Roland C-GKA - Angled

Audio Cable, 1/8" TS Male-1/4" TS Male Right Angle, 6" Long - For GK-3A or GK-2A
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Roland C-GKA - Angled image 1
Roland C-GKA - Angled image 1
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Roland C-GKA - Angled
In Stock!

Cables For Your GK-3A!

The C-GKA is a short cable for connecting a standard guitar output to the GK-3A or GK-2A-Series Divided Pickup input. This allows for blending in the guitar's pickups with the GK pickup. The C-GKA is an angled version for Strat-style guitars.

  • Type: Unbalanced
  • Connector: Male 1/8" to Angled Male TS
  • Length: 6"

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Tech Specs

Connector 1 TS Male 1/8
Connector 2 TS Male Right Angle 1/4
Length approx 6"
Balanced No
Manufacturer Part Number C-GKA

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Roland C-GKA

Wow, I must be desperate, if I'm reviewing an 8 inch long cable. But, "doing something well is its' own Reward". Remember that, I'll get back to it shortly. Posit: years ago, you were dumb-enough to have purchased one of Rolands' guitar synthesizers that requires a GK2 pickup. From this, we can infer: 1. Hopefully, you were not as dumb as I, to have sunk lots of 1980's Recession dollars into a G-707 synth, dedicated guitar controller and all. Looked cool, but... 2. During the next "generation" of still-non-working guitar synths, you bought and ruined a guitar by grafting that clunky-looking, nasty GK-2 onto it. 3. Disgusted with the appearance and performance of that technology, you sold-off the synth, but kept the guitar... reasoning "it's ruined anyway with that thing on it, nobody will want it on eBay, I might as well keep it and play it downstairs as a guitar, because the presence of that GK2 proves to the world that I'm a chump. But the guitar itself is my Tool for R&B tunes!" And so, the poor little guitar, with that tick of a GK2 hanging off of it getting fatter and uglier yearly, sucking the stage-life out of the guitar, languished in the studio. 4. Daily, for a fortnight of years, you sat on the deck drinking Fairy-Juice Cocktails, convinced that someday pigs would fly, politicians would be honest, and Roland would make a guitar synth that actually *works*. 5. Roland releases the GR-55. [And a VERY NICE Review is coming on that, in due course.] Suddenly, that clunky Frankenstein guitar with that ugly pickup seems a little brighter, little flashes of scintillation on the chrome bits glowing in the faint light of the other equipment. And, sure-enough, the stupid little original 8-inch cable with an eighth-inch plug on one side, and quarter-inch on the other, has mysteriously-vanished into the Closet Under the Stairs, not to see daylight until the executors of your will clean out the house. Knowing full-well you'll have been cremated (organs donated first) before you'll ever find that cable... you log into Sweetwater... which thankfully **carries** the silly thing. And - remember my comment about a "doing something well"? Ahem: when it arrives, it is WHITE. "White! For God's sake!!" "Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot." In true Roland fashion, they have somehow found a way to make the ugliest guitar in the world (with that fat, nasty GK2 hanging on it) even UGLIER, with that hideous white cable. I guess that's called R&D. But at least it WORKS! I am embarrassed to walk onto a stage wearing that contraption. That afternoon, I ordered a custom Kiesel, with the hex pickup built-in to the axe. $3.7K for that, though it'll be a gorgeous BEAST of an axe. So although Sweetwater's price is more than fair, don't think you're getting off "cheap"! And the funny thing is, Roland doesn't make synth-access guitars anymore. I see no logic in their approach. 1.5 stars - 1 of them to Sweetwater, who are ALWAYS GREAT to work with. My SE, Delvin Wolf, has watched my back for well over a decade, and never once let me down. The other half star to Roland, as a grim condescension that at least they *employ* cable engineers... though they must source them from the local pre-school. Heck, I know 3-year olds with better fashion sense. There. I've done it. I've reviewed an eight-inch cable. At the End of my Days, at least I can say I've done THAT. Which is my own Reward.
Music background: Vast and Varied
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