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Martin D-16GT Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Martin D-16GT?

Questions about the Martin D-16GT?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from New York August 12, 2016

    My Baby!!!!

    Love this guitar, absolutely amazing. As the guitar ages & you break it in, it sounds better & better. This is my studio guitar, the one I polish & baby that will never leave the house. I paid a pretty penny for mine, here I am 4 years later with no regrets!

  • from Maine March 7, 2016Music Background:

    Martin D16GT

    I bought this for a second guitar that I could capo so when I switch on stage I wouldn't have to stop and fine tune after installing a capo. I also have a Martin HD 28. Ever since I took this home, this is the guitar that I play. I can't believe how this guitar vibrates! It resonates unlike any guitar that I have ever played! Yes I was blown away especially for the price. Don't under estimate this guitar, it has the punch, clarity, bass and highs that make you want to play it more. I am not saying that it is better than my HD 28, but I would say it performs better if you flat pick for the clarity of the notes and the ease of playing. I feel this has the tone of an aged guitar right out of the box. Buy and enjoy!

  • from January 11, 2016

    Incredible guitar

    This guitar has been better than I expected. I was looking at this guitar or a Taylor 310, I already own a Taylor that I love. I was concerned about the sound difference and that I wouldn't like the more bass driven sound of the Martin. Now I actually prefer the sound of the Martin over my Taylor. It isn't bass heavy it just sounds more full or rich. The Taylor seems more bright ringing over all. (nothing against Taylor, I still love what they produce as well)

    I also love the action of this guitar, it plays like a dream. It is the easiest acoustic guitar to play that I have owned. The quality of construction is incredible as well. Everything on this guitar seems perfect.

    Sweetwater also came through once again with great service and delivery. Kudos to my sales rep Chris as well for answering all my questions and concerns. Thank you.

  • from August 12, 2015

    A complete surprise

    So, I was out of town. Went into a large guitar store to buy some stings for my d28 and for my idiot friend who never strung up his gifted dxm1. ( as a Martin guy, not a fan of that specific guitar) but better than most particle board crap. Either way, I was in store and heading to the "weird, cut off acoustic area", On the way there "Guitar something" had a group of used guitars just outside. I saw the Martin logo in the mix, and pulled this simple dreadnought guitar. I thought it was stupid. But played it on dead strings. Even with crap strings I was impressed. Played two chords and walked to the register. Used so got i got it for 600. Tone is well rounded and impressive. When I bought my d28 I tried 10 different d28 guitars before I purchased mine. This d16gt purchase was simple. Played the chord and was sold. Do yourself a favor, buy this guitar.

  • from United States March 9, 2015Music Background:
    Well practiced hobbyist who can play a thing or two!

    What a player!

    I was in the market for a new acoustic in the $1000 range. I was really leaning toward a Taylor 214ce. I tried one out and thought it didn't feel right and it was a little bright. I then tried a Taylor 314ce and realized where the $600 price difference came from. I was out of my price range.
    I then went to another guitar shop looking for a used Taylor when I came upon a Martin DX1RAE and I laughed, because I hated Martin guitars. I played several martins over my 25 years of playing and they were the hardest guitars I ever played. I figured a 5 year old could cut out a slab of wood and put some strings on it and it would be an easier instrument to play than a Martin. My ex-wife talked me into buying a Martin in 2006 (brand new all mahogany $1200) and I sold it a month later for $800. Couldn't stand the effort I had to put into playing the dang thing. So, yeah I was going to prove to myself once again what a joke Martins are.
    I picked up that $550 Martin and played it. I was very surprised at the ease of playing. I couldn't believe what had happened. I picked up a Martin DX1AE and it played like butter as well. I knew I was on the right track and the sound was 20 times better than the Taylor. Yep, the butterflies in my stomach really had my heart racing. I wanted that sound and playability, but could not stand the looks of the stratabond neck and the Mahogany Wood Pattern HPL Textured Finish. I didn't think it would hold up very well.
    So, after much research I noticed the Martin D-16GT offered everything I was looking for and in my price range, I got mine for $1149. The price has gone up since then. I wasn't able to try one out, but knew this would be everything the DX1RAE was plus a whole lot more. I ordered it from Sweetwater, of course and when it arrived I was the happiest man in town. This guitar sounds so good. I have played out and guitar players ask me what kind of guitar I'm playing, because it sounds so good. When I tell them it is a Martin the answer is usually something along the line of "yep, you can tell". I've put over 250 hours of playing on this guitar in the last 9 months, I bought it in June 2014. The is the best acoustic guitar I have ever owned or played for that matter. It looks great, it feels great, it plays great and it sounds great!!!!!!! Now, I wanna go try out a D-28 to see how it holds up to the D-16GT. I just don't see how it can get much better. I am very surprised and extremely pleased with my Martin D-16GT!

  • from McFarland, Ks. December 18, 2013Music Background:

    outstanding guitar

    I absolutely love this guitar. The sound and the action still astounds me. It may not have the fancy glitter of the higher end models, but it will stand shoulder to shoulder with any of them. Buy it and you will never look back.

  • from Central Texas December 8, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Jammer and Pro when can get the work

    All most too good

    Wow, what a great guitar for playing. I had a chance to work a live show with a Bluegrass guitar player who had a D-16 and I was impressed. Now before you think I have just stars in my eyes, I have played a bit of guitar for 40 years. I have played Martin guitars from the D18 thru D41.
    While all Martin's have their own voice so does this D-16, It's mid and treble are clear, with just the right amount of Bass to blend into a wonderful sweet tone. Workmanship and action were great. This is the guitar you will keep out of the case and within easy reach. It can be habit forming.

  • from Dartmouth MA November 15, 2012Music Background:
    Plays for enjoyment..

    An American Made Beauty

    Fine fit, finish & sound. Synthetic fingerboard a plus, a perfect surface that needs no special care. Perfect spruce top & smooth mahogany sides/back. Feels & plays great. A great product of Nazaeth PA.

  • from New Jersey September 17, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician (Singer, Guitar)

    Great Martin for the Price

    I already had a D-28, so I had a high standard for this guitar when I bought it. I spent some time talking to my rep (Dave Walent) and he convinced me that this was the right guitar to add to my collection. It's the first guitar I bought through the mail in quite some time, and the only guitar that I bought through the mail that was to be used immediately in my work. This guitar has not let me down and neither did Sweetwater.

    The D-16 sounds great. It is brighter, but I am using it tuned down a half step which actually works to this guitars advantage. I had the LR Baggs Imix system put into it, and it sounds amazing plugged in. It's a Martin, feels like a Martin and sounds like a Martin, unlike many other companies lower priced models. Some people actually like the feel and sound of this over my D-28.

    I've been using this now pretty constantly for about 6 months and it has yet to disappoint. It's stays in tune, plays beautifully and even handles all kinds of weather, as I play outdoors a bit.

    Definitely get it professionally set up for your tuning and playing style. Even if it says it was set up, it still could use a good set up after travel. Well worth the money.

    I would and have recommended this guitar to many different musicians of every level of talent and economic backgrounds. I would even buy another for my collection and keep it strictly acoustic just to have one without electronics inside for a kick-around guitar.

  • from Stamford, CT August 12, 2010Music Background:

    What a guitar!

    I spent a generous 3 months researching my next guitar...from online reviews, magazines and professional musician friends of mine the search narrowed down to three guitars. I couldn't be happier with the D-16GT. The craftsmanship, the tone, the action all superb! On a side note: AJ Peterson, one of the sales engineers was really great. Ask for him if you can. They will go the extra mile to make sure your purchase was a good one!

  • from New City, NY July 27, 2009Music Background:

    Amazingly Rich and Warm Spruce/Mahogany Dread - Love it!

    After briefly playing a D-16GT in my semi-local guitar superstore, I fell in love with the tone. After mulling it over a bit, I saw the one Sweetwater had in stock and I absolutely loved the grain on the top. It was very unique and I just had to have it, even without hearing it first. My sales engineer made the sale very easy, and before I comment more on the guitar, I'd like to tell you about the amazingly satisfying experience I had buying this guitar from Sweetwater. As they advertise, the folks as Sweetwater did an inspection before the guitar shipped. I was informed they found 2 or 3 'defects' on the top, and just wanted me to be aware of it. This concerned me greatly, but they assured if I wasn't satisfied, their generous return policy was there to back me up, so not to worry. I received the guitar, and I could not find these so-called 'defects'. I looked around, and saw what MIGHT be deemed a defect, but nothing that I would have noticed if it was hanging in a store. Sweetwater risked losing a sale over something that in my opinion most dealers would have overlooked or ignored. It was more important to them to do the right thing than to close the sale, and for that I give them a LOT of credit. They already had my trust, but they sealed it with this purchase.
    About the guitar, I love it. The sound is so rich and warm and perfect for me. Playability is perfect as well. It was actually set up very nice right out of the box. I've had it for a few months now and have not needed a setup, though I've adjusted the neck a tiny bit myself. I love the simple herringbone rosette, and the black binding. Very much a 'working man's' guitar. The Micarta fretboard and bridge are the only things I'm not in love with, but functionally or sonically they take nothing away from the sound of this guitar. The fretboard is actually quite nice feeling, very solid. But looks-wise it definitely doesn't look like ebony to me. That said, I love this D-16GT and I suspect it will be a lifer.

  • from Gilbert,AZ January 19, 2012Music Background:


    I have owned this guitar for 7 years now ,so I feel qualified to add my opinion about it.It came with relatively high action (for me at least)which I had lowered just slightly to help with barre chords.The neck shape feels great,not too big or small.The workmanship is unreal for this price.I got the guitar in California,moved to the humid southeast,now I'm in the Arizona desert and it hasn't given me any trouble at all.The satin finish on the neck has turned into a nice and smooth gloss from the years of playing.As far as sound,it has a mellow bass response and bright top end.It isn't as loud as other similar sized guitars I've heard,not quite as much ring to the notes.I have found ,however,that unlike other dreadnoughts it sounds great played softly,especially with just fingers.I find myself not wanting to use a pick at all.Also,it's light as a feather and still smells like fresh cut wood on the inside.The TKL case has worn well,too.Considering you can buy 2 of these for about what you would pay for any other AMERICAN MADE solid wood guitar,it's a no-brainer in my opinion.

Questions about the Martin D-16GT?

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