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Fender Champion 40 - 40-watt 1x12" Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 106 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Champion 40 - 40-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

Questions about the Fender Champion 40 - 40-watt 1x12" Combo Amp?

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  • from Arma, Ks June 14, 2017

    Champion 40

    I ordered this amp from Sweetwater on a Tuesday and it showed up at my home on Thursday in perfect condition. I build custom pickups and just wanted something small enough to use in my shop to test newly wound pups that had a good clean channel all the way up to high gain and distortion. This amp definitely does the job.

  • from June 4, 2017

    Versatile and lightweight, no compromise on tone

    I bought this amp as an alternative to my Fender Super Champ X2 - I wanted something of a similar style, size and ability but more simple to operate and lighter to carry.

    I was amazed by the price. OK, so the Super Champ is a tube amp with digital modelling and USB recording ability. The Champion 40 does not offer these facilities. But I have found that, in owning the SCX2 for three years, I have barely used the USB recording / amp modelling software at all, and I am actually downright frustrated by the selectable amp voicing on the SCX2 as it is so hard to distinguish one amp model from another.

    The Champion 40 is a purely solid state amp, and to be fair you can tell the difference between the warm, full tube sound of the SCX2, and the slightly more restrained clean channel of the Champion 40. But that is not to say that the tube amp is better. There is a more balanced power delivery with the Champion 40, it sounds fantastic at lower volumes rather than rattling the floorboards and distorting. I found I was playing on Volume 4-5 rather than being limited to Volume 2-3, this meant that I could hear the full range of how the amp was meant to sound without annoying the neighbours.

    The Champion 40 clean channel is in fact a thing of beauty, it sounds perfect with a Telecaster plugged in, really raunchy and responsive. The 12 inch speaker kicks out a lot of air and copes manfully with all that is asked of it. I found that tunes new and old came flowing from my fingers, as I was loving the sweet spot of the amp so much - this in comparison with the SCX2 which often requires a lot of knob twiddling to find the right sound. Jazzy chords and clean licks were well articulated.

    The Champion 40 has slightly fewer amp voices in the distorted channel than the Super Champ (I think it is 12 to the SCX2's 16) - but these are much more easily distinguishable thanks to the traffic light LED which changes from red through to green for each of the Amp voice categories (Tweed, Blackface, British, Metal). It is much easier to remember, say "Orange Blackface" as a go-to voicing, than "number 11". After my first practice, I had got about half way round the amp voices without straying into Metal territory, but found that each was distinct enough to be a worthwhile addition. Again, maybe the Super Champ X2 has the edge on tone throughout, due to its vintage tube, but the Champion 40 sounds unashamedly like a quality solid state amp, there is no tininess or nastiness in the distorted channel.

    The effects are good quality and can be adjusted using the Tap Tempo button. I also liked the fact that it was a good few kg lighter than the physically smaller SCX2, due to not carrying a tube around inside. Both amps have a footswitch socket - the SCX2 has a LINE OUT and USB, but the Champion 40 has an AUX IN and PHONES which the more expensive amp does not.

    Altogether, the Champion 40 is a whole step up from the basic practice amps on the market, it offers way more in terms of effects and models, and sounds way better. It has many of the advantages of the Super Champ X2 tube amplifier, but at a much cheaper price and much easier to operate and carry round. For jamming at home or for taking to a small gig, it is ideal, although obviously the lack of LINE OUT is a drawback.

    Good value, versatile amp for the improving guitarist or older player.

  • from Kansas May 3, 2017Music Background:
    Long time guitar/bass player


    I have only had it a few hours, but it will probably be what I need to get me playing again. My old Fender 250 watt bass amp is just too much for an older guy to move in and out of the closet. I look forward to using this in the future.

    Oh, and BTW, I almost ordered this off of Amazon because I have a Prime membership. However, it was cheaper and had two day shipping like their membership. I will do business with them again if needed

  • from April 21, 2017

    At last my SOUND !

    Hi Guys
    I am a Fender strat user.
    I have been through many amps ID30TVP that has closed back and lows sound boxy and closed.
    Been through Bugera 5W that sound ok with no BASS response.
    Than I tried my friend Fender bassbreaker 007 nice cranch but the bass is flaping and vibrating all over yhe cabinet with irritating voice and no good clean & lots of cabinet vibrations !!! and tube rattle (after adjusting every screw). My pathfinder15r was my best clean so far.
    Finally I found my voice and place with Campion 40,
    1. OPEN cabinet SO important for sound.
    2. Hugh 12" speaker a lot better than 10" can't ignore ithe difference anymore anymore.
    3. Beautiful CLEANS !
    4. very nice overdrive for blues players like me.
    5. NO tube Rattle no cabinet shake no buzzing no waste of time just pure good Fender Sound and FX and quiet as air.
    6. You don't need to pay much to sound good.
    7.AT last found my UPGRADE from pathfinder15r.


    Should have tried it earlier.

  • from April 17, 2017

    A real "Champion"!

    Loving this amp! From the bedroom to the sanctuary (200 people), it's just what I was looking for! It sounds incredible, whether turned down low or cranked up. Never been happier with a non-tube amp. It delivers!

  • from March 17, 2017

    Sweet amp with big tone!

    I bought this amp about a month ago and it sounds amazing and it's packed with a great amount of British and metal flavors which makes it sound different than the others on the market, I Totally recommend this amp for beginners and pros alike.

  • from Tennessee March 10, 2017

    Sweet little amp!!

    I bought this amp specifically for practice because of the headphone jack and price. However, I soon found that it is a serious piece of hardware! Excellent tone and tone controls. The effects are excellent and sound great. I would rather use this little box than some others I own costing five times the price.

  • from CA March 5, 2017

    Crisp and Clear!

    Moved up from Champion 20 to the 40...amazing difference in sound quality. The 20 is very good, the 40 is great!

  • from Grand Rapids, MI March 1, 2017

    Great Amp!

    I couldn't believe the quality of this amplifier, especially for the price. The effects are cool and don't sound cheap like in past budget model amplifiers, has beautiful tube sounds, and gets LOUD!!! Perfect for silent practice with headphone jack and Aux jack. This is great for playing any genre and style. Honestly, the only dispointment I had, is it's made in Indonesia.

  • from Marion, IN February 28, 2017

    Killer little amp - great platform for pedals

    I bought this amp for a small practice option, and couldn't be happier for the price. I am a bass player that is just learning guitar, and the only other amp I have is a Blackstar ID:100 head over a 412 cab. It is great for loud volumes, but I wanted something small and convenient, and that worked well with pedals. This amp does the trick. I generally play it clean with my pedalboard in front of it. It takes pedals much better than my Blackstar does, although the built in sounds are nice too.. While the amp sounds great as it is, I also bought an Eminence Cannabis Rex which once installed warmed it up ever so slightly and gave it a fuller sound. Completely pleased with my purchase. If you are looking for a lightweight inexpensive amp, look no further. As always, my Sales Engineer Ted Hunter took great care of me. Just another reason why Sweetwater is my first stop shop for all my music purchases.

  • from Pennsylvania February 12, 2017Music Background:

    Big Sound from Smaller Amp

    I purchased the Fender Champion 40 Amp about a month ago and am quite happy with the purchase. I play in a basement band that includes a bass, drums, keyboard and two other guitars and this amp had enough power to be heard. The other guitars used 100 watt amps and the only time I noticed being overplayed was when using the British voicing. The clean tone channel and Blackface voicing are great and have more volume. Normally I wouldn't be playing with two other guitarists but even with both of them this amp held its own.

    I play a Squier Fender Classic Vibe Telecaster (reviewed separately) and it's sound is amazing through this amp. The voicings and effects provide enough choice. I didn't want an amp that was programmable or complicated. I also use the headphone input and auxiliary input with my iPad (for jam tracks) to practice without bothering anyone else.

    I purchase the 2 button footswitch for this amp separately and I definitely recommend it. Makes changing channels and turning on effects much simpler.

    Unless you need power for larger venues, this amp would cover all your needs.

    Sweetwater was great to work with. Free shipping and quick delivery (FedEx). Sales Engineers are helpful and knowledgeable.

  • from Maryland February 12, 2017

    Fender Champion 40w Amp

    I live in an apartment and must use headphones......I have try'd to use w/o headphones and is very loud..I love my amp

  • from January 21, 2017Music Background:
    Blues rock


    Thee best lil amp out there. I own a Marshall DSL 100 watt tube amp and a Blackstar 2-12 combo tube amp. Why is this amp my new favorite? It's simple. And the effects are awsome. So light and still cranks. You can't beat it. This amp is FUN!!!!!!!!!! Serious. Also a great grunge amp .more then what I expected. Buy 2. This is aGreat amp.

  • from Arizona January 4, 2017

    Fender champion 40-40w

    For the money I do not think you can beat this one. Has great sounds and I am glade I bought it.

  • from Baton Rouge, LA December 28, 2016Music Background:
    Studio musician church worship musician

    Great Little Amp!

    I took my other Fender amp to church. I wanted another one with a 12 inch speaker and knobs in the front for my studio. The effects are great. I bought the foot pedal to go with it. This amp sounds so good! Even at low volumes.

  • from Hesperia, CA December 14, 2016

    Teles Twang with this Champion

    I own an American Special Telecaster (also purchased from Sweetwater) and what can I write but the Tele Twangs with this amp. The sound is natural, crisp clear with the different voicings really capturing that Tele tone. It's perfect for home use to go loud without disturbing the neighbors. What can I write but this is my go to amp when I want to practice without worrying about tubes heating up or interference in the environment to create static. It's the only amp I need for practice.

  • from November 17, 2016

    Fender champion 40

    This little amp is a power house I did not know so much could be packed in a small package. Sweetwater technicians and sales people are the best. I will definately shop here for my gear. Thanks SWeetwater

  • from Nottingham October 5, 2016

    fender champion 40

    Superb! very good amp giving me exactly what I want.
    The price is spot on, the amp is easy to understand and the sound is perfect!

  • from Maryland August 25, 2016

    Great amp

    I was worried for a while because I couldn't get the amp to sound full, lacking on bottom, but I found it. I use a double neck with humbuckers & I need a variety of sounds & a full non tinny sound, I found that sweet setting on this amp & it sounds great. Plenty of power, if I need more I will mike it-no need to haul monster amps any more. If you play an SG, try this setting, you'll love it.Volume 1-set on5, push select switch in, Gain on 2, Volume 2-set on 7 .75, Voice-set on the e on blackface, Treble-set on 1.75, Bass-set on 10, FX level-set on 5.5, FX select-set on the plus (+) just pass the word delay. I still play out at least 4 times a month and this amp will be put to the test. So Far--Fender, you got it right, fantastic amp.

  • from Maryland July 26, 2016Music Background:
    Music educator, performance, studio owner

    Fender Champion 40

    I love this little amp, it is perfect for me and what I do. Wanted something that was easy to carry and the Champ 40 does the trick. I was tried of logging around my Peavy Mace and years ago I had a Fender Vibrolux. Even though it is solid state it still has a good sound. I have already used it on a gig, I put a Mic on it to give it a little boost, it worked well. I did go back and pick up an amp stand which worked very well. Very pleased, it will work well in my Studio. Thumbs up on this purchase!

  • from Canandaigua, NY July 18, 2016Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Gigging Musician

    It's AChamp!

    I had two problems. The first was that I've been playing smaller venues, and my 2x12, at 120 watts, was just overpowering. The second was that the stage volume was also too loud. Since most of my tone comes from my pedal assortment, I didn't need a fancy-shmancy amp. Mike, my sales tech, recommended the Fender Champ, at 40 watts. Problems solved! I mic the amp, which puts the volume out front, where it's needed. But, I can keep the volume down on the stage and talk to the other band members without shouting. And, a side benefit- This little Champ weighs in at 17 pounds, as opposed to the 2x12's 90! I bought 2; one for me, and one for the rhythm player. Another winning recommendation from Sweetwater and Mike, my Sales Tech!

  • from NC June 4, 2016Music Background:

    Fender Champion 40

    I have a '72 model Fender Reverb amp and a new Fender Deluxe Reverb amp from Sweetwater. The Fender Champion 40 sounds great and has all the right features for all playing types. It also has the aux input and ear phone jacks which I need for practice. This is the perfect practice amp. Sweetwater is still my goto one stop shopping for all my needs. Ryan Wiltermood been most understanding spending so much time with me since my retirement and starting my music exploration. Though we have not met, I consider you a friend.



  • from Carlisle, Pa May 4, 2016

    absolutely great buy

    but be careful buying a foot pedal.. as it does not include on. You must buy a fender pedal. A single button pedal does work properly. It will switch channels but not the fx.

  • from Texas April 22, 2016

    Great service

    I am a beginner player. This is my first amp. I had a lot of questions and my service rep, Ikes Taylor answered them for me and helped me choose. I ordered on Wednesday and received it Friday. Great service and really prompt delivery.

  • from Deltona, FL February 24, 2016Music Background:
    Playing many years /blues/rock

    Great Little Amp

    Received this amp yesterday and played around with the many voicing features and effects all night. What a GREAT LITTLE AMP. Has a warm feeling and tone. Anyone thinking of purchasing a practice amp or for a small venue, this is it. Has all the effects you will really need.

  • from February 4, 2016

    Works for me !!

    I use two of them in Stereo with Line 6 Pod 500.

  • from Aberdeen Wa December 27, 2015Music Background:
    50 years playing guitar,bass, drums, keys off and on in night clubs, church, classical guitar, acoustic, all styles on electric

    Best Value for the Money

    I've had this amp now for over a month. This is the most overlooked and underrated SS amp on the market. With my American Special Strat the Fender chime is beautiful, classic Fender and to die for. Add a little reverb delay and 2, 1 second taps, on level 4-5 and you are in clean, chimey Fender tone heaven which is what I usually play. This thing has a 12 in speaker. 40 watts is more than enough to practice alone in your apt on 3, whisper quiet on 2 or use with $1 store headphones. Just mike it or better yet USE TWO and mike it for gigging with a live band. Most of these solid state amps sound wonderful on low to medium volumes and then get harsh, brittle with higher volumes. I have not used this amp over 3, it would be too loud for my apartment building. They stack nicely. At $179 you can afford it and you always have a backup. Light as a feather, 19 lbs. I love plugging in to the aux in with my laptop and jamming to YouTube backing tracks now. No maintenance, no back problems, and its much quieter than tubes with no hum, except for the ultra high gain presets with gain all the way up. I am extremely happy. I don't even want a tube amp now with all their hassles, weight and compromises. It would be to try using this with another SS amp and making both for a live performance. I think it would work well. If you use effects sparingly and rely on clean playing and tone you owe to yourself to give this amp a try. I use the delay reverb, wah, overdrive and tremolo settings and think they are just fine, except the auto wah can sound cheesy if overdone. I don't like the chorus or vibratone but I never have. No matter what your situation this amp is a jewel and you will enjoy it if you like clean and warm Fender classic tone and chime.

  • from Sacramento, CA. December 2, 2015

    Guitar Heaven

    Take the Fender speaker and toss it.....Install a Celestion 30. Turn knob to black face. Plug in a Eric Clapton Strat. Turn master volume to 10 and over drive to 3 Crank guitar to 10 and Soar. My other amp is a Fender Super Sonic 60 Watts its speaker also a Celestion 30. I know what I hear you can not beat the price for this sound and you can not beat Sweet Water.

  • from Chicago November 24, 2015Music Background:


    My 5 stars is based on the fact that this amp was perfect for my present live playing application, which is low volume Gospel/Worship music in a guitar duet arrangement. I do not have to compete with drums or keyboard, so 40 watts of solid state power through a 12" speaker is very appropriate.
    This amp is fairly basic and ideal for my live playing. I do not want to be fiddling with amp settings, acting as a computer programmer or technician. I want to set and forget the amp and deal with the music at hand and turn the knobs on my Fender guitar a bit.
    There are 2 channels. Channel one is supposed to be a Fender Twin type setting and is useable. Channel two has amp voicings grouped into 4 categories: 3 Tweeds (pretty bassy sounding), 3 Blackfaces (perfect for my tastes - what I expect out of a classic Fender amp), 3 British (mid-rangy "Marshall") and 3 Metal (very harsh for my tastes).
    The effects, in a dial setting, are decent. You CAN NOT combine the effects at will, into a chain, but they do offer a combo reverb + chorus and a reverb + delay setting, which are logical and very useful.
    You can play with the gain and master volume to get amp overdrive/distortion.
    So, I basically set the amp with a Blackface setting with effects on a slight reverb+chorus to achieve a classic, clean mid 60's shimmering Blackface sound. If I want to add Tremolo or an Overdrive, I would use a pedal in front of the amp.
    It's a good, basic solid state amp, without all the modern technology for a low price.
    If you want to fiddle around in your bedroom with computer patches and modelling, look elsewhere.
    For a basic live playing rig, this fits the bill for a low to moderate volume setting.
    Also, being only one state away, I enjoyed free shipping from Sweetwater that was measured in hours, not days.

  • from Great Falls, MT October 31, 2015Music Background:
    Recording, musician, song writer

    Great Amp

    Here is the truth about this Amp. The price good. The weightis perfect for packing around. Tthe clean channel sounds great and when you add peddals to the front end the amp really sounds good. It is very easy to use. The 40 watt amp can handle band pratice and if miced canbe used for small venues. For the price, it can;t be beat. I love it.

  • from 01879 October 16, 2015Music Background:
    Intermediate guitar player

    Fender Champ 40 watt combo

    Great amp! Just what I needed! Excellent sound and adjustment choices!

  • from Pennsylvania July 22, 2015Music Background:
    Singer, Songwiter, Composer, Musician

    Great Lightweight Amp

    The Fender Champion 40 is well-made, has great sound, and is lightweight enough to carry around easily. It has great clean sound and a versatile bank of effects that add depth to your music. I would recommend this amp to anyone.

  • from Vermont July 16, 2015Music Background:
    Self taught guitarist/keyboardist, singer/songwriter.

    Champion 40 is a champ.

    I love this amp. exactly what I need for what I need to do. Not too technical and more than enough sound. Love the overdrive/distortion. Got a peddle to go with it, let's just say, Stairway to Heaven sounds heavenly. Would recommend to anyone. Oh, I received it two days after I ordered it, like record speed. Happy, happy!

  • from Long Island June 7, 2015

    This one's a screamer!

    I have 3 boutique amps, a vintage Vibrolux and a few small Marshall combos. This little guy does an amazing job creating identical sound to most popular amplifiers. New and vintage amp sounds.
    The quality happens to be extremely good and what a value. Sweetwater is an amazing etailer and Lucas is a great customer service /sales representative.
    Thank you Lucas!

  • from Long Island June 7, 2015

    This one's a screamer!

    I have 3 boutique amps, a vintage Vibrolux and a few small Marshall combos. This little guy does an amazing job creating identical sound to most popular amplifiers. New and vintage amp sounds.
    The quality happens to be extremely good and what a value. Sweetwater is an amazing etailer and Lucas is a great customer service /sales representative.
    Thank you Lucas!

  • from San Diego, CA May 29, 2015Music Background:
    Playing 50 years. During that time have played full time, part time, and just for fun. Love blues, classic rock, jazz, classical and flamenco.

    A Very Happy Surprise!

    For years I gigged with a Fender Deville tube amp, but at age 60 it was getting just too heavy to lug around, so I got a Fender Excelsior, which I mic through a PA. Although I love the Excelsior, it's still a pain to drag around that and a pedal board if I want to play in the living room or out on the patio, etc, so I started looking at SS amps with effects.

    I first purchased a Mustang II, but I seemed to spend all of my time on the computer trying to dial in a tone I liked. I was spending more time on the computer than I was playing, and to be honest I didn't like the tones or the closed back. Maybe the models are better now as I had a first generation model, but I'm just not a tinkerer, so this amp was not for me.

    I started reading reviews on this amp and listening to demos online, and decided to take a chance and order the Champion 40 without trying it. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

    The clean channel is classic chimey Fender roughly based on a Twin Reverb, and the amp models on channel 2 are MUCH better to my ears than the Mustang II was. My favorites are the Blackface Deluxe, Blackface Princeton, and British 70s models.

    The effects (with the exception of the auto wah- which sounds a little goofy to me), are all very useable. The amp is as easy to use as it gets, and you don't need a computer to dial in great tone which was a huge plus for me. It sounds great with my Am Std. Strat, Epi 335 Pro and Godin 5th Ave. Kingpin.

    It's a loud SS 40 watts, definately could handle smaller club gigs.I would have NO problem micing this amp and using it anywhere, and at 19 lbs. I may be doing just that from now on.

    I highly recommend this great sounding little gem!

  • from RVA May 25, 2015Music Background:
    Covers player for 50 years .

    Champion 40 with GB 128 eminence speaker

    I regularly play fender hot rod Deluxe which has a Eminence Speaker. It sounds great, I even got the extension speaker and stack them. I been playing since 1967. This by far is the best amp I have ever had. With extra it out plays the fender twin amp I had. I changed because of the weight. But I wanted a practice and back up amp. The champion 40 was good but I used to the warm heavier tone. So I ordered the 50 watt
    Eminence GB128 guitar speaker. It added a little weight but well worth extra $65. My mission was complete.

  • from Southern California May 22, 2015

    Worth every buck and more!!!

    This combo amp... Its super powerful! Clean with lots of effects! Highly recommended!

  • from Ashville, AL April 30, 2015Music Background:
    I play primarily for friends and family, and have played as a church musician for many years.

    Just what I'd Hoped For

    For the cost, this amp is excellent. I wanted an amp for practice, and small venues. It came well packaged and with the excellent customer service I get with every Sweetwater purchase. I plugged my "Strat" in right away, and checked all the settings. I'm very impressed. It has features that I wish my Mustang IV had. I get better tone when playing it clean, and the effects level knob allows me to get just the right sound that I want. It will give you just a hint of the effect, or turn it all the way up for maximum effect sound. I got it set just right for the softer sound of Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight", and cranked up the distortion for some Jimi Hendrix. I would highly recommend this amp to someone who want's great sound, and has a limited budget.

  • from United States March 2, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist

    Can't Beat It for the Money

    Amazing Fender sound at a very good price. Channel one gives you that classic Fender sound, Channel two lets you select some amp modelings that offer a terrific range of options. And the effects are very impressive. I play a Strat through mine and use channel one clean with just a bit of reverb, and use channel two to dirty things up a bit for soloing. This amp also works great for recording as you can come out of the 'phone jack and go straight into the mixer. If you're looking for great bang for the buck, you will not be disappointed with the Champion 40.

  • from Brownsburg, IN December 15, 2014Music Background:

    Best Value

    Price vs. what you get....this one is a winner. Channel 1 is that clean Fender sound. Channel 2 has enough effects to do most everything a hobbyist, like myself, would want to do. I own this and a Mustang amp. If you like to play with your guitar, get this one. If you like to play with your computer, get the Mustang.

    I've owned the Champion 40 for about one month and have found it to be a great "everyday" amp. It has plenty of power and a great sound. Are there better sounding amps - sure - but they cost a whole lot more.
    Bottom line - I'd buy it again in a heart beat. No regrets here.

  • from Mississippi November 1, 2014Music Background:
    45 years


    Great sounding amp.Couldn't believe how loud this little amp is for it's size.Plenty loud enough for a band, volume was on 7, didn't have an over abundance of power but got the job done.our guitar player liked this amp.Very light weight easy to handle and simple to adjust .A lot of different amp sounds and effects.Get one of these amps.

  • from Palm Bay, FL September 14, 2014Music Background:
    Playing for 53 years, just little gigs now

    Outstanding Amp

    This is one outstanding amp for the money, If your thinking of buying it, do it, I read all the reviews and everything stated it true, what more can I say. Get it before the price goes up because its well worth the money. As always Sweetwater shopping is great, I won't buy anywhere else online, they have everything I need and shipping is very fast.

  • from riverbank ca August 30, 2014Music Background:

    i am very pleased with this amplifier

    this unit is very easy to use. i am impressed by the big sound and quality.fender knocked this one out of the park. it was more than i had expected.

  • from Raleigh, NC August 21, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar and keyboard player from the 60's

    Sweetwater strikes gold again

    Super satisfied with my Fender Champion. Incredibly wide range of amp models and effects. I use it to practice at hone and have to keep the volume way down. This baby is a wall shaker! Very pleased with Sweetwater as usual. I get a call from my sales rep when I order and another when it arrives - you just can't beat that kind of service.

  • from Saint Albans West Virginia August 13, 2014Music Background:
    I am 61, ben playing guitar since 13 yrs. old,, made money in high school Rock Band..

    Fender Champion 40

    This amp. is fantastic. That Great Fender sound & distortion, plus the effect sounds are unbeatable for the Price. The 40 what is a perfect size & weight for me ( a little handicapped) to handle & puts out perfect.. I highly Recommend this product..

  • from Kansas July 8, 2014Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for years now so I'll go with Hobbyist

    A very good sounding amp

    I wanted to get the 100watt Fender amp, but there was a waiting list for it. So I got the Fender Champion 40 -watt combo and saved a few bucks which I used to get a strap that is the Lock-it brand and a guitar stand. Over all I was
    shocked that the 40watt amp sounded so good. I would recommend this amp to anyone of my friends. And on a side note the Lock-it brand strap rocks as well as the guitar stand I think it was a GFW-GTR-1000 brand of guitar stand.

  • from June 18, 2014Music Background:
    guitar, bass

    Fender Champion 40 1x12" 40-Watt Combo

    for th emoney and the size, the amp is great and worth every penny. the only gripe is if you want to use on of the other effects you have to forgo the reverb. but it is great.

  • from WI USA June 3, 2014Music Background:


    Incredible Combo Amp the sound is a High Quality like i always said Fender is Fender

  • from Kansas April 10, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician and guitar teacher

    Great Little Amp

    I have a student that needed an amp. I am really impressed with the Mustang line and have 4 between students and me. The student needing an amp isn't into computers. I thought the Champion 40 would work for him. I ordered it from Sweetwater (great as always) it worked out perfectly. He loves it. I got to play with it for awhile and was impressed.
    Its a nice sounding simple little amp. Pretty sure this will be my reccomended amp for beginning students.

  • from United States March 10, 2014Music Background:
    Been Playing Guitar 49 Years, Was Pro Musician Now Hobbyist


    I Couldn't Believe How Good This Fender Amp Sounded When I Hooked It Up To My Jazzmaster Guitar. You Get All Kinds Of Sounds With The 2 Channels It Offers Like, Tweed, Blackface, Etc. And With Built In Effects Like Wah, Tremolo, Chorus, Flange You Have A Great Selection Of Sounds And Effects To Go With Your Tastes. It's Easy To Operate And Doesn't Cost Alot Of Money Which I Really Like. With A 12 Inch Speaker And 40 Watts It Does Get Loud. I Would Gig With It. Maybe Put A Mic In Front Of It. It's A Great Amp And Is All I Will Ever Need.

  • from United States January 16, 2014Music Background:
    all/live playa!

    Do not underestimate! I'm not kidding either..

    I thought I would wait a couple of month to write this review to put it through the paced. I had a busy November and December gigs,and purchased the amp in mid October of last year from sweetwater. I did not care for the stock speaker so I installed a WGS Liberator 80 and my main pedal that I use 90% of the time is the Boss OD-3.
    I don't use the dirty channel, I just go through the clean and The Boss OD-3 in front of it. I tilt my amp behind me while it stays on the floor and use an empty spray can bottle as my amp tilt stand that supports the top rear, and it works out great! audience in front of me does not get blown away and sound man is happy. Although there were times that I was told to turn down by the sound man cause I was too loud! this amp can hang with A live drummer and a five string bass player with two 4x10 cabs.
    The way I have my set up I can hear my self real well and guys in the band would have me on their ear monitors or the wedges but not a whole lot cause it projects well by itself. its also and open back cab. Anyways I have not had any issues whatsoever with this amp,I sold my JC 120 which was always way too loud at gigs,way too heavy and this is now my go to gig amp and luvin it! very light,loud,good descent low end chunk,but usually its the Bass player that takes care of that anyways,great clean sound Boss OD-3 friendly and loves that WGS Liberator speaker.... By the way if your into Death style metal you should be looking at half stacks! but if you play hard rock,twang rock blues,funk,jazz,some heavier rock,Indie stuff in small stages using a descent pedal like the Boss OD-3 or the Boss OS-2 through the clean channel, then get this one...

  • from Kensington, CA January 7, 2014Music Background:
    30-years experience -- live and recording.

    Excellent Amp! Excellent Store!

    I'm a tone snob. Through the years(read: decades), I've owned, played, gigged, and recorded through a Fender blackface Twin Reverb, Super Reverb and Bassman, a Prosonic and a Custom Vibrasonic. I still regularly use and love the Prosonic and Vibrasonic. My guitar line-up is one late-90's ES-335. Also, I don't use many effects at all, just a TS-9 at times. In addition to my splendid amps, though, I needed something very good yet portable for a jazz/funk project that rehearses in an urban 3rd-floor walk-up. Am I going to lug a Vibrasonic to weekly rehearsals through city streets and up(and down) three flights of stairs? NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

    Enter this little chestnut; the Champion 40. This thing rocks! The Champion just sings for the jazz/funk as well as rock(but probably not metal), R&B, blues and jazz. Don't let the fact that it costs less than a boutique effects pedal and/or that it's solid state fool you. This is one very musical amplifier. It bears no resemblance to the brittle, harsh sounding solid state amps I had to use on gigs in the 1980's -- by contrast, it's very warm and musical all around. It also bears mentioning that it's one of the few modeling amps around that you don't need a computer science degree to figure out. It's laid out very simply and I love simplicity. For example, channel one has one control, "Volume." I just add a touch of the amp's reverb, dial in my volume and I've got a great clean, warm tone all night. Its lead tones are great as well; the "British" and "Tweed" settings sound great in particular with tad of gain with my guitar. There is one downside however; despite the fact that it's a two-channel amp, its foot switch is not included and you really need a foot switch to get the most out any two channel amp. However, the model 007135900 Champ switch with a regular guitar cable works perfectly.

    Also, I gave a hard look at all of the smallish, under-$1,800.00 tube amps available in my area (San Francisco) and was deeply disappointed in their tone quality relative to price on all of them. After all of that, I'm convinced that the Champion 40 is the best value in guitar amps on the market presently. Don't believe me?, just hit a music store and a/b the Champion 40 with a Blues Jr., Pro Jr and so forth and hear it for yourself. Chances are, however that the Champion will be sold out but plenty of overpriced tube amps will be available. This, again is coming from a tone-snob and regulary user of a Prosonic and Custom Vibrosonic.

    So If you play a lot in ensemble situations and need a simple, portable yet great-sounding working tool of a a gutiar amp, I'd definitely look into one of these before the price goes up and/or it's discontinued which is seemingly what usually happens on the rare occasion that a piece of equipment this good and well-priced comes over the transom.

    Finally, a huge thank you to Aaron at Sweetwater for his exemplary customer service. Within minutes of my order, I got a call confirming the order and thanking me for my purchase. As this wasn't a multi-thousand dollar purchase, but a less- than-$200.00 order($161 -- I got a demo). I was really impressed by this. What a pleasant, nearly surreal change from the usual attitude-infested stoners at the competition! Plus, they shipped it for free. What a place!

  • from Socorro, NM USA November 30, 2013Music Background:
    Just an amature git-picker...

    Powerful Lil' Amp

    This amp can't be beat for quality and price! Powerful and affordable. The sound is rich, crisp, full, and versatile. You can use this anp in your den, room, or personal cave. I love this amp! Sweet Water folks treat its customers right! With appreciation and friendliness like businesses used to in the old days. Thanks to ya all at Sweet Water! - Viv

  • from Upsate New York , Mohawk Valley Region, NY USA November 28, 2013Music Background:
    Saxophonist, using Fender Amps for miking & guitar hobbiest.

    A full featured AMP that won't break you back and budget.

    I can't believe how good this amp sounds, which weighs only 19 pounds. Fender got it right for older musicians (like me) who are getting tired of lifting amps which weight in between 31 to 50 pounds, which I once considered easy to transport and use. The 12" inch speaker with a light magnet sounds very good, and the speaker baffle is very tight and well supported. It and does not buzz on a moderate attack of the low E string. The aux input can also be used for a keyboard input, (regulated by the keyboard volume control) independent of effects , so its almost like a 3 channel amp. The drive channel hosts the voice types which include tweed and blackface tones that can made to sound clean without distortion applied which I like. The amp has effects that sound real nice which pays for itself through the elimination of two or more effects pedals. The only thing that I miss is not being able to supper- impose the overlay of reverb on tremolo like the vintage Fender vibrio - reverb amps can, but the chorus and delay effects can be combined with reverb, to sound nearly as shimmery. The cosmetics are almost like a "baby" Fender Vibro King Custom.

    If you need an AMP Cover for the Champ 40, like I did, the Fender Blues Junior cover will fit the Champ 40 very well, provided that the Fender Logo is faced toward the rear of the amp to accommodate the handle opening. Hopefully a Champ 40 cover will be released.
    However, I am very satisfied with the fit of my Blues Junior amp cover, even if the logo is on the rear. So what, it does the job and covers the Champ 40 from top to bottom and looks great !

  • from Djibouti Africa (deployed) November 13, 2013Music Background:

    couldn't be happier!

    I took a chance on this new amp, and am overwhelmingly satisfied. I have several other amps, and notably an Mustang II. I just lack the technical attention span for the Mustang. The Champion is so much more intuitive. And the sound is EVERYTHING I was looking for! It makes my strat sing like never before. I cannot put down my guitar with this amp! It's understandable right out of the box and the quality is top notch.

  • from Walker, WV October 18, 2013Music Background:

    Great Amp

    This Amp is perfect for what I wanted. A practice Amp, and also great for open mic nights. It has very nice Amp modeling's, with all the old school effects. The best part, is having 40 watts.. and only 18 lbs. to carry. That's right. 40 watts/18 lbs. I always shop at Sweetwater. The best customer service any where. Bar none! Thanks Sweetwater!!

  • from Athens, PA September 13, 2013Music Background:

    an Incredible amp!

    I took a gamble on this amp. It's brand new and no reviews. But I noticed it had the same voicing;s as the Super Champ XD (an amp I regretted parting with).
    Channel #1 has ONE control - Volume. Engineered with Fender's super clean "Twin Reverb" voice. Couples with the plate reverb sound - this channel is amazing.
    Channel #2 has 12 voices:
    TWEED: Champ, Deluxe, Bassman
    1965: Princeton, Deluxe, Twin Reverb
    BRITISH: 60's, 70's, 80's
    METAL: Supersonic, 90's, 2000
    I already own a Line 6 Valve amp and a Roland CUBE 40XL. But I was looking for some lightweight, loud, with lots of voices.
    I had even bought the Marshall MG30 CFX amp - but it has no clean channel. This Fender has everything. I returned the Marshall.
    The right output level .. the right sounds .. and at 19 pounds - all an older guitarist will ever need.
    I look for 3 basic guitar sounds:
    #1 - ultra clean for rhythm/accompaniment.
    #2 - Tweed OD, slight breakup,
    #3 - Over the top, screaming solo voice.

  • from AZ June 14, 2017

    Just what I expected

    Great Amp to get back into playing again! Great features and it's a Fender

  • from Texas May 31, 2017

    Very Happy camper

    Excellent communication and services. Fast delivery .

  • from Indiana April 12, 2017

    Great Little Amp

    This little amp would be great for beginners. I've been playing a LONG time and it is a great practice amp. It can handle band work but lacks volume with drums involved. The reason it's not a 5 is that I find the sound a little dark, but you run it full treble and it helps. Effects are nice but limiting as far as multiple effects go. Amp modeling is pretty good. For this price, it's a great amp to have at home. Can't beat solid state dependability. I liked it so much I got the Champ 100 and that handles everything our rock band does. Great clean amps and Fender quality.

  • from Los Angeles, CA March 1, 2017

    Great product...great customer service!

    The Champion 40 is a great little work-horse! Usable effects and solid amp models make this amp gig worthy. The only issue IMO, is the EQ. I wish Fender would include a tweekable mid range...but, they don't. The mids are pretty pronounced...however, it's nothing an EQ pedal can't remedy. Overall, it's a fantastic buy!

  • from Fort Worth December 26, 2016

    Best 40 watt Amp

    This little amp packs a punch. Best sound hands down and can't beat the price. The guys at Sweetwater are always professional and shipping is always great. Jed is awesome and always makes sure you are happy with your purchase.

  • from SoCal August 29, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing for 55 years

    Clean platform for my pedals

    Have the Champion 20 for practice and decided to move up in both size and power. I have a few other amps but Fender makes the Champion 40 such an attractive platform for basically pocket change that it's silly not to have one.

    I love my pedal board and don't use any of the onboard effects. Can't hardly buy a SS amp these days without everything included but the price is so cheap it doesn't matter.

    All I use is the clean channel and it works perfectly with my pedal board. The amp is light, build quality is good enough and it sounds great. What's not to like?

    For practice, small gigs, etc. the amp is perfect. Did I mention they're practically giving these things away?

    Frankly I personally would like to see an amp of the same weight, power, speaker size and price that includes a line out and a mid control. One channel, master and gain knob, no effects. Well, maybe a reverb. Kinda sounds like a solid state blues junior, doesn't it? Only way cheaper.

  • from Denver May 11, 2016

    Grab n Go!

    I needed a small, inexpensive "grab n go" type amp for a local blues jam that I could just plug into and not have to spend much time thinking about. This fits the bill perfectly. It does a pretty good job of emulating the classic Fender clean and crunch tones you're used to. It has a few "metal" voicings as well. I don't really think I would use it in a hardcore death metal band, but then I wouldn't use most Fenders for that. If that's your thing, maybe you want to look at a comparably priced Peavey Vypyr.

    And really, that's pretty much the story with this amp. As long as you set your expectations properly, you will not be disappointed. It's not a Mustang, and it's also not going to impress you like a feature packed $2,000+ piece of bling. But I would maybe put it somewhere in the neighborhood of a Mustang? It's got enough flexibility, without the technical learning curve. Plug into it, get the tone close to what you like (or try a new sound!) and get on with actually playing your guitar vs. playing with your amp.

  • from Southern California April 8, 2016Music Background:
    I play out.


    I've had this amp for a few months. First and not least is the weight. One handing a 40 plus amp across a parking lot is no longer fun. Just get the sound close and it does. At first I did not think of using the voices. I got to messing around with them finally. On any of them you can dial in how much gain you want or in my case don't want. I am not a metal player in the least. But this thing i more fun than a barrel of monkeys on the high gain voices. At one time I thought I'd try a Marshall of some kind. No need to bother.
    The only effects I use is reverb with some delay.
    The clean channel is clean clean clean. A slight OD pedal in front helps.

    I swapped the speaker out for a Jensen Mod 35. I've run this thing on 8 or more at jams. Yet to break up the speaker. The stock speaker is fine but I just thought I'd see what the Jensen did to the sound.

    Bottom line: I can go to the local jams with just amp in one hand and guitar case in the other and hang. And I don't need a trip to the chiropractor after.

    So the big question is: Will it do a gig? It's right on the border line. 50 watts would have been nice. I bump the volume with a compressor or OD pedal. Alone in a trio it will work. I have had a loud 15 watt tuber kind of cover me up if the amp is next to his. If for some reason I will need a louder amp for gigs I seriously would get the 100 watt version. Just because of the Fender reliability and what the amp can do with the voices. And still only 40 lbs. And the 100 has an extra jazz voice I'd like to hear. If I start to get band gigs again It will be on order. Sweetwater ships same day it will arrive in time to be on stage Friday night.

  • from Plymouth, IN March 29, 2016

    Nice Little Amp

    Took a chance, wanted a light weight amplifier, decided on Fender Champion 40. Less than $200, got it today, all of 19 lbs. Sounded pretty good, and surprisingly loud for 40 watts solid state. I read some reviews where guys said they put a better speaker in it, so I put a 12" Celestian speaker in it that I already had, and now it weighs a whopping 23 lbs. Still lightweight compared to my Fender Deluxe VM Combo Tube Amp which weighs 45 lbs. (it seems heavier!). And this new little amp sounds great. Very happy with my purchase! Would've given 5 stars, if there was a line out and separate Reverb control.

  • from Tennessee January 13, 2016Music Background:

    Nice amp

    Great amp. Sounds good and perfect for practice and small gigs.

  • from Pa. October 1, 2015Music Background:

    Just what I hoped for

    I have 6 guitars and 3 amps. Mustang III v2, small Marshall and the Fender Champion 40. The speed of free shipping keeps me coming back to Sweetwater. I like the Champion a lot better than the Mustang. Champion sounds great. It's a lot simpler to use than the Mustang, and a lot of the Mustang's presets are not what I want my guitar to sound like. There may be only 5 or 6 presets I use on the Mustang. Don't get me wrong, the Mustang is a good amp, but I just like the Champion a lot better. It's in your best interest to consider the Champion 40 rather than the Mustang. If you could get access to hear both amps, you'll see what I mean.

  • from August 3, 2015

    great practice amp

    This little amp has a lot more to it than I would have imagined. The voices and effects are great . Anything from clean slow Blues to hard hitting chi splattering rock comes out in the champion .
    From a light reverb to Echoes from the pit of hell , you're covered

  • from Memphis,TN July 12, 2015Music Background:

    frontman sound 19 pounds

    I am a fan of the frontman , I have a hot rod deluxe , l wanted something light and managable this is great 19 lbs and a 12 inch speaker. With built in effects I can go with out an effects board. This amp is fun to play with it sound good. I also used it on a small gig no drummer.I really like it ,price is great, mostly play clean with little slapback. If your a fender fan i would try it
    I do wish it had a built in tuner ,wish the reverb was separate,wish it had a cover
    sweetwater shipped it fast

  • from April 25, 2015

    Great amp gets even better....!

    I loved this amp ever since I turned it on. The head phone jack gives a great idea of what's possible out of this lil powerhouse, I highly recommend a quality full size headphone. Now the speaker......blehhhhh.
    Hears a secret....swap it with an aged celestion that came in the early Line 6 amps.... wow......

  • from Edina, MN March 31, 2015

    Fender Champ 40

    My main amp right now is my Mesa/Boogie, but I'm also using a Line6 POD HD500X. I got the idea of running two amps on stage. The Mesa is behind me, and I got the idea of running the little Fender on the other side of the stage. I let my bass player control it. Works great!

  • from Albuquerque, New Mexico August 16, 2014Music Background:

    lack of vintage amp noise

    I found the champion 40 to give me all the variety of sounds I usually use. Without all the noise of some vintage amps and I can get these different voices at a reasonable volume.
    I am handicapped and the size and weigh of the makes it a real plus in my book.

  • from Mars Hill, NC July 24, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, recording

    Nice little amp, suits my needs - -

    Picked this one up as a demo from Sweetwater, and when it arrived it still had the hang tags and was just like new, other than the box. Plugged in my Fender Tele and was pretty much blown away by the sounds this thing puts out. I will be using this in small venues, and see no problem with it being heard over drums and room noise, with power to spare. Very loud for it's size, and lightweight! It will certainly be no problem carrying this guy almost anywhere.
    The included effects are pretty good, too, but hey it's a Fender. They're supposed to be good. I really like the clean channel, and the effects channel is very versatile. I especially like the realistic amp modeling (known here as "Voicing" ). The effects are selectable in combination with chorus and / or echo in a clever (red-yellow-green) light indicator near the control knob that is easy to use. Easy to use is the intent here, and you'll find yourself dialing in all the features this thing has in just a couple of minutes, as it's very simple and well laid-out. The stock Fender 12" speaker seems adequate and tuned to the open-back housing very well, so I won't be changing this one out. The housing itself seems sturdy enough, although it's not very heavy so caution should be taken not to throw it around much due to the thin gauge of the cabinet material. The 1/8" headphone and aux in jacks are handy and located on the front panel, along with a foot switch jack.
    If there's any negative to be said about this amp, it would be it's inability to use some of the major effects (i.e., vibrato) in combination with reverb. It would be so nice to dial in that nice Fender Vibrato and then add some lush reverb, like most of the other models of classic Fender amps, but it's not possible with this one. You can still replicate the effect to some extent by messing with some of the other combinations, but it just isn't the same in the end. It's also somewhat of a bummer that it doesn't come with a foot switch, but at this price point I can see where that is probably not possible.
    All in all, a very, very good little amp for practice or small to medium sized gigs, which you're sure to use often. This model IMHO is a step up from the Mustang series, and you don't need a computer degree to figure it out. Good job, Fender!!

  • from June 17, 2014

    Great Amp

    Excellent practice amp, but can also be used if you're playing out somewhere. It has the great original Fender tone that people are used to hearing. Great bang for your buck if you are interested in value.

  • from Troy, NY May 27, 2014Music Background:

    Great, versatile amp!

    Performs very well. Lots of options and sounds great. The 12' speaker is a real plus.

  • from Alabama May 21, 2014Music Background:
    life long guitar player; singer

    weight relief with tone

    I test drove this amp and researched comparable offerings; I found it to be quite an asset because of sound quality, tones, and the grab and go weight !
    As usual Sweetwater remains Top Notch also; Thanks guys !

  • from Detroit, MI May 12, 2014Music Background:
    Semi pro musician & student

    Fender Champ 40

    I've always been partial to tube amps, but they can be a bit "pricey." This is my first solid state unit. This little powerhouse ROCKS! All controls are straightforward & simple to use, 2 channels (clean/dirty), plus effects. Was skeptical of modeling feature, but was I really surprised! It can actually mimic several different Fender amps. Unit is quite loud for it's size with very clean highs & booming lows. No signs of any unwanted distortion or breakup. When it's time to get "dirty" she's down for it! Unit is well made, sturdy, yet light enough to tote if need be. She will interface with computer/player/listening units, is foot switchable, & headphone jack will keep neighbors from squawking. Granted, it's not a tube amp or "stack", that's not what you're getting here. But for 180.00 it's a good practice amp that can handle small venues. Treat her right & you'll get great use out of this little gem for years to come! You won't go wrong with this one! As always, great job & service from the guys & gals at Sweetwater. Thanks.

  • from January 8, 2014

    Got it for Christmas from wife

    For the money you cant beat it. Great practice amp. Very good sounds.

  • from Springfield Illinois December 19, 2013Music Background:

    Champion 40 - LOVE THIS AMP-!

    Bought this little gem from Sweetwater recently (thanks for the candy!) - but only just now got my new guitar to fully check it out - what a great value-! I'm extremely pleased with this little amp, smokin' deal, --- 40 watts, 12" speaker, clean channel, or a variety of amp voicings from mellow to metal, has decent basic effects set with a foot switch jack, auxiliary jack and headphone jack for quiet time practicing -- not to mention how great the 12" speaker sounds. Also like the looks, no Darth Vader futuristic death star plastic like a certain other one I looked at -- a nice retro looking amp with an all business face and solid performance. I was going to buy the Champ 20 which is also fine, but I figured not much more with the sale price to go from an 8" speaker to a 12" plus 20 more watts & glad I did, makes the most of my new Fender strat. Sweetwater was awesome too, kept me informed all the way, first rate place to shop for online gear - If this amps features fit your needs do not hesitate, its a great buy on a great sounding amp and has the Fender name--!

  • from Greenville, PA October 23, 2013

    A Champion Amp

    For the money the new Fender Champion line of amps are fantastic. I got one of these amps for use at home for practicing but there's more than enough power in this champion amp that it's able to be used for much more than just home practice. The built in effects are great as well as the amp models built into the amp so this amp certainly isn't lacking. The only reason I gave this amp a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because I felt that Fender should have put a extension speaker jack on this amp.

  • from Dallas June 2, 2017Music Background:
    Neophyte gaining quickly, know the notes can't read music YET!

    Champion 40

    I was using an old Crate 20 watt and it was serviceable but I just got this amp [Champion 40] TODAY! and I am blown away. I am a returning guitarist after not playing for 40+ years {due to music is not in my DNA but all my buddies were in bands so I did it too} I am quickly regaining my sea legs and I also just bought a Fender Electric Acoustic to go with my Squire Telecaster and other that I have wasted sitting in closets.

    This amp is so advanced for its design and sound. Its light, it is crisp and I have just ordered the two switch pedal as recommended by Mark in another review. Can't wait. I wish I someone to jam with to get better!!!

  • from MI February 2, 2017Music Background:
    Worship leader for 20 years.

    Perfect for our venue.

    I needed a larger amp to use with our Praise Band. The Champion 40 is perfect for our size band and congregation. I like the 2 channel option - I can easily switch between acoustic and electric. The onboard effects are nice options to have. The only thing I miss is the preamp out option to send a signal to the main sound board, but was able to overcome this with a direct box.

  • from soundcloud November 21, 2016Music Background:
    Pep band and praise band

    Pretty Nice

    Bought this amp for low volume church band. It can get pretty loud, I keep the volume on about 3. I swapped the stock speaker for a celestion seventy-80 that i got here on sweetwater for only 30 bucks, which is a great deal even though this amp runs at 8 ohms it handles the 16 ohm speaker just fine. The stock speaker gets flubby with pedals and gain, but the celestion sounds great. It's a fender, so it does nice cleans. The onboard effects are pretty decent too. Just don't forget you're buying a $ combo. Sounds are usable but don't expect it to blow your mind

  • from Cape Coral, Florida September 8, 2016Music Background:
    Former guitar player now hobby enthusiast.

    Satisfied Fender User.

    The amp is exactly what I hoped it would be. It's small enough for in home use yet big enough for entertaining outside the home. The sound is crisp and clean. Very satisfied with your recommendation and my choice.

  • from October 19, 2015

    Champ 40

    First off, let me say that this is an excellent practice amp for the price paid. It has decent sound projection for lows highs and mids in the clean channel but when you switch over to the dirty side, it's ehhhh. You'll notice a distinct drop in volume and clarity and becomes muddy. But if you're using it on the clean side with a pedalboard to get your dirty sounds, like me, it's not bad. The effects are alright. I don't use them except the occasion that I'll use one of the reverb and one of the delay settings. Another thing is that this little combo has a pretty strong output. It can get loud! I use it to practice in my basement and I usually have it on 4 out of 10 and it's loud. I feel like you could definitely use this for a small venue gig. One last huge plus is that it's small and lightweight. Easy to grab and go. Overall, this amp shocked me. It's obviously not going to sound like a great tube amp but for the price and what it was built to do, it's a great buy. If you need something for practice or small gigs, I would recommend this in conjunction with a pedalboard (if you need effects and distortion).

  • from SW MI August 17, 2015Music Background:
    band leader, music teacher, mussic lover

    great addition

    I have done three gigs with this amp since I bought it. The amp cerntainly does what it clams to do quite well.
    I like the models and the effects. As an aging musciian I like the fact that it only weighs around 20 lbs.
    My only negative would be that I wish it had a line out so I could go straight tthe board.
    I also believe that for every asset there is a liability. I own a 66 Fender Vibrolux that is a most incredible amp I realize these are two different classes of amps but if you are expecting the same kind of punch and sound that you would get from a tube amp it just isn't there. Maybe I am spolied on the 66. I think I will use this amp for small venues and jammin with friends or rehearsal. it will work just fine when people show up just to jam and need something to play through. One last thought great for beginners and players.

  • from United States May 16, 2015Music Background:

    It works

    Noob guitarist. I bought this as a practice amp, so I cannot compare it to anything else. The price was in a range I could afford for new. I play at home so the volume is set to "2." I imagine it could handle a small club setting if cranked up.

  • from Loveland, Colorado October 10, 2014Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Fender is the Champ!

    Perfect amp for small gigs or practice sessions.
    Good sound and no pops when you switch channels.
    For the price, you can't beat it. And as always the people at Sweetwater made it a pleasure to do business.

  • from Canada September 24, 2014Music Background:


    Great clean sound,the main reason to buy a Fender amp right ? Put a good dirt box through it and enjoy.This thing is light,looks good and can't be beat for value.Why Fender didn't put a separate reverb is beyond me though…maybe in V2 ?

  • from Burlington, nc August 3, 2014Music Background:
    retired (at least semi-retired) professional

    FENDER !!

    I am really impressed with the sound of this solid state amp. I have always believed that a fender amp matched with a Stratocaster is one of the great tone combinations. This amp does not disappoint. I am a firm believer that only tubes give the best tone but this amp comes very close to matching tubes.. Considering the price point, that makes it even more impressive.

  • from Alabama June 11, 2014Music Background:
    life long guitar player; singer

    fender champion 40

    After comparing several comparably priced amps, I chose the champ 40. Weight is a big factor for me with a "grab and go" amp and this was a featherweight.
    My other requirement was filled with a very nice sounding Fender amp. That Sparkle was there, and nice sustain; I have really been enjoying this amp. I recommended this gem.

  • from Bloomington, Il. June 4, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, live sound engineer

    Fender Champion 40

    very nice practice combo @ 40 watts/ 12 speaker...everything the desciption says it is. Light weight and easy to dial in. Nice voicing. Will be taking its maiden voyage this weekend w/ my national group as a stage amp. Crew @ Sweetwater does it again. Quick delivery safe and sound. Thanks Tom!

  • from Clear Lake, Wi. April 20, 2014Music Background:

    champion 40

    Nice effects. plenty of power. wish it had a jack to add another speaker.

  • from Oralndo, Florida April 2, 2014Music Background:
    College student musician

    Great sound

    Great sound collection and size for the price. The headphone jack is helpful. It just works good.

  • from Fort Mohave, AZ March 8, 2014Music Background:
    Professional drummer, Hobby guitar, bass, keyboards

    Good as is. Don't swap the speaker.

    I am one of those guys (like so many of us) that just can't leave my music equipment alone and have to experiment a little (sometimes a lot). In the case of the Champ 40, I wanted to see what a Celestion G12-65 Creamback would do in the place of the stock Fender speaker.
    The results: Creamback had more hiss, was not as clean, but did have more drive.
    Stock speaker better on clean, less hiss, and had less drive.
    My conclusion, is that you probably will never get a better sound from another speaker than the one the Champ 40 comes with.
    This is not that surprising, as most of the low end amps are designed to match speaker and amp to come up with an acceptable product. I use this amp for practice, and upgraded from a Frontman 25R that has a 10" speaker. I was looking for a fuller sound with some limited amp modeling, in a small package/footprint, and that is what I got with the Champ 40, and the overall sound is much better than the 25R. My only wish for the Champ 40, is that the drive would work on both channels, and I have seen the same request from other reviewers.

  • from Houston, Texas February 17, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, performer, songwriter.

    Fender Champion 40 1x12" 40-Watt Combo

    I PURCHASED THIS AMP FOR MY SON TO USE AS A DAY TO DAY CARRY AROUND FOR COLLEGE. It is to replace a Fender Twin due to weight and size of the Twin. We have had the amp for about a month and works well, sounds good. It is not a Twin or a tube Camp Amp, but works well and we have no issues with the performance or sound. It is a inexpensive , lightweight amp at a very reasonable price. -- Sweetwater is a great place to purchase gear. I have been using them for about 4 years. Customer service is excellent!

  • from Albuquerque, NM November 11, 2013Music Background:
    Been playing guitar and bass for over 40 years.


    This is a very nice little amp for small venues and studio work. Lots of good features and very smooth sound.

  • from Azusa.CA November 6, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur guitar player and singer

    Fender Champion 40 Amp

    Great little Amp. Has two inputs and the power for small gigs. Great for practice at home too! I sold my Fender amp back in the late 60's and forever regretted it. The price was reasonable for this 12" speaker amp. Headphone jack is great for practice, so the neighbors don't go ballistic. LOL

  • from Rochester, NY October 25, 2013Music Background:
    40 plus years of Playing everything made!

    A "BEST" BUY!!

    THIS IS A GREAT LITTLE AMP FOR THE MONEY. Enough Power for good headroom and the amp and and effects are actually useable in a few cases. No this amp was never designed to gig with but it will give you decent cleans and a very decent amp for friends to play when you don't want to give up your VOX AC2 15W to company this will more than work. Some of the cabs are fuzzy but that's just solid state and some of the effects are actually more useable than you'll find on any Mustang. Overall a very nice clean sounding amp with some useable effects and Excellent Cleans. Well wort the money and much better than a lot of amps costing 2 and 3 times the price. I'd take this over a SuperChamp X2 any day of the week. the 12#Speaker sounds so much fuller than the SuperChamp 10# Speaker, that I feel the Champion 40 is a Hands Down better amp and keeps some bucks$$ in the Bank!Best Buy for the Money bar NONE!

  • from Colorado May 17, 2015Music Background:
    fifty plus years

    Good Practice

    I purchased this for practice. I'm using a Fender American Standard Strat and having a small amp with a 12 inch speaker was appealing. After watching the videos of this amp in action I decided to purchase it. I have used mostly tube amps over the years with the exception of some Peavey solid states and was used to the sound of the tubes. This amp was great for amplification, but the overall sound was too clean and brittle for my tastes. The special fx were just 'ok' for me, but I really didn't need them since I have plenty of pedals and multieffect options. Still a good amp for practice though.

  • from September 15, 2015

    A little less positive than most.

    I bought mine used for a pretty good deal. Looks the part, sounds okay, but I found some shortcomings. The first thing I found was that I couldn't turn the effects off, wasn't getting the right effect, and the thing was randomly changing effects on me. Since the effect selector is a pot, and since pots get dirty, I pulled out the amplifier board. I noticed the board had been sprayed with some sort of sticky stuff, obviously some of which had made it's way inside the pot. I gave the pot a good spray with switch cleaner, and now it seems to be okay - for now. Beyond that the thing pops when I turn it on, and when I'm wearing headphones the pop is unpleasantly loud. Also I like to play along with songs from my phone or my tablet, but when I plug into the auxiliary input, I get a very unpleasant hiss. In summary I'd say a nice design, partially spoiled by subpar quality control. The fact that the amp was practically brand new, and I bought it for less than half the retail price tells me that the first owner wasn't very satisfied either. Since I primarily intended to use the amp for headphone practice, I suspect I'll probably play with it a bit, and then sell it off to some kid who won't know the difference. On the positive side it does resemble the old tube Champ, and does a pretty good job of sounding like it too. In a pinch it would be a nice amp for my acoustic.

  • from July 4, 2015Music Background:
    very limited

    Fender Champion 40 Amp

    Good little Amp for the money. Sweetwater service and follow up is great, Great place to do business with.

  • from Medicine hat ab February 5, 2015Music Background:

    Fender champion 40 died out of the box

    Died out of the box been waiting over a month for a replacement. Also had a fender excelsior tube amp...died out of box took store credit.

  • from December 13, 2015Music Background:
    Professional freelance musician

    Fender Champion 40

    Disappointing sound! Lacking clarity punch and presence this has been a bad experience with me putting it up for sale almost at once! I have the Mustang III and G-Dec 3 models which sound superior and it's not just the speaker. I changed this for an eminence and despite extra brightness still lacked any real tone!
    It is obvious this amp has been built to a price, not just in construction but in the electronics too. In fact the amp sounds like an 8bit chip rather than a 16bit comparison wise.

    On it's plus sight it has a few amp models to choose from and some useful effects although there is only a simple EQ to cover both channels. Styling wise the amp looks good but is of a thin mdf design which is apparent the moment you pick it up. The speaker is a lightweight generic unit but changing this did little to the lacklustre tone anyway!

    This amp is really a way to corner the lower end market of budget guitars and amps that most youths starting out would purchase without really knowing about tone yet!

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