Electro-Harmonix Crayon 76 Full-range Overdrive Pedal

Dirty Boost/Overdrive Guitar Pedal with Bass and Treble Controls
Electro-Harmonix Crayon 76 Full-range Overdrive Pedal image 1
Electro-Harmonix Crayon 76 Full-range Overdrive Pedal image 1
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Electro-Harmonix Crayon 76 Full-range Overdrive Pedal
In Stock!

Controllable Color for Your Guitar Tone

Take control of your dirty boost tone with the Electro-Harmonix Crayon overdrive pedal. This modern take on a classic dirty boost puts independent control over bass and treble bands in your hands, allowing you to contour your overdrive tone. Need a cutting midrange boost? Sure the Crayon can provide that, but it's also great for beefing up your bottom end or adding air to your highs. What's more, the Crayon can be all the distortion you need, but when the guitarists here at Sweetwater checked it out, we were even more impressed by how it sounds when you couple this dirty boost with an already distorted tube amp.

Electro-Harmonix Crayon Dirty Boost/Overdrive Pedal Features:
  • A versatile overdrive with powerful tone-shaping potential
  • Independent Bass and Treble let you define your sound
  • Crank up the gain for rich distortion and overdrive
  • Use less gain as a dirty boost with tube guitars for killer lead tone
  • True bypass ensures signal path integrity
Color your tone with an Electro-Harmonix Crayon pedal!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Overdrive
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Bypass Switching True Bypass
Batteries 1 x 9V included
Height 2.1"
Width 2.75"
Depth 4.5"
Power Supply Included Optional 9V DC adapter
Manufacturer Part Number Crayon 76

Customer Reviews

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Big Surprise - Great Pedal, Regardless of Price

I purchased this on a whim while surfing the Sweetwater site. I had heard good things, it was not very expensive, and I love experimenting with OD pedals. Low risk experiment. I never expected it to be become a go-to pedal on my board. Before buying this pedal I mainly relied on a "boutique" pedal that starts with a T and end with a Y (which I'll call the "T" pedal). I still have that one on the board but the Crayon really surprised me and I'm now using it about 50% of the time. I've read a number of reviews saying that the Crayon is basically a T knock off. While it is true that (at least to my ears) you can make the Crayon sound very similar to the T, in my experience so far the reverse is not true and the Crayon can be set for a range of tones distinct from the T. It particularly shines in the middle position on all of my humbucker and P-90 guitars and has made those guitars a lot more useful. In the past I generally used the middle position (both neck and bridge) for clean tones and toggled to the bridge pickup for crunchier rhythm and lead tones. This works fine, but is a minor inconvenience to be constantly toggling back and forth and some guitar makers (amazingly) still haven't figured out that they should put the toggle in a place that's easy to quickly flip back and forth. With the Crayon I've been able to leave the toggle in the middle position and simply turn the pedal on and off when going between clean and crunch. I now have a middle position crunch tone that sounds great but different from the bridge position crunch tone using the T. It also sounds really good with single coils, is responsive to using your guitar's volume control, and if you add a boost pedal before the Crayon in your chain (I use the Wampler dB+) you can set the Crayon to lower gain for rhythm and kicking on the boost results in a really great, crisp lead tone. I only have two (minor) caveats: 1) There is a lot more gain on tap than you might expect, and I've got mine set at only about 8 o'clock which still gives a good amount of crunch. 2) the EQ is responsive and allows a lot of tailoring, but there are definitely some sweet spots and not so sweet ones and you have to tinker to find them. Overall, EHX really made a great pedal and I'm surprised it doesn't cost twice as much. For the current price this pedal is a no brainer.
Music background: 35 years playing guitar

More than expected!

I own the soul food,glove,east river and extortion,.. All of them are wonderful pedals... Similar but with their own dynamics...each time get an ehx pedal I get a great sounding delight,.. The crayon is a super tweakable monster.. I play it thru a hand built Rick Hayes amp,..Vintage sounds,.. and you would swear it was a early 800 Marshall,.. I owned one. Works way better than a lot of high buck pedals!...fast service and candy..woo hop! Thanks John short!
Music background: Had many meals with Mozart


This Pedal is great. You can hear everything, from a range of clean boost to a roaring tube amp. Great investment.


Beautiful is the word that describes this pedal. With the gain knob at zero, it boosts your clean tone to warm heaven without any breakup. As you increase the gain you go from tubescreamer land to beautiful heavy overdrive. This has incredible volume as well. I already have a big muff and a ravish sitar and am eyeing an organ machine, so now I am a big fan of ehx.

My New Fave !

36 years ago i bought my first EHX box....still working, too. When i saw this and the price and my recent experience with Lumberjack i wanted to try it. Its even beyond the demo video with the wow factor. For gearheads....i've been using a paul/strat/tele/dan electro w/ NOS pups--running thru a Fender bassman '72 reconfigured to blackface standards. w/ a Mogami cord/hardwired EHX deluxe memory man/Ego Wampler and a 2x12 Carvin cab from 1980. The great thing about this little monster is the finesse....from a clean line boost to warm grunge. also...did not realize until now the photo battery included is carbon zinc--deliberately--not alkaline. giving a sweeter tone like the old days. vintage can be great...but a pedal like this is equal if not better. and the price ! you don't have to spend $$$ on so called boutique designs. this mass production unit is sure to become a classic. as usual Sweetwater delivered in record fast time....my thanks to sales engineer Dan Overstreet
Music background: 31 years radio producer/composer/band leader
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