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Roland CM-220 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Joseph Secu

    Wow! What a great little sub/sat system! Don't let its size fool you...these speakers pack a major punch in tight spaces. The bass is surprisingly deep and powerful on the subwoofer with out overpowering the crisp clean mids and highs on the satellites. This is the perfect companion to any keyboard rig, e-drum set, home studio, or computer desktop sound system. You won't be disappointed!

  • from Eugene, OR January 3, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Artist, Audio Engineer, Trumpet player, electronics engineer, music equipment manufacture

    I wouldn't want to live without them

    I originally wrote a bad review on these speakers because the mixer on this is not up to par but I'm grown to love these speakers. The EQ sucks and 1/4" and RCA inputs are noisy . If you turn them up, it has a high pitched static that ruins your mix... which was why I talked about te blaring highs. You are pretty much forced to use the main inputs and the SPDIF in. You just have to get the volume levels right and than then turn them down with your sound card or mixer.

    But that being said, I absolutely these speakers. They are so clear, that when you AB them with most monitors that are equal price (even without the sub), it makes them sound muddy. The 3D imaging is superb too. I often find myself getting scared because of sounds I hear behind me.The sub is beefy and my mixes are a million mixes better now that I switched to using these. The highs are a big more present than the mids is my only complaint for them as reference monitors. They are for making music, not doing a final mix, but are still great for mixing though because they only have a 4" woofer. This means its slightly bass challenged which is good because it means that your mix will translate to other speakers better than if you were just working with a nice set of 8" reference monitors and no sub.

    The main reason why I love these speakers is because they are perfect for jamming out with electronic music! The sub is freaking awesome for drums. Its awesome for playing guitar, and you can't mess up the speakers by playing them loud for hours. Basically, you can't wrong with um. They are small and portable, good on stage, and perfect for practicing.

  • from Memphis, TN August 15, 2012Music Background:

    Roland CM-220

    I was not expecting such great sound. The sub-woofer is much bigger than I expected and the overall sound is incredible; however, be sure to run a keyboard in stereo because when I connected it through the mono input it sounded tinny and flat.

  • from Visalia CA March 22, 2012Music Background:
    30 years of drumming

    This thing rattled my doublepane window out of it's frame.

    I have a v-drum kit and have been using headphones for the last year. I've been eyeing the pm-30 for about six month but could never bring myself to spend that kind of cash. The cm-220 hit the market for the same price and pretty much advertises the same things the pm-30 does except the 30 has a 12'' coaxle woofer and the 220 has a pannable 10'' sub. The 30 has outputs for expanding and the 220 has no outputs. The 220 was more along the line I was looking for.
    Everything Roland says about the cm-220 is 100% true so there's realy no point in rehashing everything said in the advertisement.
    Is this thing too expensive? I say absolutly. But it's worth it. Loud, earthshaking, clear explosive power, it's everything and more.
    If you're like me and you've been hiding in V-headphone-solitarie confinment waiting for the right system, this is it. It doesn't get any better.

  • from Scottsdsale AZ January 27, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer Studio Advanced

    Roland CM-220

    I was amazed how Great this compact system sounds and the over all the number of uses to which the system can be applied. Which in my case the Roland V-Drums. I had my doubts but sure enough the CM-220 does make a very good monitor system and has plenty of head room for a great sound with the 3D imaging which really surprised me. Now with that being said I would recommend that you might want to consider a small sound mixer which you can connect to the CM-220 to, this will give you more control over your EQ settings if you decide to add another sound source. Yes the CM -220 has inputs for other audio input devices but at least for me the on board mixer and EQ setting were ok but if you really want to be able to use this to It's full potential, than adding a small mixer would give you more control over your over all sound if your using keyboards computer or CD player devices. Other than this comment about the mixer it still sounds great for a compact system... It will surprise you when you here it in person.

  • from Sidney, OH United States December 16, 2014Music Background:
    Hobby musician, guitar, keys, drums.

    Solid Performer - Roland CM-220

    I purchased this system from Sweetwater and use it for multiple instruments and tasks. I have it set up for monitoring my Roland VK-88, a Roland TD-3 drum kit and for playing acoustic - electric guitar. I also use it to play backing tracks for keys/guitar/drum practice. I use it exclusively in a home studio. I have not tested the cm220 for use as a recording monitor. It was super easy to set up and use.

    Overall it performs quite well. Sonically it is clean and does not tend to color the sound much. I use it primarily at low-medium practice sound levels so distortion is not common. The whole room is filled with amazing sound, seemingly coming from every direction. It really is cool. So cool, I hooked up an old turntable, threw on Led Zeppelin 4 and heard things I didn't previously hear. Really amazing.

    At low-moderate levels it's fine for drums, and the sound again just surrounds and envelopes you. Where it really shines for me though is with the Roland VK-88. Heck even my older XP-80 sounds amazing. The sub really helps the organs and pianos fill the room with deep, rich sound. The orchestral sounds and effects (and fx) are incredible through the cm-220.

    The unit can be somewhat noisy at times, especially at higher volumes...sort of a background hiss. Changing outlets, disconnecting other equipment, nothing seems to help. Due to the overall quality of the sound this issue is not a deal breaker for me. It might be for some folks though, and Roland should address this minor but potentially significant issue.

    I would gig with the cm220 and bypass the PA, but only in low - moderate sound settings, and only in a smaller group and venue. Otherwise it would serve as a monitor for keys only. It reality, this unit is better left at home...taking it apart and packing it for safe travel to a gig could expose it to damage, especially the delicate wood found on the speakers and sub box. An older Roland KB amp or JC series amp would be more durable or practical, or just straight into the PA with a stage monitor.

    Aesthetically the CM-220 is pleasing and easy to look at. It would find a well deserved place in any home studio, or even as an outstanding entertainment system for a home theater set up. If I had some real dough to throw around, I'd pick up a dedicated CM-220 for my home computer system. That would rock.

    I like it. I can justify it's price due to the number of applications it has in my home. I recommend the CM-220 and Sweetwater. As always, Dave Brow handled my order very quickly and with excellent communication along the way. Go Roland, Dave and Sweetwater!

  • from Eugene, OR December 22, 2012Music Background:
    Audio engineer, music hardware developer, musician, computer engineer

    Blaring highs

    The build quality is as to be expected from Roland. Lots of IO options, minus an aux out. The thing that sucks about this system is that the highs are totally blaring, or at least on my unit they are. Either mine is defective or the other people who submitted good reviews of this unit are totally deft. Its totally uncomfortable to listen to. The EQ on the amp blows. The high EQ just muddies the signal and doesn't get rid of the blaring highs. My Mackie 1202-VLZ3 manages to get the highs down to a non-abrasive level with pretty minimal signal degradation.
    My other qualm with this unit is that you can't turn off the sub, you can only turn it down. This makes it not a very good option for home studios at night time. I am a big fan of the M-Audio AV40s for nighttime monitoring.
    I do have one good thing to say about the tops though. The 3D imaging is superb! Stuff sticks out in mixes and sometimes you'll hear things behind you. I don't get that out of the AV40s.

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