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Roland CUBE-20XL BASS Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the Roland CUBE-20XL BASS?

Questions about the Roland CUBE-20XL BASS?

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  • Nick Church

    For bass players just starting out with the instrument, or for more experienced players looking for a really compact practice amp that still provides good tone, the newly upgraded Roland Cube XL Bass series of bass combo amps really deliver!

    This Cube-20XL Bass generates sounds way beyond its small size. Including six of their COSM bass amp models, Roland have designed them so that the tone stack changes its 'voicing' depending on which amp you use - a really clever trick!
    Seven very useful built-in effects make carrying extra pedals around unnecessary.

    Although it won't quite get to wall-shaking volumes, this little beast is perfect for practice or playing with unamplified acoustic instruments.

  • from March 31, 2017

    Great practice amp

    Bought this for my son who is on his second year of bass lessons.

    He loves the modeling aspect of the amplifier as they allow the tonal flexibility to sound like many recordings in the past. All the effects are fine for what they are; do not expect to mimic $ pedals and you will be pleased.

    The Power Squeezer feature allows him to practice at night without waking his sister next door while maintaining the sound quality of the amplifier.

    It would be hard to do better for a practice amplifier with the flexibility to give you different tonal options for different styles of music.

  • from Muncie, IN December 19, 2016

    It's sooooooo good!

    I got this nifty little amp as a more portable practice amp and to have 2 bass amps in the house, one for me and one for my song (who is just picking up the bass). I tried it in the store and got a lot of help from my sales engineer, Bart Amburn (amazing dude, btw!). After 6 days, I gotta tell ya- this amp is amazing! So many features packed into a small, affordable package, such BIG sound for a small amp, and at 23 lbs., easy to cart around. I'm going to make it my main amp and leave the 100-watt Peavy (MAX110, also a good amp) for my son (who will just be practicing at home). The amp modeling is great, and well-documented, so you know what you're getting. Maybe the coolest feature is the Power Squeezer- taking the amp from 20 watts to 2 watts, but without any loss of tone or bottom end, even using all the effects. And still, this thing rocks at 2 watts! FYI- Bart helped me find a footswitch by Behringer that works very well with this amp at a GREAT price. The *only* thing I think it could use is a line out, but that's a small quibble and doesn't take off the grade I gave it.

  • from Phoenix, AZ July 16, 2016

    Good little amp

    Here is a nice little amp. I needed something I could easily haul to friends' houses to match with low wattage tube amps on guitar and this fits the bill. It's very portable compared to a 2 x 15 and also has a lot of useful effects built in. Pretty much everything on my pedalboard is built in on the amp. I have played bass for about a decade, I'm a reformed guitarist, and guitar for over a decade before that so I know a little bit about a thing or two. The frequency response on the amp is very good and very even tonally across a four string bass. There is not a ton of bass but enough to get your point across. I'll go to the 2x15 to really move some bass. Overall, a really nice little amp. Great for apartment dwellers and low key jam sessions/ practice sessions.

  • from Delaware May 4, 2016Music Background:
    Solo recording artist/multi-instrumentalist/sound engineer

    Great Amplifier!

    Great tones. Wonderful amp. The headphones/recording out sends a very strong signal to the ears/interface, respectively. I LOVE THIS AMPLIFIER! Well done, Roland. Super.

  • from Issaquah, WA December 21, 2015

    Small but good

    I really love this amp. Its for my home office so its a small space and I did not want to take up a lot of room for an amp. I have an old Crate BX-40 40w amp with a 10" speaker down in the den and this little 20w 8" blows it away! I never thought I could get this kind of sound out of a such small speaker. I have no idea how it would work in a gig but as a practice amp its everything I want and with the sound that keeps me going.

  • from September 21, 2015Music Background:
    Bassist, Drummer, Recording student and enthusiast.

    This cube makes me excited about geometry again.

    When it comes down to small practice amps, this one will save you tone and money. At my music store I was testing this one next to a 40 watt Fender Rumble and a 300 watt Peavy combo, both of which were dwarfed by the sound of this little box. The sound filled the room and the 8 inch speaker offered a brutal punch. It's small enough so I can keep it right next to my desk and move it easily around my house. AND, plug in a keyboard, you won't be disappointed.

  • from August 13, 2015

    Roland 20 XL Bass Cube

    Great sound from such a small amp. The bass pre-sets are fantastic.

  • from Pa. May 28, 2015Music Background:
    acoustic and electric bass player for many many years

    Roland CUBE-20XL Bass

    I MUST FIRST say "SWEETWATER" excellent in shipping ...order one day and received the item the next day...great service.
    I am using the Roland as amp for acoustic playing. It is loud enough for an all acoustic group in which the bass is felt in the arrangement.
    The amp is not to big and is easy to carry.
    A very nice product.

  • from Tucson, AZ USA January 24, 2014Music Background:

    Roland Cube-20xl Bass Amp

    Outstanding sound! Very versatile on the sound settings. Use it for practice and small acoustic gigs. Has good power.

  • from Cincinnati,Ohio USA May 15, 2013Music Background:
    Intermediate drummer, guitar and bass player for over 20yrs and Hobbyist.

    Amazing sound, great price!

    Don't let the small size of this amp fool you. This thing is really punchy! Play the lowest note you can at a high volume. There is NO buzz. The best thing about this amp is the versatility. With the 5 amp models and six built-in effects, there's really no sound you CAN'T get out of this little wonder. Also it's not just the versatility, but the sheer QUALITY of tones! This thing is ear candy for your bass. You can dial in anything from the smooth melodic John Deacon tone of "Queen" to a pop and slap Victor Wooten sound. No matter what style from country to metal; this thing delivers it ALL and at a fantastic price! It sounds like and amp twice it's price. If you are a beginner or intermediate who plays in local bars, this will do the job. There are definitely amps that are louder but few match the sound QUALITY of a ROLAND. Also, Sweetwater did an amazing job with their quality checks making sure my amp was defect free and PERFECT right out of the box. Once you buy from them, you will only use your local music store to try stuff out. They will never treat you as good as the folks at Sweetwater. Many thanks to all those involved with my purchase process! You are all true professionals!

  • from Phoenix, AZ USA August 3, 2014Music Background:
    Formerly semi Pro and working Club musician, Hobbyist now

    Great little amp!

    This is a killer little bass amp. I'm using it primarily for jamming in my home studio, and although at first I was concerned about it not being loud enough, it actually is for an all electric or small garage band. The models are just OK with a few that are much better than the others (at least to my ears), but the effects are surprisingly good. I nailed the Nirva, chorus and slightly delayed bass tone within 3 minutes! I have a 1987 Fender P Bass that sounds awesome through it, and a Kala U-Bass that usually more flabby and loose - but not to worry, twist a few knobs on the Roland CUBE-20XL, and the Kala tightened up perfectly and sounds just huge! The tuner is a nice feature, and the size and weight make it easy to move. Great little home amp for the money!

    Honestly, I had some misgivings about newer Roland amps before this, but my experience has been such that I'm considering a Cube for my guitar as well.

    I've been playing over 40 years (yeah, I'm old), have a collection of gear, and for reference use or have used names like Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Dr. Z, Bogner, Fender, Ampeg, Eden, GK, SWR, Roland (older gear), Swanson, etc. I'm a tone freak and I wouldn't give it 4.5 stars if it wasn't worth it. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I've not owned it long enough to determine longevity, but here's hoping it lasts a good long time. For tone and convenience, you can't go wrong.

  • from O'Fallon, MO January 20, 2015Music Background:

    Roland Cube-20XL starting to rattle

    My Roland Cube 20XL is about 3 years old and is not labeled a BASE. The tuner on it has E, A, D, G, B, E. It was bought with a Fender American Standard Strat and it is used as a practice amp. If the amp was redefined by Roland and is now built for a base, my experience may not be completely relevant. My amp sounded great in the beginning, and it was generally played in "clean" mode. Volume is usually turned about a third of the way up, so shouldn't stress anything. The equalizer controls are usually near the middle of their range. I have used the effect mode some - just experimenting - again at very low levels. Performance has been relatively impressive considering the low cost of this amplifier. However, I have lately noticed some rattle (or buzz) that sounds like something is loose (not a noise through the speaker). The rattle responds mostly to the notes around the open A string. That tells me that something has a natural frequency around the A string and is moving. I'll see if something needs tightened up. Overall, this is still a pretty good amp for the price. When I bought it, I was prepared that it may not hold well if played at full power, but I'm a little surprised anything went wrong playing it at the low volumes that I have used.

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