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Steinberg CC121 Control Surface for Cubase Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Steinberg CC121 Control Surface for Cubase?

Questions about the Steinberg CC121 Control Surface for Cubase?

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  • ed bartsz
    from racine, wi November 12, 2013Music Background:
    bass guitar for gospel bluegrass for many years

    excellent control surface for Cubas

    Thru the years I had many surface controllers this one is the best. Right out of the box it worked did not have to configure anything, Looks very good and solid like a tank.

  • Customer
    from April 25, 2012

    Great product

    Best of the best,easy to use,steinberg knows the game

  • Ani V.
    from April 4, 2017

    Great little controller you must have for Cubase or Nuendo!

    This is everything you ever needed if you use Cubase or Nuendo! Except it would be cool if they had put 8 faders on the left side. Another thing I notice cosmetically which someone in a review mentioned was that the knobs in the center were black like the eq and transport strip which make them hard to see. They should have used a charcoal grey or the same color silver with 2 black lines separating them. I noticed the black knobs are easy to take off. I did find an easy solution for this. Maybe if they offered silver knobs so they can stand out? Plus the labels; LOW LOW-MID HIGH-MID and HIGH are nearly visible. I would have loved to see this thing in all black with silver labels and chrome knobs and like I said 8 faders, then we are talking. The ultimate Steinberg controller! Regardless it's still great!

  • Customer
    from July 25, 2016

    Steinberg cc122

    One of the most important pice of gear in the studio for fast work flow. No set up needed just plug and play.

  • Pascal Mattiocco
    from California December 25, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Great Product

    Solid product excellent material not shinny plastic. I'm waiting for a Steinberg 8 or 16 faders EUCON based built with the same quality material that can compete with product like Mackie and Avid Artist

  • Paul
    from Columbus, Ohio May 11, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, producer, hobbyist

    Top Notch Interface

    I does everything that its advertised to do. It is made of extremely durable materials, and beautifully constructed. I go between this, the mouse, and CUBASE IC PRO on the iPad, when interfacing with Cubase. I wouldn't say it directly improves my music, but it does help me feel more connected to the Cubase environment - thus I do get more of a flow going. After using for over a year, I would definitely miss it terribly if, for some reason, it were gone. My experience is that Steinberg is top-notch.

  • CD
    from July 7, 2011

    Great control surface for Cubase

    Was up and running in 10 minutes. Completely integrated with Cubase. Still trying to break the mouse habit but this makes mixing in Cubase a pleasure the motorized fader only works with the power supply and not with USB power alone so make sure to have space for a wall wart. It is also a little late on response. All Ana all, I love it though.....

  • Customer
    from Milwaukee, WI April 6, 2013Music Background:
    Studio engineer, musician

    Very handy controls, but has one design flaw.

    I love having rotary control over Cubase's four bands of EQ. I find myself using the AI knob regularly for jogging. The CC121 is also a solidly-built product. The one problem is that the black strip in the center of the product makes the EQ knobs and transport buttons very difficult to see under typical control room lighting conditions. Of the eight transport buttons, only three light up, but only when engaged. Otherwise they are black buttons on a black background, and that's such a senseless hindrance to work flow.

  • Charlie
    from Queens, NY October 5, 2012Music Background:

    Quality Piece Of Hardware

    This little unit gives you total Cubase integration. Made with quality components. No cheap plastic or lightweight, this thing is a little tank. I thought build quality like this was forgotten! Really makes your Cubase workflow go faster when tracking. Well done Steinberg!

  • Reginald K.Son
    from Austin January 15, 2017

    Good but...

    Useful but lacking one thing...backlighting.

    It has several useful features that I often reach for and I would purchase again. Just be sure Cubase is your DAW of choice.

  • Russell Landwehr
    from Pleasant Hill, OH January 2, 2017Music Background:
    Published Composer of music for TV.

    Mostly Useful

    This control surface is a pretty cool product. It integrates very well with Cubase. It is very handy in my left hand while I'm mousing with my right.

    The sweetest feature is the "AI Knob". The best part of this knob is that you can use it to adjust paremeters on "most" VST plugins (including VST instruments) when your mouse hovers over the virtual controls in the plugs.

    The most useful feature of this controller is the transport controls. You teach yourself pretty quickly to reach for the buttons instead of the mouse or space bar.

    The most disappointing feature of the CC121 is the layout of the EQ knobs. These EQ knobs are specifically designed to work with Steinberg's stock channel EQ. The knob are great for sweeping the parametric EQ in Frequency, Q, and Gain... BUT... they are UPSIDE DOWN! On your Cubase screen, the Gain is on the top an the Q on the bottom. On the CC121 the Q is on the top and the Gain on the bottom. It's completely INVERTED. (At least the EQ bands 1-4 go left to right on the controller the same as the plug-in)

    Overall, this controller is great for use with Cubase (not for other DAWs). If it weren't for the EQ controls being upside down, I would have rated this 5-stars. In my opinion, this "little" screwup by Yamaha and Steinberg was worth dropping my rating by half to match my disappointment.

Questions about the Steinberg CC121 Control Surface for Cubase?

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