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Dunlop DBS60120 Stainless Steel Extra Heavy Drop Bass Strings Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the Dunlop DBS60120 Stainless Steel Extra Heavy Drop Bass Strings?

Questions about the Dunlop DBS60120 Stainless Steel Extra Heavy Drop Bass Strings?

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  • from USA March 19, 2016

    Perfect For Drop C

    I've been an Ernie Ball Power Slinky Guy for 15 years and still love them for drop D, but these are excellent for going lower without forking out for a 5 string set. I did have to file the nut on my G&L but my Stingray took them without issue. Also they were balanced enough for me that I didn't need to adjust the intonation or truss rod versus the lighter gauges I used previously. Highly recommended!

  • from Austin,TX March 14, 2013Music Background:
    5 year Bass/Guitar player

    Dunlop Gets it.

    I found these out of determination that I don't need a 5 string bass for drop tunings, no way I have money for a 200 dollar instrument when I can just spend around $20 on specialty bass strings which are close to the original price of standard strings. These work so well for D and lower, 110's weren't cutting it going lower than D, I wanted normal tensioned bass strings. 5 string packs are kinda wasteful in my opinion not using the high G, I'm not throwing money away. Anyway, Dunlop understands the need of drop tuning for bass players, I tune to C tuning and they stay there. Very Bright and Lively sounding, even after playing em a month straight, they still retain a lot of playability. Highly recommend these to anyone playing in D or lower to even B or B flat. Super happy Dunlop offers these strings.(Also for warning, you may need to file out the nut and bridge to fit the 120 gauge string, most 4 string basses can only fit as big as a 110 or 115, at least on Fender basses that I have, but totally worth the work.)

  • from ATX December 20, 2012Music Background:
    5 yr guitarist/bassist

    Perfect for Drop tuning 4 string bassist

    I was happy to find drop tuning strings for bass finally after looking at other companies, dunlop seems to get that both guitarist and bassist detune, not just guitars -_-. Its basically dunlop's light 5 string set without the G, so you save money not having to buy a 5 string set and wasting the extra string. And its a size that most manufacturers do not make, .115 and .120 gauge bass strings are so hard to find ,so it makes it almost impossible to tune lower than D and then giving up and getting a costly and not always necessary 5 string bass, leaving the comfortability of a 4 string. The strings themselves are bright and growly, perfect for really mostly anything. Finger, pick or slap pop playing styles and optimal for rock and metal and much more. No bulls**t , these work pretty damn well especially trying other companies like ernie ball, d'addario, and DR. These definitely are not cheap or gimmicky strings. These are just as good if not better, very competitive, Dunlop has me hooked. These are very heavy tensioned for D standard, its equivalent to heavy 110's in E standard, do not tune them any higher, works best with D and lower. I can play Slipknot, Type O Negative and many other bands as so without flappy ill-fitting strings or an unneeded 5 string.

Questions about the Dunlop DBS60120 Stainless Steel Extra Heavy Drop Bass Strings?

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