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MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified Overdrive Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
Questions about the MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified Overdrive Pedal?

Questions about the MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified Overdrive Pedal?

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  • from Waianae, Hi December 22, 2016Music Background:
    Blues Musician

    Killer Overdrive

    Had this pedal for 4 years. Never let me down. Easy to dial in. A message to the reviewer who gave this pedal an "I guess..." review. This is a modded Tube Screamer pedal. You cannot expect ANY tube screamer both cheap or boutique to make a solid-state amp sound great. You need a tube amp to get the best results from an overdrive pedal.

  • from israel June 26, 2016Music Background:
    blues, 70's rock.

    best matched to H&K tubemeister

    i play with american strat though hughes & kettner tubemeister 18.
    while it's a great amp, with amazing clean channel, it gets very noisy with most overdrive pedals.
    not with this one. with this poedal i get great smooth sound, and the eq's buttons are great, really helps shaping your tone.

  • from Louisiana May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Ex professional guitar/vocalist. Recording engineer


    Was very impressed! I own many boutique overdrive/distortion pedals. This pedal sounds great! For the price it definitely compares to a few top quality hand built ones. Excellent boost function. I would highly recommend this pedal!

  • from West Lafayette, IN USA February 20, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Pedal Collector

    All The Tone

    Needless to say, the four knobs and one button this pedal has to offer gives you all of the tone control you will ever need for whatever the situation. The "Bump" button gives a great boost to the low end of your signal and takes your guitar from rockin the house to shaking the house. In addition, this pedal also works well with MXR's Custom Badass '78 Distortion pedal.

  • from February 3, 2012

    Best OD pedal

    I have tried many OD pedals and this one is by far the best I have used. You can dial in many amazing tones. I can't say enough good about it. Buy one! It looks great too!

  • from Central FL January 17, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist / bedroom player

    Awesome overdrive pedal

    I bought this because my current OD (Boss SD-1) pedal always had a "thin" sound and I didn't find it very useful for much of anything. Based on the demo videos of this MXR pedal, I thought it might maintain significant low end response while provided the required boost when needed, and I was correct.

    The sound of the pedal is simply amazing, and has loads of both volume and gain on tap, so you can use it for a clean volume boost, or make some real aggressive tones by dialing in some gain. The 100Hz knob makes it really easy to dial in the low end, and the bump button provides a huge boost to low end frequencies.

  • from Palatine, IL January 10, 2012Music Background:
    Gigging musician.

    The Tone in Your Head

    1. It's very transparent and allows your amp's tone to shine through.
    2. Extremely flexible. Between the "Bump" switch and 100Hz knob, you will get where you need to go.
    3. Nice small form factor. Built like a tank. Very cool color.
    4. Lots of output (volume, not to be confused with gain).

    On my two channel, "smaller gig" combo, I use it as a 1.5 channel, in between clean and high gain. On my 3 channel head (clean, OD, high gain), I use it as a volume/gain boost for solos.

    Rarely am I able to purchase something and be 100% happy with it. This got me there. I was easily able to get the tone in my head. It's a smoother than a TS-9, but still has plenty of bite to compete.

  • from October 17, 2015

    Bad**s indeed

    I needed an OD for my B board. I go straight to the PA with that board, so I needed great mid presence. I tried it head to head against a stock Blues Drive... The MXR won hands down! The mid knob and the boost switch make the pedal able to go from transparent to full bodied as needed. It will help me switch guitars from strat to neck-throughs and be able to tweak the pedal response to the inherent brightness or lack thereof of each guitar.

    For what it is worth, my main rig's drive section consists of Wampler and Suhr pedals. This MXR can hang with those IMO

  • from Huntsville, TX January 12, 2014Music Background:

    Creamy sounding OD that has plenty of bite!

    This pedal sounded really good on my Blackstar HT5r. Well, even though the HT5r already has a blistering OD but, I'm still looking for an OD that is creamy sounding and has plenty of bite and this MXR M77 is the one I'm looking for. I choose this over the Maxon OD808 because of its true bypass circuitry and has more versatility to dial in classic OD tones. About the BUMP button? well, I seldom use it.. actually, I don't need it.

    I use this as a BOOST pedal too!

  • from Kalamazoo, MI USA July 18, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Great Overdrive!

    Solid build, flexible tone shaping controls, very expressive.
    The 78' distortion is a great pedal and there is a fundamental
    tonal difference between it and the Modified O.D., as there should be,
    so with both you have the full spectrum of amazing lead and rhythm
    tones. Makes every other overdrive pedal I've owned sound tiny.

  • from Texas April 12, 2017Music Background:


    Enjoy the sound of the BA O.D., even though I'm still experimenting with different levels. The three combinations that are outlined help tremendously. You can set to one of these positions and then tweak from there which makes things easy. The sound is tremendous and the bite is very crunchy when you select the over drive. The only concern that I have with the pedal is that it has created a high pitch frequency, more so than the other pedal that I was using. I am using the berringer pedal board and I do have a lot of pedals hooked up and I'm currently re-arranging the positions as well as trying to isolate one pedal by providing single power instead of powering in the daisy chain power. That would be my only reason for rating this pedal a 4.0 instead of 5.0. Customer service is still outstanding and everyone that I speak with are truly customer oriented and seem concerned when something isn't right. Keep up the good work.

  • from Bath, PA. July 1, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, Recording Engineer.

    Review of the MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified Overdrive Pedal

    Exactly what I wanted at a great price. Classic tone, helpful salesman...couldn't ask for more....Thank you Sweetwater!

  • from Hawaii June 8, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur (for now)

    Alright...I Guess...

    I bought this pedal second-hand from a guy on Craigslist. It was sort of an impulse decision since I was originally buying a Carbon Copy (amazing pedal by the way) from him and he offered to throw in the Custom Badass for about half price. I figured why not and bought it since I needed a solid overdrive. It's a well-built overdrive, but not for me at all. I simply can't find a setting I like on it at all. I'm running an Epiphone Les Paul into an Orange Crush 35RT so I'll admit I don't have the BEST gear, but I tried for hours and hours for months adjusting the pedal settings, adjusting my amp settings, looking up setting suggestions on youtube and forums, yet I still can't find the overdrive tone I'm looking for. Thinking about getting a One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive, Fulltone OCD, or an Earthquaker Devices Speaker Cranker. Hopefully I'll have better luck with one of those...

Questions about the MXR M77 Custom Badass Modified Overdrive Pedal?

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