Orange Crush CR120H 120-watt Head - Orange

120W Guitar Amplifier Head with Digital Reverbs, and Effects Loop
Orange Crush CR120H 120-watt Head - Orange image 1
Orange Crush CR120H 120-watt Head - Orange image 1
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Orange Crush CR120H 120-watt Head - Orange
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The Big Sound of Orange Amps

Orange Amplifiers expands its line of solid-state Crush amps with the new CR120H 120-watt head. This Crush amp delivers more authentic Orange tone than ever with both amp channels designed after the Rockerverb. The clean channel sports two gain stages that start to break up when it's cranked, and the dirty channel uses four gain stages to deliver classic Orange overdrive tones.

Orange Crush CR120H 120-watt Head Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:
  • 120-watt amp head
  • 3 digital reverb choices
  • Built-in effects loop
  • Built from rugged 18mm plywood
  • Both amp channels designed after the Rockerverb
  • Clean channel uses 2 gain stages to go from clean to slight breakup
  • Dirty channel uses 4 gain stages for overdrive to over-the-top distortion

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Tech Specs

Type Solid State
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 120W
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band
Inputs 1 x TS
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (16 ohm out)
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O 1 x 1/4" ( channel), 1 x 1/4" (reverb)
Height 8.86"
Width 21.65"
Depth 9.84"
Weight 31.75 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number CR120H

Customer Reviews

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A great amp

I was very skeptical in the beginning so I bought this only as a back up for my tube amps and for using as a practice amp to save tube life. Cr120 sounds great and it is all analogue! The dirty channel is amazingly as great as many good tube amps' high gain channel and it reaches to a point where even trained ears wouldn't distinguish if this is a solid state amp when listening in a song. The difference between a top notch tube amp and this is however obvious when compared directly in single track. I tried many SS amps that emulate something or that claim to have a tube sound and all came and went. This just stays!!! The weakest point of this amp is the clean channel like many other orange amps with no surprise. I wouldn't recommend it for the clean channel though. Pointless to compare to a great tube amp if you can afford it and maintain it because the comparison would be between apples and grapes but it is a great amp on its own. You appreciate it even more if you buy a 3k tube amp and spend $ to change the power tubes every year or get frustrated with blowing fuses and end up searching a maintenance facility close by:)))) So it's a no brainer!
Music background: Audio engineer

Orange Goodness

I've read a lot of reviews, watched a ton of videos and studied this amp head extensively before making the decision to try it for myself. I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with the work and effort that the minds at Orange put into this amp. 100% analog Solid State from Orange Amplification puts a smile on my face a mile wide. Based on the Rockerverb series, you can definitely identify RV tones and vibe. Certainly the tones you derive from the CR120 will be based on the cab you run through it. I'm using a closed back solid birch Emperor 212 8ohm with Celestion V30s, and it sounds other worldly. I'm in love with the clean tones dialed up around 10:00ish - 12:00ish. There is an ever present dirt factor from 12 up that will take your cleans from pristine to killer breakup. Completely analog, save for the digital reverb circuit, this amp would fool many tone snobs and tube aficionados. The reverb is brilliant, and you can select between spring, hall or plate. On the dirty channel, beginning around 1:00 - 3:00 you'll be treading into Tony Iommi land. It just gets super squishy from there (in a very good Orangey squishy way). The more master volume you heap the thicker and more tube-like the response. However- it is not a tube amp- but really once we start talking Rokerverb vibe this thing comes really close to achieving just that. Side by side with a RV you will hear the difference... However it is tube maintenance free and will serve well in my studio or as a backup. I will be using this for more than just a back up, trust me. Jon at Sweetwater was awesome in my customer service experience, calling me to let me know when it would be in and then following up to let me know it was on it's way. Nothing but love for the guys at Sweetwater!
Music background: Studio hound, tone seeker

Way To Go Orange

I have known about the Orange company now for a while but was never that crazy about the orange tolex covering. Then one day I stopped in at a local music store and the owner had the little OR15 tube amp head. He asked me if I had ever played thtrough an Orange amp and I shook my head no. I plugged in a Fender Squier Tele and BAM! This thing ROCKED! It is a great little beast but it had the orange covering and I was looking for something with 2 channels and in a different colored covering and he said that he had the CR120H in a black covered cab. This thing is sweeeet! NO tubes and built like a tank. The chassis is thick gauge steel with well thought out build quality and components with NO knob looseness or jack looseness and no headphone jack to short out and cause speaker to cut in and out like the Fender Mustang III V.1 that I had. Impressive clean channel and tubelike dirty channel. I bought it based on the sound and build quality of the OR15. I think Orange has got me hooked and I will most likely buy more Orange products in the future. Thank You ORANGE!
Music background: experienced in guitar and singing

One hell of an Amp

When I got this amp I had decent expectations for it, considering its a Orange Amp, but what I got exceeded my expectations. Don't underestimate this amp even thought it does not have tubes. BEST SOLID STATE AMP I HAVE EVER PLAYED BY FAR. It is light years ahead of any solid state I've played. I just used it in a large outdoor show with my band and it easily kept up with my lead guitarist's Crate Blue Voodoo. The tone is amazing, and it handles pedals like a champ. Clean is great, and the dirty channel has amazing range in the gain. You can do anything from Jazz to Metal with this amp. The reverbs are also very good. If you are looking for a great sounding amp that wont break the bank, or a solid backup that you can rely on, this is it. I would suggest this amp to anyone, it is well worth the price.
Music background: Singer, Guitarist, plays in a band professionally.


I was totally blown away by this amp. The best thing; cr120 has the warmth of a tube amp but its a solid state. Probably the best solid state amp out there. The clean channel is bright and chimey and you can overdrive it using its master volume. The dirty channel has 4 stages of gain and responds very nicely to pick and to fingers. I was running it through a 2x12 marshall cab and cr120 sounds incredible. The digital reverb is very nice and adds a nice feature to the amp. the reverb is the only digital part of this amp.No hiding behind his amp,its you and your playing and your guitar. Thanks Cliff Cooper and Adrian Emsley for adding an affordable "rockerverb" to the line.
Music background: Pro musician
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