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TASCAM CD-GT2 Guitar Phrase Trainer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 22 customer reviews
  • from Greth November 30, 2016Music Background:
    Just started up after not playing for 25 years.

    Nice tool to have

    Very nice to slow down the tunes and play in the same key. The loop is really nice. Thanks again Sweetwater.

  • from New Jersey January 11, 2016Music Background:
    Acoustic guitar, 6 @ 12 string, playing 42 years

    Love this Device!

    I bought this strictly for slowing down recordings I want to learn. Top of the list.....Leo Kottke. I have quite a few of his songs in tablature but slowing down the tempo (don't alter the pitch) is a tremendous help. At first I didn't think 50% would be enough, but I find I generally am between 34 @ 42 %. I highly recommend this to all guitarists. Wish I had this years ago. I know there is software out there for free download or less money, however I wanted to have a separate device without being tied to my laptop.

  • from Stratford ct 06615 October 30, 2013Music Background:
    Novice guitar player ,student..

    Great product, I use it every day for practice .

    Love this thing. I can slow down CDs and learn the timing and licks to play along with on guitar. The effects are great once you tweek alittle bit ,very usable sounds for rocking out.. Easy to use product and everyone that has seen mine wants one . Recommend that you get one as it is a great training tool and also can be used as just a CD player too. I run mine through my sterio headphone jack and I can play along with my favorite band.

  • from Dover DE September 11, 2013Music Background:
    Guitar Player

    Worth every dime for a beginner guitarist

    The CD-GT2 is incredible help, especially if you're a beginner guitarist. The tempo control decreases the speed of the song allowing you to listen and learn combining notes, riffs, and rhythm sections. Then I use the loop capability to play it over and over again until I can increase the speed to normal time. These two features alone are so awesome I haven't used some of the other effects available. Great product...wish I would have know about it a year ago...it's like having a teacher available 100% of the time...

  • from Streator IL USA September 16, 2012Music Background:
    part time musician/singer/guitar player


    Exactly the learning tool l was looking for!

  • from Elk Grove CA October 9, 2007Music Background:
    Long time Player


    Again, thanks for the great deal. Although I teach technology ( business strategy, not at the molecular techie level ) this unit is amazing for both its value and functionalities. I think you guys at Sweetwater value customer feedback, so here it is:

    * Very intuitive and easy interface.
    * It has dedicated keys or buttons for most features ( tempo, key, loop in/out. etc. ) So, unlike products where each key may have multiple functions it is a piece of cake to access the main feature with just, for me, scanning the manual.
    * The unit delivers. Not only does it slow the speed down without changing pitch .. you can change the pitch or key too which is a must, for example if you want to copy SRV in open position where he detunes his guitar to E b. No problem, just move the key (pitch ) up a half step and playback is now in the key of E and you're ready to become frustrated ..with SRV that is.
    * Ever try to play along with a CD that is slightly out of tune? You can attempt to re-tune your guitar or just adjust the fine key/pitch to increments of 1/100th of a semi-tone. Fantastic! Ready to rock.
    * The unit sound good!
    * This unit has more features than I can almost count .. metronome, guitar effects, tuner, cancel lead guitar / karaoke, and more
    * Plug in your guitar and you are in the mix with the CD recording. What a blast.
    * Here are some constructive ideas / suggestions:
    o The manual is geared to headphone users but the unit has an output for connection to a PA / powered speakers, but the output is a 1/8 inch stereo mini-(female) jack ... so sales engineers might offer customers the opportunity to buy an adapter ...to convert a guitar cable from 1/4 to 1/8 or you can't play it through your amp or PA
    o Might remind buyers that when you enter a value or parameter there is no confirmation or enter key. Many displays will blink when you select something and stop blinking when your input value is accepted ... or have a separate enter key ....the manual has one small reference to the unit's logic/config ... so it might be worth mentioning that parameter/value selection is automatic and the user will not get a confirmation of entry or selection. Or, it could just be me.
    * Bottom-line - an indispensable learning tool at an unbelievably low price.

  • from April 28, 2016

    Useful practice tool

    The Tascam guitar trainer is a huge help with practice. Being able to slow things down, loop which sections I want, and move the pitch when needed has made practicing more efficient. I prefer this over tablature to aid in ear training and have noticed that I seem to be picking up new parts faster than I was before. This is also helpful with some of the "exercise" CDs I have that just start off too fast for me. I can slow them down and play along and really feel like I am improving when I get up to speed.

  • from New York, NY February 22, 2015Music Background:
    Serious hobbyist (0

    Not perfect, but nonetheless terrific

    This is a terrific play-along tool: drop your cd in (which can be an instructional cd (such as a play-along) or a performance cd, dial in a tempo that you feel appropriate, plug headphones into the unit or say a home stereo, let it play and play along. Those are the key features, and very helpful for playing along with the cd selected. Great practice device.

    The function screen should be backlit, and the fx pedals leave something to be desired.

    Very useful, great fun. Go for it.

  • from Buffalo NY April 21, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Level

    I love it.......but could have had these features

    Don't get me wrong, this thing is a God send. I'm a Pro in 4 bands who constantly is being asked to work out new cover songs. I always used YouTube, sheet music..Tab, videos. Whatever I could get my hands on. Of course I always used my own ears and skill as well but the items mentioned always helped speed things up if I could find them

    I'm impressed with the guitar sounds in this unit. It's a great headphone amp even when you're not using the CD player. I've used other types of trainers that slow things down but this one doesn't get all funky sounding until really slow. The features are intuitive and I love the easy factory reset...always a good idea. I wish it had a padded carry bag or something similar. I'm hitting the parks with this in the nice weather. I live in Buffalo NY so that's like 8 days a year and damn it I want to enjoy them all.

    This is so worth the money but here's my main gripe....and please if I'm just missing this someone let me know where it is.

    There is no back light.........no back light. so it's 2am and my wife's falling asleep on the couch and I can't see the freaking screen without a light. It's pretty dark, not even in candle light. So I'm all kicked back and it's the only real drag. The other issue is the guitar presets. You get ten "Banks" which are your presets and then you can scroll through like 60 sounds that are pretty good........but while they're listed in the back of the book there is no preset number on the display so you have to just kind of screw around until you land on something that works.

    All in all now that I have it I can't live without one and I wondered what I ever did? With that said buy an adapter or lots of batteries because it's power hungry. I do highly recommend this unit

  • from Nickerson KS October 5, 2013Music Background:
    Electronic tech, Broadcast Engineer, and Home Studio Recording.

    Great Equipment for Learning

    This GT2 in much improvement over the GT1. You don't have to search through menus. All the categories are on a separate Push Button.
    The GT2 plays CDR's and CDRW's with no problems.
    I have no complaints.

  • from Lisbon, Ohio, USA August 19, 2011Music Background:
    Musician/Live and Studio

    Great Little Machine!

    Once again Tascam doesn't let you down. Great little machine for the money!. I own several Tascam products from CD mixer/recorder to outboard gear and have no complaints, they really do what the specs say they do.

  • from Central California August 7, 2011Music Background:
    Guitar Teacher, Pro Musician and eternal student !!!!

    Great Learning tool !!!!

    This unit is very easy to operate. The manual was easy to follow and the product was easy to master (I've had it over 3 years now) and is now an essential learning tool to master songs, riffs and techniques from the likes of : Malmsteen, Vai, Satriani, Li, Rhoads, Lynch or Dimeola.
    The effects are nice sounding for the convenience of playing along with the CD you are listening to. The Exciter is great to get definition from the effects and the guitars tone. The distortion is a little week but I remedied the lack of punch by adding an ancient Arion Hot Watt II ( it has a light over drive) with built in Chorus to give more dynamics to the signal. If you use the distortion with dynamics with aid of an over drive before going into the CD-GT2 , put the distortion on 12 and tone on 11,set the Exciter 's mix at 11 and the process at 12 and then zero in to the desired sound. If you want heavier distortion put a strong foot pedal before going into the CD-GT2. If you are playing along with a CD, you can set this unit to mix you guitar on the left with the CD on the right. The reason I'm giving this unit a 4.5 and not a 5, is because they didn't include a noise gate in the effects section to shut the signal when playing ( I use the volume knob).

  • from Dayton, Ohio August 3, 2008Music Background:
    Guitarist, Recording Engineer, Songwriter and Producer

    A must have!!!

    I think this unit is a must have for any musician trying to move thier chops and song selections to the next level. The looping and flash back functions are well worth the price, throw in slowing down the music in the correct key and you have all you need to push yourself to where u want to go as a musician...Get one!!!

  • from London, OH January 7, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, Songwriter

    Great Tool!

    This is a great tool for practicing and learning those "hard to figure out" sections of a song. The operation is very simple, and takes only minutes to master. I love the guitar input feature, which makes this a great stand-alone unit that you can take and use anywhere. And the built-in guitar effects are pretty decent to boot!! I wish they would have made the line out and headphone jacks 1/4" jacks, but that really is no big deal, compared to what the unit will do. Like other digital units, there is a little bit of a "flanging" effect (for lack of a better term) when you really start slowing the song down (starting about "-25" or so), but that's just the nature of digital processing. Even with this going on, you can still easily hear the part you're wanting to hear. But don't let this scare you off. This is a great tool, and the price is phenomenal!! If you are serious about transcribing, or just developing your chops, I would suggest getting this unit!

  • from Florida May 15, 2016Music Background:
    Serious hobby, occasional shows and teaching last 20 years

    GT-2 Tascam CD Trainer

    Good enough to learn off CD's. Good preservation of pitch when playing very slow.Loop function is good and volume adjustment for head phones very helpful.This is my second GT-2. The first one still works but at times has shown some signs of weakness such as skipping on clean CD , a few other mishaps that required restarting etc. Since it seems to be faded out at Tascam I thought I better buy another one. I STRONGLY recommend the power supply instead of batteries However it is no longer available !! Don't bother calling Tascam they are not responsive at all . It really makes me leary of buying any of their products ! As for Sweetwater it would be nice if they could offer the power supply or recommend one that could function as well : I am afraid to use a 9v supply to replace the 5v original. CD's are still being used and I do not understand why the GT-2 is being phased out. I have never used all the other gimmicks , I think they could be eliminated after all you only need to slow down the song to learn it, your amp will always sound better than anything in the end and we need to figure out our tone on the amp, you cannot play a gig with the CD trainer. Just food for thoughts in the event Tascam would actually be interested in us - the little customers

  • from NJ January 13, 2016Music Background:

    Better than the mp3 version

    I own one of these and use it to learn difficult guitar parts. This one (the GT2) is better one one very important way over the TASCAM GB-10. The most important feature of any guitar trainer is the ability to slow down the music (without altering pitch). The GB-10 allows slow down in 10% increments only. But the GT2 allows slowdown in 1% increments. The GB-10 really is limited by the 10% slowdown increments. When you are trying to learn Scuttle Buttin' (or any difficult and fast guitar run) it is better to be able to slow down a lot, then increase speed in very small increments. Having to jump from a 20% to a 10% to a 0% slowdown is not ideal.

    TASCAM should probably fix this fatal flaw in the the GB-10. After all, the slow down feature is one of the most important features of a guitar trainer, and 10% steps in speed is not very good. Until TASCAM fixes this flaw in the GB-10, the GT2 remains superior (despite relying on CDs).

  • from Crossville, TN February 6, 2015Music Background:
    Former professional musician, now hobbyist.

    Well worth the investment

    A great tool for pilfering riffs from recorded guitar music. Easy to use, well designed as far as the function buttons. Based on other reviews, I also purchased the power adapter, and I'm glad I did. The one shortcoming for me is, as other reviewers have said, the display. It is small, not back- lit, and if the ambient lighting is not good and/or your viewing angle is not just right, it is difficult to see.

  • from United States March 13, 2013Music Background:

    Neat Tool!

    works well does what it said it would do.

  • from May 3, 2016

    Tascam CD-GT2 guitar phrase trainer

    Good easy to use trainer. Has some good samples for guitar. I'm happy with it.

  • from Denver, CO USA June 26, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro roots rock musician

    Good Learning Tool

    Haven't gotten way into it yet, but did nail Clapton's solo on "Outside Woman Blues" note for note. It's really nice to not have to tune the guitar to a track, digital features are so much better than the old 1/2 speed, octave down technique I've used for 30 years now. Only a few reservations: One is the cordage, between the instrument cable and headphones, it can be a little tangly. Wish it had a built-in speaker. Another thing is the rewind. It moves fast, but I'll probably get used to it. Avoiding it altogether with the looping feature may be best.
    On the plus side, the guitar sounds are more than adequate, the "eliminator' works well, and the price is right. Pretty sure I'll upgrade my opinion as I get more comfortable.
    If you're into stealing licks, as I am, you really can't go wrong here..

  • from ny January 3, 2012Music Background:
    semi pro

    tascam GT-2

    These machines are really good, a must if you want to slow down riffs to learn more difficult material. I have expensive equipment which i only use live because this is so great to practice thru.I can spend hours just sitting on the couch and playing thru headphones not disturbing anyone anytime day or night. the looping is great as well as the tempo and key changes you can do without retuning your guitar. The only problem is they dont last long before neeeding repair. If you get a year out of one without any problems that about average. I have gone through 4 of them and now ordered a 5th cus i cant live without one.! if you buy one , get it from sweetwater because you get a 2 yr warranty and im sure you will use it. im waiting now for the return of one under warranty thats why i ordered another one today. I cant live with out it!! it really makes your life easier.

  • from nacogdoches, TX January 8, 2015Music Background:

    Interesting Product

    This is an interesting product, I will admit. The CD player functions (play back, slow down, key change, loop) are amazing for the most part. If the music is slowed down too far, the sound does get very "muddy" and difficult to distinguish the guitar from other sounds. My main beef with this product is the guitar portion of this equipment. If you plug the guitar into the CD-GT2, it sounds awful. I have yet to really find a decent tone on this thing, and I am defining "decent" very loosely. The guitar effects are not good at all. The clean tone is not good. The effects make this thing seem more like a toy really. I was definitely a little disappointed. I do have good quality headphones... That is the reason my review is only 2.5 stars. What I have done to get around this is plug the CD-GT2 into a stereo with speakers and plug my guitar into an amp and play along with the music that way. Doing it this way I get all the great functions of the CD player and I get good tone out of my guitar.


  • Michael Faz

    The CD-GT2 is designed for both beginning and advanced guitar players. Being the former, I took the unit home with a guitar and immediately got started. Setup was very simple; plug in the guitar and a set of headphones. I began with the built-in tuner, which worked flawlessly. Selecting the different functions is very easy since each function has its own button. There is no need to navigate through a menu system.

    The loop function worked perfectly. Three button presses had a short section of the song I wanted to learn repeating. The Variable Speed Audition allowed me to learn the section at my own tempo and then speed it up. Artifacts became obvious only at extreme tempo changes. The guitar canceler works best on solo guitar parts that are panned center, however TASCAM includes controls to help find the guitar part in the stereo field and eliminate it.

    The effects selection is comprehensive and selectable in banks. Each bank has a combination of three adjustable effects. The beginning guitar player will find it easy to locate a setting with the desired sound, while experienced guitarists will like the adjustable parameters of each effect.

    The CD-GT2 made me want to practice. Its portability makes it great for use in private lessons. Overall it is a great product for any guitar player.

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