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Peavey Classic 30/112 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from August 16, 2011Music Background:

    Great Amp

    This is a great amp, esp for the money. I play a stock Gibson Les Paul Studio and I play everything from Hendrix and Pink Floyd to GNR and Metallica and the C30 sounds great.. It can handle any type of music except high gain shredding but you can always add a pedal since it takes pedals just fine. The cleans are sweet, the reverb is very usable and the dirty channel is perfect for GNR type riffs. Its pretty small in size but gets LOUD but still sounds really good at lower levels. The build quality is very nice (and its USA made) and it looks sweet in person. Mine has a cage around the tubes to protect them and there's even some dampening material in with the tubes to keep them from rattling, which I haven't experienced. I've had it for about 9 months and I haven't had a single problem with it. If you like playing the blues, classic rock and rock, I doubt you can find a much better deal than the C30. I looked at tons of amps before I bought this thing and if anything were to happen to it, I'd buy another one, hands down.

  • from Kalamazoo, MI July 12, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Fantastic Amp

    I have had my Classic 30 for six years. It has an amazing, expressive
    tonal range, sweet clean to dirty blues. It has plenty of volume.
    It sounds great without pedals. Best combo amp I've ever owned.

  • from alabama May 15, 2009Music Background:

    A Great Little Package

    This amp is just great. You get two useable channels. The clean chanel is as good as any fender i have ever played. The distorion channel is also great. With a little gain you get your blues tones. Push the gain half way you get that southern rock tone. Crank the gain all the way and you get that black in back ac/dc tone. Plus its got a boast that seems to ad midrange to your playing. Amp akes pedals very well also. Come with quality stuff the tubes that came stock in mine were ruby and jj's. Bought this jewel right here at sweetwater from nick raffaele very nice guy.

  • from California February 25, 2008Music Background:
    Been Rockin and Rollin since 1964

    Peavey Classic 30/112

    I just purchased this amp Feb 2008 and it Rocks right out of the box. This amp came stock with JJ EL84's and JJ 12ax7's. I play Country, Blues and Classic Rock and Prefer this sound over my Fender 65 Twin Reissue. Comparatively the clean is a little grittier but a little more Rock n Roll at the same time. And this thing weighs 25 ibs lighter. The stock speaker sounds great with this amp and is a Peavey Spec speaker built by Eminence in the U.S.... It works very well in a band situation. I've plugged in an Epiphone Valve Jr cabinet that I have dropped an Eminence Patriot Heat into and it gives it an even rounder tone with more bottom. I put my RP350 and other pedals away and at the gigs just use this amp for clean and dirty. Awesome amp, American Made and highly recommended.

  • from South Bend, IN February 26, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist playing 40 yrs.

    Great Amp

    The C30 amp can give you really nice cleans but can also give you natural overdriven tones without pedals. This amp is plenty loud enough to play in a band in small clubs and venues. It sounds good with either single coil or humbucker pickups. It is a good amp for blues, rock, or country. The C30 appears to be a well built amp that will be able to handle the road.

    When shopping for an amp I was looking for a low wattage amp that would give me clean tones and overdriven tones for blues/rock without the use of pedals. I was also looking for the amp to be light weight, could be played at bedroom levels, club levels, or played in a studio. I compared this amp to several other small amps such as the Egnator Rebel 30, Fender Blues Jr, Marshall Class 5, Tiny Terror, etc.. I liked the tone of the Peavey over all the amps I tried. Really love the dirty channel and I control the amount of overdrive with the volume on my guitar.

    This amp does everything I wanted it to do and it is a great amp for a reasonable price. I wished it had a master volume, a standby switch, a channel selecter pedal, and a presence control like my C50. I also wished the amp had a little more bottom end which adding an extension speaker to it may resolve. The biggest disappoint of this amp is that I'm getting a little tube rattle.

    I've been playing for 40 years, played a lot of different amps over the years, and I always comeback to Peavey and the C30 is a good amp.

    Overall I would highly recommend this amp and I would recommend shopping at Sweetwater. Sweetwater carries quality products, has knowledgable sales personnal and support, and they have great a repair department which I've used for another amp and guitar.

  • from Marina del Rey, California August 5, 2011Music Background:
    I play alot

    Great Lil-big Amp

    I really wanted an amp for my living room so when I want to pick up my guitar the sound was there. This does it all. I put my tuner, TS9, delay, Tremolo in front not the fx loop. I've tried all of the little amps you can think of Blues Jr, Marshall Class 5 etc., I even put my 50 watt Marshall but that was to much so I put that back in my office/studio.

    This amp has power...30 watts' come on this will blow away a lot of amps out there.

    The clean is clear like a fender and overdrive of a Marshall. simple and powerful.

    Remember that this is a Peavey Classic 30 'MADE IN THE USA" these been around for a while and I am convinced because mine is right here in front of me ")

  • from Hamburg Pa. USA March 13, 2012Music Background:
    Returning guitarist after 40year hibernation

    Peavey Classic 30/112

    Had a Peavey Viper combo which was great to try out all the different amp model effects but the tone quality was just not there. I found after many weeks of looking & listening to different amps it boils down to personal preference. Some had more features than I wanted & some had not enough, This combo amp fit my wants & needs almost the best. To me what would make this a five star amp would be seperate EQ for both clean & dirty channels, other than that I would not want to change one thing on it! Using this as a "practice amp" in a small room & have no problem controlling volume for that purpose. Will be used elsewhere once I get better again & I can tell will have "plenty" of volume for larger venue/ studio use. But the best part is the sound quality, its exceptional & USA made to boot!

  • from Harrisburg, PA October 6, 2007Music Background:
    performer, song writier

    great little amplifier

    I think the Peavey Classic 30 is a fabulous little amplifier. It really does the EL84 sound well. I replaced the stock tubes with JJs and that made the voice of the amplifier sweeter, warmer, better defined and much more useful. I purchased the amp as a back up to my Marshall DSL 401 (also an EL84 circuit). After the tube change, I use both amplifiers without preference to one or the other. They are certainly not the same amp, but both have an EL84 sound. The beauty of the Peavey is it costs about half as much! On the other hand, it only has one tone stack... I undertsand that TECHNICALLY the classic 30 is a one channel amplifier with an additional gain stage in the preamp section whcih they call channel two. That is, you are loading more preamp gain to the clean channel when you switch 'channels'. That is how the Hot Rod Deluxe works, as well as the Crate Combo amps that have one tone stack. It's not a bad thing, it's just different than having two channels like the Marshall DSL 401.

    I tried different speakers via extension cabinets. I do think there are benefits to changing out the stock speaker, but not enough for me. Besides, if I want to change the speaker sound, I have a couple extension cabinets, so I can do that any time I want to. When I play with my band, I can't not hear the subtle differences between various speakers. They do not make me play better, write better songs or become a better performer on stage, so the stock speaker is okay with me.

    All in all, the Peavey Classic 30 is light wieght, easy to tweak out for good clean and over driven sounds, it is inexpensive, and it looks good. If you like the EL84 sound, I do not think there is a better low cost choice than this amplifier. I actually prefer it to the AC30 and AC15s that I have tried.

  • from salem ct. November 21, 2006Music Background:
    rootsrock & blues

    New sound

    I generally play blues and roots rock type things,I am an owner and long time user of fender guitars and amps,When I picked up the classic thirty and played it side by side with the fenders I found that instead of a not quite fender sound it has a unique sound, and found myself leaning more and more towards the peavey ,I use mainly the normal channel and set at a volume level around 4 it sounds really good and has no problem on it's own with bass and drums. The only problem I've experienced is tube rattle in the power section even with the existing clips it needs some tube taming.I love the way the preamp controls are interactive unlike most amps nowadays. the reverb is good but I suggest the use of a holy grail for a fender type vibe.I did use groove tubes in the power section to soften the sound and a speaker upgrade for personal preference, but if you have the time I would suggest breaking it in before making changes.For the price ya gotta know your gonna have to do some tweaking to get a first class rig but I find it to be a nice addition to the sound collection ! Buy the way I'm on strike over fender and gibson prices !

  • from Chicago, IL October 26, 2006Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Versatile, quality amp

    This is my gigging amp and I love it. It's pretty lightweight and portable for a 30 watt tube amp and really has a great overall tone. This is not an amp for metal, nu metal, shred or other hi gain genres. But if you play country to blues to classic rock, or anything in between, this is a great amp.

    It does suffer slightly from cheaper stock tubes and speaker. I say slightly because the amp really sounds great right out of the box. But swapping tubes (as I did with JJs) makes a big improvement on tone. A speaker change also helps a ton. Not that it's bad before the changes, but the changes make a huge difference. Which leads me to believe that the amp circuit itself is really quality and that's what is really driving the great tone here.

    The EQ is pretty responsive. It takes pedals great. I use a couple overdrives and some modulation on both channels and it sounds really good. The FX loop is good to have because the drive channel has a great crunch. So I can put my modulation in the loop. It's not quite a Marshall crunch, but then again few amps are. There's alot of headroom on the clean channel (even more now that I put the JJs in it. The clean channel has a nice sparkle. It's not a Fender by any stretch of the imagination. But unlike with Fender amps, you get a dirty channel here that you can actually use. In general this amp has two quality channels. Neither one is really top of the line (like Marshall or Fender), but both are very useable. I wish it had a direct out, but oh well. It does have an extension jack, and I'll probably pick up a 2x12 cab for it eventually.

    I think the price is a little high (I got mine much cheaper that it normally goes for), but then again, I think tube amps are generally overpriced anyway. The price tag on it is pretty much in line with other smaller tube amps. So take that for what it's worth.

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