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Casio CTK-6000 61-key Portable Arranger Reviews

5.0 stars based on 12 customer reviews
  • from Bronx, New York January 15, 2013Music Background:

    The Casio CTK-6000 is fantastic

    I like the keyboard because it has a lot of features, the sounding is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • from Upstate NY February 22, 2012Music Background:
    Experienced amateur multi- instrumentalist

    All I need

    Great board- Sounds great even with internal speakers. Has all the features I will personally need whether for my own amusement or performances. For $200 bucks especially you will love it. Key action is exceptional. Also Sweetwater is a great company They not only send follow up e-mails on orders but they also make a follow up call. Very professional, knowledgeable and great to deal with. I like little touches like the candy they include in your shipment which are very well packaged by the way. I don't actually eat the candy myself but still a nice touch. Very pleased with this product and everything else I've purchased so far.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA January 13, 2012Music Background:

    Great Keyboard!!!!

    Recently receieved this keyboard from Sweetwater and was blown away. This thing has what seems to be an endless amount of built in tones, all of which sound realistic and are very musical. The quality of this keyboard is great as well. All I can say it buy this, and you will be very glad that you did.

  • from Bedford, Texas December 26, 2011Music Background:
    Beginner Guitarist


    The sound and feel is all some ,Thanks again to Sweetwater, And John,the best salesman I've Dealt with.

  • from December 14, 2011

    Fantastic keyboard.

    I stacked it with my CTK-5000. At the piano, both sit on my right side. I move between the "instruments" during worship.

  • from Paducah Ky July 27, 2011Music Background:


    I baught this keyboard as a spare but liked it so much I use it all the time. For the price and the level of sound quality you cant beat it !!

  • from Deming, NM. April 30, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Producer

    Casio this good?

    Let me begin by saying I've played Rolands, Korgs, and Yamahas since the mid 80s. Never thought of touching a Casio until a friend said to give it try - I always looked at Casio as the cheap dollar wrist watches and calculators we used to buy years ago. I wanted a practice board at home so I would slow down the wear and tear on my Fantom X and Motif I now use at different gigs.

    I unboxed this keyboard this morning and hooked it up - I was absolutely floored at the piano patches I started playing right away! After some editing these piano patches are (I'm almost embarrassed to say) just as pronounced and refined as my Motif!
    A couple negatives: It only accepts MIDI files via the smart card; and the sequencer is realtime, not step. But for the amount paid and the quality of sounds, this keyboard is quite a bargain.

  • from Evanston, IL August 21, 2012Music Background:
    played piano for 35 years.

    having lots of fun with the sounds of the CTK 6000.

    I wanted a new electronic keyboard. I went on-line, and found Sweetwater. The CTK 6000 seemed right for me. I purchased it, and got it the next day. Wow! The piano sounds, are so much more richer than my old keyboard. The preset tunes are also great to challenge song writing skills. I look forward to using the equalizer, and sequencer. All this for a great price! Thanx, Sweetwater!

  • from Vancouver, WA May 17, 2012Music Background:
    Retired Professional Musician (School Teacher and Orchestral Player. I am really a woodwind player.

    Casio 6000 Keyboard

    I am weekend musician and play piano for small gigs and parties.
    I am avery impressed with my new gear. The size is just what I
    was looking for and with all of the possibilities of sould production I am
    sure ;going to use it all the time. For just keyboard playing it is great!
    I like it! Juan

  • from Westminster, MD USA February 7, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live and Recording Engineer

    Very pleasant surprise -- Casio's definitely on the way back!

    I bought the Casio CTK-6000 for a couple of reasons -- first, I wanted an inexpensive all-in-one keyboard that could be battery powered for impromptu and informal rehearsals and second, as an "on-the-cheap" arranger for a possible duo/trio project. And, I had a non-existent budget! Even the CTK-7000 was more than I could afford.

    I've not had a lot of time to work seriously with the instrument as yet, but have spent about four hours going through all of the sounds and most of the rhythm patterns. While this is certainly not on the level of the Korg PA3X, you've got to remember that the Korg is 18.5 times the price! For a couple hundred bucks, the CTK-6000 contains hundreds of truly gig-ready tones and dozens of really well done rhythms in most popular styles. Even the built-in amp and speakers sound good (at least in my studio). And, there's a 16-track sequencer step/song inside that will also play back SMF files via SD-card.

    Caveats? Sure there are some. The build-quality is not the highest -- you're going to have to take some care with this thing if you're going to transport it a lot as it's all plastic; the keyboard action is a little spongy; there's no modulation wheel and only a single pedal input; and the line-level outputs, in typical recent Casio fashion, tend to load down easily if you want to feed them through any outboard stompbox effects (a buffer pedal should cure that, if you have the need for outboard effects).

    In summary, if you're on a tight budget and need a good-sounding keyboard with arranger/sequencer capability, the CTK-6000 (or the 76-key WK-6500) are hard to beat.

  • from mpls.,mn (usa) May 15, 2011Music Background:

    worth the money

    Recently bought this model from sweetwater. In my opion ,for all that you get, it is the best priced keyboard sweetwater has to offer .In their review , sweetwater stated: "buy one before the price goes up!" and I absolutely agree!
    Remember , its not built like a $1000 professional model, but it sure sounds like one. so take care of it ,enjoy it, and thank sweetwater for standing behind the products they sell even beyond the manufactures warranty.

  • from NJ, USA January 16, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-Professional Multi-Instrumentalist

    A fine keyboard

    This keyboard has a lot of funcitinality which is greatly appreciated, including headphones & line out, plenty of sounds to choose from, and a variety of rhythm tracks. I am personally used to a full 88-key piano, so I sometimes find myself wishing for the rest of the keys, but the keyboard does allow you to change either all of the keys (or just a subset of them) down an octave or two, so the whole range is reachable in theory, which is nice. If you're looking at this as a starter keyboard, remember that you will need to buy a sustain pedal and stand separately; I bought an M-Audio SP-2 for the former and it works fine in position "1" (the graphic shows an open switch, though I'm not familiar with which polarity that corresponds to).

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