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Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth?

Questions about the Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth?

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  • from Charlotte, NC May 27, 2017Music Background:

    Wow, Wow!

    This device is brilliant. Solid build. It's a great small footprint The word "small" only describes its size, otherwise it is really big and fat sounding. The app for both OSX and IOS is outstanding. I'd like to get one or two more. Lots of possibilities. Highly recommend.

  • from February 15, 2017

    Super CRAFTsynth

    Fantastic little synth made even better by programming app

  • from California January 15, 2017

    Full Power - Amazing Price

    The huge design experience that one should expect from the Modal development team is in full force on the CraftSynth. The functionality is very deep and all of it readily available. This is no toy, it is a powerful synth at an amazing price point. Absolutely recommended!

  • from Annapolis January 11, 2017Music Background:

    Unbelevable For The Price

    First and foremost the depth n breath of the sound astounds me. The high and the low end are there and intact. All the parameters work seamlessly. I had no fall out. I was able to achieve my ideas fast using the Modal App running on my Ipad2. If This is just a Tickle of what the bigger systems sound like and can do....I'm sold!!

  • from New York April 22, 2017Music Background:
    Professional Indsutrial Musician

    Such an amazing synth for the price.

    Monophonic is an interesting way for them to describe this synth. While it IS monophonic VA synth, it really feels like much more.

    I'm an avid VA collector/user (JP-8000, Alesis Ion, System-1, Sledge 2.0, & MS-2000BR) and this is a very unique VA. Not because of it's shape, size, or unique appearance. The sound can be as simple as a standard 2-osc synth, or it can go literally insane. Up to 4-Osc with unison, the effects are unique sounding to say the least. The delay is very digital sounding and the distortion is...well weird. You won't get that Boss DS-1 nice tonal distortion or the gritty ear-piercing Korg distortion. You'll get more of this weird, hybrid distortion that's quite unique. The keys can be set to scales for live performance (I hate having laptops or tablets or whatever on stage). You can make some amazing drones with it.

    The software is a must as you can get really deep into it. The sound is amazing. Don't treat it as a VA, if you're to take my advice. Treat it as a digital subtractive synth. It won't sound analog, however it won't sound as cold as digitals that you're used to. It is a truly unique sounding synth.

    Unique Sound
    Fun to build (takes less than 10 minutes, no really, it's more like 2 minutes)
    Months of sound design
    you CAN build sound without the software, and it's fun to do.
    $ for a 8-voice Modal mono synth? OMFG!

    MIDI? Requires a software sequencer, without it, it becomes a pad box.
    While you can build sounds without the software, there are many hidden features in the software.
    Can't tell where the knobs are pointing so it's mostly done by ear, which can get difficult on the more intricate twiddling.

    Protip: order some 6mm knobs with tightening screws. The pegs on the Craftsynth will fit a 6mm knob, this will save you migraines AND you can usually get 10 for $1 if you know where to look.

    You'd be a fool to pass this up. In 10 years these will be sought after like the TB-303 was in 1998.

  • from Los Gatos, CA March 28, 2017

    update: Some Initial Issues

    After playing the CRAFTsynth with the CraftApp and with Ableton Live I wanted to bump up my rating from my earlier review (unfortunately it doesn't seem I can go back and edit that one). It sounds great, has a broad range, good presets, app is well done. The interface on the synth itself is unusual and somewhat confusing, but I found it fun to mess with it and get unexpected sounds. And via the app I was able to easily dial in a sound to then start changing via the synth hardware.

    The only reason I can't give this great little synth five stars is the issue I mentioned in my first review, which required filing out the pc board slots a little so that everything lined up correctly for assembly. Still, this is a great value, educational, and something different in the interface.

  • from CA March 19, 2017

    Some initial issues

    I've just gotten this working today and sound-wise it seems interesting. I can tell I'll need to read up on it to delve into the available functionality and options as the UI is a bit opaque. I'll try and update my review later with more on the sound and playability aspect.

    In terms of putting this together, I had to go to a relatives house where they had some very small files, a good light, and a magnifying glass – so that we could file down all the slots cut into the pc boards. Each slot was slightly too shallow; they seemed to be all by the same amount, which was about half a millimeter. This was sufficient to cause problems. For example, it prevented the blocks in Step 2 of the assembly instructions from being able to fit on as their pins were not lined up.

    After enlarging the slots it went together pretty easily and quickly, including attaching a cheap AAA battery pack I bought separately. It seems to work great. Now it's time to get experimenting!

Questions about the Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth?

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