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Fender Cyber-Twin SE Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Valhalla, NY, USA January 17, 2009Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician

    The Cyber-Twin - a winner on all fronts!

    Since I play a variety of musical styles - Blues, Country, Rock, and Celtic - I've amassed a range of amps and guitars over the years. I still have them, but when it comes to playing out I now have one go-to amp: the Cyber-Twin SE! This by far the most versatile, flexible, and musical-sounding amp I've ever used, bar none. I've tried a variety of other modeling amps, and while some are okay, most aren't. A lot of them are fine as at-home practice amps, but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to live sound. Not so the Cyber-Twin. I can dial in virtually any sound and timbre I want, instantly, and the amp has so many useful presets that you'll be hard pressed to go beyond what they offer. But, if you do need to dial in your own sounds, it's very easy - provided you read the manual first. Once you do, you'll find that you have a phenomenal sonic pallete at your fingertips. I still have to schlep two or three guitars to gigs - but only one amp. And by the way, the build quality on the Cyber-Twin is superb, and it also looks darn good on stage. I've had loads of people (mostly guitarists) come up to me after a performance wanting to know how I got such a great range of sounds. I just point to the Cyber-Twin. At $1,400 it's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. I even use it in the studio a lot, although it sounds better miked than running it direct to the board. Do yourself a favor - buy this amp. You'll never regret it!

  • from Herrin, Il. October 10, 2008Music Background:
    Advanced Musician

    Cyber Twin

    I've had my Cyber Twin about 2 months now. This thing will lay your hair back like you're in an F5 Tornado. I got mine used. It sounds great and makes my guitars sound great. You can still use your stomp boxes with it but why would you want to. Its got every sound and more that you could ever possibly use or need. If you got the dough to buy this baby do it, you won't be sorry

  • from Melbourne, FL July 17, 2008Music Background:
    Worship, Hobby Recording...

    Awesome amp....

    This fender amp took me a little time to completely understand. But, let me tell you once I did I was blown away. It's features are limitless and the tone quality was like that of a typical fender. The only suggestion I would make is READ THE MANUAL! Once you read it AND do what it says (just fool around, as you read some thing try it) you will really master it and be glad you did. Lastly in addition to the awesome Sweetwater tech support there is a great yahoo group called fendercybertwin that gives you some good support as well.

  • from Australia April 7, 2007Music Background:
    Muscian and writer

    The search is over!

    Awesome tones and a feature-set to take your sound to the next level. Very usable. Never remember a tone setting again. Throw away your stomp boxes and amp modellers. This is one compact powerful all-in-one solution. I have played with everything else and it's all going to ebay. 2 small comments however. 1) The motorised pots that show the settings kick-in too quickly whilst moving through a range of patches - there should be like a 3 second delay or something as I can predict the motors will pass-out eventually. My second more important point is that, when recording direct with the signal outs, speaker emulation (as claimed) is not as good as the sound as through the cabinet by quite a margin. I can see myself miking the box for the real deal - however, I'm still blown away with the whole SE offering. Excellent.

  • from Ontario , Canada June 12, 2006Music Background:
    semi-pro , home recording ,

    cyber Twin SE

    The good....
    Exceeds my expectations... and built like a tank...
    Anyone with pod/johnson etc. modelling experience will fly with this guy.
    I can't think of any style that couldn't be played on this amp ...
    I just had it out for it's first blast (live / stage levels) I was very happy with how faithful it was to my presets tones and dynamics at 5-6 on the volume... (which offered more than adequate headroom for our 3 pc. rhythmn section)
    It was nice to be able to carry my amp / effects and tuner without breaking my back .@ 65lbs and 130 watts (stereo 2x12) I'm happy...
    Effects sound really good , studio snobs may turn their noses up a bit , but for all in one boom box this thing sounds great...
    I'm Crazy about the long reverbs and vibratone with doppler and hi-lo speed morphing when switching man ... now that's impressive... (Got this one from one of the factory presets.... a few minor tweaks to suit individual and your there...)
    As a matter of fact I was able to set up 6 models from the presets onboard and most of them just needed the same eq tweaks to accomodate my style/instrument and preset to preset leveling...
    Pretty good stuff overall
    The Bad
    Would have liked to see a dedicated delay , and a dedicated mod (to mimick the reverb(s))
    But given the parameters available to acsess the delay & mod combination patches its easy enough to get what you want)
    In my case 75% of the presets don't fit me so that only left me with (200 factory presets *25% ) or 50 that do and with 50 spots to store 'em that's a great fit in my book..
    It's a ton of dough for a guy like me but I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. I'm more than a little excited... I love this thing.

  • from Gulfport, MS April 15, 2006

    Great Amp

    At first I was disappointed. But after some tinkering I found the sounds I wanted. Be patient and you will learn to appreciate this amp. Any sound can be created and stored with ease. One negative: most presets you will never use. If you can't afford this one, try the Line 6 Flextone III XL. Better value and the amp rocks.

  • from garden city mich February 16, 2006

    fender twin se

    what a sweet amp

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