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Orange Crush Pix CR35LDX 1x10" 35-Watt Combo w/FX Orange Reviews

4.5 stars based on 13 customer reviews
  • from United States November 17, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist with an addiction.......

    Orange Crush CR35LDX

    What can be said that has not already been said, This is a GREAT solid state Amp plenty of crunch and turn it down for some nice warm tone's I switched from a Line 6 to the Orange, And I have to say one of the best decisions I've ever made, Granted if I was a pro (Or not married) I would be staring at an Orange half stack...But this Amp has everything you could want and the effects jut plain blow that Line 6 away, I am eyeing the Micro Terror but I will never give this amp up!! And what can be said for the Sweetwater sales staff, Brandon Eden is just great to deal with and very helpful.

  • from Birmingham, AL USA March 20, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist - Guitar - Keyboard

    Orange 35 Watt Amp

    I bought this amp for my 20 year old granddaughter. She loves the amp. The size of the amp is just right for her cary with her anywhere. With the 10" speaker the amp has a big sound. It will put out some sound. Very Nice !!!!

  • from Iuka, MS May 24, 2013Music Background:
    Professinal gigging muscisian.

    Mic this and you have what you need.

    Really I have always been a tube guy. 4100 Marshall and an HD Line 6. Granted the effects and modeling on the Line 6 are unbelievable. However, the front panel went out on the Line 6 and I couldn't get it fixed. I bought this amp. I am using it with a SM57 right under the Orange tag right up against the grill cloth. It has an amazing clean tone. I am looking to add some pedals, because you can only use one of the effects at a time with this amp. I don't turn it all the way up. about 4 and let the PA carry it out. The knobs are as responsive as I have seen. I am totally blown away with this solid state. I got the foot pedal and its like having two channels. Hey it is light as a feather and that is a plus too.

  • from Hatfield PA April 25, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    This is my first Orange amp and i am amazed at the sound they bring out just amazing. the effects that this one comes with are all great as well. just an outstanding amp.

  • from Omaha, Nebraska, United States October 31, 2011Music Background:


    I find this amp very enjoyable and fun to play with. There's a chance that this amp might be sneered at by stuck-up "vintage" pseudo "connoisseurs" that think it's sacrilegious to own anything but a class A setup. For me, that's far too narrow an attitude. This amp has some great sounds and is a blast to play around with. Orange definitely took the design of this piece of equipment seriously. PLENTY of totally unique sounds. Very solid construction. And very versatile. I love it.

  • from Bear, DE USA December 19, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Singer/Songwriter, Working Musician


    I had purchased a Dual Terror a while ago and I have been taking it to every gig and it really makes my Tele Thinline sing. I don't use effects with it cause it has no effects loop and I'm not entirely happy with the sound of them running through the front. I decided to try the Orange Crush CR35LDX to use it's effects and run the line out into my Dual Terror running the DT clean and controlling everything else from the Crush. I prefer tube amps but in my experience a particular brand's transistor amps have many similarities to there tube lines...and 239 dollars? Very affordable... Sounded great out of the box and in rehearsals...Last night I had it set up with the Dual at a gig (medium size bar} and had the Dual Terror turned off for the first set(classic rock)...I never turned the DT on the entire night...granted it was turned all the way up but my tele was singing...harmonics, controlled feedback, the works...I just ordered another for my rhythm guitarist and I'm getting another for myself to play them in tandem at bigger venues...I'll still be using the Dual Terror for recording and concert performance cause the tone is just unbelievable...but for knockaround and small to medium bars this ultra cool little box is fun fun fun...It's way under priced so I recommend you get one now ...before Orange figures that out...

  • from Albion, Iowa May 23, 2011Music Background:
    Working Band, Classic Rock, Heavy Blues

    Orange CR35LDX - High Gain and Overdrive Review Only

    I purchased this amp for two reasons. 1) having a reliable back-up amp for my Marshall JTM30 and 2) to have the next size up from my 8 year old 20 watt orange. Let me first start out by saying that the purchased experience was a fabulous, problem-free affair, and the Fed Ex tracking/Sweetwater shipping was professional and the amp arrived on time as promised.

    My Les Paul and I love to be saturated in Overdrive and Gain. and we have been pleasatly surprised by the tone of the CR35LDX. I didn't buy the amp for the onboard effects, or for the tuner (everything works just fine). I wanted Orange distortion without breaking my bank, and this is exactly a case of "what you see is what you get". If my older 20 watt Orange was staying afloat amidst the likes of 100 watt competition, this CR35LDX has lived up to its billing. The tone of this amp is classic "Sabbath", the distortion growls and crackles just like a larger tube Orange would, and the sustain "sustains" uninterrupted, with the saturation breaking up only after filling your ears with that muddy mid-ranged crunch Nirvana that if anyone knows what an Orange is all about, then you know this sound.

    The speaker might be what's keeping me from giving this review a full 5 stars, but to it's credit it seems as though it took me only 3 - 4 hours to break in, and any unnatural crackle or creak has disappeared, only to be replaced with sheer snarl and bite. Will I eventually replace this speaker with a 10" Celestion? Yes I will, but for now, I'll put that project on the back burner, and take this 35 watt orange to practise, and be able to play with the big boys without having to eclipse dialing this past "5". This $239.00 rig sounds like it has another digit attached to it. There's a strong chance my Marshall might be my back-up now.

  • from LA CA August 19, 2014Music Background:
    composer but my son has been playing a year

    Orange 35 watter

    My son had a line 6 and he didn't like it . His friend had a 20 watt ORANGE and he liked that so I figured the 35 watt would be the ticket and he loves it . Bang for the buck you can't beat it . The company is from England but the amp is made in China but quality control seem to be pretty good . For a beginner through intermediate I recommend it .

  • from Senatobia, MS June 25, 2014Music Background:
    Extreme hobbyist

    Crushing Orange Tone!

    This amp is perfect if you're looking for a practice amp with great tone and a lot of punch! It has a great blend of high/low tone and sounds great clean or distorted! It's also loud enough to play through at band practice. I was looking for the hard rock/metal sound and I get all I need out of this amp! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the built in "overdrive" or distortion isn't the best in my opinion. I play through a Line 6 pedal and it makes the amp scream!!! Great amp for the price!

  • from Cape May, New Jersey February 25, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician,Teacher & home studio operator

    Does what I need it to do

    I am a Jazz /Blues & Standards Player. I am a professional and I have a duo. I also teach and have a home studio. This amp is perfect for the material that I do. I work mostly Restaurants & Lounges. The wattage is plenty for me. Most people do not know anything about wattage and tend to nuy more than they need. The only criticism I might voice is that you should be able to control EFX with the footswitch also. The footswitch only controls the clean sound to the dirty sound.

  • from pittsburgh pa May 29, 2013Music Background:
    i'm just a guy that plays guitar for fun

    the orange man cometh.

    I originally bought this amp to use in the garage where I could play with out being disturbed or me disturbing others. when it arrived I knew it was too sweet to be regulated to a place where I wouldn't use it often. Its light enough to move with ease unlike some other amps I've had. It also sounds great, and I like the effects. Love the reverbs. Not thrilled with the tuner, but for the price it would be hard to beat. One drawback is the power switch, who puts it on the back where you can't see it? I have mine in the room up against the wall . its awkward fishing around to turn it on when you cant see the switch unless you play somewhere that you can walk behind it. minor detail, I'm thinking of relocating it to the top with the rest of the controls where the factory should have put it!

  • from Heyworth, IL USA April 26, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Recording Engineer, Producer.

    Dressed To Impress

    I'd like to start by saying that this is my first real orange. My love for orange started in amplitube using the emulations certified by orange. so i decided to pick one up. I went with this one because though i love tubes, the solidstate has advantages great sound at low volume and cheaper for example. When it showed up at my house i was acctually out at an authorized dealer checking out its big brothers. when i got home i was like a kid on christmas. first thing to notice about this amp or any orange is that they are dressed to impress. beautiful and well built. sounded great but i noticed that i was getting a strange feedback type situation when my tone nob was all the way up or when my guitar wasnt plugged in at all but the cord was. so i call up orange as soon as i noticed and of course being the great company they are they sent me a label to send it to them so they could send me a brand new one. great customer service. nice people. great amps.

  • from Tualatin, Oregon July 30, 2012Music Background:
    Ex-Traveling Pro Bassist/Guitarist

    Nice little amp!

    I love the weight & size. For how small it is,it performs great. At loud volumes the speakers don't crap out like you'd think,it's really quite smooth.The only thing I don't care for so much are some of the effects, they don't seem to help the sound much, kind of brittle. Overall this thing is a great little package,
    For the $ you can't beat it. I haven't tried playing live with it yet, but in a smaller club situation, I'm sure it would hold it's own just fine. This baby Orange would make it's bigger brothers very proud.

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