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Morpheus CAPO Polyphonic Pitch Up Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • Ibis Luzia
    from Brazil April 22, 2011Music Background:
    Bassist, Live Performer

    Morpheus Capo Great Stage Solution

    It is a great pleasure to buy from you. I consider Sweetwater the best music equipment shop for brazilians in the USA. I aways recommend you to my friends and to anybody wanting an equipment or instrument in the USA.
    Regarding Simon, for sure he is also responsible for this degree of appreciation I have for you. He is very attentive and very reliable aways. He is a great professional.
    The equipment I bought from you (Morpheus Capo) is really astonishing. In fact, I did not buy it to use on my guitar as I prefer to use the physical capo. I have no problems using a capo. I bought it to use on my Variax bass and I have to say it works much better on the bass than on the guitar.
    Bassists are very resistant to use a "physical capo" on the bass and I agree with them: it is in fact weird, to say the least. But with the Morpheus Capo I can now use different tunings on the bass for live presentations without the displeasure of a physical capo on the bass being noticed by the audience. I would say this product is really more directed to the bass player than to the guitar player, because using a physical capo on the guitar is not a problem at all and it really sounds better (Morpheus capo produces glitches on the higher notes as any pitch shifter). But for the bass, it is an entirely different scenario. Using an F sharp tuning on the bass required a bass tuned to F sharp which is expensive and not aways affordable (you have to use thinner strings because it requires more tension on the neck also, and, of course, an additional bass). With the Morpheus capo it is possible to use just the same basic setup with no worries. Just plug in the same bass tuned to standard tuning, choose the tuning you want and it is perfect. Now, playing those weird bass lines on F sharp or G is not a headache for the bass player anymore.
    And the construction of this stomp is really impressive. Built on rugged metal enclosure, it is prepared for the heavy duty use required on even the most aggressive stages.

  • Walter Schilling
    from Eastlake, OH February 16, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Recording Engineer

    Morpheus Capo

    This device works well with my Squire Telecaster guitar. However, unless the volume of the guitar amplifier is turned quite high, you sometimes get some weird chords between the vibration of the strings and what comes out of the speaker. This is a neat toy to have and I am glad that I purchased it. I may consider buying the DropTune device at some future date.

  • Marty
    from Atlanta, GA USA February 6, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbyist musician

    Works well - for the occasional use

    I had my eye on Morphues products for some time now - considering either their drop tune or capo pedal ... playing in a cover band I need to span many tunings and I can either use a low tuned guitar and capo UP to reach other tunings or i could use a standard tuned guitar and use the drop tune effect. Primarily due to the potential 12 string capability of the CAPO pedal - I decided to go that route. This is the most polyphonic pitch shift i have heard - leaving in tact all the harmonics and over tones; however, it does color your sound. At lower volumes you will hear an almost flanger effect on lower notes and chords when the pedal is engaged. On higher notes (leads beyond 12th fret and higher pitch strings) you get a warbled sound typical of other pitch shift pedals - where you do hear the note you've transposed to but you also hear the tracking trying to keep up with your playing. At higher volumes and higher gain settings you lose the flanger effect mention, but that warble on the leads does not go away. The end result - if you're carrying a second guitar for one of two songs ... this pedal is likely good enough to let you leave that other guitar at home. If however, you are playing an entire setlist of alternate tunings - i think you'll find yourself wishing you had the real thing. Morphesus CAPO is a great patch or band aid to get you through a quick need, but is certainly no substitute for the real thing.

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