Radial Workhorse Cube

Desktop Frame for 3 500 Series Modules, with Phantom Power, and XLR I/O
Radial Workhorse Cube image 1
Radial Workhorse Cube image 1
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Radial Workhorse Cube
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Keep Your 500 Series Modules On Your Desk!

Want to keep your 500 series modules out of a rack and mobile? Radial's Cube holds three modules in an easy to transport enclosure. The Cube, unlike rackmount enclosures, was meant to sit on your desktop or be moved around the studio. This easy-to-use unit not only powers your 500 series modules, but allows you to connect them together in a complete signal chain. A convenient handle lets you easily move the Cube from place to place. Keep your 500 series modules ready to go with the Radial Cube enclosure.

Radial Cube 500 Series Enclosure at a Glance:
  • Keep your 500 series modules mobile
  • Customize your workflow
  • Durable all-metal construction for durability
Keep your 500 series modules mobile

The Radial Cube lets you keep your 500 series module where you want to. Not being tied to a rack means you can take your gear with you at any time, you can also recessed it into your work surface. Or maximize your signal to noise by placing your preamp as close to the source as possible. Once your modules are inserted into the cube, an innovative feed sends the output from the first slot into the second and third creating a continuous signal chain.

Customize your workflow

Whether you're producing music in your studio or recording a live performance, your project always goes smoother when you've tailored your workflow to your style. The Radial Cube makes it easy to combine world-class 500 Series microphone preamplifiers, EQs, compressors, and more, in one convenient desktop/portable chassis. With three empty slots, the Cube is perfect for creating a personalized selection of processors for your specific needs.

Durable all-metal construction for durability

Made from ultra-strong 14 gauge steel, the Radial Cube was designed to last a lifetime. You won't need to worry about this enclosure falling apart on the job. An extremely durable finish will keep your Cube looking great for years!

Radial Cube 500 Series Enclosure Features:
  • Keep your 500 series modules in a convenient, ready-to-go enclosure
  • Powers and connects up to three modules
  • Connects all modules into a single signal chain
  • Roadworthy construction using 14-gauge steel
Keep your 500 series modules out of the rack and mobile with the Radial Cube enclosure.

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500 Series Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Number of Slots 3
Manufacturer Part Number R700 0107 00

Customer Reviews

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Radical cube-best 500 series chassis

Was gonna get the neve R6 ,but what made me purchase the 'workhorse cube' is the module link function and the portability . no other chassis manufactures offer these simplistic functions . so now my 511,543,and eqp-500s are multi-platinum ready. Also sending a shoutout to my sales rep.of 11yrs. 'JEFF LAW'.

The Cube with Guitar Modules

Excerpt from review at www.kellsound.comThe allure of a 500 series box had finally gotten the better of me as I ordered in a Radial The Cube rack to demo. Being a 3 module rack I could come up with a wide range of configurations, most of them revolving around a single channel strip of preamp, EQ, and compressor. The idea of a portable channel strip configured to my liking had me thinking, then I looked at my workflow and realized that I don’t need that out of the cube, I would rather rack that. Then it hit me. A guitar toolbox! Something that is handy to bring down to a guitarists pedal board, or sit on top of an amp. Flipping through the Radial products I decided on the EXTC, Tank Driver, and X-Amp to fill the rack. The three of these would allow me to use just about every piece of a guitarists rig to sculpt my sound. As I pulled The Cube out of the box the first thing I noticed was how well it is made. There is some definite heft to it as you hold it, a very solid piece. The top edges are beautifully rounded and the bottom is even and flat. The handle is not the most comfortable to hold especially when the rack is loaded, thou this is only a concern if you are traveling often with it. Due to the physical size of the unit there is not room for an internal power supply so the power supply is on a line wart style power adaptor. Thankfully Radial have provided a strong plug on a 4 pin XLR style end. Just don’t loose the power adaptor.The modules I chose, as I stated above, were the EXTC guitar effects interface, the Tank Driver spring reverb driver for connecting spring reverbs, and finally an X-Amp reamp module. Getting the modules in place was fairly straight forward, though it took me a couple attempts on each module to get the circuit board lined up with the slot in the back. Once in place the screw holes lined up perfectly and installation was complete. In my excited haste I initially installed the modules without much though to signal flow. I had installed them from left to right in this order, EXTC, X-Amp, and Tank Driver, based more on colour than anything. I later reordered them to be EXTC, Tank Driver, then X-Amp, as The Cube has a neat feed feature on the back that feeds the signal from one module to the next module on the right.
Music background: Recording Engineer

It Works for Me

This thing is making my life so much easier right now. I was using an A Designs two space rack that was fine, but the Radial Workhorse Cube is just so much easier for me to work with in my home studio. Being able to easily turn it around to swap connections is awesome, and the feed function is just plain smart. It allows me to work faster. I’m a fan of Radial because they seem to make products that work the way they should (even if other companies haven’t taken the trouble to figure it out yet), and they don’t put anything out that isn’t well-designed, sturdy and reliable. The WH Cube is no exception.
Music background: Home recordist, singer, songwriter, guitarist

Easy to carry !!!

its so light to carry around ! nice "feed" function from channel to channel
Music background: Guitar player

Works despite shoddy construction

Design is great, I really like the feed section. However, it arrived with a stripped screw hole for the third module's top and the first module's connector is at a slight angle making it impossible to fasten at the top and bottom and giving it an odd gap that allows you to see into the cube. Not a big deal, but it does look crappy.

Sweetwater Advice

Mitch Gallagher

The 500 Series format for mic preamps and audio processors has exploded in popularity -- and for good reason! The 500 Series allows you to mix and match together small hardware modules from various manufacturers into a chassis. What I love about the 500 Series is that there are so many modules available from so many manufacturers that you can assemble exactly the tonal palette you want without using racks and racks of space the way you would with "full-size" audio gear. For 500 Series gear to work, you have to mount the modules into a chassis. I recently had the pleasure of checking out the Radial Engineering Workhorse Cube, which can hold up to three modules. I/O includes XLR, 1/4 -inch TRS, and an Omniport, which module manufacturers can use for proprietary input or output purposes -- for example, a compressor module might use the Omniport for a key input. Other features include the ability to cascade one module's output into another's input. This is nice for setting up the Cube as a channel strip by loading it with preamp, compressor, and EQ modules. There is switchable linking for two modules, for example, linking a pair of compressor modules for stereo operation. The Workhorse Cube comes with a carrying handle to turn it into a portable unit, or there are options for mounting it flush or at an angle. It's a simple box; slide in your modules, fasten them down with two screws, turn on the power, and get to work. The Cube is awesome for assembling the portable channel strip of your dreams -- choose your favorite preamp, compressor, and EQ modules; install them; and start recording! Radial supplied me with their PowerPre 500 mic preamp, Komit 500 compressor, and Q3 Coil Equalizer modules. (These modules will work in any 500 Series chassis, but they're ideal in the Cube because they use the Omniport for extra features.) The preamp is clean and clear, with three tonal settings for vocal use ("Breath," "Linear," and "Punch"), a highpass filter, 15dB pad, polarity invert, and phantom power -- all the features you expect and need from a preamp. The Komit offers compression and your choice of a brickwall limiter for digital recording or a "Clipper" for warming up a signal with extra harmonics or distortion. You can stereo link two Komits, and the Omniport provides a key input. The Q3 is a unique EQ. Rather than traditional EQ controls, its high boost, mid cut, and low boost each select among 12 different preset response curves using passive coil circuitry. Shift controls for each band change the amplitude and slope. According to Radial, this allows for more than 12,000 different EQ response curves. While I didn't try them all, it was super easy to simply twist the knobs until I found a curve I liked. It's fast and effective -- and you use your ears to select, which is the way to do it! Radial has provided an excellent 500 Series chassis solution with the Workhorse Cube. And their ever-expanding range of 500 Series modules keeps getting better and better. The PowerPre 500, Komit 500, and Q3 Coil Equalizer were all definite winners!
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