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Martin D-42 - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin D-42 - Natural?

Questions about the Martin D-42 - Natural?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Newnan, GA April 10, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player for over 30 years


    Outstanding sound. Well balanced lows, midrange and highs. Expect power in every note, with deep piano-like bass, rich mids, clear and balanced highs, and plenty of volume. Beautiful woods, superior craftsmanship and high quality. The D-42 plays very easy with the ebony fretboard and polished frets make slides and bends easy to do.

  • from Pennsylvania March 24, 2015Music Background:
    Long-time guitar player


    The VERY BEST---ALL AROUND---acoustic guitar I've EVER played, & I've played a lot of great ones!
    Each Martin Dreadnought I own has it's own very fine uniqueness, greatness in tone, sound, etc., & I LOVE 'em ALL dearly! However, for those of you could only buy ONE Martin guitar, the D-42 is the one I'd advise you to consider, even if you have to save-up some more cash to get one! Believe me, you will NOT regret it! You'll feel its deep, rich, & resonant vibrations shoot throughout your body!
    Clear highs, very balanced midrange, & deep, rich lows!

    AND, DEFINITELY, ask for MIKE SOPER to be your Sales Engineer, as he is the most knowledgeable guy I know regarding guiatrs of all kinds & their related equipment & accessories! He is also the friendliest & most dependable guy you'll ever want to do business with! I've bought a lot of guitars from Mike, & each one of them entered the shipping process very soon after our phone call ended!
    THANKS AGAIN, Mike, & keep up the GREAT job!

  • from Broomfield, CO February 13, 2014Music Background:
    Ex-Music Industry Survivor

    Perfectly Built & Flawless w/Martin Growl

    Although I have several great guitars ranging from small bodies, to a 000, and jumbos, I hadn’t yet filled that dreadnaught “hole” in my collection (and heart). I have several Gibson guitars, for which I have a weakness for the woody/thump and midrange-bark of, and I absolutely love the Martin sound of my 000-42—I just wanted “more” of that! The D-42 delivered that to me and then some. It has a gorgeous brilliance in the high-end, with those shimmering overtones perfectly matched by a low-end that just growls. Not only is the playability of this guitar effortless, but it projects like a cannon whether strumming, flatpicking, or fingerpicking.

    The build quality is flawless. Just like my 000-42, the wood grain is perfect, the fit and finish seamless, and the attention to every detail is remarkable given how many guitars Martin builds. The dreadnaught is an American institution and hearing that traditional Americana tone from this guitar puts a smile on my face every time.

    As always, being able to see detailed pictures, select my guitar by serial number, and receive expert-advice from my wonderful Sweetwater Sales Rep, Ben Porter makes all the difference to me when buying a guitar like this online. I know that Sweetwater and Ben stand behind the gear they offer and have always gone above and beyond—it’s great to buy an A+ guitar from an A+ dealer. Thank you Martin, Sweetater, and Ben!

  • from United States January 26, 2013Music Background:
    Playing guitar 40 years

    My 41 is amazing

    They can't produce the D-41 anymore for the old retail price so they reinvented this guitar. How much better can it be, my 41 is amazing

  • from August 3, 2012Music Background:
    Been playing for 41 years in bands, church, etc.

    Martin D-42

    The playability and the tone are both incredible. The guitar brand new already sounds like it's been played in. It was the best sounding guitar I played, out of many I tried. It has that great Martin sound I was looking for. I've let others try it out, they all say "WOW!" at the first strum. How could I NOT walk out with the best sounding guitar in the store? Pick one that sounded "almost" as good, but not quite!? I would have kicked myself later on. And I could pick it out of a crowd, blindfolded. It's that good!

  • from DENMARK September 7, 2010Music Background:


    The 42 sounds way better than anything else among high end acoustic guitars. It´s warmer and brighter than the D-45 (and 41)
    and I also think, that it´s looking better and more "simpel-straight".

    It´s not "only" the best Martin in the standard serie. I seriously belive, that this is THE acoustic guitar in the world - and as a 100 pct. pro recording musician I´ve played them all !

  • from NY March 18, 2009Music Background:
    studio intern

    King of Kings

    If you are reading this-you already know what time it is. Time to get a sweet Martin. You know Martins make some serious guitars-however, they are a business and their lineup does include many "starter models". This is the other end of the spectrum. 1st class all the way around-beautiful binding and the inlays are simply gorgeous. Once you get past all the visual bling-pick her up. Perfectly balanced and it feels like it was made for your hands alone. Pluck a few notes-you'll immediately notice how responsive this guitar is. The tones reverberate through the neck into the top and each note surrounds you-not just via the soundhole-the entire tone envelopes you and seems to put you into a cloud of notes. It really is that good. Martin makes a good number of other guitars that can give you the same tone without all the bling (and the expense that comes with it) so those are worth a look see. I really love the H 28 though depending on what model you want-those prices can get up there in a hurry. No pickup, electronics,etc so remember that-just a solid acoustic that is about as good as it gets. Period.

  • from Somers Point, NJ May 29, 2008Music Background:

    Martin D-42

    My Martin D-42 is the finest instrument I have ever played. The tone is rich, sweet and balanced. Makes the best of players who try it go "wow". Love the old school feel of it. It is also the most beautiful instrument I have seen.Only down side is I am hesitant to take it outside my house. Martin the company is first rate and the company tour is wonderful. Its quite big but they do many things the old fashioned way and most of the employees have been there a long time.The tour is worth the effort. Everytime I open that case I get hit with that rosewood smell and astonishing beauty. It is simply the best!

  • from sterling heights, mi usa November 1, 2005

    martin D-42

    The D-42 is hands down the finest acoustic guitar I have personally owned. I have owned 147 different guitars,including all the greats,and since the purchase of the D-42 my quest for the holy grail of acoustic guitars has ended.

Questions about the Martin D-42 - Natural?

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