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Roland CUBE Street EX 50-watt 2x8" Battery Powered Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 35 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland CUBE Street EX 50-watt 2x8" Battery Powered Combo Amp?

Questions about the Roland CUBE Street EX 50-watt 2x8" Battery Powered Combo Amp?

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  • from Dallas, Texas May 3, 2017

    Simply Awesome

    I am an electric guitar player who plays solo blues and jazz. I only use the "Clean" setting on the COSM Amplifier section. I can run any kind of stomp box into this amp with excellent results. The revebr and chorus are very very good. The chorus is so good it has inspired me to write several songs just because the chours sounds so good... but thus, it's a Roland chorus. The delay isn't very useful, but I have a TC Electronic Flashback delay I love, so I don't need the delay. This 50 watt amp is as loud as I need for practicing and for small gigs. It is nice that is has a speaker stand mounting hole on one end. When I bought mine, I bought all the accessories that were out at the time. I got two of the BOSS FS-7 footswitches, and the Roland CB-CS2 carry bag. The amp fits really nice in the carry bag. I already had a speaker stand, but even a very inexpensive speaker stand will work with this amp as it is very light (only 16lbs... its a feather compared to other amps I've had to lug around...). WELL WORTH the price... and... when I got mine the price was higher, so I plan to buy another soon. Kudos to Roland for this particular model. Its been one of my all-time favorite amps. No matter what electric guitar I plug into it, ti sounds great, be it a Les Paul Traditional Pro mII, and Eric Johnson Stratocaster, or even my National Resolectric. The clean channel is to kill for but all the other amp settings on the COSM knob are pretty useless to me. Like I said, I play clean solo blues and jazz, and this works great. It also sounds great with backing tracks. All I need is this one amp and I'm done. Thanks Roland !!!!!

  • from Farr West, Ut. 84404 April 13, 2017

    Roland Cube Street EX

    The greatest little Amp I have ever used in my entire life. I am now 79 years old and have been playing in a band since I was 14 years old.

  • from Astoria, OR January 13, 2017Music Background:
    Self taught professional

    Awesome Amp

    Received my new amp today. My wife and I did a practice session on it before I wrote this review. It is truly awesome. I first played my 46 year old classical through it. It sounded great. I then played my new Ibanez AS153 through it; again awesome.

    Had my wife sing some jazz songs through it while I played for her. Yes, it is in my house but if I turned it up more then halfway it would blow us out. The sounds are absolutely clean and quiet unless you choose to add something in.

    Anyone looking to buy a good amp for busking and/or small to medium venues this is really good. BE AWARE, even though the description of this amp does not say; it DOES come with a power supply. No need to buy a separate supply.

    Again, my friend Chris Kress at Sweetwater did a stellar job. He has kept me informed every step of the way for the products I have bought so far.

  • from October 25, 2016

    You gotta check this thing out.

    If your a solo artist, are a singer with a buddy on guitar or keyboards, you will absouloutly knock it outta the park with this thing. Wow. Quality is all I hear. Used it for a small outdoor show it worked perfect. Bought the rain prof cover was a must have. Also set up in my own house before show. Friends came over and was throughly impressed that it was so loud and clear. I can guarantee 2 of my friends were so bowled over they are buying one. Don't expect earth shattering low end. Very balanced sound. Nothing overpowers anything.

  • from Cleveland September 29, 2016Music Background:
    Playing 50+ years, guitar teacher for 20+

    Surprised the heck out of me

    So, I read all the reviews here and elsewhere and couldn't help but think, "OK, it might be ok but it couldn't be really as good as this, can it?" Yes. Yes, it can. Is.

    We all know Roland makes high-quality products and this is NO exception. To put it in a 16 lb package is truly nuts and seemingly impossible. I was able to dial in a very nice guitar tone immediately. Vocals took a bit more work but the end result is something I can not only live with but be proud off.

    If you need a great-sounding, high-quality, light-weight, BATTERY POWERED (if you need it) amp, look no further than the Cube Street EX. It's excellent.

  • from San Diego CA May 24, 2016Music Background:
    Dragon Fresh Band

    Roland Cube EX Street

    We have tried a few battery amps but this one is the best by far! It has everything you need to be portable. You can't go wrong with this one. Make sure it's the EX model.

  • from March 12, 2016Music Background:
    Professional, gigging lots!

    Finally a solution!!!

    This thing is magnificent. I am a multi instrumentalist doing loads of gigs in different situations and busking too. I use it with backing tracks playing sax. I use it busking with my guitar and mic. Tonight I did a gig with two guitars into the stereo input and 2 mics. The vocals sound beautiful as do the guitars. It fills a room with good quality sound so you don't have to crank the volume. I guess that's cause it's built to work outdoors. Plenty of inputs. Used it as a floor monitor one night. I use it to run backing tracks in the practice room. Easily carried in one hand. I don't have a car so I walk across the city with a guitar in one hand and this in the other. Batteries last for ages. It's just perfect! I have always been a fan of one hand PA solutions as I didn't drive for years gigging. Had the Behringer Epa 150 which was alright but poo sound and feeding always. Well done Roland. I can't imagine how awesome the next one will be!

  • from Bakersfield California February 23, 2016

    Cube Street 50W

    This product is great excellent sound quality and easy to set up. Fast shipping all around good experience.

    Thanks Sweetwater

  • from February 16, 2016

    Solid Amp

    I must agree with most reviews.i like the thing...alot.i use it mainly for acoustic with a stand alone looper and an effects pedal.was looking into the ac-33 to save money on a stand alone looper but after much thought i figured i might want more than the built in 40 second looper one day so i went with this and im not disappointed. Sounds SUPER clean for acoustic guitar and thats exactly what i was looking for.a little pricey but this thing feels like its built like a tank.lightweight but feels sturdy. Lets see....downsides would be no gain knob, ....i guess thats about it really.other than its an odd shaped amp and its battery powered so youll want a case for it and its tough to find something thats shaped like this amp.i opted to buy the case separately and im glad i did.its expensive but well worth it for the perfect fit.never even have to remove it to play it. Very cool

  • from PA November 22, 2015Music Background:


    It s a fantastic PA/Amp. 5 stars!!!!! It s very loud, very clean and takes mic s n vocal/guitar pedals very well. Warning!! If your buying this PA/Amp in hopes of turning it on and getting a perfect "distortion" sound for your electric guitar>its not gonna happen, UNLESS, YOU hook up a great distortion pedal through the chain into the Street EX. This Amp is more of a PA with a terrific "guitar Amp section." I hooked up the Line 6 Helix s into the Street Cube EX and its KILLER. I also used an EHX "Tortion" pedal through it and it sounded Killer. Again, this PA/Amp takes pedals great....and effects processors as well.

  • from Albany GA October 2, 2015Music Background:

    Awesome Amp

    This amp is simply great. As a street musician it can't get any better. It's easy to carry and walk to where I'll be playing. The output is not bad even at the Eco mode. I play acoustic guitar and connect my Zoom A3 preamp to it or my Ditto x2.

  • from May 25, 2015

    street cube


  • from New Orleans March 25, 2015Music Background:
    Professional studio/live musician

    Most Versatile Amp Ever

    This amp is evidence of Roland's dedication to improve sound and quality. I use this amp to amplify my GR55. I plug it into the stereo input channel and that leaves me two other mic/instrument inputs along with the final input for the cube jam link. The two eight inch speakers are surprisingly warm and smooth. The amp is also very loud considering it's rated at fifty watts. When you add it all up this is the most versatile amp ever, because it does everything very well. If you are a street musician this is a dream come true

  • from Hawaii February 20, 2015Music Background:
    Wanna be.

    Roland Street Cube EX

    An upgrade that I was looking for. compact, portable and full on features. Great service fromChris Lewis and the sales support crew.

  • from Pennsylvania USA November 26, 2014Music Background:
    Profecinal keyboard and Pedal Steel, and Vocal musician

    execlent equipment

    I bought two Roland Cube Street EX amplifiers for my kn7000 stereo keyboard, and they sounds better than I expected. They are great little amps with plenty of power. I also bought two Roland BA-330 PA amps that I link together for my PA system. The pa system has great coverage s well. I love my Roland products. The people at Sweetwater were very friendly and helpful. If you have any hesitation when considering any one of these fine products don't. I am well satisfied.

  • from Oklahoma October 24, 2014Music Background:

    Cube Street EX

    needed a battery powered speaker that could play MP3 files any where I had no access to A/C. This speaker ROCKs. 8 AA batteries can keep me jamming for hours. The sound is great, good bass and highs.
    Easy to carry and get around, especially with the carrying bag that was designed for it.

  • from Bremerton, WA August 11, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician, occasional live sound engineer

    Awesome portable utility amp

    I bought this to play at outdoor events, backyard parties, and the farmers market. It sounds sweet and loud with guitar and backup tracks from the iPhone input. At 16.5 pounds, It is astoundingly light for it's size and the volume it produces. The wedge shape has both good and bad aspects to it. On the plus side, it projects the sound straight up to your ears nicely, even in a small space. On the downside, you have to bend down further than you would for the average combo amp to use the controls.

    This amp surprised me in a few handy applications at a large gig last weekend. While running the mixing board, I used it as a powered cue wedge, it worked great. Then, when the show was over, we used it to play some background tunes while we packed up the main sound system.

    This amp would be a boon at rehearsals, gigs, writing or recording sessions, and it would also be a great gadget to have on tour.

  • from SLC, UT August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Degree in jazz, I play kind of everything, still gigging.

    Amazing sound for 8 AA's

    I just bought this for a mountain-top wedding gig with limited access to electricity. I played solo classical guitar for the ceremony with this Cube on acoustic guitar setting and I must say that this unit really sounded fabulous for that bag! I'm playing a fairly high-end box with B-Band X-Over p/u & pre unit. All together this was a very tasty sounding setup.
    After the ceremony I played jazz with a quintet for cocktail hour, myself on guitar and vocals. The hollowbody through the Cube's clean setting was a decent jazz tone and the reverb was good enough to use it and like it. The vocals with a Shure SM58 sounded very good. Once again, reverb on the vocal channel was perfectly usable.
    Volume: picture a drum kit, upright bass, tenor sax and trumpet. Yes, that's a pretty big wall of sound. Well, this little unit cut through it easily with headroom to spare for vocals and guitar. The guys were all pretty amazed at how much I was getting out of just 8 AA batteries.
    So I bought an 8-pack of high-capacity rechargeable AA's (pre-charged) and I popped them in my new Cube. After playing with it for at least an hour or so at home and then the gig for a couple more hours, the battery charge indicator is still showing full charge! This was all on "normal" power setting--I haven't played with "Eco" or "Max".
    I'm a huge fan of this tiny, ultra light-weight PA/guitar amp system.

  • from Klamath Falls Or. & Ocean Springs Ms. July 29, 2014Music Background:
    45 years of " you name it, I tried to play it "

    what a GREAT little amp!

    Let me start by saying, the folks at Sweetwater are just the kind of folks that every musician hopes to find on the other end of the phone, when they're trying to figure out if they're buying the right gear. Nice folks! Not in a rush to get your order and get you off the phone. I had a few questions and they gave me thoughtful and informed answers. Thanks, that's meant a lot to me.
    Now, The important part, the gear itself. I'm a 70 year old street musician who's been through a lot of phases from the sixties to present day music. Bought a lot of equipment in my time, some good, some not. Most of it has been in the $ 500.00 to $1000.00 range. I have never been as pleased with a piece of gear as I have been with the Roland Cube street EX. It's almost as if someone asked me what I wanted, and then designed it just for me. And designed it with the best results possible, no shortcuts. I don't know how Roland produced an Amp That has such sound quality and weighs so little, and at a very modest price. When I got it out of the Box and plugged it in, I plucked One string. When I heard the sweet pure sound of that note, I knew I had a winner ! It only got better from there. The effects let me round out the sound that fit my style and technique. This is the first amp I've owned where the effects don't have a sweet spot, the whole range is very usual, 1-to-10. Very linier. The mike preamps are great with a variety of mikes, and on the streets, you need All the help you can get. I was a little concerned that I'd have enough power if I was in a noisy location. Not to worry, quality of the sound is consistent from low to loud, and has all the power I could ever want. The weight is GREAT.
    Sometimes I have park quite a ways from where I'm going to play. It's nice to know that you're not going to pull a muscle and still get to your location with a top notch piece of gear that will show of your efforts to the max. This amp is so flexable that I probably won't use all the features, but who knows.
    My only shortcoming is the tuner, It's a hassle to reach down and select each string you wont to tune .
    I hope this helps someone out there make a choice that works for them The Roland Cube Street Ex fits all my needs at any price.

  • from bronx July 22, 2014Music Background:
    singer and songwriter

    roland street cube ex imaizin !

    Thanks to Nathan Malone " for all you help my roland street cube ex is rocking i love it the sound is amazing !!! I have Roland for a b

  • from Yorktown Hts, NY July 2, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Pro Computers, Pro AV

    Cube Street Ex GREAT

    I didn't know what to expect, although I loved reading the Liberia review :-))) And I spoke to a salesman at Sweetwater who owns the original Micro Cube and now this item ( as I do too ) :-)

    I LOVE to play in a local Park and need a Battery Amp to do so!

    Being used to the 3 watts of the Micro Cube for 6 years, and pushing it to the limit, I was hopeful........and now a 'believer' !!! Even at the 10 watt Power Setting, it blows away my Micro Cube as the Dual 8"s and dual Tweeters are soooo much more .....:-))))) At 50 watts OMG ! Plus the 3 band eq on 2 channels :-))) The Reverb is very Clean and Nice and the Delay with it is GREAT feature. I'm running it on the 'clean' amp model as I use Native Guitar Rig from my Netbook.....but without my Netbook I could survive with the built in amp models and the reverb and delay! The 24 mo no interest Payout is what made this affordable for me! ($25/mo min) PS Even on AC, I discovered that the Output Power is in Effect! So make sure you turn it up to "Max" when using it on AC, as at 1st, I was wondering why the 1st channel was sounding under powered! PPS A TTRS male mini to TTRS male mini cable is included for an Iphone hookup to a separate channel which I tried and works great!

  • from Laredo MO June 21, 2014Music Background:
    Player collector


    I needed a battery powered amp for my sons outdoor wedding, I saw this amp on my first search, and watched the product video. Pretty cool package, so I bought one. I was so impressed I ordered another because they can be stereo linked. Put them on Tri-pod speaker stands and they really sound good. With 3 power settings they can be used in a number of settings. Flat out the best battery powered amp!

  • from Liberia, Africa June 12, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    I'm using the Cube in Liberia, Africa

    Wow, I am impressed! I highly recommend the Cube Street Ex to anyone looking for high quality portable sound. I am not an entry level musician. I have studied music and sound engineering. I say this because I am very picky about my sound. I am a missionary to Liberia, Africa. Where we live, there is no electricity. The cube has enabled me to bring high quality dependable sound into the middle of Liberia's rainforest. I strap the Cube to my dirt bike using bungee cords, travel down some of the roughest roads in the world until they end, then carry it deep into the rainforest. It is very dependable. I highly recommend the Cube to everyone!

  • from NC March 30, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced musician

    Not perfect but superb

    My wife and I play semi professionally as a duo (we don't make a living doing it but we do get paid and only play in our local area) and we occasionally busk too. When I read reviews saying people have played in front of 100-200 people with batteries only I thought it was BS. I was wrong. This thing has plenty of juice. I can't imagine a local gig that this won't handle short of a large, noisy bar - which we don't do - so a great fit.

    Light, portable. The amp modeling is pretty good too - it has the volume you would expect from a 15-20 watt tube amp - yeah, it's that loud. I just use the clean electric setting and use a pedal for dirt. We use it in several configurations: One mic, an electric and mic in the line in for blues harp. Two mics and a banjo and guitar in the line ins. We use it in several other ways too. If it had separate tone and volumes on the two line in inputs it would be an easy 5 stars. I don't know about battery life yet, as we haven't run it that way enough to know. I expected a lot considering the cost and it met and even exceeded my expectations. a wonderfully versatile piece of pro-grade gear (IMHO).

  • from Payson, AZ February 19, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Great little amp

    This amp works wonders for me. I do a lot of jamming in different venues and I bring my acoustic and my electric guitars. I use the mic/guitar channel set on acoustic for my acoustic and the mic/instrument for my electric. For my electric guitar I am using a DigiTech RP1000 and I run a XLR mic cord to the amp and set the pedalboard on mixer instead of amp. I did set up special patches in my pedalboard specially for this amp.This little amp has kept up with all the bands I've jammed with. The power to weight ratio is fantastic. I'm 62 years old and for me lightweight equipment is the key to playing till I'm 90 (I'll just mount it on my wheelchair).It just makes life easier.

  • from Lafayette, IN August 25, 2014Music Background:
    50 years of singing in the rain

    Very clear

    Great sound. Absolutely ideal for a monitor, campfire, raft, cabin, or coffee house. Only drawback is no phantom power. Very light, convenient, and I must stress the 'sounds great' part. I had several people rate it next to a Fender Acoustasonic ultralight and a Bose L1 Model II. They liked this best. Bose still wins in venues bigger than 300 sq ft., and off center listening.

  • from West Los Angeles, CA August 4, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro singer, musician and engineer.

    Busking with the Cube Street EX

    This amp is awesome. Bought it to busk with, mostly acoustic guitar and vocals. The reverb on the vocals is very nice and the acoustic preamp is excellent once you dial in the tone you want. The amp sounds better on the ground than on a stand. It sounds a little thin when you raise it off the ground. The effects and amp sims are nice for how simple they are. You cannot tweak them as much as a stand alone effect but they do the job. If I used this with an electric I would probably bring my Zoom Bt 100 along. The line inputs are plenty loud and a great addition. I would have given the Cube 5 stars if it had a master volume. It is not a big deal if I use just my vocals and acoustic but once you dial in a mix with a couple of vocals, guitar, keyboard and drum loop, it would be handy to be able to raise and lower the entire mix in unison. All in all a great unit. I have had it a couple of weeks now and just recharged the 8 AA batteries for the first time this evening. Not sure how many hours they lasted but it was a good amount. Should last a three set gig without the need to change batteries. All in all I Love this amp, the two 8" speakers and two tweeters really sound clean.

  • from Princeton May 30, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Taking it to the Street (Great Portable Small PA)

    I have been looking for a nice sounding portable battery powered amp to use for outdoor gigs or small settings wine bar, lobby, reception area. My primary use will be for nylon string guitar and playback do backing tracks. The Roland Cube Street EX is sounding pretty good with Shertler DYNG. On my DeVoe Negra. This is a new product from Roland 50 watts 2 8in speakers, 2 tweeters and yes battery power or AC. 4 Channels, one in for a iPod or iPad, one stereo in for keyboard, one microphone and one Guitar. There are two combo jacks that take XLR or tip ring sleeve or ring sleeve. It has built-in reverb and Chorus and delay. very light and easy to carry. I have had it for two days, I purchased it new from Sweetwater. I'm looking forward to the ease of use and can't wait to use this with some of my other guitars and my soon Zofia Blanca with K&K Pickups. One of the best things about this amp/pa is it battery powered if you want to use it or you can run on AC as well. It's smaller than the Roland BA 330 and lighter but to me has more useful features two Chanel's with Bass, Mid, Treb, eq, reverb on mic channel, and reverb chorus and delay on guitar, iPod iPad in (and record and playback with app) and a stereo line in channel, useful for synthesizer, keyboards, drum machines. I really like using my Bose L1 S but this is a much more streamlined simple portable solution for where I don't need as much power. I am very happy with the purchase and acquisition of this new smaller Roland Cube Street EX. This is a great simple portable solution where you don't need to blast anyone away just provide the sound of your performance. I can see housing this amp for anyone needing a portable battery powered solution for outdoor performances at weddings, parties, small outdoor venues etc. Thank you Sweetwarter for making things right and getting this too me Mark Magdichx1265

  • from Brasília - Brazil September 16, 2015Music Background:
    Solo singer/guitarrist and band guitarrist

    Guitar section is a joke

    Roland Cube EX

    Very good clean tones (acoustic guitar, specially)
    Excelent small PA with 3 instruments inputs and 1 aux (4 channels)
    Good volume for small indoors works
    Good battery amp

    No gain knob for guitar section (it's a big joke!)
    Only 3 COSM amps without gain control (believe me!)

    Conclusion: good purchase for acoustic guitar and vocal (perfect for small outdoor parties and small indoor works)

  • from Yorktown Hts, NY September 3, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Pro Computers, Pro AV, Pro DJ


    This is an Update: Great....but too much $ ! Thankfully I was able to get the monthly 2 year payout ! BTW this is listed as 2 channel when its a 4 Channel Amp !!! :-) Anyway: After happily using this now for a month.....After playing for any typical 3-5 hr outing, I realized its best to charge my rechargeable batteries! Otherwise I'm losing power on the 2nd outing! The removeable Battery Compartment makes this nice! For the money...I would have appreciated a provided recharging system !! I had to spend $80, for top of the line rechargeable batteries and chargers! :-( As with any thing else, one gets the best Bass on the floor, but the design makes it tricky to get at the controls. Re the channels, I wish the Keyboard/Line Input had TONE and effects as the 1st 2 inputs. The 4th input is for an ipad/iphone, and for those who use that input, again..no tone controls ! :-( I run 3 channels, and coming from the original Micro Cube, this is FABULOUS :-))) Bass and Treble galore on the 1st 2 channels :-))) The Guitar Channel Treble is just GREAT! Even at 1 O'clock ! And the Bass on the 1st Channel...again Divine :-))) For my act, I bought; I now have included a Behringer 1002B Battery Mixer to have a fingertip source, Full tone controls, and a Master Fader( as another suggested would be great), for controlling everything...... But I still run 2 separate inputs from the Behringer to the Roland! For my guitar though, I bypass the Behringer, as it otherwise mutes my Treble! The overall SOUND quality cannot be denied! Everyone that comes up to me says how 'Wonderful' it sounds ! And I agree! PS Now that I'm thinking about it....a great addition: would be a foot pedal Kill Switch to Mute everything at the end of a song!

  • from Earth Man, Earth~! September 4, 2015Music Background:
    open mics- out door festival's- bands- galore

    Roland Cube EX

    very nice amplifier overall; but if you enjoyed the COSM amp molding setting on the earlier model Street Cube (Brit- Classic- ) etc you're out of luck- they left out most of the vintage amp modeling settings on this new amp- ...don't get me wrong- the amp is still very hi-definition for clean tones- and acoustic guitar- I don't think the amp's can handle active electronics on a guitar without damaging the circuitry- so I would avoid playing an active guitar through these amps if you do not want to damage the speakers - etc- I just wish they would design a 10" speakers configuration an cut to the chase- 6 & 8 " speakers are always going to sound tinny in my opinion-

  • from Omaha, NE September 4, 2014Music Background:

    Needs More Power

    Ok... Great features. The sound is amazing. But way overpriced at $500. Not loud enough for clear outdoor work. I bought it because I wanted a good battery powered amp (there are so few out there) but I am just unimpressed with this amp at this price. It should only have cost about $300 tops.

  • from Ohio August 30, 2016Music Background:

    Good Practice Amp

    Not a very loud amp. Works well if I use it with my Boss ME-80 though. I have to turn the volume nob all the way up which is unusual. You have to remember it is 50 watts stereo so it's really only 25 watts which is not much in a solid state amp. I like the weight and the fact that you can plug in a mike at rehearsal and not depend on the PA system. Sweetwater was great. Received it fast and they follow up.

  • from October 31, 2014Music Background:
    Solo performer.

    Gain missing

    The guitar section is a joke.
    Just clean, crunch and lead.
    No gain!!
    So, this gear is not designed much for the electric guitarist.
    Tweaking the gain is essential for a smooth sound.
    Clean is clean in this case..
    Steal to steal!
    Bang bang.
    Acoustic part is beautiful I must admit.

  • from USA November 21, 2015

    Not impressed

    I bought this Roland Street Cube EX primarily to sing outdoors to backing tracks. I did not use it with a guitar or any other instrument. Just my new mic (Shure SM58) and my backing tracks on my ipod. There is no way this is 50 watts....sounds like 10 watts max. I don't appreciate the misleading Roland marketing. It is not powerful or loud in any way. Singing into the mic easily overpowered the speakers and distortion occurred. The Channel 1 mic input gave a noticeable hiss with every word sung into the mic. Absolutely unacceptable for singing. In order for me to reach reasonably audible volume levels I had to use the unit on max setting with levels very high up on my tracks and the mic.....and at such volumes the quality of sound was poor and unpleasant.Not professional sounding.....very thin sounding and shrill. If you're just playing an instrument through this unit, maybe it would be ok for that....but it is not good for singers who require a reasonably good sound. I wanted to really like this unit because of the battery powered portability, but it's not nearly powerful enough for the street for singing or playing backing tracks. I was very disappointed with this amp so I returned it. The guys at Sweetwater were great to deal with....a fast easy return, and I will continue buying all my gear from them.

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