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PRS S2 Custom 24 - Black Cherry Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
  • from Ocean City, NJ April 4, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer and Pro Musician

    A real PRS for half the price.

    I've been playing for 29 years. This is by far the best guitar I have ever owned. So for half of the price there are a few trade offs. Top is not as sculpted (not a big deal), gig bag instead of hard shell (this one does bother me for a $1400 guitar), inlays are white and not mother of pearl (once again not a big deal, at least for me). Sound is amazing. It's one of those guitars that seem to play themselves. I'm by no mean a slacker but I swear I am better with this guitar. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • from NY, NY USA November 26, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    PRS quality the average person can afford...

    This guitar is incredible! I don't usually write reviews of products, even good ones, but I felt inspired to write one about these guitars. My hope is to convince players that are on the fence about buying this and perhaps PRS will continue with this direction they have taken. I bought an S2 in Black Cherry. Now that I have been playing it for a while I have to say it has quickly become one of my favorite guitars. I have been fortunate enough to play and/or own some very nice high end instruments and this guitar compares favorably to them all. The sound, playability and flexibility of tones is amazing. The subdued looks still have a classy air and the tops, although not as figured as their more expensive counterparts, still provide an elegance that is difficult to appreciate in pictures. The guitar stays in tune well and the included gig bag is of very nice quality. These guitars are an incredible value in an American instrument and I would recommend it to a friend without reservation.

  • from Baltimore, MD. United States July 14, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar teacher

    Awesome Guitar!

    What a great guitar. It plays as well as a much higher priced PRS. It was terrific right out of the box. The only thing I would change is that it should come with a hard shell case. It's too nice of a guitar for just a gig bag. Other than that, it's perfect.

  • from NJ April 25, 2014Music Background:
    Longtime hobbyist/currently playing gigs

    Amazing Guitar

    This guitar is just amazing. The craftmanship is incredible - from the tuning pegs to the finish of the frets to the neck and fretboard!!! The black cherry color is very classy with a little pizazz to make it interesting! Sweetwater did a great job double boxing it and it arrived in perfect condition...as though it came straight from the PRS factory floor. Even on $3k guitars I've played, I have not seen fit and finish of this quality on a guitar.

    Even though it has a floating trem bridge, the tuning is dead stable. Even after an hour of playing blues with crazy bends and stuff, the guitar is still in tune. Neither my strat or LP (especially my LP) can do this.

    Not only do you have 2 extra frets, you have rediculously easy access to them all. Where on my LP I may feel like I'm starting to run out of fretbaord, the PRS still has a mile left!

    Part of my equipment is a Zoom G5 pedal I also own a 2000 Am Std. Fender Stratocaster and a 2011 Faded Les Paul. Neither of these guitars worked great with the Zoom amp models. This PRS, however, works amazing well through it. I don't know what the difference is, but it's there!! NOW my Zoom does what I hoped it would do. To gig now, all I need to do is bring my PRS and my Zoom! I can't wait to explore the possibilities this opens up for me!!

    However...I am finding I have to adjust to this guitar and have had some misgivings. My strat has been my "go to" guitar and I've gigged with it. Even though the scale length of the Custom 24 is shorter than the strat, I find I have to reach just a little farther out to get to the open chord position. I wonder if a Custom 22 would have fit me better. As far as tone goes, it's got it's own personality that I'm starting to discover. It's neither strat nor lp, though it can come close!

    The guitar is lighter than both my LP and Strat. This is a good thing when gigging, but I find I'm in a mindset of better quality = more weight. This not true, but it's there :-).

    I was torn between giving this a 4, 4.5, or a 5. I decided to go with a 4.5 because the versatility, build quality, and tuning stability of this guitar and what it buys for me outweighs any misgivings I have. The .5 star ding is because I have some misgivings.

    The more I play this guitar and I adjust to it, the more I love it. I can't wait to play it at rehearsal and at our next gig! I hope the more I play it the more it will become my "go to" guitar.

    Some purchasing advice if I may...if you want a guitar that sounds like a strat or sounds like an lp, buy one of those guitars! This guitar will come close, but ultimately you will be dissapointed if you are trying to nail those tones. If "close enough" is good enough, or you are trying to develop your own signature tone, this guitar may very well be for you.

    Oh, and added bonus I just discovered is this guitar fits quite well in my strat hardshell case! The provided gig bag is less than desireable, but I know I can easily get a strat hard case for this if I need to.

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