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TASCAM DA-3000 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the TASCAM DA-3000?

Questions about the TASCAM DA-3000?

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  • from July 11, 2016

    TASCAM DA-3000

    The DA-3000 has plenty of pro and consumer connections in the rear. Many features! Fantastic sound. Easy editing functions. I prefer the shorter sound loop in the scrub playback mode (when dividing tracks/files) as I dial back or forth 20 msec at a time with the multi jog dial. I think it's a little easier to make edits than with the longer scrub loop on the Tascam SS-R200 (or SS-CDR200).

  • from October 11, 2015

    Absolutely the Best!

    I bought the TASCAM DA-3000 to replace my aging Alesis Masterlink and I love the DA-3000. I use it for recording vinyl records. I discovered DSD about a year ago and decided that I wanted to copy my record collection in DSD. The DA-300 plugs into the balanced tape loop of my Pass Labs X1 control preamplifier. Recording vinyl is a cinch. Afterward, I simply remove the SD card and plug it into my computer where I use TASCAM Hi-Res Editor to split my recordings into individual tracks and label each track with the song title. When I'm finished mastering, I can load the finished product onto a USB flash drive and plug it into the DA-3000's USB port for playback. Additionally, the DA-3000 has become my favorite DAC for computer streaming. I bought a USB-to-S/PDIF link so I could connect my computer to the DA-3000 and stream PCM up to 24/192. The TASCAM DA-3000 is truly superb for making DSD copies of vinyl.

  • from Princeton, NJ October 2, 2015Music Background:
    Grammy Nominated Classical Music Producer/Engineer

    A Supreme Back-Up

    This is the second unit of this type I have purchased, as a 2-track back-up to remote session recordings, and will now be the standard for all other remote recording suites my company sends out. Small, high-res, and a great way to have a back-up in the archives "just in case" the Tascam DA-3000 will be the standard for our recording team. If, in this multi-track world, having a 2-track backup seems a bit archaic, in the past year alone I have had one CD project where the 2-track backup, because we leave it running all the time and don't stop between takes, became the ONLY source for a specific measure which was rehearsed, and therefore recorded on the back-up, where all other actual takes of that section of music had concerns. And, as is typical for the 2-track in the booth, the mix is very close to the final mix, or else we would not be listening to the session that way. Minor adjustments of the multi-track mix balance leading both into and out of that section madke it indistinguishable to the listener.

  • from Queens, New York May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Musician & Recording Engineer

    Amazing Unit!

    This unit has been on my radar for the last 11 months after reading so many positive things about it. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one and let me tell you it does not disappoint. For the price you can't beat it! It blows away my Apogee Rosetta 200 so much that I put it up for sale the day after I got the DA-3000. Tight and full bottom, neutral mids and the high end is there without any harshness. The sound is worth twice the price or more in my opinion. You won't be disappointed.

  • from August 19, 2014

    Overall a great recorder, but misses the mark on one thing...

    I purchased the DA-3000 to replace my aging Yamaha AW16G recorder. The build quality is excellent and navigating through the menus is very simple. Recording to SD and Compact Flash cards is a great feature and it's very easy to transfer any audio that is recorded to a computer for editing and/or further manipulation. The DA-3000 has every input you would ever need and I love being able to record in 16, 24, or DSD. This unit is great when recording from tapes and vinyl, however, one big issue is you can only turn the gain up to +12. As an electronic musician, I own several drum machines and synthesizers, all of which are professional grade and have strong audio outputs. Because the gain can only be turned up to +12, the sound on many of my synthesizers and drum machines don't peak at as high levels as I would like. Often times sounds peak at -7dB and I like to record my signals fairly hot at -2dB to -1.5dB. I've owned several audio recorders in the past including multiple MD, Hi-MD, and DAT recorders, and I never had trouble getting a strong signal level out of those units. Even though there is only one negative about the DA-3000, it's a big one in my opinion. I really hope Tascam does a firmware update to double the gain to +24 for example so that way you can record your signals hot if you want to. If this was improved upon, this would get a perfect rating!

  • from March 17, 2015

    Output Control is very limited

    This unit sounds really great. The big problem for me is you can only set the output volume to 5 different levels. I set it to the quietest one and it still almost blew my Adam P 33 monitors. The gain on the monitors is all the way down also. Headphones sound great and not too loud, but the output to the speakers is unbelievable. Maybe I have a bad unit. I bought an attenuator to get around this problem. A mastering deck should have an output control pot like all the other Tascam DAT machines used to.

Questions about the TASCAM DA-3000?

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