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Roland CUBE-60XL BASS 1x10" 60-Watt COSM Bass Combo Reviews

5.0 stars based on 2 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland CUBE-60XL BASS 1x10" 60-Watt COSM Bass Combo?

Questions about the Roland CUBE-60XL BASS 1x10" 60-Watt COSM Bass Combo?

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  • Nick Church

    I have been a gigging bassplayer for almost four decades, and there have been countless gigs when this Roland Cube Bass 60XL would have been the perfect answer to my needs. It is 'one-hand-carry-portable' and has more than enough output for a lot of the smaller coffee-house and bar gigs that I've done over the years. With a choice of many of the 'classic rigs' I loved the way the amp models sound, and the built-in effects are great for rehearsals or gigs where you need to travel light and leave the pedal-board at home.
    I don't know how Roland gets this much bass out of a box this small, but they've done it and they've made it sound great! Put this one at the top of your list if you're looking for portable power in a bass combo.

  • from Mt.Vernon ohio July 17, 2016Music Background:

    roland bass cube

    i wasn't sure i would like this amp as a performing amp but the next day after i bought it i played a gig with it and was blown away amazing sounds full and fat and covered the room like it just knew what to do

  • from Michigan, USA May 21, 2012Music Background:
    Journeyman Pro playing Electric Bass, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar and Djembe in mostly folk venues.

    Roland Cube-60XL Bass Amp

    I haven't put this great amp through all its paces yet, but I believe I have found my sound, so I may never get to all of its features. Of course, Roland sells amps worldwide, and to a whole spectrum of musicians, so many of the features of this amp are sounds I don't need. Here is what I use it for:

    I am a journeyman pro who plays coffeehouse and festival gigs, so this little brute does everything I ask it to. The features that got this one the nod are: Light weight, XLR output, great clean sound and the power squeezer. What I need is really good sound at low levels, and this amp gives me that.

    This amp replaced my old Fender Bassman compact 1-15, and I was reluctant to give that one up. I have always felt like I needed that 15" speaker behind me... but not now. What changed my mind was playing through several small amps like this one in the last year and a half. Sometimes at festivals several bass players from different groups will share one amp setup, in the interests of stage efficiency. Doing that really opened my ears and my mind to how good a bass sound can come from one of these. Plus, the XLR line gives the signal to the soundman, and it goes through the mains and gets the big sound anyway. So I bought one of these Rolands, and I'm very happy with it. it's got a great growl when I play my fretless, with plenty of tones in all the frequencies I can hear. It makes the controls on a Fender Jazz bass come alive. Highly recommended.

    So I sold my beloved Bassman to a young man who doesn't mind carrying it (as I never did) and now I walk in and out of the venues with my amp in one hand. *grins

Questions about the Roland CUBE-60XL BASS 1x10" 60-Watt COSM Bass Combo?

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