Daking Comp 500 VCA Compressor

500 Series Comperssor/Limiter with Simple, 1-knob Compression and Easy-to-use Controls
Daking Comp 500 VCA Compressor image 1
Daking Comp 500 VCA Compressor image 1
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Daking Comp 500 VCA Compressor
Special Order

Powerful Compression that's Easy to Use!

The Daking Comp 500 packs massive compression and limiting capability into a simple 500 Series rack compatible module. This VCA compressor/limiter delivers many of the benefits typically associated with high-end FET circuitry, providing you with satisfying warm and subtle smoothness that leaves the basic nature of your sound intact while controlling its dynamics. Unlike typical VCA compressors which have RMS detectors, feed forward circuits, and an IC opamp for gain, the Comp 500 uses a unique peak detector, feedback sensing circuit and a Class A gain amplifier so it sounds like famous world class compressors, yet in a 500-series package.
To put it mildly, the Comp 500 is the kind of simple, easy-to-use compressor you can just as easily put to work tracking, mixing, or in your live sound rig. Your custom compression rig starts with a rack full of Daking Comp 500 compressors from Sweetwater!

You Can't Put a Price Tag on Simplicity Like This!

Easily the most valuable feature you'll find when you put the Daking Comp 500 through its paces is its sheer simplicity. One look over its controls tells the whole story. You've got compression amount, which more or less sets the compression threshold. Turn it up, more compression, turn it down, you get less. That lets you focus on listening to the results of your processing, and not obsessing about the numbers. After that, it's just a matter of selecting your Comp 500's ratio (4:1 comp, 20+:1 limit) and attack and release speeds (fast or slow) before setting the output gain. That's really all the control you need. And by keeping it so simple, you can dial in the perfect compression with your Daking Comp 500 in a matter of seconds, freeing up your precious studio time for other tasks.

Daking Comp 500 Compressor/Limiter Features:
  • An amazing, easy-to-use compressor/limiter for your 500 Series rack
  • VCA-based compression delivers the sweet warmth and glossy smoothness typically associated with FET circuitry
  • One-knob compression control lets you dial in the perfect amount of compression in minimal time
  • Simple push button controls let you select ratio (4:1 comp, 20+:1 limit) as well as attack and release times
  • Highly accurate stereo link function lets you chain up to 6 x Comp 500s together for full 5.1 bus compression
Get the compression you need in the format you want with the Daking Comp 500!

What Does "Special Order" Mean?

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Tech Specs

Number of Channels 1
Controls Compression, Output, Meter, Link, Release, Attack, Ratio, Bypass
Ratio 4:1 to 20:1
Manufacturer Part Number Comp 500

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Can't make it sound bad

I'm not going to pretend this is quite as versatile as a Distressor, or as full of character as a one of the classics, but man, this is a GREAT unit, regardless of price (and the price is great too!). Simple and quick to dial in, can do simple and transparent dynamics taming or more aggressive limiting. The stereo image with 2 of these linked up is killer. This is a go-to for acoustic guitars, in a room where I have Distressors, 1176, Slate Dragon, CL-1B, Manley Elop and Avalon 737 to choose from. Extremely happy with this purchase
Music background: Engineer, Producer
See also: 500 Series Compressors, Daking, Daking 500 Series Dynamics