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PRS CE 24 - Grey Black Reviews

5.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
Questions about the PRS CE 24 - Grey Black?

Questions about the PRS CE 24 - Grey Black?

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  • from San Francisco May 2, 2017Music Background:
    Classical training decades ago, a hobbyist now.

    O. M. G.

    I've always kind of wanted a PRS, even though I have this thing for vintage-design guitars (all my other electrics were new when I bought them, but they're all based on designs from the 1950s). So, having some extra cash, I thought why not? They're gorgeous guitars, and players (like e.g. Santana, Pete Loeffler) get gorgeous sounds out of it.

    It came in today, and as I've come to expect from Sweetwater, it was flawless in every way. It was tuned a little flat (anomalously hot weather here in SF today), but after I got it tuned, I was just…stunned. In my (admittedly not enormous) experience with new guitars, it usually takes me a little while—half an hour, maybe—for it to really sound good to me. It's like the pickups need to be burned in, or maybe I just need to get used to it or something.

    Not this guitar.

    From the first power chord, I was AMAZED. This thing is a metal machine. Right out of the box the intonation was essentially perfect (and if you want to check the intonation on a guitar, play a six-string C#maj barre chord through thick and heavy distortion). I've had almost all of my electrics set up after I've had them for a few days, but I honestly don't think I'll need it for this one. The action height is perfect, the intonation is dead on, and somehow the 25-inch scale seems more comfortable than either a Gibson scale or a Fender scale.

    Also, this is the lightest 8-pound guitar I've ever played. Not sure how or why that it is, but it's amazingly comfortable. It feels like it weighs two pounds less than my Les Paul, at least.

    As I said, this thing is a metal machine. But the neck pickup puts out some silky-smooth jazz tones through a clean amplifier as well. Or British invasion sounds. It's only been 45 minutes, so I haven't even begun to explore the possibilities, but this thing is well on its way, so far, to being my favorite axe.

    (Although eventually I'll probably like it as much as my LP, which is typically my favorite.)

  • from northern, NV August 11, 2016Music Background:

    The neck

    I wrote an review last week on this guitar realized there's some very key things I left out. Sometimes I can't find the words.
    The most important thing is the neck. It's the right size. I appreciated it out of the box and bar chordiing with much more ease. The neck to me seems small, but when you get your hands on it-I could multi bar in different configurations-5 strings, 4 frets with my thumb would be 6. This feature is so subtle. I've played an few different necks and they stood out. This one didn't stand out even though it was superior. I just had fun-I didn't have to think. Necks are important to me for durability and I no longer have long violin/piano fingers.
    The 2nd thing is the Humbuckers. The words I was trying to say is the sound doesn't make you feel like your in an desert, but somewhere nice. Once you get acclimated to the sound, you have all this space available to play. The older PRS pickups sounded very sterile to me and not going anywhere. These play well and are their own humbuckers and have much to offer.
    Also, I forgot to add this neck is very forgiving. You don't get tired playing it. It isn't work.
    For the record, I'm not associated with PRS except as an retail buyer.
    The only thing I'd like to see is still use the maple necks, but add an ash body.
    I wrote this much because there's this much to say.
    Thank you

  • from northern NV July 23, 2016Music Background:

    In it's own class

    I've saved my review, but there some things I don't understand and some things I do. This guitar I believe is more for lead quality amps. Not the metal extreme distortion. The humbuckers are that solid. This guitar was/is made for the player. I've never seen an guitar built with this much design consideration. The body, fretboard, simplicity and placement of controls all good. The complete workmanship all the way to finish screams very highest quality. I was in an pickle needing an guitar with this ones tone woods. There was an long wait for the guitar. Somehow this guitar made it to me and I Thank You. The guitar is very comfortable to play standing or sitting on an couch. Some people say these guitars are too beautiful to play and are like museum piece. But I see an high quality guitar made for playing. A playing machine. This PRS sounds much better to previous models. I can't speak to the tap off for single coils. There's an very different and evident sound. But, I've bee unable to turn them up and hear them on an loud amp. These pick ups whether humbucker or single coil mode are good for playing by the neck or other positions. Other guitars don't always welcome this. I favor the neck pick up. The only thing different for me is the neck. I don't know what shape to call it. I'd like to see an different back neck shape. Just because it''s on the low end for American PRS's-this guitar is fine and for the quality and price it's easy to make this guitar yours after picking it up.

Questions about the PRS CE 24 - Grey Black?

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