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ESP LTD D-5 - 5 string Natural Satin Reviews

4.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the ESP LTD D-5 - 5 string Natural Satin?

Questions about the ESP LTD D-5 - 5 string Natural Satin?

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  • from Delaware February 7, 2014Music Background:
    Musician | Composer | Producer

    This Bass Should be $1,500!

    This bass records nicely. Primarily a guitarist, I was coming from a 4 string bass and I had no problem adjusting to 5 strings hence the narrow neck width. I wanted a 5 string to open up more options for recording my tracks and this bass delivers. Electronics, action and finish are all excellent. My sales rep Greg Savino was very helpful with any questions that I had before the purchase. Sweetwater continues to impress.

  • from somewhere in SC April 16, 2017Music Background:
    Ex drummer, ex front man, current home enthusiest

    Havent been playing long enough to give it 5 stars

    I'm not a bass player. I'm one of those low talent individuals who call themselves: "song writer." I've composed most of my stuff via acoustic guitar and/or instrument loops. It's a somewhat limiting process. Anyway, I got tired of searching and/or splicing the bass tracks needed for making my noise, so I thought it would be a good idea if I took on playing the needed bass riffs and runs that wont leave my head alone.

    The LTD D-5 wasn't my original choice, but every bass I thought I wanted was sold out or "new product arriving soon." This was a good thing because it derailed my impulse to pull the trigger on just any bass. Gave me time to actually go into detailed research before making a decision.

    I knew I wanted a neck through design. I wanted a heavy duty bridge. Didn't care if the strings were through the body or not (but ain't it cool that with this axe I got a choice). I never bought into the electric axe pro-tonewood argument, so I don't care what species of trees gave their lives so I can disturb the atmosphere with my racket! I've dorked around with DAWs long enough to know I can get any tone I want in post production, so all the great tonal variety any given guitar or bass has to promise, is just icing. So what do I expect from the bass guitar of my dreams? Sturdy construction and friendly playability (good action no fret buzz).

    Thanks to Sweetwater's detailed photographs of their in-stock items, I can get an idea on any given instrument's construction. The LTD-5 I chose looked solid and proved to be the case when I finally got it in my hands. The pickups and electronics are just great. Even if they weren't, the over all build justifies its worth for hotrodding. At present, None is needed. Oh yeah, in comparison to other bass guitars, this thing is priced ridiculously low.

  • from Logan Wv February 1, 2016

    Great guitar

    Gigging steady with this guitar for the past three years played 3 - 400 shows + practices with no problems, only had to adjust the action twice during this period and only used 5 batteries. Great guitar no regrets.

  • from Texas April 4, 2017

    Beautiful Bass, Mediocre Electronics

    The instrument really is beautiful and extremely well made! Plays quite well with great feel though may be a little heavy for some. For me, it is expected that a good bass will have some "Heft" to it so invest in a good strap to keep things comfortable for those long gigs!

    Not impressed by the electronics though. This is obviously where corners were cut in order to keep this bass "Affordable." The EQ is not as versatile as one would expect. Tone shaping seems quite limited and definitely sounds like an "Affordable Midrange Instrument!"

    Modding and replacing the electronics is rather easy though! I imagine that a really good aftermarket pre-amp would wake this thing up and make it sound as great as it looks! Aguilar pre-amps really kick butt! I have one installed in my Yamaha bass so perhaps I am a little spoiled?

Questions about the ESP LTD D-5 - 5 string Natural Satin?

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