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Peavey Classic 50/212 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • from Seattle, Wa, USA May 18, 2012Music Background:

    I have 2

    Actually I have a customized Peavy classic 50/50 stereo rack mount with Mercury Magnetics transformers, but here is the deal. Those El84 Tubes sound great but you will blow through them like snotrags if you try to play loud all the time. They are gr8 for recording tho. For more power-louder and longer life get the Sovtek EL84M The m stands for military spec. They are more rugged and rated at higher voltage.

  • from Phoenix, AZ April 1, 2010Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Professional Musician

    Super Tone Machine

    I was never a big fan of Peavey products, so I was pretty skeptical when I gave this combo a trial run. Boy, was I surprised. I play Country in one band, and R&R in another, and this little monster does it all. The twang I get out of this beast is just incredible, and the bottom end thumps like sub-woofer. The natural compression of this amp is great, so I find myself by-passing my compressor pedal more often than usual. Did I mention volume? Holy Christ is this thing loud! Now here's the important part, It's loud and it still sounds great.

    I play a Telecaster through a Keeley compressor, Line 6 Pod XT Live for delay, and tube screamer, and the country tone is perfect. Nice and clean, with a slight growl, and lots of bite. For the rock stuff I run my PRS Custom 24 through a Boss DS-1, into the compressor, with delays and various other effects added by the Line 6, and this amp takes every bit of that and spits out amazing sounds. I couldn't be happier.

    Admittedly, I've never used the "lead" channel, so I can't comment on it. But then again, I've never needed it. If you're looking for a versatile amp, that will do really well in medium to large venues, this is a great choice. I promise you, this amp is worth every penny, and in my opinion it's actually under-valued.

  • from Mercer,PA USA June 15, 2009Music Background:
    lifelong musician

    best combo amp ive ever owned

    i have had my classic 50 for quite a few years now and i have to say this is the best tube combo amp i have ever owned.I have owned mesas and marshalls and they are problematic and i have never been impressed with them.i bought my classic fifty used back in 2000 and the only thing i have had to do to it is replace the stock tubes with groove gold series ones (the stock ones were microphonic due to age)and now it sounds even better.if you play metal and use drop tunings the peavey blue marvel speakers in this amp will give you that bottom end "chug"without the rattle or honking that celestions like to do when you turn the bass up while still giving you crystal clear mids and highs.after i bought this amp i became such a fan of the blue marvel i bought four of them and installed them in a older style heavy duty sealed peavey 4x12 cab which the classic 50 pushes with no problem at all this amp is a very loud 50 watts i promise you!! musicians i have jammed with say they become "shell shocked"when they stand in front of my rig.my only complaint about this amp is that if you want that gain crazy harmonic producing over the top distortion (that i personally love)you will have to go with an effects unit i use the digitech gnx-1 the secret is to keep the effect units level down and crank the master level on the amp to almost max this gives you the control the effects unit allows you of your tone while giving you the warmth and harmonics only a tube amp cranked with its tubes glowing red can.trust me ive been playing for over 20 years ive seen and owned it all and i have friends who own triple recs and jcm 800s and not only does my rig eat them for breakfast it never fails or breaks down and this amp is the heart of it.peavey builds the best gear on the planet end of story!!!

  • from Memphis,Tn. March 19, 2009Music Background:
    Recording and Live sound

    Great amp!

    I wont tell you to buy new tubes or set this amp in anyway. All thats a matter of taste. I will say that I have played other amps and this amp makes me smile!
    Controls are simple, just like I like. This is a beautiful amp. No amp can sound like ALL other amps! No need to compare to Fender because it's a Peavey.
    They both make great amps...admit it! :)

  • from July 6, 2008

    RE: Bottom end

    I own one of these.
    Single coil at the neck has plenty of bottom end.

  • from NASHVILLE May 14, 2008Music Background:

    killer tone


  • from Houston, TX July 4, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great amp easily made better!

    Excellent amp for the money!! Very versatile amp for many genres: jazz, blues, country, rock, zydeco, etc. The stock Blue Marvel speakers sound great, too. My 2007 Classic 50/212 had a great clean Normal channel, but for me, the Lead channel was not a pleasant dirty sound, and I'm playing a Strat with all single coil pickups. I re-tubed the amp with all new JJ tubes for $75 (2xEL-84 power tubes and 4x12AX7 pre-amp tubes) and now the Normal channel is even cleaner and sweeter sounding, and the Lead channel breaks up nicely. I can't say enough about how great this amp sounds with JJ tubes. Check with your account rep, as Peavey did switch to JJ tubes a few years after I bought mine and not sure what they're shipping with now. Regardless of what tubes you get, this is an excellent tube amp for the money. Last time I checked they were still being made in the USA, too!

  • from NC July 30, 2008Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Not for metal?

    I keep seeing this in review after review. True. Not for metal. But it has one of THE sweetest clean tones of any amp I've ever played through. If I want high gain, I stomp my AMT DistStation and I'm in high gain heaven.

  • from San Diego,USA December 20, 2007Music Background:
    Live player! gig weekends,some studio.

    classic 50 2x12

    If you're a type of person that likes Associates themselves with name brands,and so now youre part of the statues snobs! youre probably not a player and dont gig alot,just bedroom fantasy. But if youre looking for an Amp that delivers great tone both clean and distortion(no need for distortion pedals) and play's in a five piece band and gig every weekend this amp is it(NOT FOR METAL), just add wah! for my experience with this amp is that, it blends well with a five piece band and incredible on three piece band,great tone at every pick and strum you can throw on. for a piece of advice! if the amp sounds tiny just replace all the 12AX7 stock preamp tubes and put some 12AX7WA for warmer bigger bottom end nuff said.

  • from tenn. October 30, 2006Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    All you'll ever need!!!

    This is a great all around amp. Enuff said!

  • from atlanta ga January 14, 2007Music Background:
    burned out pro

    I used a few old tricks to make it the perfect amp.

    Perfect all around lead player amp! Off the showroom the classic 50-212 has great tone,however lacks enough bottom end for todays guitar sounds.I will tell you the trick that will make you say ^$%^%^$...MAN!! You will be amazed at the differnce.Go buy a set of FENDER TWIN amp legs located on the parts rack. Look a a twin and make sure you install them with the same angle when amp is leaning back. If thats still not enough tilt it back and put it against a wall.. MAKE SURE IT CAN GET AIR SO TUBES DO NOT OVERHEAT! It will also have more sustain!!!! AND A LOT OF BOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from California September 23, 2006Music Background:

    Peavy Classic 50

    I bought this amp a couple of months ago. It's a really loud and clean sounding amp. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it has no bottom end. It's great for playing lead and that's it. Over all the amp has good quality , and looks well built. I own several other amps and it's up there with the best of them.

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