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Fender Champion 600 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • M Nijmeijer
    from The Netherlands September 6, 2010Music Background:

    Satisfices every need!

    A small amp, a big impact.

    That really aplies for this little devil. It's smooth every time and when you wanna lay down some more rockin' riffs the 600 obey's imediatly!
    And for this budget you have a full tube amp and that's what we all want, right?

    It also looks the part with that classy 2 tone 50's look. It isn't only functional but also great to look at. There isn't, and trust me on this one, there isn't a better (new) amp for 150 bugs. Buy it you won't be disapointed!

  • mr fender
    from nj July 18, 2009Music Background:
    musician,fender bass,tele,strat.

    mr fender

    old school top of the line tube amp change your volumes you get many sounds of classic rock the 600 is the best bang for the buck i love my fender 600

  • Geoff Humildad
    from Yerington, NV January 4, 2011Music Background:
    student, lead guitarist for youth worship band and an acoustic band with my friend Chase

    fender champ

    I've been playing guitar for 3 years(electric for 2) and had been using an old solidstate Marshall G15RCD that I bought from my guitar teacher (it had be sitting around for a long time he bought it in 98') then one day my dad and I went into a "Center of Guitar" and had were browsing when I came across this little amp. It caught my attention due to the big half off tag and it being a tube so I grabbed a Squier bullet(like my bullet but it had a bigger scale and a trem. My bullet is alpine white, hardtail and has a 24 3/4 scale its the only one that ive ever seen with all the stuff above ) and plugged it in and started playing. WOW what a difference it was compared to my Marshall it was smooth and creamy sounding and I instintly fell in love with it plus it was half off normal price come on I would of been crazy not to buy it. I play it almost every day and I use it every week for playing live and its sure loud for five watts. The only reason I didnt give it that last star is because even when plugged into the high input and cranked all the way up it does not overdrive at all it just breaks up a bit so for overdrive/distortion I use a Boss bd-2 and it sounds amazing! All in all its a great little amp with a very nice sound clean or overdriven and if it were stolen I would definatly buy another!

  • keith
    from Lafayette September 19, 2010Music Background:
    student, hobbyist, recording engineer

    awesome little monster

    i got this amp for recording and practicing at my apartment. this thing sounds incredible out of the box, the simplicity is what makes the amp so great. you hear just your guitar tone, nothing else. the stock speaker and tubes aren't so great, so change them out right away! i put a weber signature 6" in mine, sounds incredible. haven't decided on the right tubes yet, but i will swap them out asap. i love the tone so much that i haven't even been playing with any pedals in front of it, the only thing i wish it had is reverb. if you like blues/jazz, this amp is killer. ....if you like metal, go buy something else

  • Billybob Pills
    from Downtown Timonium Maryland May 14, 2009Music Background:

    all good...except for the stock speaker

    What a fantastic little tube amp. Unfortuantely, the trick of Fender creatingthe distortion is in the cheap stock speaker. I bought an incredible Weber replacement speaker and use a Barber Direct drive, and Lordy fasten your seatbealt!! You will be in awe of this little box! Awesome!

  • Joshua
    from Monterey, CA December 31, 2008Music Background:
    Engineer, Musician

    Honest Review

    I love this amp. There really isn't much to complain about. A lot of people don't like the fact that it only has one knob (volume), but the amp really does the rest of the work for you, so there isn't a need for any other knobs to be on it.

    The review before mine states that the amp is limited to a distorted overdrive. I have to disagree. With my guitar plugged into the low input at a moderate volume, this amp is creamy creamy creamy. At the high input, the amp pushes out that warm, thick fuzz overdrive that I personally crave. If you find the amp a little too edgy, just swap out the 6v6 tube. Actually, Sweetwater just wrote an article about that. Switching the stock 6v6 tube with a Tung-Sol or a JJ really does change the amp noticeably. And while you're at it, you might as well swap out the 12ax7 in the preamp, too. Trust me, once that's done, you'll be amazed at the gobs of warmth that ooze out of this thing. But all in all, amazingly, this amp still holds its clarity throughout the entire frequency range. So, for my review, in not so many words, my only advise would be: buy this amp.

    Oh, one other thing. The review before mine states that the amp tends to crap out at higher volumes, esp. in regards to the low end. I haven't pushed the amp enough to know, since I'm only using it to record, but if you need the extra volume, the sound of this thing vs. its price tag is more than enough incentive to justify buying a cabinet for it. I may do that myself one of these days, but for now, it works just fine for my needs.

  • Old Dog
    from Txas Hill Country August 2, 2009Music Background:
    Played a lot...in spurts..over the last 50 years. Blues slide.

    If it came with a Bell Mounted on top...

    ..it would be a Hum-Dinger! Great amp, but, c'mon Fender...What's with that hum?? its tolerable for live playing, but is a PITA for recording!...plus I'll bet the sound man doesn't care for it if you try to mike it for stage use.
    I'm blasting away playing slide with my SG in my living room, going back and forth with this and my Vox AC4TV, and each is different, but each is great I can get more breadth of tone with the Vox because it has a tone control...and the Vox, when clicked up to its mighty 4 amp mode blows the Fender off the rug.

    The fender has a clean sound the Vox can't quite get (it always sound somewhat Vox-ish).

    The fender 6" farts out when you ask it to hang with some heavy bass strings pickin'.. (the Vox has a10" speaker)

    My recommendation...buy the Fender for home...but not recording (that Damn hum!!). Its speaker is too weak for any attempt at a small venue gig, unless you're playing solo. Its a darn good amp, and $100.00 cheaper than the Vox.

    Buy the Vox if you're going to really push the volume. It'll carry a small rom like it is...run it through a 16 ohm 4x12, and you'll be amazed..and have no annoying hum!

    I'd give the Fender 5 stars if it lost the hum, and had a stronger speaker. I like both amps better than my Fender Champ Silverface I just sold, and it had been completely gone through (tubes, caps, etc.).

  • Bluesman 48
    from Portland IN USA May 4, 2007Music Background:

    A Good One Trick Pony

    This is one of Fender's new offers amp-wise. The amp has 12ax7 and a 6v6 power tube, 5 watts total output and a 6" "special design" speaker. This amp is limited to a edgy kind of distorion when pushed by single coils or humbuckers. It isn't meant to be a clean amp, it is ideal for recording when you want a little "hair" around your guitar sound. The speaker tends to "fart out" when you pushed it with a lot of low end, souund like the voice coil to me. You can disconnect the speaker and connect to a speaker cab. Just make sure your impedances match. I ran mine into a 12" JBL, didn't care for that sound at all, then I ran the amp into my Fender Bassman cab with 2 12" Brown label Jensens from 1965-sweet- very good overall. when I record this amp that is probably the setup I'll use. There is a hum that you notice, but I was able to live with it, you don't notice it while playing, but it might bug some people. I bet Fender sells a ton of these. Like I said it's a one trick pony,but it does that trick very well. For $199 street you can't beat it. I'd like to see it with a tube rectifier but I don't see that happening.
    Hope this helps.:)

  • Rick Stanton
    from Pueblo, Co. December 16, 2009Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Champ 600

    This is the best sounding amp available right off the shelf if you are a blues rocker. The trouble starts when you get it home and it fries itself due to a multitude of manufacturing problems. I've had mine for a year and it has never lasted more than an hour before going up in smoke. Fender should have more respect for musicians. No more MADE in CHINA!

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