Meinl Cymbals Classic Custom Bonus Cymbal Box Set Free 18" Crash

4-piece Cymbal Pack with 14" Hi-hat Pair, 16" Medium Crash, 20" Medium Ride, and Bonus 18" Medium Crash
Meinl Cymbals Classic Custom Bonus Cymbal Box Set Free 18
Meinl Cymbals Classic Custom Bonus Cymbal Box Set Free 18
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Meinl Cymbals Classic Custom Bonus Cymbal Box Set Free 18" Crash
In Stock!

Cut Through a Wall of Sound

The Meinl Classics Custom 4-piece Cymbal Package not only sounds wonderful on its own, but is a real problem solver when sitting in a whole band's mix. This cymbal pack is engineered to easily cut through a loud and dense mix, allowing you to not have to play as hard to be heard. These B10 Bronze alloy cymbals have a wonderful cutting tone for metal, rock, pop, in the studio, and so many more applications. If you're struggling to be heard, give the Meinl Classics Custom 4-piece Cymbal Package a try.

Meinl Classics Custom 4-piece Cymbal Package at a Glance:
  • Engineered to cut through a wall of sound
  • Bonus 18" Medium Crash
Engineered to cut through a wall of sound

Each design aspect of these cymbals took into account the need of drummers to not be overwhelmed by their band's mix. Across the board you'll hear a clarity, power, and cut that will get above the roar of electric guitars, but never washes out the other musicians. So instead of hammering away as hard as you can just to be heard, you can play with all the stylistic finness, and nuance to bring out your own character, and still come through crystal clear.

Bonus 18" Medium Crash

Along with the other Classics Custom cymbals, this 4-piece package also includes a bonus 18" medium crash. Meinl's medium Classics Custom Crash has an immediate response with a full-bodied sustain. That, mixed with powerful mid-ranged tones to provide a great overall wash. The 18" medium crash is the perfect compliment to this cymbal package, as it rounds out a very popular setup for a full range of sounds. Dig in and let your voice be heard with this bonus Meinl 18" medium Crash cymbal.

Meinl Classics Custom 4-piece Cymbal Package Features:
  • 4-piece cymbal pack engineered to cut through a mix
  • B10 bronze alloy offers a loud bright attack
  • 14" Hi-hat Pair: Crip, bright "chick" sound
  • 16" Medium crash: Fast response with huge sustain
  • 20" Medium Ride: Great bell tones, and shimmering sustain
  • Bonus 18" Medium Crash
With this Classics Custom cymbal pack you'll own your mix.

Tech Specs

Series Classics Custom
Ride 20" Medium Ride
Crash 1 16" Medium Crash
Crash 2 18" Medium Crash
Hi Hats 14" Medium Hi-hats
Manufacturer Part Number CC-141620+18

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They are awesome and crisp cymbals that cut through our live mix, we are a touring band and they sound amazing live.
Music background: Metal

Amazing Sound!

These cymbals have an amazing sound. Just set them up today and after playing them I would have to say is wow. They sound so crisp and the pitch is right on. The look of these cymbals are amazing, they will be the prefect highlight to an set!
Music background: Drummer for 17+ years

Awesome Cymbals

I've been playing zildjians for years but there are several drummers I really like, Benny Greb and Adam from orlandodrummer, both of them play Meinl. I listened to several YouTube videos too with a demo of these. I'm stoked with the sound and the way these look. Highly recommend these (the extra cymbal is a big plus too).

Awesome pack and look

Amazing cymbals.

Fantastic Cymbals

After years of using subpar cymbals I finally wanted some I could call my own. Some of my friends had high end paiste cymbals, soultone, Zildjian K's, etc. The more I looked (and played) the more I kept coming back to Meinl, which I have to say is my favorite brand (great cymbals at great prices). Originally I wanted to get some meinl Byzance cymbals, but I did not have $1100 to drop on a set so I settled on these. The hats and ride are nothing to write home about. That being said they are not at all bad. Just nothing that makes me go "wow". The hats and ride are fairly basic sounding. Don't get me wrong they sound good (better than lots of other rides and hats IMO), but they are not as distinctive as something specialized like a Meinl byzance or K customs. If you are going for a basic all purpose set they work great! Now the crashes... That is a different story. These crashes are probably my favorite I have ever heard or played. They are dreamy. My drummer friends who spent $1500-2000 on their cymbal set ups are really jealous of these crashes. One friend described them as "cutting through butter." They are loud crashes, but in a good way if that makes sense. I love the 18" crash, but the 16" crash is good too. Normally I do not like 16" crashes (I tend to favor larger cymbals) but I like these. If you are looking for a good all around set for a studio or church I would get these. These are what I recommend to people when they are looking for cymbals and cannot go "all-out" If you are on the fence about what cymbals to get or these are around your price range try these out you will not be disappointed!
Music background: Attempting to "break it down" by hitting things with wooden sticks :-P
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