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Martin D-41 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin D-41?

Questions about the Martin D-41?

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  • from So CA February 21, 2017Music Background:


    I have a D41 a D42 HD28 a custom shop 0045 it came in this case that was over the top. I love my D41 I wish they could make a D41 12 string and get that sonic reproduction the D41 has The D42 is too mellow for me The HD28 is a great guitar and a great recording instrument

  • from Bayonne, NJ November 17, 2016Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Guitar Collector

    Best Acoustic Guitar

    This is my dream guitar, i own several expensive acoustic guitar but this guitar has it all. The sound is so amazing that gives you a real authentic sound of an acoustic guitar and everyone knows that Martin Guitars have their own sound signature. The intonation is perfect and even though i am using a medium gauge strings it still gives the ease of playing. The crafmantship is so beautifully made and it is so balance. Basically this guitar has everything and there is not enough words to describe it. If you are looking for an acoustic guitar try this amazing instrument i am very confident that you will love it like i do. As always, my thanks to my very knowledgeable sales engineer Jeff from sweetwater for always helping me to get the best instrument. God bless you guys as akways.

  • from Illinois April 7, 2016Music Background:

    You Get What You Pay For

    I have a Martin D16 GTR & a D35, but when I heard the owner of the little music store demo this D41 against each of these Martin guitars, It was all over except the crying over the loss of funds.

    The tone and volume of the D41 were vastly superior to the D35. To my ear the D41 has a louder midrange whereas the D35 was great for a booming bass for alternating bass notes.

    I never thought I'd spend this much on an acoustic guitar, but I believe it's worth the money.

  • from September 30, 2015

    Worth the wait!

    Opening the box and case, the D-41 really was stunning. The finish and craftsmanship was the best I've seen. This is one beautiful guitar. The tone is also wonderful, as it has a significant range of very distinct overtones that make strumming chords a joy. The volume that this tone is pumped out at is strong with a very nice sustain that includes all of those overtones in it.

    This is one guitar that has been added to my collection that I'll have no doubts about it being worth the cost and I'm very happy to have finally obtained. It's hard to put this guitar down. I just want to keep playing it!

  • from Pearl, Ms August 5, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player for 57 years

    Lifelong Dream

    I started playing at six, my Uncle's Martin 00 something from 1935, so he could make me stay quiet. Now many moons since, several trips around the world and owning several other Martins Aaron Hoff helped me realize a dream. That dream is my D-41!! It took about an hour before I got the guts up just to touch it. We have had several dealings that have always gone off without a hitch. Thanks Aaron and Sweetwater for the help.

  • from Huntsville, AL February 12, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Blown away!

    I've been a pro musician (touring, clubs and studio) for more years than I care to admit and have owned MANY acoustic guitars including several Martins, and I must say, this particular D-41 is among the best of any acoustic I've played. I play all Irish/Celtic in DADGAD tuning and what I love about this guitar is the tremendous balance without that booming Martin bass that can drive sound men nuts. It still has a nice, strong bass, but more in balance with the rest of the strings. Volume is excellent, and the best way I can describe the overall tonal personality is solid with beautiful projection, depth, clarity and focus on every note from the first fret to the last. It's quite amazing. I do alot of capoing all the way up to the 10th fret and the beautiful tonal quality remains the same no matter where the capo sits. This guitar rings like a clear bell with amazing volume when playing with the capo on fret 10. And it's one of the most accurate guitars I've owned in terms of using a capo up the neck. The icing on the cake is the striking beauty of the D-41. The only thing I'd prefer is the snowflake inlays on the neck, as with the D-41 Special instead of the hexagons. I like using phosphor bronze strings, but with the bone saddle that comes with the D-41, the sound was a bit bright. So I installed a micarta saddle which toned down that brightness just enough. I'm now using Martin Light-Mediums and they're perfect for DADGAD. One of the main reasons I decided to buy this particular guitar is if it sounds this good new, it'll sound amazing as it continues to break in. The D-41 is truly remarkable in every way...at least this one.

Questions about the Martin D-41?

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