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Hammond CU-1 Tremolo/Chorale Switch Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
Questions about the Hammond CU-1 Tremolo/Chorale Switch?

Questions about the Hammond CU-1 Tremolo/Chorale Switch?

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  • from Sarasota, Florida USA December 14, 2012

    Easy installation of Hammond CU-1 Tremelo/Chorale Switch

    This accessory was amazingly easy to install on the Hammond XK3 keyboard. Having owned B-3 with tremolo/chorale switches, I can assure buyers that the CU-1 works exactly the same as it does on the tone wheel organs. I'm impressed that it controls the Leslie 3300 as well as the internal Leslie simulator in the XK3 perfectly.

  • from Columbus,Georgia October 10, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Jazz Organist and Keyboard Player

    Educator/Pro/Keyboard Player

    This unit does exactly what I need it to do. I have the XK3C Pro System and the Neo Ventilator for the organ. The CU-1 Tremolo/ Switch
    is attached to the lower manual and was very easy to install. I can
    change from fast to slow or off very easily. I leave it attached most of
    the time when I go to gigs. Oh by the way, it plugs directly into the remote jack of the NEO Ventilator.

  • from Orange, NJ November 1, 2013Music Background:
    Gospel Organist, Keyboard Player

    Tremolo/chorale Switch

    I just received my Leslie switch yesterday. I was amazed in how fast it came. I was expected a 3-5 day delivery when in fact in showed up in only two. The Leslie switch was easy to install and I have no issue with it. I'm also glad to know that it comes supported with a 2 year warranty in case something should go wrong. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from December 10, 2015

    Solid switch, but way too expensive

    I use this on my XK3c, which actually has two available positions to screw it into - one a bit closer to the playing keys and one towards the end of the preset keys. It works great - it's just a switch. ;)
    The amount of mental anguish I went through deciding whether to drop 200 bucks on this thing is beyond words.
    Basically - if you want a nice polished looking switch that has the Leslie logo on it, get this switch
    If you are at least marginally more adept at electronics than I am, I am positive that you could build one yourself.
    Note: When moving the switch into the Stop position, the internal Leslie has about a 1.5 second delay before it goes into stopped mode. I presume this is to keep it from going into stopped mode every time you switch from slow to fast. Not sure if this is a quirk of the original Leslies.

  • from Beaver Dam, WI May 27, 2014Music Background:

    Overpriced, but very nice.

    First of all, I'd give it 5 stars except for the price. It’s sad to see they’re getting for this switch. I design low volume, custom electronics so I understand that an item like this isn’t going be produced in the millions and tooling charges need to be recouped. But man, they are gouging us for this.

    Ok, enough venting… I bought the CU-1 for my SK1-73. Yes, the SK1 IS NOT designed to accept this switch (mechanically speaking), but I really detest using the Leslie buttons on the SK1. After considering my options for mounting this, I decided to modify the SK1’s chassis to accept the CU-1. I got a $17 threaded rivet kit from Harbor Freight which comes with the tool and a selection of threaded rivets. I positioned the CU-1, marked out the holes, drilled and installed threaded aluminum rivets to accept 1” long 8-32 machine screws for a rock solid mount. Each end plate of the SK1 comes off with three screws so I could insure that no aluminum shavings from the drilling would be inside the keyboard. The Hammond gig bag has enough room to allow the CU-1 to be left on the keyboard. This isn’t an option many will consider, but it got me what I wanted. It’s not perfect since you’re putting in the inserts close to the edge, which has a radius. I considered forming the rivets around the radius, but just mounted the switch and got on with life. I took pictures and video of the operation if anyone wants to email Chad Klink.

    I just played a rehearsal with the CU-1 attached and all I can say is “Ahhhhhh. That’s much better”. Using the included spacer and mounting the CU-1 as far left as possible puts it just at the end of the keys and feels very natural for me. The detent of the switch is firm and crisp. Of course, it looks authentic. The SK1’s setup allows you to select the CU-1 as your foot switch input, so it works right away. While I can complain about the price, I must say that I enjoyed playing more with this switch in place. It just feels right.

  • from Savannah, GA December 31, 2011Music Background:
    Ex Pro...part time player now

    YES...and No!

    The switch is great BUT it does NOT screw directly into an SK-1 which is what I wanted to use it for. But, then, I AM a musician so gaffers tape once again comes to the rescue.

    It is the switch mentioned in the SK 1 & 2 manuals so it might work on the 2 but it doesn't fit on the 1 - no holes!

Questions about the Hammond CU-1 Tremolo/Chorale Switch?

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