Gem Audio Labs Compactor No Longer Available

2-channel Discrete Class-A Compressor/Limiter with Zener Diode Stabilization and Stereo/Dual Mono Operation
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Gem Audio Labs Compactor image 1
Gem Audio Labs Compactor image 1

Sorry, the Gem Audio Labs Compactor is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Gem Audio Labs Compactor
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The Compactor

The Generic Audio Compactor outfits your studio with extremely high-quality, pure analog compression and limiting. Its name says it all. Sporting fewer options and controls than Generic Audio's Preceptor models, the Compactor gives you a straight shot of real-deal dynamics processing: compression is fixed ratio at 2:1, and limiting is modeled on the holy grail Fairchild 660. Compactor's rugged 2U aluminum and steel chassis and stepped attenuators make it a perfect choice for both studio and live applications. If you're in need of a serious compressor/limiter, take a serious listen to Generic Audio's Compactor.

Generic Audio Compactor Compressor/Limiter at a Glance:
  • Handmade using the Finest Parts
  • On its best behavior
  • S-chain HPF
  • You'll never run out of uses for the Compactor
Handmade using the Finest Parts

The Generic Audio Compactor compressor/limiter is hand-built by audio purists, from a drool-worthy parts list. This state-of-the-art unit gives you two independent mono blocks, an ultra stable power supply, classic Carnhill transformers, gold-contact stepped attenuators and toggle switches, matched Zener diodes, and more.

On its best behavior

The Generic Audio Compactor serves up compression with a mild-mannered 2:1 ratio. In limit mode, its behavior is modeled on the holy grail Fairchild 660. If you've ever been inside a world-class recording studio, you'll understand why these characteristics make the Compactor an indispensable studio tool.

S-chain HPF

The Generic Audio Compactor has a very interesting (and useful) feature: S-chain highpass filter control. This lets you modulate one channel's audio with signal from the other channel. Having the ability to drive your dynamics with alternate program material is always a welcome option.

You'll never run out of uses for the Compactor

The Generic Audio Compactor compressor/limiter strikes a fine balance between old and new school, imparting vintage-y warmth and ginormous size to whatever you put through it. Strapped across your mix buses, just think about what the Compactor can do for your mixes! It's also great on individual tracks - taming an unruly piano or making a hyper-active bass sit in the track, for instance. You'll never run out of uses for a top-quality dynamics processor like the Generic Audio Compactor.

Generic Audio Compactor Compressor/Limiter Features:
  • Mastering-quality, yet versatile enough for anywhere in your audio process
  • Hand-made and precisely calibrated
  • Pure analog Class A operation
  • Gold contact stepped attenuators and toggle switches for repeatability of your settings
  • Custom torroidal transformers provide ultra stable power
  • Independent rectifiers and secondary voltage stabilizers on each channel
  • Gain reduction is made by a transistor in the differential amplifier circuit
  • 16 Zener diodes for stabilization, manually selected and matched
The Generic Audio Compactor: serious compression for your studio or live rig!

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