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Roland CUBE-80XL Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from Winters, Texas June 1, 2013Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Roland Cube 80XL

    Excellent amp for my pedal steel guitar. I use either the blackface setting with spring reverb and delay on it to fatten the sound or the Clean channel with the same delay and reverb. Excellent!! I have played around a little with the other settings but always end up back at the ones I like. I am getting a new double neck steel next week and can't wait to see the sound I can get out of the amp. It really cuts thru with the band (Mandolin, fiddle, bass, drums, guitar and singers).

    Money well spent!!

  • from Hampton, Va April 23, 2013Music Background:
    Independent Music Pro

    One Tough Amp

    I bought this mainly because I was sick of dealing with the unreliable nature of tube amps. The Cube 80XL has a great clean sound. Not a good as a nice tube amp, but it is 100% consistent from night to night. It doesn't make random noises in the middle of a song and doesn't weigh a ton. One day I was playing an outdoor gig with this amp when a tornado came through. Everyone ran inside, of course, and when we came back out I found my amp under someone's car, dented and soaking wet. It wouldn't turn on at first, so I let it sit in my garage for a couple of days to dry out and it has worked fine ever since.

  • from Panhandle, FL October 18, 2012Music Background:
    Classical Guitar & Electric Guitar

    Just What I Was Looking For

    I am just learning lead guitar later in life and I was looking for a do-it-all amp with potential I can grow into. After lots of consideration and reading I bought the 80XL recently and am very glad I did. Small size, great sound, very solid construction. I was concerned it would be too loud for small room practice but the volume can be turned down. Really like the AUX input which allows playing along with backing tracks.
    It can only save 4 different settings but I can live with that. Another factor for me was the JC Clean setting which should allow use of an external effects unit.
    I sooooo made the right decision with this amp!

  • from Farmington, MN January 20, 2012Music Background:
    Studio Guitarist

    Great for old guys

    Simple and awesome. Has every amp sound you'll ever use and can dial them up with a turn of a knob. The extreme setting is incredible...has perfectly imitated the tube amp. Low guitar volume it has a clean sound and the harder you strum, the more distortion starts to play into it.
    Recommend this for any guitarist that doesn't want to spend two years learning DAW software.
    Try it and you'll buy it!

  • from United States October 30, 2011Music Background:
    Week end Warrior

    Great Amp Great Price!!!

    I heard about this amp on the Steel Guitar Forum. Playing pedal steel guitar players typically play through a 15" speaker. I was lugging a 200w Randall Commander 1 with a 15" JBL around for many years and wanted something lighter. This amps kicks butt. Using the JC Clean channel I get the sound I am looking for. I still am amazed of the full sound I get with such a small amp. Delvin at Sweetwater was great to deal with as well.

  • from Palm Bay, Florida September 29, 2011Music Background:
    Retired but still playing

    Roland Cube 80XL, everything you need in one amp

    This amp sounds as good as my JC120 but is a lot lighter. I don't need to carry any effects pedals or tuners because everything is built in. I'm still playing around with the three channels, creating and saving sounds but it is clear that this amp has many possibilities.

  • from Columbus, Georgia July 16, 2011Music Background:
    25 years of playing guitar


    Get this amp!

    You will NOT believe your ears. With the optional Boss FS-6 footswitches, this amp becomes a professional on-the-go portable gigging powerhouse!

    To be sure, it is solide state, but whatever. This amplifier puts out ear-bleeding sound, with low-end that you feel in your chest.

    I have had this amp for only 2 days -- and I am absolutely blown away!

    I considered the Fender Mustang, and the Vox Valvetronix, but decided on the Cube 80xl. And I have ZERO regrets. The back is enclosed, and this amp is constructed like a tank, and I have no concern that I need to be careful and delicate with it as I throw it in the back of my truck to make it to my next gig or practice.

    Also, at a mere 37 pounds, it is easy to carry. And I like that.

    Get this amp... or not. And, if not, then, well, too bad for you.

  • from Las Vegas, Nv. June 3, 2012Music Background:
    Lifetime professional

    Great sound of my new Cube-80 xl

    I only gave it 4.5 because I have not yet explored all the possibilities.I
    bought this to replace a 1974 Polytone for the purpose of a tradtional jazz guitar sound. Just did a recording session and loved the sound of my D'Angelico thru this amp.

  • from San Diego, CA October 24, 2011Music Background:
    actively gigging

    Cube 80xl

    I waited to do this review until I got a few gigs under it's belt.
    Love this little guy! Lots of power in a small package. Plays nice with pedal boards. On board effects are good to great. My only whine, is the chorus is mixed to high, even at the lowest setting. Not a big deal.The looper is a lot of fun, prolly never use it on a gig. But super cool for practicing.
    If you are tired of hauling heavy amps to gigs because drummers are loud...get this little bulldog!
    Pop,rock,country,jazz...all the styles I need it for, it does well.
    Solid build, should last a long time.

  • from Spokane Valley, WA May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Player...for 40+ years

    I am thrilled!!

    I have owned about every amp know to mankind. I am a gear head, sadly. Now, I am getting older and need lighter and more portable gear. After a lot of internet research, the Cube 80XL appealed to me on all my hot button levels. The weight, compactness, and ....sound...are great. The effects are magnificent. The amp emulations are as close as I have ever heard. Power is plentiful. So far, I haven't ANYTHING to complain about. I like to whine about stuff, I guess I am disappointed that there is nothing to bitch about. The 80XL is inexpensive, and well built. Superlatives!!! Buy the little critter......

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