Focal CMS 40 4" Powered Studio Monitor

Powered Studio Monitor with 4" Polyglass Cone Woofer, 1" Aluminum/Magnesium Inverted-dome Tweeter, and 60Hz-28kHz Frequency Response (each)
Focal CMS 40 4
Focal CMS 40 4
$425.00 (each)
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Focal CMS 40 4" Powered Studio Monitor
In Stock!
$425.00 (each)

Focal Quality in a Nearfield Monitor!

Following in the wake of the extremely successful CMS 50 and CMS 65 monitors, the Focal CMS 40 offers you the same exceptional definition and precision imaging, in a smaller format that's ideal for nearfield monitoring. A pair of CMS 40 studio monitors can provide you with amazing monitoring accuracy as close as 16" away. They are absolutely ideal for use in monitoring situations where space is limited and sympathetic vibrations may cause objects and surfaces to rattle. They also make wonderful satellites for surround monitoring, and if you have a larger and better-tuned studio, a pair of CMS 40 monitors is a wonderful secondary monitoring source, allowing you to check that your mixes will translate onto smaller speakers. Whatever your setup may be, the unmistakable quality and detail of Focal CMS 40 studio monitors can help you produce better music.

Focal CMS 40 Active Studio Monitor Features at a Glance:
  • Frequency response (+/-3dB): 60Hz-28kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 97dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
  • Input: XLR/RCA
  • HF amplifier stage: 25W rms, Class AB
  • LF amplifier stage: 25W rms, Class AB
  • Tuning: low- and high-frequency shelving filters with adjustable frequencies
  • Woofer: 4" Focal drive unit, 1" polyglass cone
  • Tweeter: Aluminum/magnesium inverted-dome Focal tweeter
  • Construction: Reinforced and damped die-cast aluminum cabinet
  • Finish: Black-powdered paint
  • Dimensions with spikes: 9-3/8 x 6-1/8 x 6-1/8"
  • Dimensions with table stand: 9-9/16 x 6-1/8 x 6-1/8"
  • Net weight: 11 lbs.
Put the perfect finishing touches on your project; use a pair of Focal CMS 40 studio monitors!

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Tech Specs

Powered Yes
Power Configuration Bi-amped
LF Driver Size 4"
LF Driver Type Cone
HF Driver Size 1"
HF Driver Type Inverted Dome
LF Driver Power Amp 25W
HF Driver Power Amp 25W
Total Power 50W
Frequency Range 60hz-28kHz (±3 dB)
Maximum Peak SPL 97 dB
Input Types 1 x XLR, 1 x RCA
Enclosure Type Ported
Height 9.38" (with Spikes), 9.56" (with Table Stand)
Width 6.13"
Depth 6.13"
Weight 11 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number #FOPRO-CMS40

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I bought a pair of CMS 40's about 2 yrs ago, they have been used in my studio as one set of reference monitors along with my Genelecs & Reynauds. I have even used them as a very portable PA with my keyboard for solo gigs. They really nailed the phase coherence and spectrum balance. Instruments just sound like they "should" thru these. Build quality is fantastic!
Music background: 30 yr pro

Was Skeptical. Now a believer!

This has changed not only improved my time-to-completion 10 fold, but also, my whole mixing process. I never thought that better speakers could make THAT much of a difference. How wrong I was... Believe the phrase "You can't mix what you can't hear". It's 100% true. I was skeptical, especially because these are a serious investment. But now, I'm a believer. These things rock.
Music background: Drummer, Recording Engineer

The best little Monitor Speaker that I ever heard

I received these Monitor speakers about two weeks ago and I'm blown away by the quality and the definition that it has. Everything that I mix here in comes out the same in the radio and other devices. Is incredible what the speaker do. Great entry level speaker and you will just need a Subwoofer if you want bass. Will recommend for anyone looking for a good speaker to your ears (When you don't have a lot of ears to find the right frequencies lol) Great job Focal
Music background: Record Label/Everything lol

Not the size of the dog in the fight.....

These monitors are extremely natural sounding and have a huge openness in the high end that other monitors do not have. These monitors don't "hype" certain frequencies like others in the price range do (the bm5a's hype lows) Some may say they don't good but little do they know these monitors play back what you put in accurately. If they don't sound good its not the speaker. Don't hesitate on the size or the price these monitors are worth their weight in gold. My suggestion is get the sub to match as they lack some of the "moving" frequencies other than that they are amazing!!!
Music background: Audio Engineer.

An audiophile-grade professional studio monitor

These studio monitors have exceeded my expectations. They are replacing a high end consumer power amplifier and midrange audiophile speakers combo, and have surpassed the quality of my prior speaker/amp combo by a large degree. The sound is very detailed, neutral, three-dimensional and the CMS 40 has this wonderful capability (when used with good source music) of presenting the sound as if the speakers were not the source, but as if the music was live in the room right before you. However, cabling quality is very important with these monitors, and I would urge whomever purchases these speakers to budget for a high quality, teflon-insulated, balanced interconnect to feed the XLR inputs on the speakers from your converter/preamp, or recording interface, etc., as lower quality cabling will impede the three-dimensional sound attributes and reduce the level of detail as well. Also, a vibration isolation product also benefits this pair, and tightens up the already well-defined bass even further. Highly Recommended!
Music background: Hobbyist

Sweetwater Advice

Ryan Thorpe

These are the most impressive small speakers I've had in my home studio. Despite their surprisingly compact form, they are uncompromised and professional. For a 4” woofer, they have excellent clarity in both the low end and mid-high range. This has made them must-haves for me for post-production and as a second reference.

Nick Schenkel

I've heard many impressive monitors before, but have never been so completely blown away as I have been by these little wonders. I don't know how Focal manages to coax such balanced levels, and such low frequencies, out of a 4" driver powered by a scant 25W RMS, but I'm a believer - I just ordered a pair for myself!
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