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Fender Champion 20 - 20-watt 1x8" Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 61 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Champion 20 - 20-watt 1x8" Combo Amp?

Questions about the Fender Champion 20 - 20-watt 1x8" Combo Amp?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Rochester Ny May 16, 2017

    Fender amps sweet

    this is the second Champ amp bought it for my nephew is a great little amp for the price soo much stuff on it and sound is Super

  • from Sulphur, LA May 10, 2017

    Sweetwater the place!

    Sweetwater once again really shows how customer service should be. You could buy this amp anywhere but you'll never get this service anywhere else and the price is competitive with anyone.

    So the amp, well it was a gift for my son in law whom is just starting with the electric guitar. He seems to really like it, as it has a few effects and he can plug a headphone as well as MP3 type stuff. So all in all a home run for some one practicing at the house or playing with some friends.

  • from April 28, 2017

    Just Perfect

    Exactly what I was looking for to use as a practice amp. Nice sound and features for a great price.

  • from Bismarck, ND April 20, 2017

    Awesome amp!

    This is literally the best amp I've ever had. Granted, I've had about 6 or 7, all practice amps. Just got my first tube amp a few months ago (Epiphone valve junior with mods and different tubes) and it barely gets played since I got this champion 20. Theres a number of different amp voices on this, but the princeton and 60's british are my favorites. This amp does it all from clean to metal. The effects are all useful with the exception of the auto wah imo. If you're a home player like me, or just want a decent practice amp to stick somewhere, I don't think you can get anywhere near this sound quality and versatility anywhere else.

  • from Los Angeles April 13, 2017Music Background:
    Long time hobbyist, guitar and bass

    Great Choice for Home Practice Amp

    I was pleasantly surprised with the full rich sound of the amp.  First, the volume is perfect for my small studio setting, the digital effects are great for me, and the amp voicing control knob which adds texture is a great feature.

    Fender hit a home run with this little amp, Fender Champion 20.  It's has all the tone controls you need, in a small footprint and price.

  • from Rio Rancho, NM March 25, 2017


    I needed a small practice amp to use in my home office, and after an insane amount of research for a $ purchase, I chose the Champion 20. I can't believe how far modelling amps have come. This thing models the Fender amps extremely well, the others maybe not so much. But I am giving it 5 stars because I wanted a practice amp that sounded like my Super Sonic, and it exceeded my expectations. It also takes pedals surprisingly well, something I was worried about with a modelling amp. Does it sound exactly like my Super Sonic? Of course not. But it also costs about $900 less and won't melt your ears off in a small room, although it is surprisingly loud. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  • from Oregon March 24, 2017

    Fabulous Fender

    Fender always delivers ...Sweetwater delivers like they are family.

  • from Fenton, MI February 27, 2017Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Fantastic Little Amp!

    I bought this amp for my daughter who I have been teaching to play guitar. But last night, I "borrowed" it, plugged in my iPad and my favorite pair of headphones, and I was amazed at how great this little amp is! The effects are fantastic! It's the perfect bedroom practice amp!

  • from Danville January 4, 2017Music Background:
    Musical boyfriend

    Awesome sauce

    Good service, good amp. Love that you can plug your phone in and play along with a song!

  • from Saint Augustine Florida December 14, 2016Music Background:

    Great All included Beginner Amp

    I just picked my first electric guitar about 6 months ago. I was looking for a Amp and wanted it quick. Not knowing anything about Amps except they allow the guitar to be amplified I bought this Fended Champion 20. I been using it and very happy with the size and portability not to mention the big sound. I just got another guitar my 2nd and started to entertain Foot pedals. I had a couple pedals in my cart and just seconds before checkout I remembered all those knobs on my Amp. I revisited the Amp and actualy read all the knob functions. That's when I was Blown Away. This amp did what the pedals I had ready to buy does. I don't think I have to tell you how pleased I was. I already had the effects I wanted built into the amp and saved some real money. If I do anything now it will be to buy another, larger Fender Combo Amp with higher Watage.

  • from September 7, 2016

    Great amp

    Perfect for a small practice amplifier.

  • from Macon,Ga. August 23, 2016

    Great amp..

    The Fender Champion 20 is exactly what I"ve been looking for.It's small,but has LARGE sound.

  • from Hickory Withe, Tennessee July 11, 2016Music Background:
    Trumpet for years. On the learning curve with Strat Elite.

    Puppy with a Bark

    I wanted a light out-the-door amp to go to a friend's house to jam or take to guitar lessons. At 12 lbs, the Champion 20 was it and economical, too, at around a $100. My everyday amps are a Champion 100 (40 lbs) and a Super Champ X2 FSR (26 lbs)--- not exactly grab and run amps. I was REALLY amazed at the tone quality and voicing options when I fired it up. A starter or beginners amp? Absolutely! But a light utility amp with good sound and voicing for the experienced when you're on the run for some musical fun. This puppy can growl! Thanks to my personal sales engineer Jeff Jent for his guitar guiding expertise. Oh, and it's a FENDER! 'Nuff said.

  • from Texas July 1, 2016Music Background:
    Casual player for over 35 years

    Great Little Amp

    This is a a great little amp packed with lots of features. In spite of being small and inexpensive, this little Fender delivers great sound. Features like Reverb, Chorus, Flange and Wah make it a blast to experiment with. For my purposes it gets a top rating.

  • from Greenville,SC June 19, 2016Music Background:
    Playing for just over 2 years

    Church Guirarist

    I needed a small practice champ because I play at two Churches. The champ 20 is the perfect amp for my needs. when I took it out of the box, it looked like a toy but, when I plugged it in, the quality of the sound was amazing. great things do come in small packages.

  • from portland oregon June 14, 2016Music Background:
    guitar playing for my own entertainment

    fender amp

    awesome little amp , lots of sound and funky tones to play in, im liking the wah wah tone alot

  • from MN May 17, 2016

    Great Little Amp

    I bought this amp at a local pawn shop. It was in mint condition and still under warranty. It was cheap enough and I figured I would just "flip" it and make a few bucks. Well, I got it home, brought in into my studio and turned it on. After a little EQ tweaking and checking out the different settings, I could hardly believe what I had just purchased. This is a very nice amp. I play pro and have nine other, much bigger Fender and Peavey amps that I gig with, so there was a huge measuring stick this little Champion 20 had to compare to. The tiny 8" speaker is exactly what one should expect from it, but plug in headphones and you're right there in Fender territory. But an even bigger surprise was when I connected this amp directly to my board at an outdoors gig two weeks ago, via the headphone jack, panning Left and Right. It was a total mind blower! Coming thru the mains and monitors, this amp was playing with the big boys and sounded as good and in some cases better than anything else I have used over the years. I'm 64 years old and am re-thinking everything I have thought over the years about little amplifiers. This little Champion 20 is definitely a keeper and can definitely run with the big boys when plugged into a board. Simply Amazing!

  • from Bronx, NY April 6, 2016

    Sweet little amp!

    I was contemplating purchasing the Fender mustang 1 V2 however i didn't want to have to fuss with having to connect it to a computer and having to figure the software out,i wanted something that offered different tones and effects and was also easy to work with and the Fender Champion 20 does just that.I have only had the Amp for a day and already love it...I do however feel the need to mention that for some reason whenever i shut it off there is a popping sound i hope that this wont be an issue with it getting damaged in the near future,other than that small complaint i think the Fender Champion 20 is a very good little amp.

  • from Kennesaw, GA March 17, 2016Music Background:
    Have played for 50 years

    Perfect small amp

    I got this to play along with YouTube on my smart TV in the living room with a reissue Country Gentleman and a Peavey Raptor Strat clone. It has met and exceeded all expectations. Don't limit your thinking by classing it as just a practice amp. Twenty watts is plenty for small gigs. If you need more you can mic it or use the headphone output into a PA. This shuts off the speaker, but internally the effects are stereo, so you gain a spatial effect. The only limitation is that there is no channel switching.

    There are a dozen amp emulationssix Fenders and six British (read: Marshall) and "metal"and a dozen effects combinations. The volume and gain controls yield everything from crystalline cleans, to saturated tweed crunch, to a full-throated roar. Naturally, it won't do everything that a real amp or a better modeler would do, but it sounds very, very good. The effects are basic but well suited to many situations.

    I have used it for over a year now and am as pleased with it as I was at first. I have never needed to set the volume above 4. I have recommended it and its more powerful 40- and 100-watt relations many times. I think anyone wanting an amp in this power and price range will be more than satisfied.

  • from Monticello, In March 16, 2016


    Amazing little practice amp! Sounds incredible and the effects are spot on.
    I bought this for a nephew who needed some help and he is absolutely thrilled with it as well as myself. I build my own amps and am seriously thinking of buying a larger version for myself.

  • from Nitro wv December 29, 2015

    Best bang for your buck

    Great amp I bought one for myself then bought one for my dad it's a great little amp

  • from Pennsboro, WV December 22, 2015Music Background:
    Playing weekends gigs for 50 years

    A Rockin' Little Amp

    I saw the reviews and thought I would give this little amp a try. Now that our duo are playing smaller gigs and we're in our mid 60' I needed a small amp. The Fender Champion 20 turned out to be that amp. Light weight, very good sound & the right price helped sell this Rockin' Little Amp. The fast shipping helped too, just 2 days to my house.
    I set my controls on Tweed and Spring Reverb, keeping both volume controls on 3 and mic the amp with a SM57. I was looking for a sweet 50's rock/country sound and I got it. Just set the bass & treble for you kind of guitar and play !!!!

  • from November 18, 2015

    Great beginners amp

    Can't beat the versatility for the price - has really helped me find the sounds I'm looking for out of my Strat and given me a really good idea of what to look for in a tube amp when I'm ready to upgrade. Can't imagine ever getting rid of this little baby either. At 12 lbs and with its own effects it's so easy to just throw it in the backseat and jam over to a buddy's house for an hour or two. Stoked!

  • from November 11, 2015

    Great amp for the money

    This is a great amp it has so many different sounds and makes any guitar sound great

  • from September 8, 2015

    Great Amp for the price

    I was very surprised by the sound of this little amp. The effects are pretty awesome, not over done like some amps with onboard effects. For a 20 watt Amp. it gets pretty loud too. I would definitely recommend this Amp for practice or even mic'ed live.

  • from Salado, texas July 11, 2015Music Background:

    What A Champ

    I bought this for my son who is in college. It is just perfect for him and his roommates...He is really enjoying it. I enjoyed the price, too!

  • from United States January 17, 2015Music Background:

    great amp

    I bought this because I wanted a fender amp I was not disappointed . This amp can do anything you want sounds way bigger than it is

  • from East Tennessee January 14, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist guitar player for over 50 years..

    Awesome Amp for the Money

    I would never have believed that I could get a Fender amp with all the features for such a low price. Truely amazed!

  • from Northern California January 7, 2015Music Background:
    Old Newbie

    Fender Champion 20 1x8" 20-Watt Combo

    This is Great little amp for a beginner. It produces a solid, quality sound with several different modeling options. It is all I need for quite a while and I believe a far better choice that the amps that came in those "package" deals. Makes my Epi Les Paul Special II sound pretty darn good, even with the fact that I have been away from playing for several years due to an industrial accident. If it make me sound good, it would make anyone sound good. I would purchase this amp again without hesitation!

  • from Passaic, NJ October 5, 2014Music Background:

    Awesome beginners amp!

    You cant go wrong with this amp! Just a great amp for an amazing price! Thanks to Sweetwater!

  • from Bluffton, IN June 18, 2014Music Background:
    Beginner/amateur musician

    Great little grab and go practice amp

    This is a great little practice amp,and for what you get,it sounds pretty doggone good with the 8" speaker. Great features for the price,and very easy to use. My favorite effect is the Tremolo turned up to about 5,...puts you in mind of a tweed Vibro Champ when you have it on the "tweed" setting. This would also make a great first amp for a student/beginner and I would highly recommend it for that purpose as well as practice. Much higher quality than the Frontman 10G amps of similar size. Then,as always,...that top notch Sweetwater service.

  • from May 11, 2014

    Amazing sounding amp!

    Amazing the quality of this amp for $99 bucks. It sounds great, and is built very well. The first time I hooked my guitar up and tried it out I was amazed. The neighbors that don't know better probably think I'm some sort of experimenter in sound.lol

  • from Coventry RI April 1, 2014Music Background:

    Real Champ

    Like it say's on the amp champion and it is named perfectly. This is my second amp in this family and I am extremely satisfied as you would be if you purchased it. For a small amp it delivers. It is probably the best amp you could buy if you are starting out. For the money you cannot go wrong. Would definitely buy another.

  • from Howland,Ohio March 6, 2014Music Background:

    Champion 20

    This is a fantastic sounding practice amp,with all the different voices and effects you cant go wrong,compareing this to another amp that i have the champion just blows it away.

  • from Indiana March 3, 2014Music Background:
    play in a country band.

    fender champion amplifier is great.

    For the money you can't beat this amplifier. Very goog effects.

  • from The Villages, FL February 13, 2014Music Background:
    musician, teacher

    Very nice product!

    Thanks Sweetwater for fast service. This amp is everything I needed to get over the brass in the 25 piece Jazz band... and more!
    Admittedly, I've been away from amps for some time, but man does this product give you bang for the buck!
    Nice mellow tones for my L-4!
    Thank you Fender.

  • from WV December 27, 2013Music Background:
    Marching & Symphonic band in high school

    Son loves it

    We purchased this for our son for Christmas. He was so happy with the amp that he took to his guitar lessons last night to show his instructor. On the way he told me it was his best Christmas ever.

  • from Monticello Utah December 16, 2013Music Background:

    Well spent money

    I own a few tube amps and needed a low volume practice amp, I also wanted some "fender" sound. My socks are knocked off for the money. This thing is a blast. Plus I turn it on more than I would a tube amp, no warm up and so on, plus some fun new sounds for myself.
    Packs a punch if you want it too also.

  • from Pennsylvania April 22, 2017


    I was very suprised with how this little amp performs and the many different sounds you can get from it. It makes a great practice amp and would be good miked up for small gigs. Ballsy little bugger for sure.
    I took it to a jam session and it held its own with other amps of similar 20 watt size. It's a keeper.

  • from September 21, 2015

    Fender Champion 20

    I'm loving this little amp. Great flexible tones for home/practice use. Keep your pedals and tubes. Just get a cord and plug straight in and go. Great value for the money!!

  • from South Central PA May 18, 2015Music Background:
    Semi pro working drummer, instructor

    Fender Champion 20 Combo Amp

    Beginning player who just wanted something more portable to travel with between two residences. This little guy was economical and fit the bill. Don't expect a lot in the gain as it seems to really break up past the mid range setting. Thus the 4.5 rating. All the other features of this amp are great and it is really user friendly. Works well with added pedals and would highly recommend for the beginner, practices and small venues but mostly appreciate the price and portability. As always enjoy Sweetwater's service and fast shipping. Thanks to my rep Mark Chapman who always goes the extra mile in finding the answers to my newbie questions!

  • from Pueblo Colorado April 5, 2015Music Background:
    just playing for fun

    got one for free

    I've been playing on a Peavey Vypyr the vip 1 till I got this Fender Champion 20 from a guy at work he needed a some $$$ ha ha lucky me scored this amp and a Epiphone les paul custom and a stagg hard case for $400.00 well the Peavey is collecting dust... Don't get me wrong the Vypyr is a bad ass amp but I can't put away the fender

  • from Houston, Tx August 29, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro musician

    A Great Amp

    I like the Champion 20 very, very much. It's easy to use and I have been able to get some good sound effects from it. There are 2 so far that I have really liked. I also appreciate the chance to play through headphones -- it gives me privacy and allows me to play unobstructed at any time of the day or night without bothering others. I have not yet had an opportunity to use the auxiliary input but will do so soon.

  • from Sebring, FL February 27, 2014Music Background:
    Past Lead Guitarist/Singer, Now Hobbyist

    Great practice Amp

    I used to play in a group many years ago in my teens. Sold my Gibson SG Std and Fender Deluxe in my 40's after I found I picked up my guitar and played less and less. Was whining to my wife about how I regretted it so she bought me a guitar for Christmas. I needed an amp to see i could get back to playing again. She had gotten me a Mustang II which I thought was too small and had to many gadgets. Was going to get a Deluxe, Hot Rod, or Twin (which is what I always wanted) but decided not to make the investment. This is a great little practice Amp with plenty of versatility and power for playing around the house and entertaining yourself. Don't expect it to be a tube amp but it does very well for practice.

  • from Geneva,OH February 13, 2014Music Background:

    Great little amp

    Great amp for the price. In a small venue this amp will hold it own with the best of them. Plenty of power plus its small and only weighs 12 pounds. I am no longer have to carry a 37 pound amp with me unless I need it.

  • from Asheville,NC USA February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Serious Hobbiest

    Great Little Amp

    Just received this amp today and I am very impressed so far. The amp modeling (or voicing as Fender calls it) is great. You can actually hear the hum of the tubes for different amps. The effects are very good as well. A footswitch would be nice, but this is a practice amp for me so its not really needed.

  • from January 3, 2017

    practice amp

    good practice amp

  • from Fort Wayne In October 17, 2016

    Fender champion 20 amp

    Small but mighty for reliable and performance. I in my have had several Fender amps and this is typical as where I have no complaints.

  • from June 21, 2016

    Little Beast

    A great practice amp with all the sounds you need. Fender came up with a price point for this amp that makes it a terrific value.
    Very happy!!

  • from May 26, 2016

    Fender Champion 20 Amp

    Great little practice amp. I enjoy playing with the different amp voices and effects.

  • from United States February 4, 2016

    Great value.

    Perfect amp for my daughter. I even use it instead of my Marshall occasionally .Great way to spend $100.

  • from Tucson AZ December 11, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro, in bands since the '80s.

    Champ20 vs. Mustang

    It's actually a fun amp. I've gigged with this amp set high on a step ladder. It's surprisingly loud, especially with a hot pickup. I've used it with an autoharp, a dobro, and a tele, and sometimes for elect.piano (it's not great for that).
    High marks for this amp, but that said, I think anyone considering the $99 Champion 20 should check out the $119 Mustang I, which eats this amp for breakfast and lunch on sound and features.

  • from November 14, 2015

    Fender Champion 20 1x8" 20 -Watt Combo

    The Champion is a great amp for practicing at home and is way loud enough for the average room.....it has enough latitude in the settings to make me sound better than I am.....the only drawback is the loud pop when powering off even if all the amp and guitar knobs are all the way down.....other than that it is fine.....

  • from Bakersfield, MO August 6, 2015

    Great amp!

    I "upgraded" to this amp from a Fender Mustang 1 because I wanted to shape my own sound rather than select from a group of preset amp tones. I was not disappointed. I really like the way I can select effects (or none of them) and I also like the multiple voices that they s amp has. Also, since I practice with headphones and my iPad (thanks to spotify), I was glad for the 1/8" headphone jack rather than the 1/4" jack seen on other models. This amp is also pretty powerful when I'm not using headphones. I gave it 4 stars because it doesn't have an onboard tuner like the Mustang 1; I suppose I'm just spoiled! It also has no clean setting, but I can get it pretty close to a clean sound. Anyway, top notch service--as always-- from Sweetwater. Sweetwater is the best company in the industry as far as I'm concerned!

  • from QuakerCity, Oh. October 21, 2014Music Background:
    semi retired pro musician

    I was amazed at how good it is

    I'm very happy with my Fender Champion 20.
    It stood up to the other amps at a gig I played recently.
    Love it, Skeets

  • from Chiloquin, OR USA April 29, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist - beginner

    Fender Champion 20 - watt very good.

    This amp met my needs. I don't need to blow the roof off the house, or my wife will blow me out of the house.(You don't mess w/retired school teachers). But it has more knobs, bells, & whistles to keep me occupied for along time. If I want to get louder, I just need to go outside when the weather gets more decent. The price was reasonable. Again thanks to the tech that helped me.

  • from February 17, 2016

    Fender Champion 20 amp

    I feel this is a good home use practice amp that will not blow anyone away but is loud enough. I usually play at around 3 or 4 with the gain around 5 because I am just trying to concentrate on learning after not having played guitar for many years. I liked the availability of having the sound effects built in as they add a fun dimension to playing. The aux. input has been useful for playing along with youtube videos on my phone. This amp can get loud but I don't push it except for a few times when I accidentally turned it up too loud. The only annoying thing is the loud pop that is produced when the amp is shut down. I have another Champion 20 which does the same thing so it is not just this particular amp. The amp is otherwise quiet when being played. Overall I am happy with this amp, it does what I needed an amp to do and has some fun things to play around with in the meantime. Adding a looping pedal would add versatility to a practice session.

  • from August 18, 2015

    Fender Champion 20

    Nice little practice amp. Good value for beginner or practice. You wont use this for live performance, but you wouldnt expect to anyway before you bought it. It is a nice sounding practice amp with several digital effects, headphone jack, and input. Great value for hauling around or jamming in the bedroom. I would definitely recommend for a student or personal use.

  • from Sheridan, WY August 11, 2014Music Background:

    Save up and get the Champion 40

    I have a Champion 40 that I am very happy with. I purchased the Champion 20 seeking a smaller, more portable practice amp but the sound is nowhere near as clear and defined as the Champion 40. The overdrive is not very good at all on the Champion 20. For $80 more, buy the 40, it is a much better amp with a greater tonal range. The big 12" speaker really makes a difference when compared with the 8" speaker of the Champion 20.

  • from September 2, 2016Music Background:
    Intermediate Guitarist

    Big Mistakes Do Come in Small Packages

    Bought this as a practice amp to complement a Roland MicroCube (awesome) and a Peavey Valveking Royal 8 (good little tube amp). This unit is clearly the worst. Emits a noticeable hum on any amp setting. Tried it with single coil and humbucker guitars - the sound is on the thin side compared to the other amps. The Tweed and Blackface amp models are passable (its a Fender, they better be). Disappointed, wish I had gone for the other amp I was considering, the Fender Mustang.

  • from MARGATE, FL August 2, 2015Music Background:
    Life long amature musician

    Shorted out

    Got the amp to have as a spare. I noticed that when I turned it off it would make a sparking or crackling sound. I figured maybe it would be ok, but eventually, when I turned it on it made the same noise, then didn't come on at all. Obviously got a defective one. But, Sweetwater makes it very simple to return or exchange.

    The Champ 20 has plenty of features as far as the sound available, so on that score it is fine; the only thing --it doesn't have an on board tuner. The size is perfect because you can put it on a table or desk and it sits at the perfect height to make adjustments.

    I going to exchange it for the Line 6 15w. I will write another review, when I get the Line 6. I already know it has a tuner built in.

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