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Eminence CV-75 Redcoat Series 12" 75-Watt 16 ohm Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Eminence CV-75 Redcoat Series 12" 75-Watt 16 ohm?

Questions about the Eminence CV-75 Redcoat Series 12" 75-Watt 16 ohm?

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  • from buena park ca June 5, 2017

    updated review to my original

    for a while was thinking of selling my eminence redcoat governor. glad i didnt, i have two htv 112 cabinets i put the cv7516 on the bottom and the governor on top wow, perfect balance, punchy bottom end sparkling highs from the cv7516 and heavy aggressive midrange from the governor now i dont even have to mike my rig at shows if i have my head on 4 with digitech rp 360 in front of the amp my drummer complains asking me to turn it down yeeeeeeehaaaaaa...

  • from April 1, 2017Music Background:

    Still breaking in but most of the way there...I play loud

    I stuck this bad boy in my Peavey 6505+ combo and it brought back clarity and demotions in my amp I didn't know were there. I play a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid Solo II with Bareknuckle Ceramic Warpig pickups and an ESP Ltd F-400FM with Bareknuckle Pain Killer pickups and used to use an mxr 10 band eq in the effects loop to get rid of the fizzy high end on the amp. Thanks to this speaker I don't use the 10 band eq anymore. The stock speaker in the 6505+ is junk, great little combo for the $. But the speaker just wasn't cutting it. The gain on the amp was completely unusable beyond 5-6. Forget trying to shape the eq with the stock speaker! Right out of the box the CV75 sounded amazing. The gain is useable now, bass is tight and sweet, mids are full, the high end isn't as shrill or fuzzy sounding. Notes are clear. This speaker is LOUD! Maintains clarity at high volumes. I've been a Mesa/Boogie guy since I started playing guitar in 1996. Loved the Celestion v30s and the EV Black shadow speakers Mesa used to use. The CV75 beats them both. Not sure how this speaker works with other styles of music but for all out drop tuned metal (I tune A,E,A,D,F#,B) this speaker is amazing! I can't believe that they are so cheep! Cost $40 less than a V30 and sounds better (IMHO). Not just a good speaker for the price but awesome st any price, I would have paid twice the price and not complained. The guys at sweetwater were awesome. They emailed me a tracking number quickly, speaker arrived super fast, emailed me asking me how I liked my purchase, gave me my own sales rep (that answers anytime I call, within business hours of course), and has been just super awesome to work with. They definitely have my business from here on out. Treated me like I was a rockstar (I'm a construction worker, lol). When I get a mesa cab for my dual rectifier I'm putting CV75s in it.

  • from Chicago March 27, 2017Music Background:

    Reminds me of Mesa UK V30

    Beautiful speaker. As I said, it really reminds me of my Mesa/UK V30 (which is voiced differently than a standard V30). Very smooth & cuts through a band mix so nicely. Sounds absolutely fantastic when mic'd with a 57.

    I play in multiple cover bands w/material from the 70's-present, and I think this does a good job with both for lead & rhythm in most if not all genres.

    I have a lot of speakers, so thought it might be helpful to compare a few popular ones:
    Standard V30 is more pronounced in upper mids, slightly less bass (than the CV-75).
    Creamback is smoother & more modern "cut" in midrange.
    Eminence Governor is more full range, maybe a little more low end, a little more brittle on the top.

  • from buena park, CA March 18, 2017

    absolute perfect tonal balance

    I've got the governor but this speaker sings I like the midrange of the governor but sometimes it's overbearing the cv7516 fixes that it's a perfect balance with punchy bass smooth midrange and sparkling high end it's the best sound I've ever heard in my life I'm getting one more next week and selling the gov I've got a blackstar 20 watt head and two htv 112 cabs now they'll both have cv 7516s with a distortion pedal like the rat on the front of the amp this speaker dies Black Sabbath all the way dontae thank you my brother and all you awesome people of sweetwater ps Mitch Gallagher do some grand funk videos thank you brothah

  • from PA December 7, 2015Music Background:
    Been playing guitar for 10 or so years

    Emienece cv-75

    This speaker is one of the best sounding speakers I ever heard and would recommend it to any musician wanting a big upgrade for there guitar amp.

  • from Coast to cast for school, But In Middle of country for inbetween semesters May 28, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer (avid Pro-Tools Certified), Recording Engineer, Musician, Teacher, Student, Hobbyist, etc

    WOW Beats 99% of Celestion (s) & their p.r.c. version Vintage 30 (v-30) 12

    Comes SO CLOSE IF NOT ACTUALLY BEATS REAL ENGLISH MADE CELESTION VINTAGE 30 (V-30) SPEAKERS IN BOTH 8 OR 16 OHM VERSIONS & THIS SPEAKER EASILY BEATS THE P.R.C./CHINA MADE VINTAGE 30 CELESTIONS AS WELL AS ANY OUTSOURCED CELESTION SPEAKER!!!! CLEANER MIDS, HIGHS, & LOWS ON BOTH ways you can use speaker on your amps, or guitar amplifier cabinet(s) once they are broken in & they sound so much better on both your clean & dirty or overdrive channels on whatever amplifier you put it in or whatever cabinet you put this speaker in as well! It really handles pedals well in daisy chain WITH GOOD GUITAR CABLES & A Decent for example ISP Decimator G-STring II or regular ISP Decimator at the end of the daisy chain b4 you feed it into your amp, BUT BREAK THE SPEAKER IN 1st & TRY & PLAY WITHOUT EFFECTS & YOU WILL BE AMAZED BY WHAT THESE USA MADE BAD BOYS with a FREE 7year WARRANTY for Your $$$ CAN DO vs. BUYING EXPENSIVE CHINA/PRC MADE CELESTION 12" V-30'S OR ANY OUTSOURCED CELESTION SPEAKERS COMPARED TO AMOUNT OF $ YOU SAVE ON THE USA MADE Eminence CV-75 Redcoat Series 12" 75-Watt 8ohm & 16ohm Speakers. Check your amps & cabs configs before buyiing speakers SO YOU CAN MATCH OHMS! MOST HIGH END 4X12 CABS ARE 16 OHM SPEAKERS AS WELL AS COMBO AMPS, BUT SOMETIMES THEY CAN BE 8OHMS AS WELL (USUALLY WITH CHEAPER COMBOS & CABS), EITHER WAY IS A GREAT UPGRADE TO YOUR GUITAR CABINETS & COMBO GUITAR AMP'S STOCK SPEAKERS OR REPLACING, BUT IS BEST UPGRADE I MADE FOR MY 4X12 CAB THAT HAD PRC CELESTION V-30'S IN IT & WHEN MY BUDDY BROUGHT HIS MESA BOOGIE & mARSHALL AV 4X12 CABS OVER TO JAM, WE COMPARED THE SOUND & COULD HARDLY TELL THE DIFFERENCE BECAUSE THEY SOUNDED SO GOOD! 5/5 STARS!! A+

  • from July 17, 2016Music Background:

    Great Soeaker

    I have a Marshall DSL40 which comes with a Celestion 70/80 which is a budget speaker. So this is the only speaker I really have for comparison. Never could get the sound I wanted from the 70/80. Very trebly with little bottom end. Kind of shrill. So I swapped it with the CV-75 16 ohm. Made a really big difference. Really huge bottom end and nice mids with open highs. Very even through the sound spectrum. I find myself turning down the bass on my amp. My Tech 21 fuzz pedal sounds great now along with my distortion. I play mostly rock through an LP style guitar and this is the ticket. Nice and loud too!

  • from St Robert, MO January 21, 2016Music Background:
    Experienced (20 years)

    Wow! Transformed my Cheap Cab into Awesomeness

    I was in need for a 2x12 cab and I was shocked to see this Bugera cab for under 300, when all the other brands were over 400 and some were nearly 1000. I had read and researched honest reviews and thought "this looks promising". However the stock speakers were harsh, brittle, and way too trebley. In comes the CV-75 speakers!!!

    My cabinet really came to life after the new speakers were installed. The bottom end is really surprising (MDF usually has no bass) and the note clarity is superb. I'm really happy with the look on stage and the new tones.

    After the upgraded speaker, which were 90 each (180 total) I have a really great sounding cabinet for under 500, and I'm overall happy with that.

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