Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Jazz 4-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - 18" Kick - Satin Walnut Glaze

4-piece Mahogany Drum Kit with 14" x 18" Bass Drum, 8" x 12" Rack Tom, 14" x 14" Floor Tom, and 5" x 14" Snare Drum - Satin Walnut Glaze
5/5 3 Write review Item ID: CT1-J484-SWG
Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Jazz 4-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - 18

Drums and tom mount only. Cymbals and stands not included.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Jazz 4-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - 18
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Gretsch Drums Catalina Club Jazz 4-piece Shell Pack with Snare Drum - 18" Kick - Satin Walnut Glaze
In Stock!

Awesome Vintage-flavored Mahogany Kit

Gretsch Drums' Catalina Club 4-piece drum kit is a cool throwback. Featuring punchy mahogany shells and retro drum sizes and finish, this classic kit gives you an open-sounding 14"-deep bass drum that's perfect for just about any style of music. The rack and floor toms serve up "period-correct" vibe, in a satisfyingly balanced blend with the kick and snare drum. These drums are finished in a gorgeous vintage-y finish, for a crisp, distinctive look that'll look stunning onstage. So if you're looking for value in a unique kit that looks, sounds, and plays great, you've found it: Gretsch Drums' Catalina Club 4-piece!

Gretsch Drums Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit at a Glance:
  • Mahogany shells give you excellent low-end punch
  • Shallow bass drum depth heightens expressiveness and puts you in firmer control
  • Be part of Gretsch's legacy in American music
Mahogany shells give you excellent low-end punch

The drums of Gretsch's Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit sport mahogany shells, so here's a handy Sweetwater refresher course on drum shell tonewoods: Of the "big three" - mahogany, maple, and birch, mahogany is the softest. Softer woods produce more bottom end, while the harder ones (birch, for example) emphasize higher-pitched tones. If you like lots of satisfying, organic low-end punch in your drum sound, the Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit is for you. It's a versatile kit, as well - perfect across a broad range of music styles.

Shallow bass drum depth heightens expressiveness and puts you in firmer control

The Gretsch Drums Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit includes a 14" x 18" bass drum. If you're accustomed to playing kick drums with a depth of 16", 18", or even 20", you've been moving a lot of air - some would say needlessly. If you're going for a punchy, contemporary kick sound, you'll find the 14" x 18" size relatively effortless to work with - particularly if you've got padding and a mic in there. The final ingredient in this sonic alchemy is the kick's mahogany shell - which gives you robust bottom end. With less air to move, you can be more fleet-footed and expressive with your kick drum. And expressiveness is what music's all about, right?

Be part of Gretsch's legacy in American music

The Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit is a proud part of Gretsch's legacy in American music. Everyone knows Gretsch electric guitars and drums, but did you know that got their start in 1883 as a banjo company? It wasn't long before Gretsch was making mandolins, ukuleles, and eventually flat-top guitars, contributing to the very roots of American music. So when you play a Gretsch instrument, you're playing more than a great axe, you're playing a piece of American music history.

Gretsch Drums Catalina Club 4-piece Drum Kit Features:
  • Gretsch-formula 7-ply mahogany shells deliver warmth and punch
  • Catalina Club Round Badge
  • Bearing Edge: 30-degree
  • Tom/snare hoops: 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops
  • Bass drum hoops: matching lacquer or inlay
  • Gretsch low-profile GTS tom suspension system
  • Gretsch low-profile tom and FT leg brackets
  • Gretsch single tom holder with cymbal mount and 12.7mm L-Arms
  • Gretsch "T-Wing Nut/Bolt"
  • Gretsch bass drum mount plate with "G" memory lock
  • Chrome hardware; Remo drum heads
Go retro with Gretsch Drums' Catalina Club Drum Kit!

Tech Specs

Finish Satin Walnut Glaze
Configuration Shell pack with snare
Number of Drums 4
Snare (Depth x Diameter) 5" x 14"
Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter) 8" x 12"
Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter) 14" x 14"
Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter) 14" x 18"
Shell Material Mahogany
Manufacturer Part Number CT1-J484-SWG

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous Looking & Great Sounding Kit at Any Price!

Disclaimer: I'm not a great drummer. I have good time and play musically but not flashy or technically complex. I have been a singer, trombone, and guitar player for decades and I've done live sound and recording engineering for decades. As an engineer, I want to mic a kit that has great tone and gives me something to work with. I don't want stale, stark sounding toms of pure attack with little sustain or lifeless tone. This kit has rich, full bodied tone that makes you want to hit those toms again, and then one more time, just to listen to them. They pull you in. They sound great live in a smaller venue. They will sound great live mic'ed in a large venue, they will sound great in the studio. As others have said, these are not heavy metal focused sonic hammers that will force their way through a mix of heavy distortion and the constant roar of double kick runs. They are very much alive with tonal color and flavor that will mix in well with your band and punch through when needed. In a Walnut Shell, these drums are real instruments of sonic and musical beauty. Build Quality: Sure there are kits with thicker gauge steel hoops and larger lugs and thicker chrome. Sure there are kids that have denser hard woods and more plies of wood. Who cares? What matters is what they sound like, and what they look like, and how long they will hold up. As someone who builds furniture, cabinets and has loved and drooled over drums for decades, I can tell you that the quality of this kit is amazing for the price. It looks and sounds like a kit that cost 3-4 times what it did. The lugs, rims, legs, tom mount... are all of good to very good quality and when you look at or touch the kit you think... really? This thing only cost this much? Plenty strong enough to last for decades with reasonable care when moving them and gigging with them. I matched kit with the DW6300 series ultra-light hardware and it all is super light and easy to transport. And then we get to the finish. Seriously guys, the photos don't do them justice. They are gorgeous! The photos show a nice brown walnut wrap that is certainly pretty, but a bit clinical. When I pulled them out of the box, it was like Wow! In real life these shells have a lot more depth of color and a touch more red/amber to them that really warms them up and says... "Come hither and play me!" Let me put it another way, When I got them out of the box and showed them to my wife, she said... "Those are really pretty! Where are you going to put them?" To which I honestly said, "I don't really know." Then she smiled and said, "You can set them up and keep them in the family room." Yeah, they are that pretty!Let me make this easy for you. Click buy now. You won't get a better sounding kit at this price point or anywhere close to it. If you want a smaller gigging kit, like a Breakbeats, Martini, or Safari, (Which are all kits I was really looking at), you'll have buyer’s remorse the moment you hear my kit. I played the Breakbeats at Guitar Center and found that it sounds like a really nice toy compared to the Catalina Clubs. The tom is thin, the kick is a joke wrapped up in a sparkly shell and the size of the kit feels like a toy. This 18" kick is still easily transportable and sounds, while not huge, very nice and like a kick drum. Sure the Catalina Club cost me $200 more than the other bop kit wanna-be's and is slightly larger, but it's just as portable and brings a real drum kit to your gig. Hopefully you'll even be able to bring it home! Because once your audience sees it they will come up between songs and say, "You can set them up and keep them in my family room!" ;-)Click... Buy... Now!
Music background: Trombone, vocal, guitar, drums, composer

Great Set for Price

I am so very satisfied with this smaller drum set and amazed at the overall quality. Will be using on smaller gigs and not compromising on sound quality.

.......Catalina Club......18

.......These guys are perfect for my needs.......Put a Vic Firth Fleece Beater on the Bass Drum.......This Kit is Great.............:)
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