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Cordoba Mini O - Ovangkol Top Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Cordoba Mini O - Ovangkol Top?

Questions about the Cordoba Mini O - Ovangkol Top?

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  • from Cincinnati May 5, 2016

    Great Fun

    I can't recommend this little baby enough! It's so much fun as well as being extremely playable. I have tuned mine to G and it sounds great. The Ovangkol is beautiful with great grain. I have tried and owned the majority of the "travel", "mini", "baby", etc. guitars, but this is the only one that I have kept! Great feeling & sized neck on a take anywhere tiny body. Special thanks to my sales engineer, Mark Stein who always takes care of me.

  • from Brooklyn, NY March 2, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Berklee Grad.

    Mini R

    I've owned the Mini R for 9 months now and love it every time I play. It has a fuller sound than expected. I play full size Paulino Bernabé classical guitars (Madrid, Spain) but needed something to practice with in my car. I use German brand Hannabach Silver Specials Light Tension (Green package) strings tuned up a whole step to F#, B, E, A, C#, f #. Surprisingly nice sound!!!

  • from Nicholasville, KY January 21, 2016Music Background:


    This guitar arrived yesterday about 1:30, I opened it up (apparently ignoring the don't open for 4-8 hours due to cold) sign, still nothing happened to it... Anyway from opening to tuning to playing, I realized, this guitar is more than worth the $280 it costs. The overtones on mine are superfluous, and the harmonics are a dream. It's really bright, yet warm at the same time! A perfect substitute for my Guilele and a perfect practice guitar, Imagine that it's great for performing too. Neck action is perfect, fret distance is good and the lack of a eurethane finish on it is a godsend, I HATE shiny guitars for the most part. Anyone wanting something new and refreshing needs to at least pick this line up, I imagine the mini R and mahogany are very good as well.

  • from November 19, 2015

    Cordoba Mini O

    This Cordoba Mini O was my first order from Sweetwater. I had wasted too much time locally by stopping in and calling music stores that were Cordoba dealers. None had the Cordoba Mini, in any of its wood choices. It was apparent that some of those I spoke to weren’t even familiar with the instrument. So, after calling Sweetwater and finding that they had it in stock and available for immediate shipment, I didn’t hesitate. I would have liked to see the guitar to check its appearance, playability and tone, but that wasn’t practical in this case. But, I didn’t know what to expect. The Mini O (ovangkol) arrived surprisingly quickly, and it is beautiful. I have two classicals made by a noted luthier, so I’m used to outstanding craftsmanship and superb sound. For the price of a Mini O, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was very surprised and pleased with the Mini O that I received. The ovangkol grain is beautiful and all joining is flawless. I found just one thing that, while acceptable, wouldn’t be expected on a higher priced instrument. The fret ends were a bit sharp, but not so much so as to cause a problem. I’m very pleased with the instrument and with Sweetwater.

  • from Detroit, MI April 29, 2015

    So much to love.

    There's really nothing but Pros when it comes to this Guilele, I couldn't name one single con right now. I've had it for a week and I absolutely love the sound. It's so sweet and full of tone and it just sounds like its singing out to you. I did replace the plastic bridge pins to Water Buffalo Horn and it made a new difference as expected, mostly in the sustain and treble. This was definitely part of the draw to this guitar as I've been experimenting with a lot of different bridge pin materials as of late.

    The full guitar scale matched onto the smaller body was definitely a great idea. I had the Yamaha GL1 Guitelele (before I broke it into pieces) and my one big complaint about it was the smaller fretboard scale so it was more similar to playing a uke and didn't at all help you practice the proper way (so to speak) when traveling. So this was another key feature for me.

    Another big draw to this guitar versus the Mini M and Mini R is that this model incorporates their Mahogany on the neck and Indian Rosewood on the binding, fretboard and bridge, so really it's the best of all worlds into one but with the Ovangkol being the real prize. I think all these woods incorporated into one really helps promote a full tonal spectrum.

    5 out of 5 for sure. Shipping was amazing. Personal sales associate was great too.

  • from Euless TX May 26, 2017Music Background:
    high school band

    Cordoba Mini O

    64 year old beginner with "fat" fingers on an acoustic guitar. My instructor recommended a classical guitar because of the 2 inch nut and maximum string separation. I soon was looking for a second, smaller guitar for traveling (3/4 size Yamaha) at a local store. Nice, except the nut size was back down to 1 1/2 inches. . Imagine my surprise when someone told me about Sweetwater, and the Cordoba Minis which they offer. Travel size, AND a 2 inch nut. I visited them on-line; ordered the Cordoba Mini O on a Thursday afternoon, and received the instrument and case the following Monday afternoon.

    Everything is as advertised and promised. Sweetwater was very helpful when I called them to verify that I was tuning the "A" strings properly. It is a beautiful guitar and produces a rich sound for its size (my son played it for me). The four stars I gave this purchase has nothing to do with the company nor the instrument itself. I liked the size of the 3/4 body guitar I played in the local store. The Mini is smaller than this. So, while my personal preference is for a slightly larger guitar, my requirement for a 2 inch nut takes precedence, making the Cordoba Mini O the best choice for me at this stage of my learning.

  • from KYLE, TX June 19, 2016

    Mini O

    Received the Mini O and it looks amazing. The factory strings were put on weird, the nylon strings had way too many wraps on the peg head. As I tuned it up to A, they got worse. The strings might have been old, but the thing sounded FLAT. So, I ordered the Cordoba brand strings. Installed them yesterday and the nylon strings stretched and stretched and stretched... I worked with them all day and finally got them where they seemed to be staying close to A tuning. Today as I was sitting at the computer I heard a loud POP; the next to the largest wound string broke, just sitting there by itself. That set of strings cost $16. (Yes, some reviewers of those strings mentioned that they had a tendency to break. I should have listened.) SO, what I have now is a beautiful looking little ukulele size guitar that I honestly don't know what to do with. I would NOT recommend this "guitar", it's just not that impressive SOUNDING. It looks fine. But the sound is dull. (I admit I'm used to steel stringed instruments) And the strings are ????? Well, I don't know what strings to use.

Questions about the Cordoba Mini O - Ovangkol Top?

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