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MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal Reviews

4.5 stars based on 67 customer reviews
Questions about the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal?

Questions about the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Charlie Davis

    The Carbon Copy is everything that I look for in a delay pedal. The sound is full and rich, with the option of adding some cool modulation to the regeneration. Don't let the 3-knob layout fool you though, this pedal is incredibly versatile and if you don't need anything too crazy, it is a great choice.

  • Bart Good

    I recently purchased this pedal and have been impressed with the great sounds that it produces. I have been experimenting using it with a 57 and outboard preamp for vocals, it adds an instant '70s vibe. It has been very interesting and rewarding using this pedal, and I highly recommend it. If you desire a high quality analog delay then... don't delay!

  • Carson McClain

    Pure, beautiful analog delay. This is is the pedal you have to have for any purist guitar rig. The analog signal path is reminiscent of days long gone yet still highly desired.

  • from Auburn March 25, 2017

    Easily the lushest box anywhere near the price point

    Slapped in front of a blonde bassman since no reverb is on board. Everything from small hall to SnapBack delay. Very versatile with lots of coloring from responsive controls. Very very pleased with this purchase and as always Sweetwater customer service is THE BEST on the web.

  • from March 21, 2017

    Great delay

    Wonderful delay pedal. Very simple and straightforward. Easy to setup and use for practice or gigs. Great range of delay too despite its simplicity.

  • from March 21, 2017

    MXR Carbon Copy

    This is an amazing pedal. Works as advertised. A must have for Surf or Rockabilly music. I am sure I have not even touched the surface of its capabilities, as I have only set it for a nice slap back.

  • from Louisiana February 28, 2017

    Can't be beat!

    I recently decided to use all of MXR's analog effects pedals and 3 in with a 4th on the way and they've actually exceeded my expectations! If you're trying to decide between this and another pedal, choose this. You will not be disappointed. I recommend watching the official videos on YouTube from jimdunlopusa and then watch any other reviews. Happy jamming!

  • from January 11, 2017

    Great analog sounding delay!

    Not much to say, beautiful warm sounding delay, perfect for thickening out your solos!!!!

  • from Jefferson, WI November 8, 2016Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for 41 years, and do synthesizer space music too.

    Awesome Analog

    Got this delay to enhance my amp that has no reverb ect. Plugged it in and the sound was fantastic. Very easy to set the right amount of delay, regeneration and the mix is a great addition to this pedal. I've had digital delays and this sounds more natural. MXR makes awesome pedals.

  • from Florida October 14, 2016Music Background:
    Luthier, Amp, Effects Tech

    Another Must Have Pedal

    This one is a game changer. A true bucket brigade analog delay with modulation that is internally adjustable for speed and depth. All in a pedal half the size (and half the price) of it's competition. This one is a no brainer. I have a larger, more expensive digital delay I run in the effects loop. But this one I run after the gain pedals in front of the amp (next to my uni vibe) for a true retro feel and sound. I like one repeat about 500ms out, and this pedal does that perfectly. But it does slap back just as well. Get down on the floor and move the Regen control, it makes all those spaceship sounds we did with gigantic tape delays 30yrs ago. It's really the perfect delay, analog with a small footprint. I know there is a bright version of this pedal, but I've never used this pedal and wished it had a brighter tone. That's what digital delays do, and we don't want that do we?

  • from Elmira NY October 11, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced Hobbyist

    A definitive tape delay emulation

    Like the name implies, the Carbon Copy provides a duller rendition of your original signal, narrowing the frequency band with each repeat. With the optional (I always leave it on) modulation it allows you to add a nice chorus to your repeats. What this accomplishes is a nice "wash" of a delay that will act as a thickener.

    I bought this because I wanted to fatten up my leads and I am absolutely satisfied with what it accomplished. It feels solid, and the fact that you can adjust the modulation internally is fantastic.

    I didn't get this for a "slappy" sound, but it does that very nicely. If you're after a super "slap" you should check out the younger brother of this delay, the Carbon Copy Bright.

  • from Elon, NC July 2, 2016Music Background:


    The MXR Carbon Copy Delay is a sweet pedal. I had researched delay pedals rather extensively and was focused on getting greatest bang for the bucks. I'm not disappointed with the MXR CC. Solid construction and easy to use. What more could you ask for?

    Once again, kudos to Sweetwater and my sales engineer, Nick Schenkel, for providing a quality product and stellar customer service.

  • from New Jersey May 7, 2016

    MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay !!!

    When I opened the box...there it was..green with; "GO PLUG IT IN". I did, I was Wowed! what an awesome piece too add to my arsenal. MXR equipment is the best. I love the way it just makes my playing sound so awesome. It is so easy to use. Find your settings and play away. Go get one for yourself...you won't be disappointed.

  • from United States March 2, 2016

    Smooth as butter

    I got this delay secondhand, so I can't speak about shipping or Sweetwater, but this is an amazing little box right here. I only have a few pedals on my board (distortion, wah, overdrive, reverb, and looper) and this delay definitely has it's spot. I have the Mix at 12:00, the Regen at about 9:00, and the Delay at about 10:00 for a nice lead delay sound and I love it. Every repeat sounds rich and creamy without getting muddy. The modulation trim pots are fantastic and I love messing around with them.

  • from February 3, 2016

    MXR M169 Carbon Copy

    MXR M169 Carbon Copy delay pedal is awesome. You tweak it just wright and you
    get that U2 or Pink Floyd David Gilmour delay that so beautiful to listen to. I'm happy
    I bought it and would recommend it to anybody. And that metallic dark green paint job
    is nice. Way to go MXR.

  • from NJ January 14, 2016Music Background:
    14 years

    Best delay I have tried

    I'm a stickler for effects touching my base tone. This pedal does not take away any of my EQ. It does add a touch of warmth but no muddiness at all. It's just right. It can do so much. Just buy it. You will keep it and love it.

  • from South Easton, MA December 27, 2015

    Pure analog!

    After using a Boss digital delay for years this is so much better in it's simplicity and superior tone.

  • from northwest ,indiana September 4, 2015Music Background:
    pro. 20 years plus, instructor

    Lush leads !!!!!

    Easy to use, well built, versatile!!!!!

  • from New Kent va April 21, 2015Music Background:
    band/ hobbiest


    Digital dont even compare to this delay. Beautiful sounding, warm delay. I used to use a Boss DD7 and could never quite get the right delay I was lookin for but I didn't know anything about analog. Trust me , if this sounds like you , analog is what you want. This pedal sounds GREAT! My second favorite next to my Wampler Euphoria O.D. pedal.

  • from April 16, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Giging Guitar Player

    If you are looking for a warm delay with no digital recorded slap back, then this is the pedal !!
    Awesome feel and tone !!

  • from Louisville KY April 11, 2015Music Background:

    So Simple Yet So Effective

    Was looking for a nice analog delay for my pedalboard. I saw Don Carr demonstrate the Carbon Copy and was amazed by the richness of the sound it produced. I called my sales engineer, Nick and had him ship one out. It didn't disappoint. Nice lush rich sound, able to adjust setting for country Slapback Echo to oscillation overload. Definitely a keeper. Made sturdy with metal case, nice heavy switch, able to withstand many years of gigging. I also noticed, from videos on YouTube, that many guitarists use the Carbon Copy Delay on their Boards. An awesome pedal and a must if you're playing country, jazz, just about any genre of music. It just gives so much rich full sound to your guitar. Call the guys at Sweetwater for one today. Fast friendly service and the best gear on the market! Try one today!

  • from Norman OK USA October 30, 2014

    Performs as Advertised

    There is definitely a difference between analog and digital. I've been playing for over 25 years with either Boss or DOD digital delay pedals. After buying the MXR Carbon Copy, I realize I had missing something great all these years. The best way I can describe the sound is a word you wouldn't normally associate with a delay pedal: Ballsy. This pedal makes my guitar come alive, really gives the sound some heft. It's simple to use and sounds incredible and real. A no-nonsense quality product that I couldn't be happier with.

  • from Southern California September 29, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar (7 Years)

    Great Piece of Gear

    I have never fiddled around with delay before, and never felt a need to, but I bought this pedal on a whim. Thank goodness I did, because now there are so many more creative things to do. And the quality of the delay is astonishing; very warm and rich. Very inspiring effect.

    The controls are very simple to figure out and use, which is a very nice thing about MXR pedals in general. It's so easy to dial in the kind of delay that you want. I just absolutely love the Mix control as it allows for subtle delaying without interfering with the amount of delays or how fast the delay kicks in.

  • from Florida USA September 15, 2014Music Background:
    Giging Musician


    I love this Delay Pedal I have used many other delays like the Boss and the Electro Harmonix which are good pedals but I was blown away by the Carbon Copy! I have been playing over 15 years and gig no less than twice a week this pedal is a permanent on my board for sure!

  • from Seattle December 11, 2013

    Great pedal

    Amazing! Love all the different sounds you can make. Keeps the sound very detailed nothing gets lost running the pedal. Warm sound.

  • from Los Angeles, CA November 5, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend player

    Great addition to a pedal train.

    It popped loud the first time I hit the switch. I checked all the wires and re-tried it, no problem. Adds just the right effect on certain amp settings. You can get creative with this pedal. It's great, fills out my pedal board perfectly.

  • from Illinois April 2, 2013Music Background:
    Studio and Live

    Replaced My Deluxe Memory Man

    This delay is absolutely incredible. It's on the darker side as far as sound goes, but I find it much more consistant and easier to dial in than my old EHX Deluxe Memory Man. I even prefer the sound of the Carbon Copy to the DMM. I use this with guitar and synthesizer. It's really wonderful for both. I couldn't recommend a better delay, especially a the price. It's a steal. I plan to buy more (one for each instrument in my studio.)

  • from March 4, 2013

    Carbon Copy

    It met my expectations and work very well for my musical needs

  • from Illinois February 28, 2013Music Background:
    Old Rock Star

    Great ECHO, Echo, echo.

    If you are looking for a great piece of equipment in the delay department, this is an excellent analog unit. I found it to be very sturdy with a high quality feel about it. It was simple to use with the ability to be very creative. I was very satisfied with the MXR carbon copy!

  • from Novi, MI February 21, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, semi-pro

    Great pedal

    Great delay, easy to use, easy to get to where you want and built like a tank. Great value in the pool of delays we have available these days, which are many.

  • from New Mexico February 2, 2013Music Background:
    30 years semi-pro player

    Beautiful Delay

    Warm, organic delay that doesn't suck your tone away! This little guy is perfect for slapback and long floating leads as well. It won't do pristine, digital delay sounds (high frequencies are rolled off on long repeats like all analog delays), but who cares. This is a tough, well built box with easy to use controls. I especially like the range of the delay time control: all the useful settings are not bunched up in one part of the dial.

  • from October 29, 2012

    When sound is your concern

    I'll just add my two cents to the respect this pedal has already won. You could say there are a lot of drawbacks to the Carbon Copy in comparison to the digital pedals available at the same price point. And truth be told, companies like Boss and TC Electronic do offer a ton more in the area of live versatility and features. But the one area where they'll never be able to hold a candle to the Carbon Copy is sheer sound quality. If you buy this pedal as a beginner, chances are you'll never get rid of it. Even if you upgrade to the likes of ultra-fancy, digital pedals like Eventide or Strymon, I'd wager that you'll still be impressed by just how fantastic the Carbon Copy sounds. When you get tired of endlessly tweaking settings, knobs, presets, and high-pass filters, you can come back to this pedal and get re-immersed in simple, warm, enveloping, awesome analog delay. With three knobs and a mod function, this pedal sounds as good as anything else out there. Bells and whistles are great, but the Carbon Copy more than makes up for any lack with pure sound.

  • from Madison, WI USA October 10, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    Great Analog Delay

    If you're looking for an amazing analog delay at a reasonable price, this is the pedal for you! The Regen, Mix, and Delay controls are pretty standard - the Mod button and the fact that this pedal has true bypass switching really help it stand out from the crowd. Also, being an MXR product, the pedal is built with quality and seems to be nearly indestructible.

    With the Mod button, you're able to open up the pedal and mess with the Speed and Width via internal trim pots. This opens up the pedal to a whole world of sonic possibilities. I prefer to leave mine on a subtle chorus setting, which I feel it does best.

    Two of the features I can really appreciate during a live performance are the super bright blue LEDs it has for both main on/off switching and when the Mod button is switched on/off. This way, especially if I've got the pedal on a low mix for a sublte effect, I always know if it's on or not.

    I also love the intense oscillation you can get with this being an analog pedal. This is a lot of fun and very controlable. It can take a little time to figure out how to get the spacey sounds you want to fit into a song, but once you have it down, it's very easy to replicate the exact effect and timing over and over.

    I guess that's it, but as you can tell, there is no shortage of features, quality, or fun you can have with this pedal. Like most pedals, it may not work for every song in your show (as much as you may want it to!), but it's damn good at what it does. For the size, quality and price, unless you want to drop a lot more money on a much larger unit, this is the one for you

  • from Phila. PA August 21, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer: new guitar player

    Delay is a great effect

    Versatile, quiet, and just plain old fun with pure analog delay. Settings are obvious and very useful.
    Highly recommend this pedal.

  • from Newport News, VA USA June 5, 2012Music Background:

    Sounds SUPER Warm and Natural, Very Versatile

    I originally had a digital delay and, although it did sound pretty good, there was just something missing. This pedal has it. The delay you get from an analog delay is noticeably better and you have more control over the sound. You can use this to get a quick, slap-back delay or you can use it to make super crazy spacey sounds. It has everything you could need in a delay pedal. This is, of course, unless you need two delays to create stacked effects. That's why I still keep my digital delay on my board. Speaking of the pedal board, this MXR pedal takes up minimal space, so that is great. Fantastic pedal!

  • from Kalamazoo, MI March 13, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Excellent Delay

    I have owned a lot of analog pedals and this combines the best features with outstanding audio quality. The delayed signal is clean without being sterile, warm without being muddy. The delay time has plenty of range for etherial leads and chords and plenty of snap for rock-a-billy. The mod button is a nice addition, I don't mind the trim pots being in the chassis as it prevents them being accidentally altered and taking up valuable room on the face of the pedal. It is a great musical sounding delay.

  • from Burlington, VT March 13, 2012Music Background:
    professional musican

    Not a pedal to miss

    I have tried many delays from Boss digital delay to varying analog delays. A friend of mine had a Carbon Copy and I borrowed it one practice when I didn't have my pedalboard with me. Wow really does say it all. This is about at versatile as you need. I use it in almost every song we have now. If you're looking for a good delay sound and not all the gimmicks a lot of the other guys have, this is the pedal to own.

    I actually bought this at the same time as an EH Deluxe Memory Boy. I do use the memory boy for some tap tempo stuff but I don't even think about that pedal for leads or ambient transitions. I did play with it more then the Carbon Copy when I first bought them but the novelty of all the features wore off.

    I love clicking this thing on and I don't even feel the need to mess with the settings. There's something so satisfying about setting your knobs on a pedal and knowing that you have defined your sound for the audience and do not need to touch those knobs again.

    This is my first MXR pedal and I have no complaints. I will consider buying more of their products in the future.

  • from McPherson, KS July 15, 2011Music Background:
    Gigging Musician

    Modern Construction, Vintage Sounds

    I have lots of high end digital reverbs and delays but they sometime has a dry, sterile effect. I watch a couple of youtube on the Carbon Copy and was impressed. I took a chance and bought one. I tell you what, I was blown away by the warmth and over delay effect. On top of that it's simple to use. Great pedal!!

  • from Aberdeen, MD May 30, 2011Music Background:

    A+ Analog Delay Pedal

    This is an excellent delay pedal.

    The delay repeats are "warm", which means they lack highs compared to the original signal. This works very well for high-gain, because high-gain gets very noisy when the delay repeats are as clear as the source signal. The "warm" repeats sit in the background instead of getting in the way of what you are playing. I actually try to EQ the delay repeats on my Eventide TimeFactor to sound "warm" like the Carbon Copy.

    The modulation is perfectly calibrated. It works very well for cleans and high-gain.

    This pedal does NOT suck tone in the effects loop of the Mesa Mark V, Diezel Herbert, or Diezel VH4. I have not tried the Carbon Copy before the preamp. I always run it in the effects loop.

  • from Sarasota, FL January 15, 2011Music Background:
    Bass player

    Seriously amazing delay for a super-low price

    This thing beats the pants off of every digital delay I've heard and does it for less money. Seriously awesome sound.

  • from Canada November 30, 2010Music Background:
    Playing poorly for 40 years but having fun ;-)

    Great sounding, easy to use delay

    I was using a rack-mount but realize I only used chorus and delay so decided to simplify. I went in to the store to buy a Boss delay pedal, but someone suggested I try this. It was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I like the fact that the echos saturate... that way they don't get in the way of the primary melody. And, unlike my Boss rack-mount, it doesn't mess with my tone... just adds warmth and depth.

  • from Reno, Nevada August 11, 2010

    This is the delay for me!

    Mere words can not describe just how nice this effect box is. Very well made, awesome sounds and good old fashioned analog bucket brigade technology under the hood! Very easy to dial in some great tones with this beauty!

  • from PA May 21, 2008Music Background:
    Hobbyist/Part time gigging

    Wow -- what a bargain this pedal really is. MXR hits a home run!

    I have been searching for an analog delay pedal for the last 3-4 years. The Maxon AD-999 was the best of the lot, but at $340 it was to say the least pricey. Enter the MXR Carbon Copy for $149 and my search is over. I have had this pedal now for a couple of months and I get happier every single day. If you like analog delay with its' dark, murky echoes (think Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell") and a GREAT slap back tone (Rockabilly!) your search is over right now.

  • from Saint Paul, Minnesota May 4, 2017

    A Sweet Pedal!

    Only recently did I begin to understand the difference between digital delay and analog delay. I've had a Boss digital delay pedal for years, but when I began to learn more about analog delay I wanted to familiarize myself with its characteristics and possibilities. I chose the MXR Carbon Copy because of the numerous positive reviews I had watched or read, because I trust the quality of MXR pedals, and because the price point made the purchase a relatively low-risk investment. I loved this pedal from the moment I plugged into it. The delay effect is warm and creamy, adding depth and breadth to my clean signal while maintaining the characteristics of my clean signal. The pedal also fattens up higher gain tones without making them muddy. I use this pedal with all the controls set relatively low and find that it enriches my tone in very satisfying ways. I also like the way the analog delay pairs with my digital delay, and often run both pedals simultaneously. Finally, the "mod" (for modulation) feature adds another layer of sweetness to the tonal possibilities of this pedal. The ONLY reason I rate this pedal at 4.5 rather than 5 is because the mod feature can only be switched on and off by hand; it would be more convenient if that feature could also be accessed by a stomp switch -- but that's a tiny irritant in my otherwise huge delight with this pedal.

  • from May 3, 2017

    Great Delay

    This pedal exceeded all my expectations in both control and output. Nice!

  • from June 15, 2016

    Great sound with variety

    Provides great reverb with many options

  • from SC May 6, 2016Music Background:
    Many years!

    Works as advertised.

    After purchasing a less expensive unit of another brand (and subsequently returned) I bought this unit & have been happy with it. You get what you pay for no matter what the demo sounds like!

  • from September 23, 2015Music Background:
    sessing, studio and gigging guitarist

    THE analog delay pedal

    Most delay users either prefer the squeaky clean, crystal clear, high fi sound of digital delay, OR really love the slightly dark, dirty-as-it-fades, warmth of analog delay. I'm in the later camp, and of all the delays I've ever used this is THE best one - so good in fact that I bought two [one for each one of my pedal boards]! plus it comes with built in modulation [also 1000% analog!] to add a real sense of teat early studio delay vibe! My only minor gripe [and why it gets 4.5 instead of 5] is that a tap tempo feature would have really put this through the moon. Of course, that would have also made the pedal bigger and more expensive so it could be that's for the best. It doesn't take long to master the delay knob either so its no deal breaker.

  • from Charlotte, NC July 18, 2015

    Great Pedal!

    Unbelievably smooth and rich delay, I have used it on both my guitar setup and my analog synth and couldn't be happier with the results. The mod button gives a creamy chorus effect to the delayed signal that adds depth and character without effecting the initial sound. Took 1/2 a star because you have to remove the back to adjust the mod settings, but the defaults are actually great.

  • from Frisco, TX June 29, 2015

    Awesome Delay

    What hasn't been already said? If you are looking for an analog delay you can't go wrong with the Carbon Copy. The delay sound is natural and can be as gentle or obnoxious as you want. I use it through the effects loop of my Recto-verb 25 and it sounds great, clean or dirty. Plus, it's a great price too.

  • from April 14, 2015


    If you want a simple delay, this is the one. Three knob layout is all you need. The "mod" button is subtle but can be tweaked from the back of the pedal. Anything you want, you can get if it from the Carbon Copy.

  • from Cuyahoga Falls, OH January 31, 2015Music Background:

    Versatile & good sounding

    I wanted an analog delay that would do slap-back and ambient sounds. This works, reliable and good sounding.

  • from Denver, CO May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Pro Musician

    "As advertised"

    Performs exactly as advertised. I've had no problem achieving the desired results. Lots of bang for the buck with this one.

  • from Chesapeake, Va USA August 6, 2010Music Background:
    Guitarist,hobbyist recording engineer, pro musician

    Very nice

    I got mine a day early via Fed Ex. I really like it a lot. Sounds excellent, very warm echo and it's built like a small tank. If someone tried to jack you after a gig you could use this thing as a weapon and then plug it in and I'll bet it will work fine. It's not a whole lot bigger than the picture. I think it is a great buy especially for the price. Very much satisfied so far.

  • from Nashville, TN December 3, 2008Music Background:
    Touring Guitarist / Producer

    Great Purchase!

    This delay pedal has so many things going for it. It's genuinely an analog signal path (no modeling). The delays are warm and organic, and the 3 knobs can actually take you quite a few different places. It's small footprint makes it ideal for smaller pedalboards. I had an EH Memory Man Deluxe for a long time.... and its fatal flaws were it's durability (or lack thereof), it's size, and it's need for a power plug all its own. This pedal is the size of a phase 90, takes standard 9V power, and is built like a tank!

  • from Fairfax, CA June 23, 2008Music Background:
    Active musician

    Simply astounding... look out Flying Saucer Attack!

    I purchased this pedal from a local music store in San Rafael, CA on Sunday and I'm in love already. First off, yeah, it's analog. Second off, it's only $149! The price was enough to lure me in (umm, a Moogerfooger analog delay for $600?! no thank you). I've been messing around with it for the past three hours and it's amazing. This is my first, and probably last, delay pedal I'll ever buy. If I buy another delay pedal it'll be the "Carbon Copy". Ooooh, two Carbon Copies flanked by a distortion pedal. That sounds wonderful.

    The controls are simple. Three knobs. No manual necessary (even though I looked at the pdf from Dunlop's website). The "Regen" knob is beautiful. It goes from one delay cycle to a feedback that will turn a beautiful chord into a maelstrom reminiscent of Flying Saucer Attack.

    It's the best $149 I've spent in many many many years.

    Simply put, buy one. You will NOT be disappointed. Plus, who knows how long they'll be available...

  • from Alaska January 18, 2016


    I've bought and returned several delay pedals in the past, but this one is a keeper. Quality sound/Pro-gear.

  • from Pittsburgh,PA August 15, 2015Music Background:
    Rock,blues,pop.contemporary christian rock and church worship

    Great for bass

    I bought this as a bass pedal.
    Use when you need a cool extended Pink Floyd, Yes type big reverb or subtle reverb when using a pick to get a little jangly.

  • from July 27, 2015Music Background:
    Student of the Blues

    Does the trick!

    A very bare bones delay. I play lead guitar primarily- I use it to give solo's just enough room to breathe, to lift them up so to say. I usually dont get too trippy in that regards. The MXR carbon copy does the job beautifully. I'd recommend this delay to anyone who needs one. Well done Dunlop.

  • from United States March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Semi-Retired-I just can't put my guitar down. 60 somethin and still rockin.

    MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay Pedal

    Its a great pedal. It doesn't look like theres that much there, but the more you use it the more you learn.

  • from Richmond, VA December 7, 2011Music Background:
    Performance & Recording

    Well done

    Very warm sound and great construction.

  • from bradenton fl. usa September 17, 2011Music Background:
    on and off again pro musician

    mxr carbon copy

    great little added attraction to accent some special sections in a song, sweet yet powerfull delay accents

  • from Atlantic Highlands, NJ December 18, 2015

    Noisy switch

    I like this delay pedal a lot, but as with most MXR pedals they use a switch that pops when turning on and off. Why would they not use a soft/quiet switch for a delay pedal?

  • from California November 22, 2010Music Background:

    Nice pedal, but very dirty repeats

    I like this pedal, but the repeats distort very quickly. Hey, that's what an analog delay is supposed to do, but there are other analog delays out there that don't go nuts so quickly. The price point is great though, the pedal is well made, and the mod function is cool. Just listen to some demos and see if you like how fast your original signal gets degraded. After trying it, it wasn't for me and I went with a Malekko and a TC Nova Delay.

  • from Indiana April 7, 2017Music Background:
    longtime hobbyist

    Good delay at this price point

    This pedal is good for what you get. The tones are nice overall, the controls are smooth and the functionality is what I've come to expect with MXR quality, but don't think you're going to compete with the Eventide line and such for sound quality, though the price point is significantly less. I've enjoyed mine for the last couple of years, but I'm going to upgrade.

  • from San Antonio, TX July 5, 2016

    M169 - Great for a few years

    This pedal provided just about every guitar delay feature I needed in my home studio. It functioned flawlessly for three years on the pedalboard: no gigs, no abuse, no batteries, no movement. Suddenly, without any changes, it stops working. The "On" light and the "Mod" light both function, but the unit is in perpetual bypass. It's outside of Sweetwater's superb 2-year warrantee window, and well outside of MXR's 1-year window. MXR will fix or replace it for $75. Less learned: I would rate it a 4.5 had it proven to be as tough as MXR pedals have been for me over the years, but after this experience, along with the subsequent research showing that the CC has a long history of failures (Google it), I'm giving it a =2.5. Sweetwater is an amazing company, and this is no reflection of their commitment to customer care.

  • from United States September 21, 2013

    Stopped working after 2 years

    Sounded great when I got it, used it on and off for a couple years in my pedalboard. Then it just stopped working one day. First time a pedal has ever just gave out on me like that. Always register your gear - I didn't register this pedal so I'm SOL.

  • from Ann Arbor, MI April 6, 2011Music Background:
    All around pedal freak and test driver... professional musician and instructor.

    Its "ok" but don't right home to momma...

    The modulation button is not really all that noticeable when engaged. The pedal saturates immediately on the first echo. Traditional old school analog delays would give at least one to three echos with not much tonal degradation. Too saturated for my taste. I traded it in for a T.C. Electronic Flashback... which has a great Analog AND a Tube-style delay onboard. A lot of hub-bub on the gear forums about this Carbon Copy, but IMHO, and my ears tell me it has been well bested by the T.C. pedal.

  • from November 11, 2016Music Background:
    Touring Musician

    Obnoxious Delay

    Like someone else said, the first echo dies right after it comes through. But it also has a really useless sound. It overwhelms your tone and doesn't add that singing lead tone, its more of a bubbly pulsing sound, and thats no good. Paired on a clean channel, it's almost like it's not even there. It works for some people, even though I'm not sure how. I'd take my money elsewhere if you're seeking solid tone.

  • from Maine May 12, 2015Music Background:
    lead Guitar


    Looks simple , prob me doin something wrong . Just not what I am looking for in a delay .

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