65amps Colour Boost Germanium Handwired Boost Pedal

Treble Booster Pedal with 4-way Colour Knob
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65amps Colour Boost Germanium Handwired Boost Pedal image 1
65amps Colour Boost Germanium Handwired Boost Pedal image 1
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65amps Colour Boost Germanium Handwired Boost Pedal
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Give Your Amp a Boost

The 65amps Colour Boost germanium boost pedal is an evolution of the germanium treble booster, which was widely used by guitarists in the late 1960s. When you slip the Colour Boost into your guitar's signal path, your tone will suddenly swarm with exquisite harmonics as you push your amp to its breakup point, almost to the verge of feedback. Also, if you roll back your guitar's volume, you can obtain that elusive "Ticket to Ride" clean tone! With modern attention to build quality, noise floor, and sensitivity, the Colour Boost will end your quest for that indefinable classic sound. There are countless guitarists here at Sweetwater, and they're all excited about the new 65amps Colour Boost germanium boost pedal!

65amps Colour Boost Germanium Boost Pedal at a Glance:
  • The Germanium Treble Booster - a brief history
  • 4-way Colour knob provides a variety of tones
  • Quality construction delivers top-notch sound
The Germanium Treble Booster - a brief history

Typically used to push guitar amps into overdrive, treble boosters were used by such guitarists as Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, and Brian May in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The most noteworthy germanium-based treble booster is the Dallas Rangemaster, which was originally produced in 1966, and is often considered a "Holy Grail" tone effect. The Rangemaster was featured prominently on the Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton album, as well as on select Queen and early Black Sabbath recordings. Treble boosters began to fall out of fashion by the 1980s, due to the popularity of overdrive stompboxes. That being said, treble boosters have been enjoying a recent resurgence, due to the unique tone they impart.

4-way Colour knob provides a variety of tones

Rather than employing a simple on/off switch like the original Dallas Rangemaster, the 65amps Colour Boost features a 4-way Colour knob that notches out midrange frequencies - without butchering your low end! By notching out various frequencies, you'll be able to manipulate the overtones of your guitar sound, creating all sorts of new and interesting sonic textures.

Quality construction delivers top-notch sound

The Colour Boost is made with premium germanium transistors and amp parts, rather than cheaply made pedal parts. In fact, the Colour Boost uses some of the same components as 65amps guitar amplifiers! In typical 65amps fashion, the Colour Boost is a well-built modernization and improvement on a classic design.

65amps Colour Boost Germanium Boost Pedal Features:
  • Premium germanium transistor and SoZo capacitors deliver top-notch sound
  • 4-way Colour knob provides a variety of tones
  • Gain knob that adjusts the output of the germanium transistor
Set your tone on fire with the 65amps Colour Boost germanium handwired boost pedal!

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Tech Specs

Pedal Type Treble Booster
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Manufacturer Part Number Colour Boost

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic with P90's

Can't love this pedal enough. Nails the early Black Sabbath tone when used with a pretty loud low gain tube amp. Kind of specific requirements but used in conjunction with your guitar's volume knob it's like 2 pedals in one. Roll back for Rory Gallagher clean then turn up for Fuzz-like distortion. Super simple and sturdy, been a staple on my board for quite awhile now.


Not sure why these other guys are so upset. There's no rules on a treble boost. Use it driven, clean, whatever. This pedal nails that classic sound with parts that are gonna last forever like their amps. My 65 is a tank.
Music background: rocknroll

Proper use of a Treblebooster

Not sure why he started out doing the exact opposite of how you are supposed to use a Treblebooster. Always into an already distorted amp, they sound awful into a clean amp as a distortion pedal. These are meant to goose a singing lead or roaring distortion stack into perfection-not give you a "roll back yer volume" kinda vox tone. There are so many things going on backwards here I don't know where to start. Just my opinion, I admit I could be wrong. I am still curious as to how it would sound in a proper setting.

Be wary

So doesn't seem like ol' Dan says who designed this for them...and built the prototypes and early units. Too bad as he'd have everyone believe everything @ 65 is his idea and never compensate the person(s) that actually did. Sure it's a variation on the "Dallas Rangemaster" like everyone else's but built with the parts and the way I spec'd them. This man is nobody's friend except his own( my opinion shared by a few others..).
Music background: Pro
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