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Celestion Blue 12" 15-Watt Alnico Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Celestion Blue 12" 15-Watt Alnico Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm?

Questions about the Celestion Blue 12" 15-Watt Alnico Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm?

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  • from April 24, 2017


    One of the most beautiful speakers ever made! The highs are sweet and not harsh. Lots of lows....surprised by that! Love this speaker. It has a very unique voice. I would say pretty much speaker perfection if you like the alnico sound.

  • from September 8, 2016

    Update to the Yellow cabinet

    Well, if you read my review in July 2016, I pretty much called my shot. My previous greenback filled voxac15c2 morphed from a very good sounding amp to a classic tone monster. The one greenback that I had mixed with the blue sounded very good ( a combo I might use for other styles of music in the future)but I knew when I had the $$$ I would go all blue. Well, it took all of about a month ( 36 month interest free financing will do that !) for me to accomplish the "dream". Very happy to have the classic Vox tone sweetly emitting from these speakers. A genuine classic. Do yourself a favor if you own a Vox AC15 or 30, GET THESE NOW.

  • from Delano, MN July 28, 2016

    The yellow cabnet

    Decided after a year of playing my Vox AC15c2 ( 2x12 cab) with greenbacks I would try a mix of a blue with a green ( hence the yellow cab). Let me tell you.....this blue speaker is what you buy a vox for. Classic chime and volume. I love the combo of the 2, but something tells me that I will be saving for another blue to complete the "dream". Yes, they are pricey, but very worth it!!!

  • from Santa Barbara, Ca May 15, 2015Music Background:
    Home Musician

    True Sprarkling Cleans

    Let me start by saying I had "limited" hopes that this speaker would do the trick for me despite the great reviews, but it did it in spades! I have an Orange Th30 amp head that truly delivers some wonderful clean tones but I wanted more, big surprise huh. If your not aware the th30 can be run in 7 and 15 watt modes and is a singe ended class "A" designed amp. Knowing the speakers limits and using it in a home studio/ small club environment was a revelation. The cleans are kind of Vox like with that beautiful chime that so many of us love. This is not a metal and or grunge speaker..., period. But it can easily cover everything from cleans to blues to classic rock wonderfully, IMO. Extremely happy with my purchase and as always with my support there at Sweetwater, Aric.

  • from Mount Juliet, TN March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Musician, Hobbyist


    First things first, this is my favorite speaker that's being manufactured currently. Obviously, I can't tell you that you'll love it, you have to hear it yourself, but if you dig the old Vox AC30 tone, this is the speaker you want in your cab. The Celestion Greenbacks just don't stand up in my opinion.

    Now, Sweetwater is fantastic. Free shipping and the package arrived very quickly (2 business days as promised). Every time I order something from them, I promptly receive an email and a phone call to verify the order and the shipping address. They even sent me a little bag of candy in the package. (Not sure if that's creepy or awesome, but I'm not complaining)

    A+ on everything. If you need to purchase any musical needs of value, do it through Sweetwater. (And get a Celestion Blue, they're the best speakers in the world)

  • from Athens March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Musician and engineer

    Blue and Gold Celestion Alnico speaker

    I'm using the Blue in a cab mixed with the Gold that I bought from you guys. This is a great mix for the Chimey Limey-15 Nolatone amp I bought them for. The price and customer service given to me by Tom Maxwell was great. I couldn't ask for any better. The speakers I knew were going to sound like I wanted because I have used them before. The Nolatone does the V-- sound better than they do and made the speaker selection easy. The speakers are great and the shipping was fast and professional. I always recommend you guys over other stores and have a GC just 2 miles away and you guys still put them to shame.

  • from January 4, 2013Music Background:
    I am the mother of musicians

    My Order from Sweetwater

    My son had the Celestion Blue Speaker on his wish list for Christmas as well as the details on where to order. I am always worried about online orders, but I could not have been more surprised. Immediately after ordering I recieved a thank you e-mail and a phone call to confirm the mailing address. When I recieved my ordered a couple days later I got another call (and e-mail) to confirm that the order had arrived and to make sure I was satisfied. I could not have happier with my service and I highly recommend this company!
    Bravo Sweetwater for your excellent customer service!

  • from Woodstock, GA August 1, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist for Life

    Expensive but Great

    I recently scored a nice Telecaster for what I paid for this silly expensive speaker! But I have to admit, The Celestion Blue is incredible in my 5e3 Tweed Deluxe Amp. With the old speaker, the amp sounded great but just couldn't quite cut it in a band/gig situation. Not quite loud enough and next to zero headroom. A big disappointment.

    I kept reading reviews of the Cele Blue on the Telecaster forum (tdpri) about how great this speaker is in a 5e3-based amp. Well I'll have to say, it's like they were made for each other. All the complex tones of the circuit shine through, with a tighter bass and plenty of chime without being harsh. And best of all, it is efficient at it's 100db rating. My amp sounds MUCH louder with the Cele Blue in it, and now has more headroom as well. Exactly what I needed for my little 12 watt Deluxe. I played a gig with it tonight and was just thrilled. Nice to walk into the gig, put my little amp on a chair and have glorious tone come out at just the right stage volume.

    I highly recommend this speaker and, as so many say, Sweetwater is the best!

Questions about the Celestion Blue 12" 15-Watt Alnico Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm?

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