the sound you've been looking for!

  • from CA USA June 6, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Knob Turner

    The Truth!

    I have a DAW based rig at home and the D-Box is the final touch that makes my tracks smooth and rich. I track, mix, and master "in the box," so this unit is like the holy grail of my back end. I really love the compression it gives me, that "glued" sound. The pan controls on 7-8 are really nice to control your stereo spread. The monitor controls make everything easier, period. The D-box is also a truly transparent box, so no worries keeping your mix solid. Worth the investment if you're working "in the box!"

  • from Bronx, NY May 2, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Recording Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer

    THE must-have unit for your DAW

    There's really no other way for me to speak of how critical the D-Box is towards getting the best possible mixes than to simply recommend to pick up this indispensable piece of gear NOW.

    I was initially contemplating the 2-Bus but my Digi 003 interface has only 8 analog outs, so for the moment this was the way to go. This now replaces my trusty PreSonus Central Station Plus (also bought from Sweetwater) as the nerve center of my studio - and while that unit is definitely an overachiever for its price, it is simply outperformed by the D-box in all aspects. The summing feature alone makes this box worth the price tag, (and when you throw in the other functions, this thing is just a ludicrous bargain). My mixes have punch, depth, spatial precision and clarity like never before. Every fader move, every EQ dip (or bump), every pan adjustment is infinitely more precise. Reverb tails and delay feedback are smooth and clearly audible. Even in a dense mix, each element is easy to pick out and I'm dialing in mixes quicker and with less effort than ever before. My clients are happier than ever with the work I am doing for them.

    Thanks to Chris Lewis for the awesome customer support...never steers me wrong! My only regret is not taking the plunge sooner.

  • from Miami, FL February 16, 2014Music Background:
    Mix Engineer, Producer

    Home studio command center!

    If I could rate it 6 stars I would.
    I use the D-Box with my UA Apollo, and I really have to say that these two devices work together magically! Together with the Apollo, it's been an interface dream come true.

    Once you're cabled up, it's a very straight-forward experience -- the Monitoring DAC is EXTREMELY clean and revealing, the Monitor switching means you can still re-purpose your old monitors to give you a different perspective (the usual "Good Speakers / Bad Speakers" setup). The MONO button is extremely useful for quickly checking how wide you've made an element of your mix, and for checking the center's integrity. All in all it has excellent quality and facilitation.

    The summing mixer section is such a wonderful treat! You've got a mini 2-BUS built into your DAC, how perfect is that?! Granted, analog summing is something that will take you a little while to get your head around at first, but when you finally understand it, you'll wonder how you got along without it.

    One other point: If you have ever considered getting a Dangerous 2-Bus but, like me, only have 8 outputs on your interface... You can save yourself money, and get a Mastering grade DAC at the same time!! No brainer.

  • from November 14, 2013Music Background:
    Producer, Engineer

    Bigger Difference Than Expected

    From the crystal clear monitoring to the 8 channels of superb summing, this box is the real deal!

  • from San Francisco August 30, 2013Music Background:
    producer, Engineer, composer, professional musician

    Awesome Sound

    This thing just works period and sounds great! I have not used the summing yet but the difference between the Apollo monitoring (which is good) and the DBox is signifigant with a more defined sound stage and clean sound. Very nice box!

  • from Hell Paso June 10, 2013Music Background:
    Music Music Music!

    Just Pull The Trigger

    I went from the Mackie Big Knob to Presonus Central Station then to the D-Box and wow. The details I heard just made me want to remix my old work. I heard things I never heard on some of my CDs.

  • from Chicago June 7, 2013

    Dangerously Good!

    After doing some extensive research on the next upgrade to my setup, I decided going to a Hybrid Analogue/Digital system would give me the most bang for my buck and all future expandability. I settled on the Apollo/D-Box combo.

    Setup was straight forward and simple to do. After setting up both units, I immediately ran tracks from a session (disabled all plug ins) through the summing and I was simply amazed at the difference the summing alone made to the tracks. Depth, Punch, Clarity are immediately audible! The converters sound great, I mean the D-box is just a really intuitive, flexible, and solid unit. I highly recommend it to others looking to step into the hybrid recording/mixing world.

  • from LA March 8, 2013

    Amazing - just buy it

    This thing is my studio workhorse. 2 headphone amps and talk-back make easy and professional vocal recording at home or in a small studio a reality.

    The DA is amazing and along with multiple inputs, multi speaker outputs plus MONO, it's an amazing monitor controller.

    Lastly, my Apogee Rosetta 800 into the summing section is amazing.

    1400 is CHEAP for what this thing does!

  • from Beirut, Lebanon October 13, 2012Music Background:
    Rock, Folk, electronic, acoustic...

    Best investment ever

    i was using a presonus monitor station. I baught the d-box. MY studio quality is totally changed. i started to hear mudiness and bad bass and low Frequencies in mixes that i spent so much on them. I knew, the d-box was the main reason. i started to hear the real flat response. additionally, with the previous presonus my genelec 8050s were peaking on a volume level that it should not peak. with the d-box, i started to have the real power of me monitors.

    its true that its not that cheap, but believe me this is the best ever investment i did because i started to hear things i didnt hear before. do urself a good and buy this.

  • from Los Angeles, CA March 21, 2012Music Background:

    Highly recommend

    I've been using a digi002 for about 8 or 9 years now. I have always liked having some faders to mix with, but have never been a fan of the hardware itself. A month ago I decided it was time to upgrade, so I purchased the D-Box along with a Lynx Aurora. The difference is staggering. I already had nice monitors, but man, I'm hearing things I never heard before. Most noticeably, the stereo field. Deeper and Wider. When I used to pan things there was a void between hard panning and center, where I really couldn't tell where I was placing an instrument. Now I can hear exactly what I'm doing.

    Another noticeable improvement was my ability to hear reverb. The tails sound so much better. I can now make much better choices when mixing.

    The bottom line is that being able to accurately hear what's going on in a recording is one of the most crucial steps to creating a great mix. This is why I purchased the unit, and it allowed me to do just that.

    As far as the summing goes, after hearing what 8 channels can do, I immediately wished I had more. To put it simply, it helps to glue everything together, creates a more cohesive sound, all while enhancing the separation between instruments.

    It's not a magic box, in the sense that it will fix a bad mix. It won't. It will definitely make a good mix sound better though.

  • from Nashville, TN July 26, 2011Music Background:
    mix and recording engineer

    All this for under $1500

    I was looking at getting a X-desk for summing and my sweetwater rep introduced me to the Dbox. Analog Summing, monitor selector, talkback, headphone jacks, d/a conversion all for under $1500. Half the price of the X-desk, and its 1U.

    As far as the sound, the summing surely does remove digital harshness, and the d/a conversion sounds better than my lynx aurora to me. My ONLY complaint is that I would of liked a dim switch, and maybe a way to run both my monitors to the sub. But I guess thats what Dbox mkII can add.

  • from New York July 1, 2011Music Background:
    Recording/Mixing electronic music & dance

    game changer

    This little box is def a game changer. Worth the price of admission alone just for the monitoring d/a conversion. Incredible clarity (with proper room treatment) from the monitor section. Making mix decisions is SO much easier now. The summing is an amazing added bonus. Biggest advantage IMO is the depth you get in your miix from analog summing. This is def in the top 3 best upgrades i have made to my studio (room treatment & good monitors being the other 2!)

  • from Ponce PR USA March 2, 2011Music Background:
    G-SON"S STUDIO-Owner, Working Hard to be A Good Producer!!

    Makes My Studio Better!

    I'm very happy and satisfied with all gear bought at Sweetwater, but I need to say that definitely this is one of my best buys. DBOX complements every piece of gear that I have, from interface thru eq and compressor, the signal monitoring is perfect everything in just one rackspace. Talkback, headphones, summing!!! everything and if you can buy it with the Bax EQ and you will hear what happen with a push of a single button. Thanks to my Sale's Engineer Andrew Stryffeler!!!! The Best Period.

  • from Oklahoma City, OK February 3, 2011Music Background:
    Playing for 20 years, semi professional, music producer major


    Well after being sterred by the folks at sweetwater, I decided to take a plunge into the world of summing. I also needed a monitor because I'm using a converter as my "interface" as it were for PT HD. First off, I wasn't impressed but I figured out little by little how exactly to work this thing and take advantage of the summing. Well last night I finallly got it down and without sounding too redundant like the other reviews this d box made took my mixes to a whole new level of PRISTINE AUDIO QUALITY AND DEPTH! I love it and I know you will love it too. Don't think too hard about it just get it you'll understand why once you begin mixing.

  • from Salt Lake City, Utah August 26, 2010Music Background:

    Mixing is fun again!!

    Many of these reviews are spot on because they mention the increased clarity and depth, as well as the unit being a great monitor control. This is true. I was surprised because it also sped up my work flow. I was immediately able to pipe in several mixes during the first session and give them the golden touch they desperately deserved.

    Great unit. The panning on the unit is fun, especially when recording live masters. I dig being able to plant a stem on 7 and 8 and then pan to add airiness to sections. Replaced the old headphone amp as well. Everything blends much better. Super clean sound. Mark at Sweetwater was nice enough to take a minute help me configure a few things. The summing was the easy part, routing may take a minute to figure out but after that your good to go. Get this and enjoy it. :)

  • from Hollywood Ca April 24, 2010Music Background:
    DJ Producer/ Engineer / Remixer

    One of the best pieces of Gear for any electronic musician/producer/remixer

    I have to say after years of trying to get the most out of the sequencers including DP/Cubase/Logic and even Pro Tools this summing mixer is the absolute best way to mix down. The separation on the channels is just amazing and the overall clean response is thus far in my book just like mixing down on a "real mixing board". I produce/remix dance house music and the d box is an integral part of my studio. It allows me to sum my mix into 3 stereo and 2 mono channels for a total of 8 tracks which takes the hours of stemming your mix out of the equation it saves me time and oddly enough I am able to leave most of my synth work on midi. The response is unbelievable and until you hear it you will not believe. I was and still am totally blown away .I recommend the d box to any producer/remixer.

  • from Nashville, TN February 16, 2010Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Engineer, Producer

    Now I know what I've been missing.

    So I've been using a Presonus Central Station as my Monitor Control and D/A in the Mix Suite at my place for a while now. It has served me well, but I always felt like something was missing. Got the D-Box the other day, and HOLY CRAP, my mixes came alive. Soooo much more clarity and depth, I was really shocked. I knew it was going to be an upgrade, but I'm super happy. Haven't even had the chance to try out the summing yet, but this unit is worth the $$ for the D/A and monitor control alone.

  • from Arlington, TX USA November 11, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Simply Amazing!

    I had my doubts from doing research on summing, but once I had this set up, the right way, I was totally blown away. Insane top end and depth! I almost cried!

    I was looking for just a summing mixer but what I got was that plus the most genius monitor control around. You can compare to other sources quick and easily. The switches are awesome cause if you hold down for more than 3 seconds it will go right back to the source before automatically. Talk about efficient, time saving, and accurate.

    If your looking for the most cost effective upgrade to any studio, this is it. Alright now I'm crying. It's so beautiful.

  • from Montville, NJ June 3, 2009Music Background:
    Home studio owner, Musician, Drummer.... former Sweetwater SE. :)

    You have to buy it. Yes, you have to.

    Amazing. Stunning. Superb. Insert tons of positive words here. I've never thought my aging 002 rig could sound THIS GOOD! Scratch that... sound THIS AMAZING! I unboxed it, racked it, and within a short while had a mix that I'm working on playing through this thing, and it was astounding what I heard. The stereo field opened up, clarity and definition were restored to the acoustic guitars and vocals, I discovered these things called drums, which actually came through the mix the way they do on any professionally recorded track. WOW! Make sure you get your hands on this box, and a bunch of XLR cables to hook up your stuff. This came as a suggestion from my Sales Engineer, and I couldn't be more grateful that I'd spent this chunk of my savings with them.... and I can't wait to do it ALL over again!

    BUY THIS....trust me! :)

  • from Fredericksburg, VA (Washington DC) April 10, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Classical Musician

    Own this!

    I got the D-Box to serve 2 purposes. The first of which was as a monitor controller. Clearly, it does this well - that's what it's designed to do. I also got it to help me with live recordings to create a 2 channel back up mix using the on-board summing mixer. Since most of the recordings I do are live, symphonic recordings direct to DAW, I needed a 2 track backup in case the computer failed on-location.

    In this case, I take one of the outputs of the True Systems Precision 8 and go into the DAW. The other 8 channels go into the D-Box and get summed into the Korg MR-1000.

    My first trial run of this turned out fantastic! It happened to make one of the best 2-track bounces I've ever heard. The DSD master 2 track bounce far exceeded the quality of the multi-track mix as far as realism, depth, width and overall sense of space and "you are there."

    The talk back mic feature turned out to be a real bonus as I had been taking another piece of gear around with me to perform that function - I no longer need it and the rig is that much smaller and more portable now.

    The real winner though is the external summing for use in post production. I've done a few mixes including a highly critical project for a famous Hollywood composer where I'd mix down through the D-Box. The mixes are simply awesome! None of the digital graininess that's usually there, a HUGE sound that's closer to the original than anything I've ever experienced, and GOBS of headroom if you need it.

    Trust me - if you're looking for a monitor controller, a summing mixer, either or both - BUY THIS UNIT.

    On top of that, I've had a few conversations with teh guys at Dangerous since having bought this. They're very quick to reply to e-mails and quite eager to work with their clients.

    I love companies like this that stand behind their stuff!

  • from Paonia, CO. March 19, 2009Music Background:
    Performing Songwriter, Sound Engineer, Studio Owner

    D Box Rules

    Let me start with a simple statement of fact. The D-Box rules. Dangerous Music is the real deal and has made a HUGE difference in the way I mix and produce music. Before I go into specifics I would like to rant for just a moment:

    Before I took the dive and bought my D-Box I searched for reviews and/or sales people to give me the scoop on this box. I got conflicting information. Some raved about it and some debated if it was indeed beneficial to sum in analog. One salesperson told me that having only 8 channels of summing doesn't make that much of a difference. One said it was the best purchase he ever made. Another wrote that summing analog verse mixing “in the box” was a matter of preference, and then went on to say that if you like your mixes bigger, deeper, wider with more punch than you'll probably prefer a D-Box. That baffles me because it seems to me that bigger, deeper, wider with more punch is just plain better period. Maybe it's just me. I have also heard the argument that you can't A/B your results summing in vs. out of the box because they are two different ways to mix. This is true but it dosn't mean you can't compare them! Do the best mix you can in the D-Box, and then do the best mix you can “in the box.” Then take these two stereo mixes, set them side-by-side and listen. The results are pretty astounding to me. I don't understand the debate. Mixing in the D-Box is “mo’ betta” period; it's a no-brainer. It's been the single most helpful piece of gear I have bought to move me towards a big, professional sound. Now for specifics:

    My rig is a Digi 002 with a Black Lion Signature Series mod. A pretty hot rig on it's own I might add. I have the JBL LSR series monitors including the subwoofer with room correction software. My room is fully treated with Owens Corning 705 bass traps wall to ceiling and 703 mid high traps. The room sounds good and is pretty darn accurate. Before I got the D-Box I was using a Presonus Central Station for monitor control.

    The Build
    Simple, strong, precise and elegant. Great switches, knobs etc. Good feel. Quality, quality quality.

    I took the time to switch cables back and forth from the Central Station to the D-Box to compare the two. This is probably the most obvious difference you'll hear right off the bat. The Central Station is fine and is a good deal for the money, but listening through the D-Box is a different experience altogether. When you listen on the D-Box the sound creeps out and wraps it's self around you; it surrounds you. I'm guessing that's what they call imaging. When you switch back to the Central Station it feels like the music runs back into the speakers like frightened children. Everything was easier for me to hear and place in the stereo field. Another major plus was hearing and feeling the low-end really come through. I don't know how or why but the bottom was much bigger. It's not hyped low-end, it's bigger, natural low-end that was somehow lost before the D-Box came into my life.

    Numerous companies make summing boxes and it's important not to compare a lesser quality-summing box to Dangerous. When you think Dangerous think very high-end, like Apogee, Neumann, or Empirical Labs. The sound is clean, musical but not colored. It's not about sounding “Brown” or “Warm and fuzzy” like the endless array of vintage modeling gear that's out there. It's transparent in it's coloring, but the sonic quality that is achieved through it is tangible and profound. First of all you don't just send your final mix through the D-Box and expect some kind of huge sonic maximizer effect. Summing through the D Box makes a huge difference but again - if you are starting with a song that you have already done in the box it is important that you remix your song (including eq and compression settings) to really hear what it does. What rocks my world about this box is that it has changed the way I hear and mix in a FUNDEMENTAL way. When I mixed in the box I all ways felt like I needed to pull everything back. Things generally sounded noisy, and harsh to me. The first thing I noticed about the D-Box mix was it's sonic clarity - everything had it's place. Then I started pushing my faders harder and reworking my EQ and compression. Another big aha! moment was boosting some low-end and actually hearing it jump out at me. I was like “Where have you been all my life!” I am much more willing now to boost EQ where as before everything was a battle of harshness. It's a real relief to be able to boost the high-end of a vocal and have it shimmer instead of sizzle my eyebrows off. I am also more willing to compress/limit mixes and push volume more. The increased headroom allows me to push faders harder and hear my transients much better. Working faders feels much more fluid/natural/organic to me now that I use the D Box. Be careful not to push your converters too hard going back into your digital rig. I use the new T Rack S3 Mastering plug in to view my RMS signal levels coming back in. I compared mixes summed “in the box” and through the D-Box repeatedly. I did my best on both platforms. The D-Box was bigger, cleaner, deeper, wider and more muscular. As I said before “mo’ betta!” Another way to “get” what the D-Box does is to listen to just the drum pair after summing. Just focus on the kick and snare transients- you'll see what I mean.

    Headphone Amp
    Awesome. Wish there were more than two.


    We as musicians and sound engineers who care about sound need a revolution. I'm tired of lousy digital mp3 downloads, tired of an entire generation that thinks it's their god given right to steal our work, and tired of the paradigm that “OK” is good enough. For those who seek to create and listen to GREAT SOUNDING recordings I suggest you get a D-Box. Dangerous is a fabulous company with an exceptional product.

  • from Chicago, IL April 4, 2017Music Background:
    Audio Engineer.

    Best bang for your buck!

    If you are looking for a all In one unit to take your mixes to the next level the Dangerous D box is the place the start. Even as your studio grows the D box can grow with you with it's expanding analog summing options or maybe even utilizing new 2bus+ Converters with your D box as a monitor station, No matter how you use it you'll get the result your looking for.

    I particularly like this unit because you get all of dangerous music best features in one at an unbeatable price. Between The clarity of the mastering converters and the low end magic from the analog summing the head room you can achieve will make all the difference in your mixes.

  • from Boston September 4, 2015Music Background:
    Recording, Mixing Engineer. DJ and Producer

    Only one night

    I originally bought a new to the marker monitor controller from a supposedly better/different brand before getting the D-Box. I wasn't please with other product and was kind of skeptical of all the hype around any product due to the hype around previous product. I spoke to my A1 sales guy and he was willing to swap it out for the d-box.

    I was in the. Studio all night cleaning and connect my new toy. I've done a lot of research on this product even though it was my second chose. It is as advertise! The D-Box even after years on the market blew out something that was brand new and I thought would be a better fit. The quality is A1. The talk back mic is more than adequate, it is in a mastering style desk but it could have been far from me and I believe it would be great still. The headphone amplification is cleaned and loud. The summing has a great depth to it. The harshness in my midrange that I typically eq or cypress out was already less, making vocals lush full. The knobs and switches feel awesome and doesn't feel like your playing with a toy. I've compared a few mixes and I can already hear a difference. The D/A is also a winner I am hearing a little more detail especially IMO in the bass region.

    All around great buy! Thanks Sweetwater!

  • from Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands February 14, 2014Music Background:
    Producer & Mixing Engineer

    Clarity and Separation at its best

    If you are serious about mixing this is an essential tool. I did a shootout with my Digi 003+ and Aurora 8 vs Digi 003+ and D box and the D Box won by a long shot. Bottom end is restored, drums are punchy, synths feel like they ant to jump out the computer. Only downside there is no power on and off switch which is mentioned no where in the manual or advertisement videos.

  • from Austin, TX December 4, 2013Music Background:
    Musician/Audio nut

    D-Box is dangerous!

    The D-Box solved my problem of how to get the best ADAs while having control over monitoring, external summing, etc. This one box lets me have comparative monitoring between my mix, CDs and other sources - allowing me to just have a simple single rack space device in addition to my ADA. Sounds great and it very easy to use. One gripe: it would be nice to have a trim on the DAW,CD and Analog inputs so that levels could be easily matched when comparing different sources.

  • from Fenton, MI August 18, 2011Music Background:
    Producer, Composer, Mixer, Musician

    Improvement = Impressed.

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect when adding the DBox into my setup, but I have to say after a month or so I'm really impressed. Shortly prior to adding the DBox I added the LYNX Aurora 8. These two pieces of gear have taken my studio setup to a whole new level.

    If you're looking for analog summing solutions check into this piece of gear. Not to mention the headphone outputs are superb as well as the talkback functionality. Great stuff!

  • from New York City February 5, 2015

    D-Box is great! But beware.

    Hey, this D-Box sounds really great. But, it does not have separate monitoring capabilities. You cannot be in the same room with your monitors and record through a microphone. Whatever input you select comes through speakers and headphones all at once. I am a little disappointed, I have the D-Box all ready to go but no way to record thru mice since I have only one large room here.

  • from Naugatuck, CT February 8, 2014Music Background:
    Studio Owner

    I Was Skeptical About Analog Summing as You Might Be

    If you are reading these reviews about the D-box you are most likely considering upgrading to analog summing in your studio. I was in that boat and did my research for months, reading everything I could about the subject online and I read all the different opinions about if it was really worth it. does it make a difference? Will I hear the difference? Will it make my mixes better?

    Funny thing is that for every great review I read in one of the dozen forums out there, there were just as many that said that in todays DAW world there is no need to do analog summing and unless you are using an old school large analog console your wasting your money. That today a DAW can sum all your tracks to a 2-stereo with no loss in quality etc.. It seemed like there is a 50% split, makes a difference / doesn't make a difference.

    So I decided to discuss it with my Sweetwater sales engineer and we spent a lot of time on the phone discussing what I was looking to achieve and more importantly what gear i was currently using, my monitoring section, A/D converters, my monitors (speakers), he really wanted to understand what I was working with to make sure that if I was looking to upgrade to achieve a more acurate "mixing" workstation that I was not spending the money in the wrong place. We even discusses acoustic treatment!

    After that conversation I decided that I wanted to take the plunge and order up the D-box with the 2-Bus LT so I could achieve 16 channels of summing. IN my opinion 8 channels was not enough (4-stereo pairs). I also knew that if I got everything all hooked up and was not pleased with the result that I could always return the product back to Sweetwater (they have amazing customer service). Although my sales engineer said that he has never had someone return a D-box and he had sold many of them and he uses one himself in his private studio.

    Ok, I my first impression was pretty amazing when I first starting listening to projects through the analog summing chain. The very first thing you will notice is how much more headroom you have and that you can really push the signal and have no fear of clipping.

    Then after about 5 min of listening I noticed how much more open everything sounded and everything had a lot more clairity. Its hard to describe but I definitely can hear the differance. My first new mix from scratch did come together much faster and I felt like I was not struggling to hear the problems with individual tracks or group of track and things came together much easier. I also love that you have a mono button to make checking mixes in mono super simple and the 2nd set of speakers is really handy as well to check your mix if different sources.

    I would say this was a huge improvement to my studio and it def brings it to the next level. Much like adding some 500 series analog gear as opposed to doing EVERYTHING in the box. Passing the audio signal through analog gear does add a warm, sweet something to the tracks with out a doubt in my opinion.

    I only gave this 4 stars for a couple of reasons that if added would make the d-box a 5 hands down!

    1. A 3rd set of speakers would have been nice to have
    2. Only 2 headphones does not work in a studio that tracks full bands. there should be 4-5.

    I realize these feature would add cost but to me, if I am going to spend $1300, I rather spend $1800-$2000 and get a really complete studio box.

    Anyway, I would urge anyone to try the D-box and listen for yourself, I think you will be converted as i was.

  • from East Rutherford, Nj February 22, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Mixing Engineer

    Almost five stars!!

    Ive been producing records for 7 years now. I work with ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC, as well as folk artist, rock, hip hop, you name it, so this review will apply to any style of production. This box sounds great! all in one solution. Summing box definitely makes a noticeable difference on my mixes, It sounds wider and deeper instantly just by routing stems out the 8 channels. The converters are rock solid and transparent. Listening to all my sources through the same converters is a plus. The Q system is a bit limited, just an extra functionality would of made this box perfect for me! The headphone Q's are a mirror of whatever is being monitored through the main outputs, so there isnt a way to give the talent a separate mix than the one your listening to. This is especially bothersome when the talent needs lots of click, I have to sit in the control room having an overpowering click while trying to listen to performance and other little nuances. Another functionality that would of been great is the ability to route the talkback alone out separately, So that i can just use an available stereo output pair on my interface mixed in with the talkback to do separate mixes to the talents. But other than that this box is a killer addition for the price. Summing box, Monitor Management, Talkback and q all for less than 1500 is a killer package! Well recommended, Truthful monitoring is priceless, and this box will get you into the pro level monitoring.

  • from January 14, 2013Music Background:

    New speakers made me buy it...

    I recently got a pair of MicroMain27 speakers, after hearing them in another studio. When I set them up in my room and fired them up, I was bummed... they sounded harsh in the mids, almost distorted, sure the bottom end was better than I'd ever heard in my room, but ear fatigue set in and I couldn't stand to listen to them.

    I quickly did some tests, simplifying the signal path to the speakers and voila! There was that pristine sound I expected. So the search was on to find a monitor station that would replace my current setup. After a bit of research, I settled on the D-Box.

    I couldn't be happier! The headphones are loud and clear, the talkback functionality was just what I needed for my project studio. I'm going to experiment with the analog summing portion of the box (honestly, I've been an ITB mixer for some time and not sure I've drunk the Kool-Aid yet, but willing to give it a try).

    This has been a great marriage between speakers, room, and monitoring station. Funny, when you start to improve one part of your chain, how it points out shortcomings of another portion. But my mixes are sounding better, as i'm hearing more and making better choices.

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